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Initial post: Feb 20, 2010 5:39:30 PM PST
C. Stuckey says:
I just finished reading the sneak peak & can't wait for the whole book to come out. I think I've been right all along-Al does have a little crush on Rachel. What do you think?

Posted on Feb 21, 2010 4:07:14 PM PST
lifewontwait says:
I agree, actually I've thought this since the beginning of the series.

Posted on Feb 22, 2010 6:01:34 AM PST
True dat!

Posted on Feb 22, 2010 8:46:06 AM PST
I also think that Trent has a crush on her too despite their too-obvious hatred for each other.

Posted on Feb 22, 2010 4:23:25 PM PST
C. Stuckey says:
Trent and Rachel have always had some tension too. The first 5 books I was hoping they'd hook up but now I'm all about Al although I can't seem to picture him in my head. Any ideas as to what actor he'd resemble?

Posted on Feb 23, 2010 6:53:30 AM PST
The hot British?!! guy from Sin City???!!! Or Christian Bale.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 23, 2010 10:28:32 AM PST
C. Stuckey says:
Clive Owen? Only one of the sexiest men alive?

Posted on Feb 23, 2010 11:07:49 AM PST
Al is always described as a young British man. Henry Cavill is in his late twenties so is not too old. Some of his past roles were playing the son in the Count of Monte Cristo and Charles Brandon in the Tudors.

Here's a short interview with him discussing the Tudors.

In reply to an earlier post on Feb 23, 2010 11:27:44 AM PST
C. Stuckey says:
How did I ever miss him? He must have been really young in the Count of Monte Cristo. Good choice,pretty eyes.

Posted on Feb 23, 2010 12:50:52 PM PST
Evan Rachel Wood who plays the Louisiana Queen in True Blood would make a great Rachel.

Her skin is sin.

Here's a pic of Henry and Evan Rachel together.

Posted on Feb 24, 2010 12:05:04 AM PST
DC13 says:
Gary Oldman....except he's prolly a bit older than Al is supposed to look....but the attitude definately clicks!

Posted on Feb 24, 2010 7:50:45 PM PST
Kara H. says:
Almost finished BMS and I'm really enjoying Al's character in it... it'll be interesting to see how things prgress in the future for him

Posted on Feb 25, 2010 8:08:39 AM PST
C. Stuckey says:
Just finished the book and am very pleased to Al's development. So many hot guys which one to choose?

Posted on Feb 26, 2010 3:01:51 AM PST
Jennifer says:
Did everyone forget that Al raped Ceri when she was his familar and that he almost killed Rachel? Al is a horrible character, he is evil. If Rachel and he got together, their baby will be a demon. Demons take people's souls. Doesn't sound very sexy to me. So far I don't like any of the romantic choices Rachel has. If Al and Rachel hook up then I will stop reading this series.

Posted on Feb 27, 2010 12:18:41 PM PST
kirSib says:
I agree with Jennifer. I like that Al is no longer trying to kill Rachel and even seems to care for her, but I can't forget that he's done AWFUL things in the previous books. Kim Harrison does a good job of reminding us of this with comments that Al makes or things that Rachel thinks, so I don't think she will have them hook up. My only semi-disappointment in this book is the direction Rachel's love life is going-- I'm still holding out for her and Trent getting together someday. Seems like if it happens it will be a looong time coming, but it's obvious that Trent cares about her even if he doesn't admit it even to himself.

Posted on Feb 28, 2010 5:41:36 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 28, 2010 5:42:33 PM PST
lifewontwait says:
Trent also does awful things to people and certainly has caused a lot of trouble for Rachel, so I don't think that getting together with him would add up to a HEA for Rachel. He's about on a level with Rynn Cormel in terms of being a controlling, self-centered user, so somehow I don't see that Al would be much worse.

Posted on Feb 28, 2010 6:32:51 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Feb 28, 2010 6:53:22 PM PST
Steph says:
Does Al care for Rach or is he just interest in fathering the first demon child in a millennium? I thought the Al/Rach interaction in this book was white hot, and disappointed with the Rach & Pierce union. Is it me, or does Rach have less chemistry with Pierce than pretty much everyone else in this book?

