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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon September 21, 2010
 Our daughter loves her Radio Flyer - I mean our daughter LOVES her Radio Flyer. Every night we strap her in and take her for rides around our neighborhoods. Her favorite part when we take her down grass covered (aka bumpy) hills. She holds onto the sides and laughs the whole way down. This is possible because the Radio Flyer Pathfinder wagon converts from a standard wagon to a passenger wagon fully equipped with safety restraints (see the video).

- The front wheels rotate 360 degrees - making it much easier (and safer) to turn than the older style wagons
- Plastic construction - while some may prefer the old-school metal wagon - the plastic models are rust resistant and safer
- Plug holes in the bottom which make it easy to wash out with a water hose
- Can be either a wagon or a two-seat transport wagon -
- You can purchase Radio Flyer Wagon Canopy
- Soft foam-type wheels - they are not hard plastic nor are they inflatable rubber
- As you would expect the wagon takes up a lot of space - more than a kids bicycle. Plus, it is (almost) impossible to hang up on the wall. It also is not the easiest thing to fit into a car/van/SUV if your family gets the urge to take the wagon out for a trip.

Final Verdict - While some may prefer the old-type metal wagons this is a great alternative. Our family is very happy with the choice!

5 Stars
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on October 3, 2012
We bought the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon for our son a few years back. It's been good for picnics, rides to the Golden Gate Park Botanical Gardens, trips to the pumpkin patch & playdates with friends. It has flip up seat backs, seat belts & cup holders. I've even used it for toting around gardening equipment when my son is not using it. I didn't realize it's true potential, however, until last week on a dark foggy night.

I heard strange shrieks, growls and squawks coming from our back yard where we keep a small flock of chickens. A raccoon had broken into our hen house and I intercepted him as he was running off with one of my hens in his mouth. As the mighty Dude says, "this aggression will not stand, man".

In an uncharacteristically hulk-like frenzy of rage (and unbelievably foul language), I grabbed the nearest large object - the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon - lifted it over my head and hurled it as hard as I could at the absconding raccoon, who happened to be scurrying along next to a cement wall. Bam!

I was certain of two things -both the wagon and the raccoon would be totally wrecked. But Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagons and raccoons are tougher than they appear - there was not even a scratch on the wagon. Unfortunately, the raccoon seemed equally unaffected. I grabbed the nearest shovel and gave the raccoon a few whacks before it finally got the hint and left the scene of the crime.

Even better - in the midst of my berserker attack on the furry masked marauder, the hen who had been chosen for dinner managed to escape and with a little rest and TLC she is back to laying eggs and scratching in the dirt, thanks to the Radio Flyer Pathfinder Wagon. It's not just a practical and fun children's toy ... it's a remarkably effective projectile defense weapon against a hungry varmint, too. It's worth every penny we spent on it, and then some.
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on March 24, 2012
I want to love this wagon, my children love it but it is incredibly difficult to pull. It has been since the day we got it. I love the cup holders and the seat belts but it is so hard to make turns. The front wheels are independent and one wheel always goes its own way so I have to stop and kick it or drag it sideways. I detest taking it anywhere. Sorry Radio Flyer I wanted to love it but it kills me.
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on May 16, 2011
Bought this product for my year old grand-daughter. Very nice and well built wagon. Has the flip up seats & seatbelts which are a much for young children and even a "sippie cup" holder.
NOTE: When assembling, make sure you put some grease on the front wheel shafts that go up through wagon base and attach with a clutch cap. The instructions do not mention this. When I first
put it together and pulled the wagon, the front wheels would not "track" properly and really just had a mind of their own. I pulled the front wheel assemblies and coated with some vasoline and that did the trick.
Would buy again.
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Every child wants and needs a Radio Flyer Red Wagon. Every parent wants and needs a red wagon.

When my granddaughter was one, her family moved to a new house. The playground is one and a half blocks from her house. Too far for her to walk, and when it is time to come home, too far for a tired parent to carry her. She has a carriage, but is not a great fan of this. The red wagon was the answer. She can carry her toys, snacks and water in the wagon. Her parents can pull the wagon easily, in fact they can pull a couple of children in the wagon.

My son and granddaughter had a daily routine. About 7am, everyday, my granddaughter would point out the wagon, my son would put her in it, and off they would go down the hill to collect the morning paper. This was a routine that grew into such wonderful memories for each parent and child. I can picture the two of them on their morning routine, a big smile on my granddaughter's face, and the conversation between the both of them was priceless. I accompanied them several times, and wS so happy to see the love between the both of them, what memories for me.

A great sturdy plastic body, easy steering, front axel with no-tip turning, and Dura-Tred tires. This wagon is made for years and years of use. This is like 2 Wagons in 1 - seats fold up or down, with four molded cup holders, a storage compartment, and two seats with seatbelts.

Highly Recommended. prisrob 07-21-15
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on December 7, 2012
The seat backs are nice. The wagon is deep enough for a 3 ft. 3 in. child to sit comfortably. If it's been a long day out, you can flip the seats down, lay down a napping blanket and let your child sleep. The wheels absorb enough shock that you can pull the wagon along without jarring them awake. The cup holders are handy, for both standard-sized water bottles and juice boxes.

One star removed from "educational value" because the old model wagons used to have a handle that let you "drive" the wagon by yourself if someone else pushed it from behind. This one won't work for that. 5 stars overall because the safety features are worth sacrificing a few conveniences.

