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on February 10, 2011
I purchased this set after reading the numerous glowing reviews, and after using it (actually my wife) for about 5 months, I figured I should submit my review.

Appearance: This set looks great. I bought the red color, which is bright and a sharp contrast with other usual kitchen tools. The design is simple and modern.

Use: It's pretty simple to pour oil into the piece. I actually find the funnel more difficult to use, as you can only pour a little into the funnel then you have to wait until it empties and then pour it again. I usually just pour very slowly and carefully directly. The only thing is that there's no little window or warning, so you may overfill it if not careful. I usually just fill it half way to avoid that.

The tip works great. There really isn't any drip with the proper method. You just have to be bold and pour the oil out. If you try to pour it slowly (by raising it a little bit at a time), there's probably more of a chance to drip on the side.

It is dishwasher safe, so once in a while we just put them there to wash it. The quality is very good and seems very well made. It is probably hard to break, but I'm not willing to test that.

Overall, we're very happy with the product and would highly recommend it.
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on January 26, 2011
I loved these before I started to use them.

They are difficult to fill. The smaller one is a bit easier because it is angled up more than the big one. To fill the 24oz one I had to hold it semi on it's back and I could not tell when they were full, had to keep checking which made a little mess. If the funnel was angled up the problem would be solved.

BIG BIG BIG problem with mine. After using them for a a very short period of time I noticed that both bottles had darker colored spots on the side which gradually grew into large spots. There must be cracks inside the bottles where the oil is escaping and is spreading out under the enamel of the stoneware. I am very delicate with them, never bang them around or set them down hard and I have only washed them by hand. The manufacturer will replace them which is awesome but what a hassle for me. I have to send mine back first then wait for the replacements and then hope that this doesn't happen again.

There are no other reviews with this same issue so I am hoping that mine are the only defective ones. I love the color and the shape which match so well with my mod kitchen. I was planning on buying more RR kitchen items but I will hold off until I see how my replacements bottles are.
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on January 2, 2013
I noticed two fruit flies in my house today, and went around my house trying to track down what might be attracting them. I have EVOO in the larger Rachael Ray bottle, and balsamic vinegar in the smaller one. Even though the tips have little flaps that supposedly keep out bugs and what-not, I poured out the EVOO and into a glass and there were a dozen dead fruit flies in it. The balsamic vinegar... at least 100. I can't imagine how long I've been pouring them in and on food dishes without evening knowing. It's probably better to just keep EVOO and vinegars in their original sealed containers, but if you don't, consider only using these for gatherings or storing them in the fridge.
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on February 11, 2012
These bottle sure look great. We got them as a gift. BUT, they are terrible to use. Why? You can't see how much oil is in them. So you don't know when they are running out. More important, you can't tell how much to tip them when you're pouring. Because of the curve, when the oil starts coming out, it pours out like a river. And since you can't tell how much oil is in there, you don't even know how much to tip to start pouring. So, it takes forever to use. You start tipping slowly. More, more, more, more. Then finally, in complete surprise, a whole gush comes out. And you can't just give them to a friend. They will hate them. So, they should carry a warning label: FOR DECORATION ONLY!
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on February 9, 2015
I love Rachel Ray, so I really don't like writing this review because this is one of the most poorly designed kitchen gadgets I have seen. I have four of them and all get the same review. The flaws are consistent, not just one bad one off the line.

These bottles are cute, very cute, but they do not function well at all. The curve makes pouring very awkward, going from nothing to gushing without warning. Because of that curve, you really have to tip to an extreme degree to reach the pouring point. You can't see the product, so if it starts to go bad, you have no visual cue, not to mention you can't see how much is in the bottle at any time. The little cap cover sticks, so you have to flick it with your finger; icky and unsanitary. They are not airtight, so product spoils quickly. The plastic in the stopper takes on the spoiled odor quickly and I've not found a way to get rid of it.

