Customer Reviews: Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: The Complete Series
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on January 7, 2011
A lot of people have complained that this product is the exact same as the previously released sets. While they are correct (seasons 1-4 are the exact same discs) they are missing the point entirely. For starters the set takes up so much less space on the shelf. (When I put it where my old season sets were it took up the space of season 1 and a half). This may not seem like a big deal but this is valuable space to most dvd collectors. The set also comes with a cool piece of memorabilia (A button ribbon of Bullwinkle) in a manilla envelope (obviously based on something that was originally given to R&B fans). Along with this piece is a nicely done book (the size of a dvd) that retells the story of Jay Ward and most of the segments for the show. It's a really cool and concise book with some really interesting facts. The packaging is awesome and done with a lot of care. I understand people's frustration with the absence of a Season 5 set, however to have all these dvds in one package is amazing and the price (as it is now) is a great deal. The glaring negative was that they kept the Season 2 discs double sided. They really needed to switch these to a single sided format. the double sided discs seemed to take a beating no matter how careful you are.

Unique collectibles
Cool book
Everything R&B in one set
Lots of saved space
The packaging is awesome

No new discs or material (save the unreleased 5th season)
Double sided season 2 discs (Boo!)

Overall I think it's worth it to have everything in one place and to save lots of valuable space on the shelf, not to mention the cool extras included in the set.
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on November 6, 2010
I'd complained earlier about this set being the epitome' of manufacturer greed by not offering Season 5 as a stand-alone release. That has been rectified!!!

The Amazon listing for Season 5 is here: Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Complete 5th Season

If you do not own *any* R&B this set *may* be the one to get as it includes all 5 seasons plus a few "bonus" items: A Gold Ribbon, Frostbit Falls Field Guide, and an Episode Guide. BUT, the disks for Seasons 1-4 are the same as in previous sets. This means we still have musical changes on the opening/closing passed off as "those preferred by Jay Ward", the "bugs" on the video, and double-sided disks for Season 2. In addition you'll get lousy packaging consisting of disks in cardboard sleeves guaranteed to scratch your disks.


Reports indicate this release now has individual seasons in standard amaray cases with pages for the disks. That removes my sole complaint about this release so it's now a matter of watching for which has the better price.

**End Update**

If you don't care about the "bonus" items you may want to pick up the individual seasons when on sale just for the better packaging they offer.

Because I own the other 4 seasons separately I'll pick up the stand-alone release of S5. While it would be nice to have the Field and Episode Guides it's not worth a double-dip.

However, the title of the package is correct it contains 100% complete "Bull..." :)
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on January 13, 2011
After reading everyone else's comments and reviews before purchasing, I was actually starting to consider not making the purchase at all..
Many people were complaining about ClassicMedia not making a season 5 dvd individually, dvd pockets that will scratch your discs, and boycotting.

Needless to say, I went ahead and purchased the dvd set (it was only $65 when I got it), probably not worth $100, but it was a steal at the price I got it for.

Anyways, I'll break the actual reviewing down into sections for each part of set.

The box:
I was surprised by the quality of the case, especially after reading about what others had to say about ClassicMedia; It's made out of a very thick, dense cardboard with a mix of glossy and matte colors.

Bonus Items:
There are 2 bonus items unless you count their joke about the picture of Jay Ward & Bill Scott.
A well made ribbon with a picture of Bullwinkle, and a Frostbite Falls Field Guide.

The DVD case:
As appealing as it looks, it has one annoying but exaggerated flaw: the DVD pockets.
Annoying because of how inconvenient it is to have to fidget around with the pocket just so you can watch your show.
Exaggerated because of how some people claimed that it was so bad it would cause people to get all their discs scratched; Anyone who has ever worn jeans, gotten stuff out of an envelope, or has done anything similar to the already listed things, could properly get these discs out without scratching them.

I usually turn the page onto its side, pull up on the pocket flap, and the dvd will slide out just enough to be taken out without any rough handling.

The DVD's!:
The resolution is great, and plays crystal clear on a wide-screen LCD tv.
If I were to make any complaints about the DVD's, it would about the discs for season 2, since they're double-sided :(

4/5, the set's great, but season 2 and the pockets are just a hassle.
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on January 6, 2011
I received this set yesterday and,I hate the way they have placed the DVDs!

This is the kind of way none of us like, where the discs just slip into a cardboard pocket. Its tough to try and grab the disc out and also, as is always the case when DVDs are placed this way, there is a lot of scuffs and scratches on the DVDs. And then there is the problem of trying to put the DVD back into the pocket. At the price they are charging for this, you would think they would have perhaps put the single season sets into this box or, used hubs to hold the discs so they would not get scratched and scuffed.

The box itself is nice the way it opens up, and inside is a book titled "FROSTBITE FALLS FIELD GUIDE" by Keith Scott. There is a page at the start written by Kimberly Ward. The book has photos and is filled with info on how the show was started and nice interesting stuff. and then there is An episode guide for each DVD of whats on each.

There is also a light yellow envelope with a flaplock and inside is a ribbon award that says on it "Exceptional adequacy award for helping promote public apathy toward the Bullwinkle show".On it also is a pin button with Bullwinkle on it.

As to the DVDs again. They are in a book like holder when you open it, to the left are discs 1 and 2 and as I had mentioned, they are hard to get out and to place back in. to the right are discs 3 and 4 and so on as you turn the pages. Each page has arrows with lines so you know what disc has the Rocky Bullwinkle serial that it is talking about.

