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14 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on October 26, 2002
This disc would have gotten five stars, had the whole wonderful show been included and put in the correct order. This was a fantastic tour, why in the world would they cut half of it out and put it in a blender? If there ever consistently is an over 2 hour show that just flies by, it's an All-Starr Band show. Every one of them has been great fun to see and hear, and this show was one of the best. The biggest omissions from my view are the rest of Greg Lake's songs, and not showing the dueling drum solos between Sheila and Ringo. Ringo NEVER did drum solos, but Sheila brought it out on this tour--how could anyone cut that out? Ringo's drumming was inspired more than it has been in decades on this tour (prodded by Sheila I think) it's a shame so much of it was left on the cutting room floor...
The other small complaint I have with this is the rear 5.1 sound mix has too much echo and delay to be mixed as loud as it is. On some of the songs that became a distraction, which is something you should never be noticing at all. It may not bother any of you, and is still a more exciting listen than the stereo mix.
Don't think twice about buying this disc though, what is here is very enjoyable. If it sells enough, who knows, maybe we can get all the old shows put out--complete please--on DVD too. That other All-Starr Best of DVD is a nice preview to what is sitting in the vaults somewhere. The complete All-Starr Gary Brooker version was out on VHS, why not DVD? How about it, you studio business types out there, start giving the people what they want on DVD! And stop cutting up great shows! Anyone that wants to buy a concert video, wants the whole show, its as simple as that. Why is it such a foreign concept to these companies? They just keep feeding us half-baked releases over and over again, when they have all the ingedients for REALLY tastey releases still sitting in the cupboards.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on October 22, 2002
Ringo's 2001 All-Starr tour was a tremendous success
in terms of music and entertainment value. When this tour
was initially announced, the eclectic nature of this
particular line-up of musicians (Ringo Starr, Roger Hodgson,
Sheila E., Greg Lake, Ian Hunter, Mark Rivera, Howard Jones)
seemed to almost defy logic because of the conflicting musical
styles of the individual members (a fact to which Hodgson
jokingly referred during the actual shows.) Amazingly,
however, the band seamlessly clicked in the live setting
as each musician selflessly mastered the styles of the
rest while apparently enjoying every moment. The result
was a unique and completely enjoyable tour that demonstrated
the joyous qualities of the finest musical collaborations.
After experiencing this tour in person, I was overjoyed to
learn about the upcoming DVD release. However, I was
eventually disappointed to discover that the DVD does
not contain the entire show. Instead, the disk
features MOST of the highlights of the tour but sadly
the well-paced original 2-hour set list has been rearranged
and cut down to a modest 80 minutes. Several stand-out
songs (most glaringly Lake's "In the Court of the Crimson
King" and Hunter's touching "I'm Going to Be Someone") have
been cut. Because this unique line-up of musicians will not
tour again, I'm puzzled as to why the entire show wasn't
immortalized on DVD (especially considering Ringo's previous
All-Starr DVD and VHS releases have been far more generous.)
Still, what remains is top quality entertainment and proof
that Ringo still knows how to surround himself with top talent
to throw a fantastic musical party.
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10 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on September 24, 2004
Ringo Starr Tour 2003 marks the third recent Ringo tour DVD. Ringo's various All-Starr tours are always very entertaining and feature unique line-ups of talented performers. The 2003 line-up was no exception and offers up many classic songs performed by the original singers. Highlights include Ringo's usual hits (this time adding lively renditions of "Don't Pass Me By," "Honey Don't," and "Memphis on Your Mind") and other standouts like Colin Hay's "Land Down Under" and "Who Can It Be Now?" Paul Carrack's "How Long?" and "The Living Years," and John Waite's "When I See You Smile."

However, although the vocal talents of this particular All-Starr group (John Waite, Colin Hay, Sheila E., Mark Rivera, Paul Carrack) are very impressive on all the songs, it was not quite as strong musically as some of Ringo's other groupings. Some of these same songs are featured on Ringo's 2001 release ("Ringo and his New All-Starr Band") and quite frankly are performed better there with a higher energy level (particularly when comparing Waite's rudimentary bass playing on the funky Sheila E. numbers like "Glamorous Life" with ELP's Greg Lake's stand-out earlier work on the 2001 DVD or with the work of other former All-Starr bassists such as the Who's John Entwistle or Cream's Jack Bruce.) Colin Hay's lead guitar work also could have used a supplement from the stellar line-up of guitarists (Peter Frampton, Nils Lofgren, Joe Walsh, Todd Rundgren, Randy Bachman, Mark Farner) from other Ringo tours featured on "The Best of the All-Starr Band So Far" DVD.