I am not sure what the future holds for Al and Rach, but I do think they would be good together; especially if she ever decides to have children. No doubt, if she ever gives birth to a demon child it would be taken away by demons, Trent or the coven. If Al was the father I think he would try to protect them both from everyone, including Newt.

Throughout the book it seemed Rach was starting to become very comfortable with demons and the everafter. At one point in the book, she becomes noticeably unaware of the Everafter's burnt amber smell, after journeying through the realm. This seems significant, since we are constantly reminded of her repugnance to the smell; which she associates her dislike to anything related to the Everafter.

I also believe that the numerous reminders of Rach's previous relationship with Al, was done to demonstrate how far and evolved their relationship has become. Rach is also becoming very excepting of "her demon" and their new relationship as student and teacher. It's unfortunate that she is still not completely accepting responsibility for her other actions and who she actually is. If I had a dollar for every time she stated "I'm not a black witch"...seriously Rach needs to grow up finally.

BTW, what did everyone think about the scene when Al shifted to scary devil/demon man? Do you think that was his true form? I am still trying to figure out why he became naked during that shift. I thought it also pretty funny when Rach was checking Al's body out.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 1, 2010 7:01:27 AM PST
C. Stuckey says:
That was funny when she checked him out. Of course I do it all of the time to ugly men and I'm like what was I thinking.
At one point everyone seemed stunned Al treated her as an equal and also with Trent she's mentioned more of her kind can be made so Al may actually like her for her not for her demon babies. What would the kid look like anyway? His fake appearance or the real thing?

Posted on Mar 1, 2010 7:45:18 AM PST
R. Williams says:
Well, Wolfy and Stuckey, the fact that Rachel is becoming more comfortable and relaxed in the Ever-After was interesting to me too. I'm glad that many of us noticed this. She thought the coffee reeked of burnt amber but didnt have any problems eating the cheese toast later. If the smell was really that bad to her, she wouldnt have eaten anything lol! I agree that she was checking out Al's transformed naked body while being truly scared at the same time but has no problem with how he looks in his regular appearance as a British man. His goat slitted eyes even appear to seem normal to her these days. I think Al is totally warming up to Rachel and vice versa.

Really, you just have to look at how Al and Rachel's relationship has evolved over the entire series. He tried to kill her at first(books 1 & 2; she also called him "It" for those ones), then take her as his familar(books 3 & 5 where he became "HE" before "Al" toward the end), then he became her "teacher" and she his "student"(ODW - BMS where he's became a more personal "Al"), and now he's like all over her with the sexual chemistry and interest definitely going up a notch! I always felt like Trent and Rachel were going to ultimately end up together(due to their love/hate relationship and past) but Al's change of feelings and actions toward Rachel in this book has became some serious competition. It's a front running story, as far as I'm concerned, given that Outlaw Demon Wails is my favorite RM book lol

I remember the concerns about Demons having a hard time reproducing first becoming significant with Minias in "For a Few Demons More". It's my understanding that they basically rip a ley line through you during the act(Al's comments to Brooke in this one kinda cemented that) which is some powerful and dangerous ******* if you get my drift. I do wonder if Al's intense interest in Rachel, besides her looks and demon crafted abilities, is because there's a possibility that he can Father a child by her. Rachel was born a Witch but is taking more and more Demon culture into her life. She's even resorting to some of the things that she used to criticize Al about doing in previous books. If so, that's going to lead to some serious trouble down the road with Al if she becomes pregnant by him.

That's one of the things I love so much about Al and Rachel's relationship is the unpredictability.......

Posted on Mar 1, 2010 8:41:23 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 1, 2010 8:42:35 AM PST
Steph says:
"She thought the coffee reeked of burnt amber but didn't have any problems eating the cheese toast later. If the smell was really that bad to her, she wouldnt have eaten anything lol!"