I am hoping any of you who also has this set can give a more detailed review.

I did watch the first disc and the "R&B" logo pops up.

I wish they could have used HUBS for the DVDs as the way they are, they will get

scuffed more and more from removing and placing the discs back. This really stinks!!!!!!!!
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on April 12, 2011
Anyone out there in college in the 60's? If so, and if your Saturday mornings were anything like mine, you would gather together all your friends in your college housing complex - a different apartment each week - to share breakfast and watch our intrepid Squirrel and Moose' Boris and Natasha, Peabody and his Way Back Machine, Dudley Do-Right and Nell and the mellifluous voice of Edward Everett Horton's Fractured Fairy Tales. That made you a certified (certifiable) Esteemed Member of the Bullwinkle Fan Club,Chowder-marching and Moose Watching Society. How lucky can you get? Well I'll tell you how lucky! Now you can re-live every single glorious episode - all 163 of them - in this incredible package. There aren't any cartoon shows from the 50's and 60's that can come close to matching the sheer inventiveness of creators, Jay Ward and Bill Scott and you do yourself a huge disservice by ignoring this opportunity to partake, yet again, in pure unadulterated silliness....goodness knows we can all use a dose of that!
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on November 13, 2011
I've seen a lot of complaints on this page, and after receiving the box set, I gotta say it's pretty damn good.
Will the discs get scratched? yeah, a little bit. And some of them have residue from the packaging - a few little yellow spots.
Will the discs play properly? Absolutely. Don't worry about it unless you're sloppy about sliding them out of the cardboard, or you leave them out without placing them in the packaging or something.

The two complaints that make the most sense to me are
a) the "R&B" logo at the bottom-right of the screen is somewhat distracting and totally unnecessary (but it does fade away within a few seconds)


b) the multiple intros in each episode are lengthy, annoying, and repetitive. Maybe there's an option for turning them off / skipping them in "Play All" mode, but I haven't found it yet.

Other than that, it's a beautiful package design, a fantastic show, and a hell of a value at $50-60.
All in all, I think anyone who takes an interest in this box set is going to be really satisfied with it. It's not perfect, but few things in the world are.
You're buying Rocky and Bullwinkle, and you'll get Rocky and Bullwinkle.
It's one of the most entertaining shows in the history of television broadcast, and the animation is beautiful.
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on June 13, 2011
The cartoons are just what I remember, uniquely funny and metaphoric but I was disappointed when I didn't hear the Frank Comstock version of the theme song. I purchased the complete series! Wish they would look into offering the complete series with Comstock's theme.
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on November 23, 2011
"Hey, Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat."
And again and again and again.

Bad animation and worse puns. How can anybody resist?

But why can't people leave things alone? 20 years ago, when Disney released a few Rocky & Bullwinkle adventures on VHS, they cobbled together the individual episodes clumsily and added synthesized music to the Fractured Fairy Tales (replacing the original end title music).

The current set on DVD is a vast improvement. But what's up with the cheap-looking (but admittedly cleverly integrated--even in long shots) "Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends" logo which doesn't match the original artwork? They even found a William Conrad impersonator to loop the new title over the original vocal. But why bother?

Oh, well. Whether you buy each season separately--as I did, and you might want to if you're concerned about the packaging of the complete set, which others here have complained about--or the whole shebang here, you won't be disappointed with your purchase. Today's animators could take lessons, particularly the ones who only think they're doing this kind of humor (you'd never guess from the drek being produced). It's the playfulness and lack of malice or snark that give these cartoons their magic--and a loyal fan base for over a half century. Nobody cares about the technical or layout errors (in one famous scene, Bullwinkle, incorrectly registered to the background, enters a room seemingly floating above the floor); in fact, they add to the charm. Quite a change from today's more elaborate but much less graphically sophisticated design and easy let's-just-make-fun-of-everything philosophy--or worse, the sanctimonious didacticism that has crept into anything that smacks of children's entertainment.

And the voices! Unfortunately, today's voice actors lack the radio training that cultivated the greatness of Paul Frees, Hans Conreid, Daws Butler, Bill Scott, and the happily-still-with-us (at this writing) June Foray. They knew how to make the material sound even better than it actually was. Perfection.

Now here's something we hope you'll really like. No, not hope--know.
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on January 23, 2011
I am new to "Rocky and Bullwinkle", so have no nostalgia behind my response. I was told that they were "charming", etc.; no one told me how beautiful they are, as cartoons - the clean, sharp lines, the glorious colour-choices. After years of "The Simpsons", so witty, but not aesthetically appealing, I'd forgotten that cartoons could be such a deep pleasure to look at. I love "R and B".
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on August 13, 2011
This is the complete opus of Rocky and Bullwinkle, finally available in one box set. Of course the content is great, just as I remember it. It's fun to watch several episodes in one sitting, which gets you through a good part of a story arc. Some of the stories go for more than 30 episodes (!), and others are much shorter.

Here's what I don't like about the set:
* The opening theme music is not the original. There were lots of variations of the opening music, and they've standardized it for this set.
* The "Rocky and Bullwinkle and their friends" branding is grafted into the opening music of each mini episode. Considering that they've done this at all, it's done well. But I'd rather see the original.
* The packaging is pretty lame. Season Two DVDs are double-sided, the rest are not. The cardboard sleeves are hard to get the DVDs in and out of, and don't protect the discs well.

But hey, it's all of Rocky and Bullwinkle, and the Amazon price is pretty good.
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