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on March 30, 2012
So I wanted to buy my daughter a trike that I can push until she reaches the peddles and also adjusts to her size. I really needed this to be a sturdy, easy to maneuver, and durable trike for long periods of use since we do plenty of walking. I did a lot of research! Too much some might think :)) I asked people around the neighborhood if they liked theirs, read reviews on Amazon, as well as other sites, read all the instructions and descriptions, watched videos; I mean, I really did my homework!

First, I want to share what I liked and didn't like...

-Durable and Reliable - I haven't yet had to rescrew the bolts and we use it a LOT!
-Many options to make a child any age comfortable.
-Easy to steer and very safe, basically feels like pushing a stroller. Can be easily pushed off the sidewalk without picking it up.
-Sunshade is really useful and can be folded for sunbathing.
-Great value, so many options for such a great price.

-Squeaks after first walk, needs to be oiled once in a while
-I needed a lot of time to put the bike together; also the tools they tell you to use are not sufficient to screw everything tightly. But all this is worth it to make it feel very safe.

Finally, the reasons why I chose to buy this instead of all the other trikes offered on Amazon:

1. The handle is strong, made out of steel, and doesn't break off. I've read in some reviews that some trikes have handles that come off and feel cheap because of the plastic materials they are made from. This trike is NOT like that. It feels very reliable.
2. The wheels are rubber, not plastic like on most of the other trikes. I feel like they will last a long time.
3. It has a hatchback, meaning there is a compartment on the back that can hold keys, phones, toys, and rocks that your child might collect on your walk. We put flowers there sometimes :)
4. This trike has a little tray that my daughter uses for a drinking cup. Very comfortable if you are going for a long walk. None of the other trikes had this tray.
5. And lastly, the seat moves, the harness can be taken off, the pedals can be adjusted to stay still while you push the bike... Basically many things that other trikes didn't have.

I'm so glad I didn't purchase Little Tikes or Italtrike because from what I hear and read I would've been very disappointed.
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on November 12, 2014
Love this tricycle. We even take it places like a stroller because our 15 month old really likes to "drive" it around. We receive lots of compliments and questions about where we got it when we are out and about. It's nice because the adult handles override the child steering. I was surprised that right away he figured out the cup holder and loves to put his sippy cup in there. He also loves opening, closing and putting objects in the back trunk compartment. My only criticisms are that it takes a little while to put together (20 to 30 minutes) and also the adult handle bar could be a couple inches longer. My husband is 6'2" and it's not a very comfortable height for him to push.
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When you open a box, you get a first impression. The first thing I saw when I opened the box of this tricycle/stroller is the plastic "trunk." I thought, "Oh no. I hope this thing is not made of cheap plastic." My first impression was in error. Yes, the plastic "trunk" is made of relatively light plastic. The rest of the tricycle is either heavy duty plastic or welded steel. The entire tricycle feels solid and looks solid.

When I was much younger, a tricycle was a single use kind of device. A tricycle was three wheels, a seat, and pedals. I can only say that tricycles have come a long way. This tricycle has four different configurations or modes of operation.

The first mode of operation is as baby stroller. There is a plastic safety restraint or insert to help position a baby from ages 9 months to 18 months in addition to straps. The pedals have two settings. One setting lets the pedals spin without moving the front wheel. The other setting lets a child pedal the front wheel, when the child is old enough to pedal the tricycle. The plastic "trunk" is a storage bin that can hold a few small items. Because the storage bin has a divider in the middle, which I consider unfortunate, the size of items it can hold is limited. The tricycle comes with a canopy that is especially useful for babies and toddlers. There is a push handle or a "parent handle" in the back. The push handle has a huge advantage over many strollers in that the height of the push handle is easily adjustable over a reasonably large range.

The second mode of operation is similar to the first. The primary difference is that the safety restraint removes for toddlers aged 18 months to 2 years. The straps remain in place and the canopy is probably still useful to keep the sun off your child.

As your toddler gets to the point where pedaling the tricycle is possible and exciting, the front wheel rotary piece needs adjustment to the second position that permits the pedals to move the front wheels. The canopy may be unnecessary and the restraint straps are easily removable. In this transition phase, a parent still has the handle in the back to keep the child from running amok or just to keep the child close. The recommended age range for this configuration is 2 years to 3 years.

The last configuration is as a standard tricycle, suitable for most children ages 3 years to 5 years. The "parent handle" in the back is removable and the tricycle now looks like a standard tricycle. The storage bin in the back is a great place for a few smaller toys.

Assembly does take some time. You need a hammer, an adjustable wrench or a socket set, and a Philips screwdriver. Strangely, the nuts requiring a wrench are both English and metric, so you if you use sockets you ideally need both types.