To be fair, the filmed concert on the new DVD was the FIRST of the band's entire tour, meaning the group hadn't really jelled as it would after weeks of touring. On most songs the performances are top rate nonetheless. As the DVD reveals, Sheila E. was also nursing an unfortunate knee injury that particular evening (yet still amazes as a drummer, singer, and the ultimate gamer) which may have affected the band's carefree chemistry on that night only--especially during her physically challenging solo numbers.

The photography of the concert itself is quite well done. The interspersed documentary footage is wonderfully entertaining due to the upbeat personalities of the talented musicians but also interrupts the flow of the concert songs. Unfortunately there is not a "play songs only" mode to play the just the concert. In addition, unlike Ringo's other DVD's, there is no DTS sound option (only 5.1 surround). Although Ringo seems more fun to hang around with than Paul McCartney on his "Back in the US" disk (no offense to Sir Paul--Ringo is just a classic lovable guy with a stellar sense of humor), some might prefer just watching the concert's momentum unfold as on the tour. In addition, some standout songs (Hay's "Overkill," Carrack's "Tempted") performed on the tour have been left off the disk. Even the tour's emotional highpoint, a moving tribute to George Harrison, is left out of the regular documentary and is shown only in an added bonus rehearsal version.

Overall, I would recommend this disk for Ringo completists and fans of the individual 2003 All-Starrs. However, I would recommend Ringo's other DVDs if you are shopping for your first Ringo disk or prefer your concerts uninterrupted by documentary footage.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on January 20, 2005
Hey guys, yes, John Waite is no John Entwistle on the bass and Collin Haye is no Joe Walsh on lead guitar, but what this 2003 lineup did have over previous lineups is the fact that this is the best vocal lineup that Ringo's had yet. I love Simon Kirke (I'm a huge fan of Free and early Bad Co.) from a previous All-Starr lineup, but you have to admit, Sheila E. is a better drummer overall. The comraderie and genuine affection this latest lineup has for each other and for Ringo are awesome. Ringo doesn't look tired, by the way, as some review claimed below. He always looks like that when he plays the drums, be it in 1964 on TV, in the "Let It Be" movie or the promo videos and concert footage we've seen after The Beatles.

