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on September 10, 2012
I wanted to pass on what I've learned about foggers ...

There are two types of foggers out there (I've been trying to get rid of fleas but this applies to other bugs). The first type is an *insecticide* that kills adult bugs. These typically will contain a neurotoxon like pyrethrin (derived from the chrysanthemum) or a synthetic version such as permethrin, cypermethrin, tetremethrin, etc.

The second type of fogger is not an insecticide but a *growth inhibitor* that keeps the larvae of the bug from maturing into an adult which then kills them. These inhibitors will not kill the adult bugs but are intended for the eggs and subsequent larvae. Two common chemicals used to do this are methoprene and nylar.

Your best strategy is to take a TWO-pronged approach:

1. FIRST, use a fogger with an insecticide to kill the adult bugs.
2. SECOND, use a fogger with a growth inhibitor to kill the larvae when they hatch from their eggs.

I should add that Raid sells a fogger that is similar to this product called "Raid Max Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger" in a blue box. As far as I can tell, it's the same as this product only each can is 2.1 oz instead of 1.5 oz (for bigger rooms).

Also, nylar doesn't break down very readily in sunlight whereas methoprene does ... so if you're fogging a room that gets lots of direct sunlight, you might want to try a fogger containing nylar for punch number two. Hot Shot has a nylar-based fogger.

Finally, RAID offers a 1-2 punch in a single fogger called "Raid Flea Killer Plus Fogger". It contains both pyrethrins and methoprene. This might be a more economical and time-saving approach compared to using two different foggers. However, I noticed the active ingredient concentrations aren't as high as the standalone foggers so you might want to try the dual-fogger approach for heavier infestations.
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on August 2, 2014
My shed was overrun with black widow spiders. This killed them. I was able to call off the airstrike.
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on April 8, 2015
I just moved into a house with a bunch of roommates and a really bad roach problem. After two months, I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to nuke what had become a roach village. I did a LOT of research before choosing my product. And ended up with this one because it seemed to be most effective with roaches. And this stuff WORKS. I came back home to a massacre. Even when I forgot to close all the windows. Some of them had managed to flee the house and still died within a few feet of the home. Almost felt sorry for these disgusting things. Some of them were still twitching. But they were so devastated that they could only squirm about on their backs. So I just sprayed them with some traditional raid spray and swept them up. And even more roaches are turning up on their backs because they keep dying!

I've seen some reviews dissing this product because roaches came back after a couple weeks. LISTEN. I've only had one fogger completely get rid of a pest problem and that fogger was designed to kill flea adults AND larvae (Hotshot fogger). Roaches are a whole 'nother beast. You have to implement a SYSTEM to get rid of them. Even with professional help. DO YOUR RESEARCH. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS of any product you buy. This product only kills adults. And as far as I know, there is no fogger in the market that kills roach eggs and larvae. (Feel free to let me know if there is.) I'll be creating barriers with insecticide, and placing bait traps for when the next batch of suckers are born. Keep your house CLEAN. Don't leave food or crumbs or even grease lying around. Wash your dishes immediately. If you have a leaky pipe or faucet, fix it. That deprives them of a water source. Keep your food in sealed containers. Depriving them of food and water will force them to eat the bait and return to the nest where it will kill the other roaches. Don't use insecticide near the bait, because they won't eat it if you do. Seal any crevices that these critters can come in through. Don't keep piles of stuff lying around the exterior of your house where they can hide and breed. Take out your trash on a regular basis. Keep your trash in a bin with a closed top. Getting rid roaches and KEEPING them away takes work. This product is just a first step. And what a great first step it is.
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on March 28, 2015
Eliminated a wasp problem I was having in my barn. The first day I had 50-100 wasps on the floor dead or dying. In the next few days it cleaned up the remaining 25 or so. I'm completely happy and no longer are concerned with getting stung while working in there.

This is the only fogger I saw that lists wasps as a "controlled pest". It worked for me! I needed to use a fogger, because I never could find the nest to treat it directly. I suspect it was hidden behind some of the structure at the top of my barn.