The parts come with plastic pieces on hard ends to protect the box and to protect a person assembling the tricycle until they are ready for that part. The plastic pieces remove easily for disposal. The main frame of the tricycle is welded steel, as is the steering bar. The rear axle also seems to be steel. The seat is plastic, but seems quite sturdy.

This tricycle was an immediate hit, with the only problem being the bad weather we had soon after receiving the tricycle. Fortunately, the relatively soft wheels are easy on our wood floors. We do not plan to permit the tricycle on our floors after outside use, when it will inevitably pick up rocks in the tires.

Are there any downsides to this tricycle? I suppose it depends on your point of view. The push handle removes somewhat easily. Alternatively, since the handle adjusts, it may lower enough to let the tricycle fit easily in a trunk or the back of an SUV. However, there is no folding available with this stroller, so if you are looking for the convenience of a folding stroller, then get a folding stroller. The other minor problem is that this tricycle does not have any brakes, which makes it quite different from most traditional strollers, including most folding strollers. Be extremely careful using this tricycle on hills, and if your child is in the stroller, keep a firm grip on the handle. The instructions include warnings against using this tricycle on hills. However, many of us live on hills of some kind, even if they are small hills. A better warning is to keep your hands on the stroller at all times.

I am pleased that Radio Flyer, Inc. is maintaining their reputation of making durable and sturdy products. I love the heavy steel frame and the other steel elements. The plastic is thick and used in all the places where steel or aluminum is less practical. The result is a high quality product that children love and that you can either save for future grandchildren or pass on to a friend, knowing you are giving a quality product.

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This could have been such a fantastic tricycle, but, the flaws bring it down. First, it is primarily made of plastic. If you have a rough and tumble boy this thing is not going to last long with it's plastic wheels, plastic pedals, plastic seat, plastic canopy frame, plastic everywhere.

Farther, the pedals almost hit the ground while the wheel is pointing straight forward. In a turn the do hit the ground. What designer would design a tricycle where the pedals hit the ground? Seriously! This is such a basic design flaw I question the integrity of the entire tricycle and the Radio Flyer brand now.

Since the tricycle is mostly made of plastic it is extremely lightweight. Which many people might think is a good thing, however, it isn't and I'll explain. If you place a 25 pound child on a tricycle that weighs in at much less you have a very high center of gravity issue - an accident waiting to happen as the tricycle hasn't any serious weight to it to prrevent a heavy child from toppling over. Again, we have very poorly thought out design here.

The front wheel has a locking/unlocking mechanism so that you can lock the pedals so the child can pedal along or unlock the pedal to prevent the child from propelling themselves. The pedal always free spin backward regardless of the locking position, so the child can not pedal in reverse. This is likely a safety feature, however, I find it more of an annoyance as the kid can not learn to operate his tricycle in reverse and back him/herself out of corners and such. In addition, the tricycle we received has the LOCK and UNLOCK symbols painted in reverse; the lock symbol is actually in the unlock position and the unlock symbol is actually in the lock position, which makes it very confusing. Again, here we see very bad quality control from Radio Flyer.

The assembly is overly difficult for the average parent in my opinion. The instructions are typical picture type assembly instructions without much explanation. It is very easy to assemble the rear axle assembly incorrectly the first time and once you hammer on the tension rings they are next to impossible to remove. Very poorly thought out assembly procedures from Radio Flyer. This tricycle is very FLAT PACK in design. Radio Flyer practically offers up nothing pre-assembled. DO NOT buy this tricycle unless you are somewhat skilled at assembly as you will get very frustrated. I think, for example, that the rear axle assemble with wheels should be pre-assembled for customers as it is technically difficult and prone to assembly mistakes and is not easily taken apart once the tension rings are hammered on. Very poor product testing by Radio Flyer.

The seat is not adjustable in anyway vertically. It has three positions horizontally, via removing two bolts and re-bolting it again in different holes on the seat mounting plate. But there is no way of adjusting this seat height wise, which is rather annoying. Again, we see the cheap design and quality issues of what the Radio Flyer brand has become.

Anyway, the tricycle is what it is, but it certainly is not a tricycle your rough and tumble boy is going to grow with. He will, in all honesty, likely break this thing long before he grows out of it. This is nowhere near the quality or durability of the 1960's or 1970's tricycle you grew up with and drag around and threw down the stairs 50 or 60 times and still got on it and rode it. This is a very cheap plastic knock off with serious design and quality flaws made to look like a quality tricycle.

My wife and I are pretty disappointed with this tricycle and will avoid the Radio Flyer brand from now on. For now, our son will simply play on this thing until it is completely destroyed which won't be long.