I'm a bassist, and Ringo's 2003 lineup on this DVD is far from shabby. Most bands would love to have this kind of "first night," which is the band's first show as seen on the DVD. I can't believe people nitpick about Collin's solos and stuff. Collin's a fine guitarist, and a great singer and writer, by the way.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on June 21, 2004
I attended the concert in Concord, CA and had a blast. As on his other All-Starr Band tours, Ringo has surrounded himself with a collection of excellent musicians, each of whom gets a chance to shine on several of their own hits and back Ringo on many of his best-known Beatles and solo hits.
It's hard for me to judge the DVD with detachment -- how much of my enjoyment is due to having great memories of seeing those musicians perform the songs in person? -- but the sound quality is good and I think the DVD really captured the feel and energy of the concert.
However, as others have noted, there are some rather glaring omissions on this DVD, perhaps because the rights were tied up or the sound quality of those particular songs on that night was not ideal. One of the highlights of the Concord concert for me was Escovedo, Lake & Jones' version of ELP's Karn Evil #9 ("Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends..."), but King Crimson's The Court Of The Crimson King, Howard Jones' Everlasting Love, and two songs apiece by Sheila E. and Ian Hunter are also missing from this DVD.
I did just discover a CD which adds a few of the missing tracks though: Amazon lists the title as "Ringo Starr & His All-Star Band: Extended Versions", and it includes Karn Evil #9 (which I recall being better in Concord, perhaps because the drums were not as subdued), Everlasting Love (which is more memorable in this Chicago concert than I remember), the Ian Hunter ballad "I Still Love Rock 'N' Roll", and Sheila E.'s "A Love Bizarre" in addition to Ringo songs and Sheila E.'s Glamorous Life from the DVD.
The reviews for the CD are downright lousy, but it is inexpensive and the sound quality is pretty good. Perhaps the CD is only for All-Starr Band completists, but the Greg Lake and Howard Jones songs alone were worth the $7 CD price to me...
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on December 6, 2002
I have a lot of DVD concerts and really enjoy a "live" like show. There is nothing like watching a well produced show on a large screen with a kicking sound system. Ringo & friends put on a great show and really looked like they had a good time. Yes, perhaps there may have been some deviation from the tour....but the dvd flowed very nicely and is an absolute joy to watch unlike "Paul McCartney's Back in the US" dvd which was brutally butchered by the producers to the point of not being watchable. I would recommend Ringo New All Starr Band dvd to anyone. If you like good music and a good live show.....go buy it.
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on October 8, 2004
Ringo's latest incarnation of the All Starr Band is, sad to say, his weakest yet. Colin Hay, though a brilliant songwriter, is not a strong enough guitar player to handle all the leads. Sheila E. returns on drums and proves she is one of the best female percussionists on the planet. John Waite on bass just seems out of place. I never was one of his biggest fans. Paul Carrack is a welcome addition on keyboards, though sadly, one of his best numbers during the show, "Tempted" is not included here. Without the steadfast Mark Riveira to fill in all the gaps, I'm afraid this outfit would fall rather flat. I'm not sure how much longer Ringo can keep up this All Starr format, because it's getting spread rather thin.
Overall sound and video quality is excellent, though I found the 5.1 mix to be rather flat and subdued with hardly any audience noise. There are few extras aside from some backstage banter and comment from each member as to their Beatle memories. As I mentioned earlier, several numbers were not included, such as "Tempted", the excellent acoustic version of "Here Comes the Sun", and Ringo's tribute to George "Never Without You", and I'm not sure why.
Like I said, this one is for the die-hard fan only and those collectors, like myself, who have to have EVERYTHING.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on March 17, 2004
This concert DVD is great fun. I've seen another version of the All-Starr band live and really enjoyed it. On this DVD Ringo is more prominant in the mix when he's drumming and sounds great. The Sheila E. solo spot is great, as are all the solo spots.
If you're looking for high art this isn't it. What it is is a fun band to watch.
P.S. If you like this DVD you'll love the other Greatest Hits of the All-Star Band DVD.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on November 8, 2004
If only this film could have been captured at the end of the tour instead of the beginning.
Ringo is his usual self throughout this DVD. Ever wisecracking and self-effacing, he is as charming as ever. Anyone who had a radio in the 80s would easily recognize Colin Hay, Paul Carrack and John Waite. Even Sheila E. can stand on her own as an 80s icon. Together, they make up Ringo Starr's latest All-Starr Band and, for the most part, they make for an intriguing combo. Each artist has a chance to lead the band in their own respective hits as well as ably backing Ringo on a few of his own. Individually, each performer brings skill and talent to the mix - all are competent musicians and one really gets a chance to appreciate their talents on this DVD.
While I enjoyed this DVD for its concert footage, I was mildly disappointed in the somewhat flat performances from the band. While Mark Rivera shines as the band's leader (he's an amazingly talented musician and he displays a multi-instrumental aptitude on this disc), I couldn't help but feel the band had not worked out all the kinks of their set yet. The 5.1 mix does nothing to convince me otherwise too. The band does mention how much it loves Canada throughout the concert segments and the tour started in Toronto so it is easy to conclude that the polish of repeated playing had not yet taken off the rough edges of their show. And that, to me, is a shame.
I'm afraid I enjoyed the between-song interview segments more than the concert footage in spots. In one piece just prior to Sheila E.'s "Glamorous Life," the cameras focuses in on Sheila and Paul as they try to nail down what parts to sing in the harmonies for the chorus. As they work through their parts, Colin and Mark join in and, briefly - oh so briefly - one gets a glimpse of what true talent can do to transform ordinary into extraordinary. Cut to the actual concert footage of the song and one can barely hear the harmonies that sounded so rich and vibrant moments earlier.
Had this concert been filmed at the middle or the end of the tour, I'm confident Ringo and his All-Starr Band would have nailed their performances. Off stage, the band members seemed to really enjoy each other's company. No doubt that later on the playing would have been tighter, the mix a little more spot on and the whole package would have been a little more polished. Still, Ringo and his band pulled the show off despite this and the concert does have a loose quality that evokes a friendly good-natured jam session. Far be it from Ringo to deprive us of enjoying a group of good friends who love to play music together.
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5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
on May 24, 2004
I saw this concert in person and was a little disappointed that the DVD wasn't the entire concert! They have plenty of room on the disc. Shiela E. didn't even sing one of her two hits. I still recommend buying this disc and really recommend that you see any of the ringo all starr band concerts in person - it's a heck of a fun time.
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