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on December 17, 1999
Respect. The most coveted word in all of show business, it is also the hardest position to achieve. On "Rainbow", Mariah Carey's 9th studio release, the singer may be earning just that. Cover art aside, "Rainbow" pushes to display Carey as a newly freed individual, both in musical content and artistic style. "Rainbow" has arguably found its footing in R & B and Pop more clearly than her past albums(note:"Butterfly")have. She has finally hit a stable stride, capturing the attention of of both the Adult-Contemporary world as well as Hip Hop audiences alike. The intelligent pairing of Carey and Jay-Z on "HeartBreaker" gives the buouyant song an urban boost; on the flip side, her remake of Phil Collin's mid-80's power ballad hit "Against All Odds" will more than likely strengthen her already tight grip on the Pop world. Of course, the album has its moments, on tracks like "Bliss"(where her vocals sound strangely reminiscent of a broken whistle), or "X-Girlfriend", a song which could easily be interchangeable with any cut offered by younger ingenues like Brandy. Still, it's on gospel-infused tracks like "Thank God I Found You" with 98 Degrees and Joe on which Carey excels the most, and where the proverbial "pot-of-gold" at the end of this "Rainbow" can be found. There's a lot to like here, and this is definitely an album worth giving a listen to.
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on June 14, 2000
Rainbow seems to be the best title she could pick for this album. All the songs are different in every possible way (not meaning it's bad.) But through it all Mariah pulls it off to make a great album which I give 4 stars.
1) Heartbreaker(4.5/5.0)- This is one of my favorite songs off the album. It is a fast-paced danceable song. The beats and tones are excellent (not to mention the vocals). This songs also features rapper Jay-Z which adds more appeal to the song.
2)Can't Take That Away(5.0/5.0)- This song is one of the best songs on the album, if not the best alone. The vocals and message in the song will get you tear-eyed. She sings this song with such feeling and amazement. Undescribeable.
3) Bliss(4.0/5.0)- This song is a ballad and really shows off Mariah's strength vocal wise. The lyrics to this song can be described as sexy. I only gave it a four because the vocals are repeated enough to drive you crazy.
4)How Much(3.0/5.0)- It's not the best but it's okay. The song features R&B star usher but he really doesn't seem to help the weakness of the song. The beat is good though.
5)After Tonight(5.0/5.0)- This song is sooooo beautiful. The beat and tone are of the Latin flavor. Her vocals are great. The only flaw is that it sounds like MY ALL (but who cares! )
6)Ex-Girlfriend (4.0/5.0)- It's okay. It's an r&b style song. But not much to it.
7)Heartbreaker Remix(5.0/5.0)- This remix is one of her best. It features Missy Elliot, Da Brat, & DJ Clue. It's R&B rhythm with the bouncy beat is just unstoppable.
9) Against All Odds(4.5/5.0)- This song is way better than Phil Collins's version. Has more soothing and flexible vocals. But the beat doesn't really compliment her voice.
10) Crybaby(5.0/5.0)- Smooth R&B song. Her vocals are extremely extreme and Snoop Dogg adds a some mor flavor to it with his rap. Fans don't seem to like this song due to it's r&b sound. I just think they have problems.
11) Did I Do That(2.0/5.0)- We just won't go there. Okay?
12)Petals- (5.0/5.0)- Just beautiful man. This song is really touching and the weather sonunds in the background only make it better. One of the best songs on the CD. This song will instantly be a favorite to many.
14) Thank God I found You(5.0/5.0) The best ending song ever! Beautiful vocals and the guests are perfect (Joe & 98 degrees). Great love song to dedicate to a love one.
Well, what else can you say other than Mariah is the best. This album is definitely a rainbow and in the overall ending is a pot of gold for all fans.