I totally agree with your assessment, and sort of baffled as to why the coffee would be tainted and not the sandwich. In any case, I think she is starting to become immune to the smell as she becomes more accepting and actually finding a bit of comfort in being in the Everafter. And doesn't she state, somewhere in this book, that Al's kitchen has become more than familiar, but also a comfort to her. Rach is also starting to see Al's home as her own and taking any attack of it personally. This is from when she involuntarily started cleaning Al's house after the mess Pierce made. I still can't believe she slept with Pierce. I'm going to go with horny in a cave excuse for that one.

"It's my understanding that they basically rip a ley line through you during the act(Al's comments to Brooke in this one kinda cemented that) which is some powerful and dangerous ******* if you get my drift."

So, that was what he meant when he was telling Brooke that she couldn't handle sex with him. Sounds dangerous. So, can witches and demons actually reproduce with just ley line sex?

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 1, 2010 8:52:29 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 1, 2010 8:53:16 AM PST
R. Williams says:
It's only been mentioned that witches can have children with witches. Humans, vampires, weres, and banshees have been eliminated by direct statements and common sense. But Kim hasnt said whether "Demons" and "Witches" can cross bred. Witches are just stunted Demons after all. Maybe regular witches cant but given Rachel's hybrid nature and mitochondria make, I'm starting to wonder about what Newt and Al have been talking about. Newt seems to think Rachel is a true demon despite her appearance, so maybe she can mate with a demon? I think only Rachel would be able to survive such a dangerous act if it came about

Posted on Mar 8, 2010 8:46:58 AM PST
Carolinagrl says:
I truly don't like Pierce. None of the men in her life are totally clean so to me that doesn't matter when I think of the pairings. I loved Al in this book and I still hope for a Trent/Rachel a Jenks/Rachel hookup, and even a Rachel/Ivy one. The books are great, the characters are intriguing. So far the only Rachel pairings I haven't liked is Nick and Pierce. I'm of the mind that a love for Rachel could even make Al be a better umm... demon. Certainly would never be a dull moment. However, I wonder if Rachel finds him attractive. She mentions his body but also that his ugly eyes and his rutty complexion. I'm not sure how to take that.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 8, 2010 9:14:07 AM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 8, 2010 9:25:50 AM PST
Well, as a reader Al has become strangely attractive. I imagine him as a stuffy clean cut british looking guy, just with the goat eyes and weird complexion. She is slowly starting to like demon things, like that mirror, and she's also liking Al's digs which used to scare her. So he may become more attractive to her.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 8, 2010 2:06:05 PM PST
kirSib says:
I don't care much for Pierce either. I honestly was more attracted to Minias than him-- whatever happened to Minias anyways? I know Rachel and Al talked about whether Newt killed him, but they didn't seem to know for sure either way. I personally don't think we've seen the last of him.

I do know what you Al fans are seeing-- he intrigues me too and the parts with him are always some of my favorites. I don't think that loving Rachel will ever make him "good," but I do think that he has come a long way from the first book. I don't know whether a ruddy complexion is a good thing or not? I can't get a handle on what he looks like either, although I always picture Watson from Sherlock Holmes (not necessarily cute Jude Law though, hehe). I didn't think that the scary black gargoyle thing he turned into was his natural form, I just thought it was what scared Treble the most (like dogs for Nick) although I wouldn't have put it past Al to leave the pants off and put on a show for Rachel's sake too :)

I still want to know what that pupa thing was that he gave her in the last book~ there wasn't anything in BMS about it.

In reply to an earlier post on Mar 8, 2010 8:21:31 PM PST
Last edited by the author on Mar 8, 2010 8:22:10 PM PST
Steph says:
I oddly recollect the pupa gift from the last book, but could you remind me of the scene. Ruddy complexion, is that more like a wind burned look from over use of alcohol or rosacea? I usually picture an Irish or English Drunk when I think of Ruddy.

And yes I agree, we need more Minias and less Pierce. I've been disappointed about his recent absence. I thought he and Rach had great chemistry too.
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