About Ragg

From comfort to the looks, Ragg continues to push the envelope to bring kids and women ‘loving, caring, and creative’ footwear.

Ragg started as a children’s footwear design company. Recognizing a niche in the children’s slipper market, Ragg started the now famous “Karamel Corn” slipper line. “Karamel Corn” is known for its comfort and practicality as well as fun designs for boys and girls. The rubber soles of the slippers are slip resistant and can be worn indoors as well as outdoors.

The “Ragg Classics” is specially tailored to mothers and grandmothers who love to buy glitzy fun shoes. We let our imagination run wild and created many dreamlike styles, full of colorful glitz and glitter. And Ragg recently added a new line called “Glam-To-Go”. The new line consists of glitzy footwear ballet flats with matching handbags.

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