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on March 16, 2013
I pre-ordered this a few weeks before the game was released and I had hoped to use it to play through my entire game. Unfortunately, by the time the package got to me, I had already almost beaten the main storyline. Fortunately, this has nothing to do with the shipping speed since I actually beat the game in two days (probably because I played it nonstop.) This guide comes in a beautiful cover with some really nice artwork inside and complete profiles for each character in the game. It walks you step by step through the campaign, showing you where every little collectible is that you want to find. It's really quite helpful, especially since after I beat the main story I could go back to the island and find all of the collectibles. This guide features highly detailed maps that show you where every nook and cranny of the game is and every tomb solution you need.

The necklace that came with the book is very nice, although I wish it could have been on a longer string, since it doesn't fit around my rather large neck. Luckily, it's still a nice collectible piece and looks nice as a decoration.

All in all, I recommend this guide for people who are game enthusiasts and want the most out of their Tomb Raider experience.
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on May 15, 2013
tomb raider is so nuanced with so many side missions and so on that you almost have to have this book if you want to fully experience the game. normally i just look online for guides to secrets, Easter eggs etc. but with this game it would not be possible to have enough browser pages open to fully experience the game. pricy but kind of necessary
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on March 29, 2013
The game itself is fun, and the graphics/gameplay are great (even though the gameplay isn't the same as it was before, as it's focusing more on survival (shoot first, ask questions later) and of course story, in which we see Lara evolve from more or less a researcher into the hardcore treasure seeker as we know her today. The Game seemed to be taking a new approach and there seems to be a lot of support this time around. I purchase the survivor's edition of the game with all the great collectibles (be sure to check that our on amazon as well) and when I saw this book came with the amulet the collector in me went nuts. I will not go into the game much and I will say that I am not using the walkthrough much as I am still waiting for the end of the game to see if I really do need help or not. But, if that's your incentive to buy it I will say that the walkthrough is very thorough and well illustrated.

I had also purchased a similar (LE version) book for The Force Unleashed II. The price was right, and I didn't use the guide in that (though, again they did a great job with the details) But, since the price was right I went ahead and got the book figuring that the other info and the graphics would make it a great collector's item. I was impressed with that one, and since I am a huge Croft fan I thought this would be great also, and I wasn't disappointed so that made me buy this one assuming that it would work as much as a collector's item as a guide/walkthrough. and I wasn't disappointed at all.

the book is a great glossy/hardcover with great graphics and lots of details (I only looked at the levels I have played so far so as not to spoil anything..and I liked very much how it was set up. Also there are extensive graphics/tips for the online part of the game, which I have not tried yet. But it looks great. Also the amulet you get is in a thin cardboard holder that is the full height and width of the book..and there is a steirofoam type board inside that holds the amulet in place and keeps the box sturdy (in case you want to keep it as a collector's item and not open it, then this will protect it and the printed side looks great.

One last thing: there are two codes in the book for online multiplayer skins, they are the scavenger skin and the scavenger executioner skin that is "Exclusive" to the Limited Edition. I am not sure if this is an unlockable in the game or not, but it's nice to have if u just want to jump into the online multiplayer portion of the game. I add this as I do not remember reading it before, and thought that might help some people decide. So I give this item five stars as a collectible and easily a five for the actual walkthrough. If you love Tomb Raider you'll love this book (and the game)
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on March 6, 2013
I never tend to purchase strategy guides as I like to figure things out myself, but I had to purchase this because of the promotion - a replica of Lara Croft's necklace and two multiplayer characters. In addition, I am a huge Tomb Raider fan and I absolutely could not live without having this in my collection. This guide is absolutely phenomenal - everything you could possibly need to complete missions, find hidden secrets and learn about the game's characters is within the text. Everything is wonderfully written and easily understandable - very well explained - and the illustrations and photographs are high-quality and resolution and absolutely top-notch. I completely recommend it!
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on February 14, 2016
This is a beautifully done strategy guide, better than the one Prima Games did for Rise of the Tomb Raider, in my opinion. What I really like about it is it uses a great mixture of small, medium, and large screenshots to complement the text. You almost feel like you're playing the game as you read the guide. The maps are very well done and show you the location of every collectible item. The guide also has a comprehensive layout describing every weapon, it's stats, all the ugrades for the weapons, and what each upgrade does. Plus if you buy the Limited Edition, you get a really cool replica of Lara's green relic necklace. The only issue I have with the necklace is that the leather strap it comes with is too short and there's no way to fasten it except to tie a not in it, which is very difficult to do behind your neck. Also, the strap is thick enough that knots don't hold anyway, so if you do that you're likely to end up losing the necklace.
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on January 14, 2016
If you like to collect these hardcover strategy guides, you should definitely pick this one up. No, of course you don't "need" it to find everything, you can find it for free online, but to me, it just kind of helps immerse me in the game a little more and makes a second play through more enjoyable. You get a couple little freebies, in-game and physical, which add to the value, but mainly, I think it's just nice for fans of the franchise that enjoy reading through strat guide books after a "blind" initial playthrough.
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on January 7, 2014
The book is very detailed on finding all items. Even though you may not need the book to finish the game, it is very good to have it in the case you get stuck in an area. It also gives you info on the online game.
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on June 21, 2013
I love video games. I also have 2 small children, a highly demanding job, and almost no free time.

My actual Tomb Raider game sits unplayed on the shelf with other great games that I won't have the time to explore properly for the next five years. That's why I love guides like this. I can leaf through them, browse the walkthroughs, explore the concept art, pore over the maps, and peer at the screenshots, to at least get a sense of what the game might be like.

That makes me quite a demanding reader. I need the guide as an alternative to the game itself, so the designers should relate something of the game's atmosphere and feeling if it is to sate my desire for the gameplay experience I can't have.

This Tomb Raider guide is great in this respect. It's beautifully presented, and made with the care that suggests the editors and designers really cared about the product it represents and commemorates.

Other great recent guides I would recommend are the hardback guides for Portal 2, Bayonetta, Bioshock Infinite, and MGR: Revengeance.

It's even getting to the stage where the guides have become more interesting to me than the games themselves...
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on April 1, 2013
First, this game is AMAZING! I have played it through 3 times and love it. The guide is really nice looking and the pendent that it comes with is pretty cool. It provides pretty good hints and tells you what is best to do as you go, but, honestly, I don't really use that part.

I was a little disappointed for the soul reason of the maps. I finished the game the first time, without cracked open the guide, at 90% completion. Basically, I didn't find all of the artifacts and missed a couple of challenges. I then went to the guide to look up what I missed. Everything IS listed, and IS shown on the map....but the map gave me a headache trying to follow it while playing. This is mainly due to the game. It is dark and one rock kinda looks like all the other rocks. But I would have liked a few pages of pictures showing the items I am looking for so I can compare it to the screen. Instead, I was constantly hunting around for stuff I wasn't sure was there.

This is really my only complaint. The Guide is REALLY well made and has awesome artwork and quality information. You can use the guide for all the little side stuff, but it will be a little tedious.

Hope this review helps, God Bless!
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on June 11, 2015
I wish the challenge section was a bit larger to make it easier to find the only things that do not show up on your map but keep trying and you can get 100% completion with this book without too much difficulty.
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