Update Oct 20: I used this product back in late March. My barn was wasp free until today (Oct 20) when I noticed groups of wasps loitering near the windows and rafters. I'm about to pull the trigger and order more of this product. They claim it keeps killing for 2 months, my experience says its really more like 6 or 7 months. It worked for me better than they claim, which is a rarity these days - most products (and politicians) deliver way less than advertised.
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on December 4, 2012
When used CORRECTLY (unlike a few of the other reviews I read), this stuff kills everything! The sand fleas I had in August are still gone.
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on September 2, 2013
We've had a bad flea infestation this year and when all of our usual remedies failed to keep on top of the problem, we decided to go with these foggers when we were headed away on vacation for a couple of days. We had been treating the dogs with Frontline Plus, combing them and vacuuming the house frequently. We had tried Borax and found that to be ineffective as well. So I bought two of these three packs for our 2000 square foot home. Each fogger is rated for 500 square feet, so I figured that would give us plenty of coverage. As we were leaving, I set out the foggers according to the directions (elevate in the center of the room, place on some newspaper or paper towels to prevent staining), then went around to each of them, setting them off in sequence. I could smell the insecticide as I worked my way to the front door and out to the car.

When we came back two days later, there was no smell left in the house. I went around and cleaned up the empty cans and there was no staining. When we pulled out the vacuum to clean the rugs, however, we were absolutely shocked to see hordes of active fleas jumping on our ankles in the very rooms where we had used the foggers!

What I assume happened is that the fogger killed the live fleas but didn't do a thing to the eggs and larvae that were still in the room when we left. When we came home, the vibrations from the vacuum must have woken the larvae and that's when they started jumping like mad. This repeated itself throughout the house to the point where our infestation appeared to be worse than ever.

We took note of all of the locations where the fleas were jumping, and I grabbed a bottle of Ortho Home Defense Max spray with Bifenthrin and Zeta-Cypermethrin. The spray is derived from Chrysanthemums and is non-toxic once dry. We had used that in the past successfully to treat issues with ants, so I worked my way around the house manually spraying the baseboards, cracks between our wood floorboards, and areas of carpet where we knew fleas had recently jumped on us. It took about fifteen minutes to work my way around the house. I saw several fleas while spraying and now, 24 hours later, the dogs have stopped itching and the problem seems to be under control.

So in summary, you're probably better off going with a product that you can manually apply to the affected areas. While these were easy to use and left no residue or mess, it also was an incomplete solution and, as several other reviewers also noted, needs to be paired with another product to handle the eggs and larvae anyway.
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on March 13, 2013
I had a very serious roach infestation. I decided to do a whole redo of my apartment, which included getting rid of these pesky bugs that try to live here without paying rent. So I read the reviews, took into account everything that i needed to completely eradicate the problem and went to work. I set off 6 bombs in my 2-bedroom apartment, came back 4 hours later to a roach-corpse-filled apartment. The ones that didn't die were "stuck-on-stupid" on the walls (they didn't move... they were just there as if paralyzed), so I killed them the old fashioned way (slipper-slap!) and started cleaning. I must've swept the floors dozens of times during the next few days because they just kept on dying! I still see a few that are bold enough to come out (especially since they tried to hide in any hidden spaces they could find), but that's ok, bc I already have an arsenal of other things put down to make sure the rest of them don't have long to live, such as gels and baits.

I hope I can get them all out, but this fogger did a great job at giving me a huge boost at killing them all.
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on August 14, 2015
We had such a horrible time with fleas. By the time I used these, we had already bombed the house 2x. I don't know why I even tried anything else. The fleas are all gone, and I'm much happier. I won't bother trying anything else. This is the best route for my family and I.
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on April 29, 2015
Killed 85% cockroaches in the kitchen. And some of roaches still running around and I used my bare feet to kill it. Fogger did smell bad and I was almost faint. However, I am a scientist so I knew what it will be happened. I am glad that I bought this item because cockroaches always running around to my bed, shoes and my hair. So gross to mention it.

Sorry for not so good English, I come from North Korea.
review image review image review image
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on September 28, 2015
It got rid of the spiders and bugs in my new house pretty fast. As I haven't lived in the house yet, was waiting on carpet installers in the next several weeks, I decided to try this out and kill all the bugs inside the house. The house hasn't been occupied for a year so lots of bugs infested the otherwise awesome home. I patched up and sealed the house so no bugs can get in. I then used 6 of these bad boys: 1 in each of the basements, 1 in garage, 1 in hallway where the entrances to all 3 bedrooms were, one in living room, and 1 in kitchen. I left it for about 2 weeks and came back. Everything was dead, they removed the carpeting and I moved in. While I was moving in, I left the door wide open and a ton of flies got in, and I was like 'damn i gotta kill them all again?!' But an hour later when I was done moving, I went to look for those poor suckers so I can swat them down. Lo and behold they were all at the windows dead or dying/twitching without me having to do a damn thing, holy cow! I then quickly went to open the windows to ventillate the house. This product is super potent even 2 weeks after use.
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