Customer Reviews: RND Apple Certified Cable for iPad, iPhone, iPod (6 feet/white)
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on August 17, 2011
I've been purchasing cords for my apple products for years (original iPods, iPod Touch, iPhones). I've always refused to buy the real Apple cords as I could never force myself to pay $20 for a cord that I could have shipped to my door for less then $2 from China (thanks eBay!).

With that said, I've always paid the price of shopping cheap. I've probably purchased over 30 cheap cords over the years. All of them have failed; literally all of them have fallen apart (cords pull out from connectors, etc). Worst of all? All of them had syncing issues - either I couldn't transfer music to/from my devices without errors, or updates/backups would fail. I always thought syncing issues were my computers fault; until I learned only the official Apple cords will sync correctly without errors. So recently I decided to end the frustration and buy a REAL apple sync cord ($20 once is cheaper then $2 over and over, and you can't put a price on eliminating all the frustration that comes with syncing errors, broken cords, etc).

AND THEN to my utter joy (and hesitation) I found this cord. I didn't want to believe the reviews or the claims, as every non-Apple cord I've purchased in the past has been a complete failure (despite the claims of the sellers).

With Amazon's return policy backing me up, I thought why not. I'll try it. And I'll return it if it doesn't live up to it's published claims on the Amazon website.

And here I am today inspired to write this review to tell you that in fact, I just backed up, and updated 2 iPod Touchs (2nd gen), and 2 iPhones (3gs) WITHOUT A SINGLE PROBLEM (both iPhones transferred over 1,200 photos/videos and 8+gb of apps). No data errors, no transfer errors, no problems whatsoever. FYI - I did the backup/transfers on a old Windows XP Dell Laptop, and a home built tower pc with Windows 7.

As a bonus, this cord is extra long. Which is perfect for my use!

-The cord and connectors are a little lower quality. Time will tell if these hold up, if they don't, I'll drop my stars and let my fellow shoppers (and Amazon) know. (Lower quality as in the cord material is the stiff, shiny, harder plastic vs the softer Apple rubber cords. The connector (cord ends) seem to be shiny thin/brittle plastic.)

That's it for now! Hopefully this cord will last. I recommend it for now because of the great price, the longer length, and most of all the charging and full data transfer without any errors!

I wrote my original review on this product in August 2011. I've now owned this product for a total of 1 year, 1 month.

My cord has lasted 13 months. 13 months of what I consider maximum abuse. Imagine twice a day, 2 little kids pulling the iPhone back and forth, front seat to back seat, over and over and over and over. Its been crushed on the floor, jammed in the seats, slammed in the doors, chewed on by a puppy; and it finally broke. Where did it break? Where the cord connects to the head of the connecter that plugs into the bottom of your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Its been used every single day to charge either an iPhone(3GS+4S), iPad(v2), or iPod Touch (v2). It's probably the single most used item I use every day, next to my iPhone.

I'm a very pleased, very impressed, and very satisfied customer... and I'm even happier that it's now half the price as when I bought it in the first place.

Thanks RND, whoever you are. We appreciate quality products at fair prices. Please keep it up and never give up on quality.

I'm ordering 2 now...

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(Thanks for the questions, comments and votes fellow Amazon shoppers... keep them coming too!)
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on April 30, 2011
Having purchased and returned another 6-ft cable that said it was iPhone compatible and receiving it - only to find it was not - and not seeing any reviews for this cable, I was a bit reticent to order. But I really wanted a longer cable for traveling. I looked at the reviews of other products from RND - all of which were mostly positive - and took the plunge. The first thing to notice is packaging - real, professionally designed product packaging and at the same price as the previous cable which arrived in a heat-sealed bag with a printed label. The second, and most important, thing (and the whole point, after all): it worked. It worked with my iPhone 3GS and my iPad. I'm leaving on a trip this week and taking my new cable with me.
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on July 24, 2011
This cord worked just as well as the original cord that came with my iPad. I like this one because I can now still use my iPad while it's charging without having to sit right next to the wall with the super short original cord. I highly recommend this product!
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on December 3, 2011
I will compare 2 similar cords from different suppliers at different prices. Purchase date was 11/29/2011.