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on February 23, 2000
This has got to be Mariah's best yet. She has only gotten better since time has gone on. She used to sing soulful pop music but then gradually grew into a more hip-hop style, but her heart has always been in her music. The standout tracks on this album are "Against All Odds", an awesome power ballad where Mariah's voice shines as good as ever, "Can't Take That Away", the lyrics really spoke to me, and they will to you also, "After Tonight", a Latin flavored ballad, "How Much" with Usher, a very catchy upbeat song I'm sure you'll love, and "Heartbreaker" with Jay-Z, I mean it's catchy and fun, and her voice is great. These are just my favorite songs I picked out, but all the others are just as fabulous. Mariah can definitely write and sing, and she has many more #1's coming her way. And this is why "Rainbow" is respectively Mariah's best effort yet. Go pick up a copy NOW; you won't regret it. Trust me!
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on January 25, 2000
I consider myself a die-hard Mariah fan with that said I'm still able to offer an honest opinion on her latest effort. Comparitively speaking, Rainbow comes up short to some of her previous recordings. I welcome Mariah to the world of r&b and hip-hop (w/the release of Butterfly she prooved she has what it takes to deliver,) but on Rainbow it just feels as if she tries too hard. The uptempo tracks are by far the low points on this album. With the exception of Heartbreaker (rap version,) the uptempo tracks are over produced and Mariah's vocals do nothing in adding to these recordings. This isn't the kind of album you like to play over and over, instead it's one of those albums that you put on to hear three or four songs. Now on to the good points on this album. It's clear Mariah's voice has changed but her sincerity in her recordings is at it's peak. On the track 'Can't take that away,' she makes me feel what she's singing and that's what music is all about. Everything she does well on this album she does better on Butterfly. Is this the end of Mariah? Hell no, she's going to be around for a long time and she will make masterpieces, she's too talented not to. I just wish that she would take about two years off to get motivated and energized and back on track.
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on November 28, 1999
I've been a fan of Mariah's since I was twelve and I listened to "Music Box," which my parents owned. She has one of the most amazing voices ever, despite what anyone else says. Who wouldn't want to sing like that? She is also extremely talented because, unlike many other "divas," (Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, etc.) she co-writes all her music and she can successfully mix hip-hop vibes with soaring, soulful ballads. When I first heard "Heartbreaker" on the radio, I couldn't wait for "Rainbow" to come out. Now that I have it, I must say I am slightly dissappointed. Songs like "Petals" and "Can't Take That Away From Me" rank up there with "Hero" and "Vision of Love." But sometimes, the album sounds just like "Butterfly." I loved "Butterfly" (probably her best album), but I expected even more of a development in "Rainbow." Still, if you are a long time Mariah fan like me, get the cd right now. If you sort of like her, it's a little bit of a risk. If you are a hip hop fan who thinks this will fit in with your rap collection, you're wrong. Still, overall, I like it.
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on May 15, 2000
How many album's can you get that includes latin, rnb, hip-hop, gospel and power ballads? Not many. However, you can find it on Mariah Carey's new triple platinum album, Rainbow. In Rainbow, the listener can tell that Mariah has changed to more of a RnB sound like she did in her 1997 LP, Butterfly. However, Ms. Carey doesn't walk totally away from her early years, this album is packed with many sweet-sounding ballads. As a huge fan, I think Mariah rushed this album since she recorded it in 2 months, but she pulled it off. The following is a list of the songs and what I think of them. Included is a scale of 1-10 and 10 being excellent, 1 being poor. Heartbreaker (9/10) and Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) (10/10): Heartbreaker is one of my favorite fast-pace recordings from Mariah, which is in the top with Fantasy and Honey. Her vocals are very good in it with Jay-Z adding a whole new level. Her classic high-pitched notes can be found at the end. Can't Take That Away is one of the most incredible ballads Mariah Carey has ever sung. Most people think of it as Hero but in many ways it is different. This ballad teaches people to let nobody take anything away from himself or herself and has helped me greatly. This new single from Rainbow is set to go to #1 like Heartbreaker and Thank God I Found You did.
Bliss (9/10) and How Much (7.5/10): Bliss is among one of my favorite because it shows Mariah Carey's amazing talent right off. This Minney Ripperton like song is a slow sexy song almost like Babydoll off of Butterfly. How Much is a great song but is one of my least favorite. It seemed to me that the production and vocals were out of place throughout the whole song. However, after listening to this song a few times, one can only enjoy the great RnB beat!