----------------- UPDATE (10 months on) ------------------------------------------

This tricycle is wrecked. My son, who is very rough with toys, destroyed the canopy within a week, has destroyed the steering, the wheel locking mechanism won't stay locked now, the rear compartment has broken off, the parent steering handle doesn't work (it just spins and doesn't engage since the internal connection is broken), one peddle arm is bent so the peddling, if it worked, is wonky. In addition, due to the high center of gravity and the inability to brake (the peddles free spin backward regardless of which position they are in), my son has crashed this thing more times than I can remember. This is especially true of turning in corners. If you have a boy you might consider that this tricycle handles extremely poor in corners at any speed higher than normal peddling speed. My son, being a dare devil type, likes to go downhill on this thing, and this thing is 100% guaranteed to topple over and send your kid flying onto his face as soon as they attempt to steer it at any sort of speed. So much so, that we do not allow him to ride this tricycle for this one reason alone, never mind everything breaking on it. Boys will be boys and this is not a good trike for boys in my opinion. He was able to peddle it fast enough to topple over in corners, never mind when he attempted to go downhill like Evel Knievel, which ended up more Super Dave because of the inability of this trike to handle any sort of curve. Also, we live on a sloped area and even if the parent is pushing the trike along at a reasonably slow pace the tricycle would fall over on to it's side if the ground was inclined. There have been times when my wife would be pushing this thing along and the BAM! The boy is laying on the pavement because the trike fell over sideways without warning. So, unless you live on a pancake expect many sideways falls.

My son has grown tremendously in the last year and is now over 40 pounds. His weight alone makes the tricycle too dangerous. As I mentioned before this trike is far too light, due to it mostly being made of plastic. Just him getting on and off the trike is a danger as his body far outweighs the tricycle. Needless to say, the trike is in the garbage now. And I've resorted to looking on eBay for properly made toys (e.g. original Tonka trucks, etc) (circa 1960's 1970's) for my son that can stand up to abuse a 2-3 year old boy can dish out.

These flimsy plastic toys are too much hassle for the type of kid I have. I find myself having to constantly trying to get my son to tone down his playing so as not to destroy these plastic toys, which I feel is wrong. The toy should be designed for the kid. A parent shouldn't have to constantly tell their kid to restrain themselves to be able to interact with a toy. I don't want to discourage my kid from exercising like mad, and being rough and having fun. He's a well behaved, well mannered boy while in pre-school, at strangers houses, etc. But, when it's time to play, he pays hard and he plays long and these sorts of toys simply can't stand up to it.

The best analogy I can think of at the moment is if you think of the older metal tricycles a lot of us grew up on, especially those from the 50s, 60s and 70s, which were so tough they survived to be hand-me-downs, as Sherman tanks, then this thing is more like a daisy flower.

Durability is rubbish.
Quality is rubbish.
Safety is flat out dangerous unless you have an extremely timid kid who hates any kind of speed and you live on a totally flat space void of any inclines.
Entertainment value will be inversely proportion to how rough your kid is. If you kid does nothing and hates going faster than 1/2 mile per hour and enjoys grandma pushing them along while they look at the clouds in the sky then they'll love this thing. If your kid plays very hard like mine and for hours at a time continuously non-stop, then this thing will be a huge disappointment. And that gets to the heart of what this tricycle really is. It really is a stroller, which some minimal interaction for the kid. But, in no way, in my opinion, is this anywhere close to being a proper tricycle. It shouldn't even be called a tricycle in my opinion. It really is a three wheeled child stroller for grandma to push the kid around the park sidewalks on, providing those sidewalks are really flat.
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on June 4, 2015
My son is so sad, because his pref bicycle "got sick" after only one month!

I'm very disappointed and upset because the bike broke while he was sitting on and fallen with the belly on the pin , because he (24 months old) managed alone to remove the handlebar, which was fixed according to the instructions! I wanted to write directly to the seller to explain what happened but could not find the reference so I decided to write the review and I hope to be heard. Thank you.
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on August 5, 2015
We purchased this for my daughter's first birthday. She was (and still is) a little big for her age and wasn't able to reach the pedals at one. She found other places to put her feet, though.

I love that it has a removable cage around it to keep tiny ones who don't always have the best balance from tipping out, and keeps their sippy-cup nearby in case they want a drink. The little compartment in the back seems handy, but you really can't fit much of anything in it. We used to put a diaper and small pack of wipes for trips to the park, and I'm sure our little one will be able to keep little toys in there when she starts exploring on her own, but it's just not as handy as I expected.

