Is it possible that Amazon sold me an OPENED BOX or REFURBISHED Nikon D800 as NEW?

Hi Folks,

After months of agonizing in waiting, I finally bought the D800 on Dec 4. Upon opening the box, I had this strange feeling that somehow this isn't the PRISTINE camera that it supposes to be. Firstly, there is no seal to close the box. Normally, there is a little round transparent tape that seals the box. There was none on mine. In fact, it wasn't properly closed.

Secondly, the plastic bag that cover the camera body wasn't wrapped RIGHTLY. By rightly, I mean the wrapping was properly folded and taped. Yes..taped. I knew this because this is my 4th cameras buying from Amazon. The other 3 were wrapped just differently. This one, however, was just like someone had dropped it in and gave it a little twist, similar to what you would do if you were to drop something in a bag--highly suspicious and unprofessional for a camera of this caliber and this price. I had bought tons of camera products from Amazon. All were well packed and well wrapped, the type of packaging and wrapping that typify the pristine condition of the products. This one wasn't it.

Granted there wasn't any problem(s) with the camera, at least not yet. The famous left focusing problem isn't on mine, for that the first thing I was looking for and that I've spent the last few days testing each and every single point of the 51-pt focusing system--making sure that they're all fine. Functionality wise, I have nothing to complain about. Everything seems to work just fine. But the suspicious packaging and the lack of smell of the new camera led me to believe that I was buying an opened box or a refurbished product.

I'm posting this because there were a lot of early returns of this camera due to the left focusing. My fear is that these returns were being fixed and repackaged to be sold as new. Has anyone here experienced a similar problem?
[UPDATED] asked by H. K. Huynh on December 10, 2012
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That's just how the D800 is packaged. I had the same feeling when I got my two bodies but they were both packaged the same.
Robert Cozzi answered on December 27, 2012
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Very easy to check this, just examine the EXIF data of an image taken with the camera using Opanda viewer or some other program. I just bought a D800 from Amazon and it was packed the same way, but the EXIF data showed 1 image if it was a return, the previous person did not acuate the shutter.
Fish Guy answered on February 13, 2013
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