After Tonight (8.5/10) and Ex-Girlfriend (9/10): After Tonight is a beautiful, Latin-type, romantic ballad. This song was going to be completed with her new boyfriend, Luis Miguel, but didn't work out. To many listeners, this song reminds them of My All which was her 13th #1 in April 1998. Shakespeare (sp?) who also produced TLC's "No Scrubs" produced the next track, Ex-Girlfriend. I think this is one of the best tracks from Rainbow. Some fans were disappointed by this because it sounded to similar to No Scrubs but to me Mariah adds a whole other level to this song that TLC could never complete.
Heartbreaker Remix (9.5/10) and Vulnerability Interlude (9/10): The Heartbreaker Remix is one action packed song. This song, not necessarily a remix, is one of Mariah's tightest remixes she has ever produced. Her vocals are incredible and Da Brat and Missy Elliot just add to the fun! After this song, an interlude begins which loops into her cover of Phil Collins "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)." I fell in love with the interlude when I first heard it back in November. Her vocals are really amazing hitting the notes like it takes no work.
Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (10/10) and Crybaby (9/10): Against All Odds is one over-powering song. I didn't care for Phil's version but Mariah's cover brings a whole other level. This song is Mariah's third single in Asia and parts of Europe and there is no doubt in my mind that it will go to #1 in those countries. At the end of the song, Mariah delivers spine-tingleing notes that just puts the listener in awe. Crybaby, is another incredible song from Mariah. This song is my 2cd favorite RnB song she has ever created. Snoop adds a fun feel to this ghetto-like song. This is sure to be a large hit in the RnB/hip-hop community.
Did I Do That? (7.5/10) and Petals (10/10): Did I Do That? Is my least favorite song off of Rainbow. However, I do like it very much so. One thing that dampened this song from the others on this LP was that of Master P's yelping or whatever it is. I think this song would have been much better off without him. Petals on the other hand, is a very deep song for me. Its extremely touching and beautiful. The thunderstorm in the background adds a whole level of meaning to it.
Rainbow Interlude (10/10) and Thank God I Found You (9/10): Once Petals is over, it loops into the Rainbow Interlude, which is another beautiful tune. Not really an interlude, its more of a song. Mariah said she didn't have enough time to write the full thing but only had time to make an interlude. I can only hope that she includes the full song in the Can't Take That Away maxi single. Once over, the beautiful ballad, Thank God I Found You begins. Mariah ended out the album with a smash. This is one of my favorite songs on this CD and is due to become a great wedding hit.
Since I am a huge fan of Mariah with 25 albums/singles, she ceases to amaze me with her incredible talent. Her vocals are so incredible in this CD that one can only think what a God given talent she has. Not only does she have talent, but she has an incredible heart. Her songs are so uplifting and have helped me very much so. I am so very thankful for my Hero and I look forward to when she will put out another album this fall.
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on November 25, 1999
I find it hard to believe that the people who gave this album less than a rating of three completely didn't listen to this album! In the liner notes located on the first page of the pull out Mariah states that 'This album chronicles my emotional rollercoatser ride of the past year.' Has anyone noticed the developement from song to song? The journey that she takes the listener on? It begins with the lyrically brilliant 'Heartbreaker' (which I might add is one of her best-written up-tempo hits). The song may not be her most rhymatically driven song (she has a need to recycle songs like the boring Will Smith) but it shines with the pure POP feeling that she has given us over the last decade. Let's not forget, that is what she is, a great POP artist! 'Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)' is another great song, this time becuase she both co-wrote it (with Diane Warren) and it is of original origin, no recycling here. Her best ballad ever, I would have to say. Unfortunetly Mariah can bore the pants off me with her annoying mumbling that began on 'Daydream' (Music Box is void of it) with the song 'Underneath The Stars.' She doesn't have to do it, but she does on 'Bliss', 'Vulnerability' (there for the emotional rollercoaster ride rather than the appeal) and 'Crybaby' (most likely her worst song ever because her voice is annoying and Snoop Dogg is on it! What more can I say!) But her song 'How Much' which features Usher pumps, as does the soon to be hit 'X-Girlfriend.' Her cover of the Phil Collins classic is in my opinion better than the original (as was her No.3 hit 'Without You') and the wonderfully lyricised 'Petals' is packed with Mariah's past and feelings. Her voice does exactly what the song calls for, she doesn't need to belt out or pull that annoying nonsense she does on certain songs, the song is just simple beauty. Her duet with 98 Degrees and Joe 'Thank God I Found You' is another great ballad that is up there with the ranks of 'One Sweet Day' and 'Endless Love.' It is a wonderful song that only deserves to be at No.1. So please before you decide to review this album, at least listen to what she is saying rather than doing, because words are stronger than what she wears, who she sings with (except 'Crybaby') and 'How unoriginal she is.' It's the meaning behind the songs that is important. Rainbow is a strong album, creative and emotionally packed, not her best (Music Box is) but a great effort from a gtreat artist. Four out of Five.