Now that she is older, we're trying to use it (with the cage removed) to teach her to pedal. It allows me to maintain control if need be, while also letting her pedal independently when she wants to.
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on December 1, 2014
I bought this tricycle 5 weeks ago, so the returns windiw has just passed. Today he was ridding and the seat broke on the hole the bolt goes in and as a result the seat fell down as well as my son. I am still in shock - can't beleive they will make a product for toddlers in such low quality materials.
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on June 24, 2013
I love Amazon's reviews and trust them. Yet, on this item I have to protest loudly that some perspective is in order. 1) It does not go backwards so your child will not understand how to pedal. A toddler needs to put their feet on the peddles and feel their movement affect the bike. So it fails as an educational toy. 2) It is noisy in push mode. 3) The reach on the peddles is too far for an 18 month to reach so the idea the child will learn on the go is quickly lost. It gets worse. Their feet will drag the ground before they and put both feet on the pedals. This makes it a horrible stroller 4) The steering handle mechanism is sloppy and quickly loses its attractiveness as a stroller. It is stiff to rotate and you end of turning it on the back two wheels 90% of the time. 5)It is big, heavy, tall, and lots of pieces you quickly leave off.

It is designed as a trike for a child at least 3 years of age so...again...why did I buy a 4-1.

So...the point is a multipurpose 4-1 does none well. It is a bad stroller. Bad trike at any age. Very bad trike for teaching a toddler how to peddle.

Last, the locking wheel broke a year later even though we never locked it. Once our child could reach the pedals, we realized the trike failed to lock (slipped)under any moderate pressure. My wife and I regret it even if we can fix it.

Radio Flyer was great to replace the failed front wheel but doing Google searches I found this is not rare. The front wheel is prone to having problems. Radio Flyer makes great products but this one is all show and no go. Less is more.

Bottom line is to use a stroller to push your kid and get a very small trike for their first bike so they can learn to pedal.
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on May 24, 2015
* Secure seat & straps so my daughter can be a "big kid" just like her siblings. Having both the seat and the straps gives a lot of flexibility. As your kid gets older you can use just the plastic seat and not bother strapping them in.
* Easy to push one-handed

* The shade is pretty useless. My 15-month-old in a helmet (which everyone should use!) is too tall for it.
* No foot rest for kids too short for the pedals. A truly bizarre omission.
* The child's cupholder is too small for my daughter's cups. I don't mind since we don't use it for long walks but it would have been so easy for them to put in a more generously sized one.
* No cupholder for the adult

I fixed the last point with this aftermarket cup holder:

It was a little challenging to get on because the handle has thick foam and the clamp doesn't open fully but I was able to compress the foam to slide it on. It clamps on securely and holds my insulated ceramic (handle-less) coffee mug perfectly. Be smart: don't put a full cup of hot coffee in it. I often need a place to sit an empty cup or my cell phone and this works great. A water bottle would be no problem.
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on July 5, 2013
After extensive research, I picked this trike for my son. I am so glad. It is perfect and he loves it. He JUST turned 2 (it was his present, though we gave it to him a few weeks early). In fact I WISH we had bought it last summer, i didn't realize how great it is for younger children.

1. It has a metal frame.
2. It does the 4 different trikes--and was relatively easy to put together. Though we don't need the wrap around arms or belt now, glad we'll have them for the next child.
3. The handle is tall--this is IMPORTANT. I am tall (5 feet 10 inches) so most items you push are too short for me. I end up having to bend over which is horrible on my back. This handle goes up and down, and at the top is perfect height for me.
4. The handle controls the steering--brilliant and useful. My son doesn't know how to steer yet, clearly, but holds onto the handle bars and randomly tries to yank the handle one way or the other--but my handle bars hold the wheel in place so he won't tip over. I am in complete control of where we go. Love it.
5. The sun shade seems sturdy and would stay in place. As my son is older, we don't use it (his head hits it), but it seems like it would work well. I saw that other trikes, with the sun shade attached with one arm (looks like a giant fan), either slip down and sit on top of your child's head or flip up in the wind. This would not be the case for this one.

1. Unlike radio flyer of years gone by, the back step part (where when you are older you would step on and kick off like a scooter) is made of plastic. It is a little container for small items, which my son loves, but clearly states no stepping. I know in the future my son will want to stand on that part and kick off around. We'll see how it goes.
2. It does have plastic parts. The plastic feels heavy duty--and that is normal these days, not all metal, but, i worry for down the road. For now, it is all fine.
3. There is a cup holder in the front for a sippy cup. However, it is attached to the part that has the wrap-around arms. So, as my son doesn't need those, he doesn't get the cup holder. I was bummed about that.
4. This is a common complaint I saw on multiple different trikes, and I was not surprised--but the foot rests don't really work for my son. As I am tall, and my husband is as well, my son is very tall for his age. It is uncomfortable for him to put his feet on the foot rests--so he just lets them dangle or randomly puts the on the pedals. Not a deal breaker, and like i said, I saw this comment in numerous reviews--but just thought I'd mention it.

Overall--i absolutely recommend this.
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