One star removed from "fun" because of the handle. I get that the handle was designed not to pinch little fingers, but it's a bit awkward and uncomfortable if you let go of the handle. When it was new, the handle was stiff and stayed upright. Now that it's been used enough, the handle is loose and immediately falls to the ground. Bending over to pick it up isn't much fun and potentially embarrassing. I've tried using my foot to kick the handle up to a standing position, but it doesn't have enough give to push it upright easily yet, I still have to bend to get the handle.

The wagon is very large. Unless you mod the handle to come off (we sawed off the end cap on one side of the rebar), it will not fit in a mid-sized sedan. This wagon has been to the zoo, a mall and a shopping center where the aisles were tight, and it has been easy to maneuver without "resetting" its path, like you sometimes have to do with wayward shopping carts, picking it up and forcibly realigning it to the correct path.

Also, if you tend to keep your child's larger toys outside, the plastic holds up pretty well against the elements. I had mine sitting outside in full sunlight, all summer long. It faded very little and was less noticeable compared to the other large plastic toys that are outside the house.

I thought the seat belts were silly until I realized they aren't so much for safety as they are meant for tying a kid down. Does your child get in and out of the cart, in and out of cart, etc.? Same thing with the wagon, except now they have to ask to get out! So the verdict on the seat belts after trying them out, my thought was, "hey, that's handy."
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on January 31, 2015
Take every other awesome comment, and then add this nugget of awesomeness too it. My son loves this thing to ride it. Refuses to get in his 'Bob" stroller anymore because of this wagon actually.

Ok, So here's our story. After a cookout in which we used this wagon, we strapped it to the top of my car on my roof rack (made of metal). My wife drove my car home and forgot it was on top and tried to pull into the garage. Not a good idea. This wagon got crucsed between the top of the garage and the top of the roofrack. It was mauled. and Stuck. It looked like it was broken in half the way the wagon was bent. I tried to cut the axels off to get it out, but it broke my trimming sheers since the axles must be solid steel (no lie). Finally, I decided to just back the car out and hope for the best (that I don't do damage to the car or garage)... as I backed out the wagon (which we had unhooked) popped off the top of the car and into the year. I got out to inspect my roof rack and saw that a bracket had been broken. I was bummed and turned around to look at the wagon which i was expecting to be destroyed in a heap.... to my horror (seriously, it freaked me out)... it was sitting in the year looking brand new. Seriously. It had popped back to form and was 100%. I called my wife outside and we couldn't beleive it. That was a year ago on mothers day. we use it 4 or 5 times a week since then.

So to Recap. Metal Roof Rack: 0 Red Wagon: 1 insane
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on April 20, 2012
Bought this for my 2 1/2 year old grandson and he absolutely LOVES it. It's sturdy and quiet. The tires don't seem to be rubber but are not noisy on sidewalks. It was easy to put together. I did it in about 15 minutes. It's great for one kid and would be fantastic for two! It is bigger than I expected and that is a good thing. It is stable too and I love that about it.

I am editing this to say that the front left wheel stopped working properly after the 4th outing with this wagon. I am now ordering a replacement part in hopes that I can make it work right. If not I intend to return it. Everything else I said about it is still true... and my grandson LOVES it!

Now I am editing this again to say that my husband took apart the wheel apparatus and found that I had left off a part. Be certain that you follow the directions carefully. They aren't hard to follow at all but I screwed up. Now the wagon works perfectly again and I have two extra wheels now in case these wear out. I do love this wagon and so does my grandson!
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on July 12, 2012
The Radio Flyer name is what prompted me to purchase this wagon for my grandchildren. However, this wagon in no way compares to the wagons of old. Sure it has seat belts but what the don't do anything radical when pulling your children along. The silly, independently articulating front wheels ruin this wagon. They may work for a few feet and then they continue to stick, fail to align themselves, and skid along. It is almost as though the weak metal "axles" bend and prevent the wheels from aligning. When this happens you cannot safely pull the wagon. It sticks and skids and I guess if you continue to pull it when this happens the seat belts may be a good idea; a better idea is to keep your children out of it. The plastic handle is another problem. Look closely, it is rigidly attached to the wagon. It does not steer the wagon, you have to rely on the articulating wheels to move in the right direction when you pull the wagon. The wheels won't articulate and you end up "dragging" the wagon to the side to turn it in the direction you want to travel. To turn the wagon around you have to have enough room for the length of the wagon and the length of the handle, you cannot pivot this wagon. My advice is to not even consider this wagon.
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on August 23, 2010
We've owned this RF for around 4 months now and it's been great. It fits on our trunk so we can take it wherever we go and my daughter loves riding in it.

- The wheels are plastic (not rubber) but they're not noisy like I expected them to be when I was putting it together.

- This week we really tested it out with carrying our 2 y.o. plus a cooler (filled with ice and drinks) and some bags (maybe 80lb in all). While it works great being pulled, when i tried to push it, the handle almost felt like its going to rip out of it's connection (although it didn't).

- If you're trying to change directions and go back the other way, sometimes the wheels need a bit of help turning around.

- works really well on hard surfaces, but the handle connection doesn't look like it will last for continual use off-road.

Overall we're really happy with it and my daughter always asks if we can go for a walk so she can ride in it.
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