My wife was complaining that the charge cord for her iPad2 was too short so, as usual, I checked Amazon to see what was out there and since I wanted a longer cord for my iPhone I thought I'd get one for me, too. So, I ordered 2 long (6 ft.) cords and got them from different suppliers to see what worked better. I ordered the cords from RND ($10.99) and from Gator ($3.79).

These cords are virtually identical and the build quality on both appeared very good. They both connected solidly to the iPad2 and iPhone 3GS and syncing worked everytime. (One other cord I had purchased some time back from a different vendor did not always prompt a sync with iTunes when plugged in.)

The only visible differences:
>>The cable on the cheaper (Gator) cord was just a bit thinner and more flexible, which actually was a bit favorable in my view. I cannot speak to long-term,travel-type, use in-and-out of a briefcase, etc. as we use them for overnight charging and powering devices in use when the battery may be running low.

>>The cheaper (Gator) cord is about 8 inches longer than the RND.

Bottom line: Both of these cords work fine for me so I recommend you get the cheaper one. If long-term use shows a problem, I'll update this review.
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on September 8, 2011
This cord worked well and charged my iPod Touch sufficiently. The length was good because the cord that comes with the iPod is so short. I only had the cord for about 3 weeks when the white covering began to separate from the wire, exposing bare wire. It still worked, but I just was not comfortable with the exposed wire. I used the cord very gently, so it doesn't take much for this to occur. I have returned the cord for a refund.
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on April 15, 2011
I needed a longer cable so decided to give this one a try. I tested both with my iPad and iPhone 3G. I figured it would work with my iPhone and indeed it both charged and I was able to sync. I was a bit concerned when it came to testing it with my iPad and I was not disappointed. It also charged and sync'd. Just awesome! I was really impressed. You can tell that this is a really high quality cable.

I also like that this is black. more my style.

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on June 23, 2011
I wanted a longer, black-color, and compatible sync cable and this fit the bill. I like that it has the Apple "Made of iPhone/iPod/iPad" logo which gave me the confidence that there will not be any compatibility issues. I like that similar to the current Apple cables, you don't have to squeeze the sides to get the cable off. So far for charging and syncing my iPhone 4 and iPad2 this cable has worked without problems.
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on June 7, 2011
The wire started separating from the plug within a week of purchase. The extension was inexpensive and I got what I paid for. When I saw it coming apart I taped it with electrical tape and it has held together for a month.

Addendum 6/20: Both plugs have separated from the casing surrounding the wire. The wire stretches and the casing exits the plug as there is nothing to keep it there. I used rubber repair and it help it up unil September when it became useless. It lasted 4 months and that is with repair.
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on May 24, 2012
The Product RND Power Solutions Apple Licensed/Approved high quality long sync & charge cable for iPad/iPhone/iPod (White 6FT) photo shows what anyone would recognize as an Apple cable. What arrived is not so marked, instead, bearing a big RND logo, not the familiar rectangle marking shown in the photo. If this deception in a little thing like a photo were all, it might be overlooked. But while it seems to work fine, the cable doesn't have the firm, almost 'click' on inserting into the Apple device so I expect it to pull out unexpectedly where the real Apple cable will not.

But what's more misleading is the wording in the the website description, "Apple Licensed/Approved" which is nowhere to be found on the actual product packaging. Instead the light grey fine print "certified by the developer [read: RND] to meet Apple performance standards". There is no "Apple Licensed/Approved" on the product package as promised on the website. One can only assume the product is not Licensed/Approved as advertised.
Perhaps this cable will provide long service.

The deception is troubling, which makes me skeptical of the DND-APPLE6FT-W cable's longevity. I hope I'm pleasantly surprised.
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on June 12, 2011
After searching here for a suitable 3rd party sync cable, I finally found this one through a link left in a review of another cable. This cable is very well made, and I can confirm that it charges an iPad, iPhone 3GS, and an iPhone 4 perfectly. The build quality is very similar to the official Apple sync cables, and is a good bit longer, which is very helpful in reaching far away outlets to plug into.
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