They are awkward to fill; hold it sideways, put in a funnel (which you have to clean later) and hold the bottle with the funnel balanced sideways with one hand while pouring from the original bottle with the other. Very difficult to do if you buy your oil in a three liter can or other large quantity. They are awkward to clean. Sure, stick them in the dishwasher, but how much soapy water and/or rinse water do you think actually gets up in that tiny hole. Not enough. I've washed mine by hand, icky sticky mess, time consuming and, since you can't get a bottle brush in there well, they are never really clean. The vinegar cleans out okay, but the EVOO is just horrible, eventually taking on that unmistakable rancid smell that will not go away.

The only use I have found for these is keeping one filled with water next to the cooktop, for adding to food as it cooks down, or whatever. I'm thinking I may repurpose them for gardening or something, maybe for plant food? I don't want to donate them to the local thrift because they are so poorly designed I would hate to see someone spend their hard earned money on such a disappointment.
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on January 2, 2011
I first bought one large, single orange decanter for EVOO. Liked it so much, I then bought a set of these in the warm yellow (love the color!). I use all 3 decanters for olive oil, none for vinegar. It's a way of sorting all variants of the olive oil I use! The large orange one I fill with EVOO for cooking that I buy in bulk at a economical price. The larger yellow decanter I fill with regular (lighter) olive oil for frying at higher heat, and the smaller yellow decanter I use for tabletop use, to pour the finest EVOO (costlier oil) to top the meal at the time we eat it. I always know which decanter to grab b/c of the colors and size variants, helps to organize me! What's more, these don't leak, gotta love that.
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on May 1, 2012
This set of oil and vinegar stoneware bottles are just perfect!! I use them for hand and dish soap so they are always seen next to my sink because I rarely use oil and vinegar. I get compliments on them continuously!!!
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on January 18, 2012
I've used these multiple times over the past month and have yet to spill a drop of oil or see any run down the side. Not giving 5 stars because I don't think they will be very easy to clean, which I plan on doing each time I refill it.
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I really do like these. I know it sounds a bit stupid but I've wanted a set of Oil and Vinegar containers ever since I started watching cooking shows. I think they look elegant and much better then having the store bought bottles sitting out in my kitchen. The box arrived by UPS and was not torn up, sort of a surprise to me because UPS destroys almost all my packages.

When taking them out of the box you will find that the tops have a nice soft rubber or plastic cork that pops in and out of the containers with ease. The stainless steel pouring spouts flip open when tilting the bottles

The only issue I can see is that they are porcelain or at least feel that way. I think if dropped they would break like a coffee cup. Lets just hope that doesn't happen.
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I love LOVE these cruets--2 lightproof, stoneware vessels that hold oil and vinegar (or olive oil and a lesser-used oil, say pumpkin seed or walnut oil.) They have a lot going for them and I use them daily. I keep them next to the stove. I have the larger holding olive oil, my standard oil, and the smaller has a neutral flavored vegetable oil for those dishes that olive oil isn't the appropriate flavor. You could use vinegar in the smaller cruet, but I'm using these as my countertop oil dispensers.

Plus Points:

Lightproof. Oil degrades (oxidizes, goes rancid) more quickly if exposed to light. This keeps it relatively airtight if you keep the spout flap closed, and it's opaque.

Easy to use: the handle cut-out is easy to pick up.

Easy to fill (if you use a funnel.) Sometimes I wing it because I used to work in a lab and it was a point of honor to "pour from a bathtub into a test tube." Use a funnel and you're fine. By the way, the picture seems to imply a funnel comes with this set but it doesn't. The set comes with two stoneware cruets, one large, one small and two spouts.

Pretty: Modern shape, and white stoneware is sleek and especially pretty on dark counters.

Minus Points:

No window to tell you when it's empty--or full as you're filling.

You have to make sure the spout points so the flap hinge is uppermost, or it won't close automatically.

The flap still won't close, sometimes and stays open.

The smaller cruet's handle may be a bit too small for "man-hands."

No funnel included--though not really needed. I can pour well enough from a bottle and if I did need a funnel, there are always the ones you collect in the kitchen drawers.


Beautiful, useful on table or counter and pleasant to leave out for making salads or oiling a pan. I have not had the leaking problem reported by some owners.
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