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on February 1, 2000
I have been the biggest Mariah fan since the first day I heard "Vision of Love." I have all her discs, and I even bought all the remix discs I could get my hands on. For a while I bought every magazine that mentioned her, saved everything I could find about her, bought all her videos, and even taped clips of every awards show she was on. Now, I will admit that in the past four years or so my musical preference has changed from pop to classic rock and blues, but I still like other types of music. I have been a fan of rap since the first time I heard RunDMC (still the best rap act ever). All that said, I must voice my disappointment in Mariah's latest effort. I have loved every song I have ever heard her sing (until this disc), and I even love the Butterfly CD, which I know many of her fans were not impressed with. To be honest, as many times as I've listened to this disc, the only songs I recognize immediately by their titles are "Heatbreaker," "Can't Take That Away," "Against All Odds," "Petals," and "Thank God I Found You." I like all these songs a lot (though I could have done without Jay-Z...Sorry! Had to say it!), but the others all seem to run together. I think she had too many guests on this disc. She comes across as trying too hard to prove that she can sing hip hop. I think her voice is all the proof she needs. I think it's admirable for an artist to take risks with fan approval and experiment with other musical genres and allow herself to grow, both emotionally as well as musically. That is not my complaint with this disc. I just think Mariah should return to the soul and feeling that brought her to where she is today. She is extremely talented, and I wish her lots of success in the future.
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on December 6, 1999
Mariah constanlty amazes me. I was captured by 'Vision of Love' from the first listen, I thought to myself, how could someone so young have such vocal power and such emotional depth? And what a voice! As she puts out one album after another she continues to amaze me as she shows more and more of herself (both musically and bodily). At first I was disappointed as each album seemed to go down hill, then I realised Mariah is a very honest person.
The image of elegance and class was just an illusion created by her producers. As she shows more of herself you can see she has no emotional depth whatsoever,and she has no intention of taking herself seriously. She is just an insecure girl trying very hard to find happiness and please her fans.
Just look at her lyrics and you will see love poems you might have written yourself in elementary school. We all have that part of us in our heart, some choose to hide it, some choose to ignore it, but Mariah chooses to share it with the world. And that takes a lot of courage if you ask me.
Buying Mariah albums has become a habit of mine. Through the years I have learned to have no expectations of her CDs anymore. She is like an old friend, you just want to check out how she is doing. The voice is more or less still there, it's just a pity she has not learned how to use it. So don't take it too seriously, she herself surely isn't, look at the way she's smiling on the cover. Listening to Mariah is just guilty pleasure.
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on March 23, 2000
She has a voice that most professional singers can only dream of. Her unique seven octave range soars up and up and up, above and beyond your wildest expectations. Her rare talent for writing, producing and performing her own music has placed her at the fore-front of popular music for nearly a decade and has rewarded her with more than 115 million record sales world-wide. Her recent renaissance from a retiring, denim-clad wholesome girl to a sexually alluring, creditable R'n'B artist has shown a Madonna-like adroitness for change. Why, then, has Mariah Carey missed the pot of gold with this "Rainbow", her ninth album to date?
Her signature up-tempo opening number, 'Heartbreaker' sets the tone for the rest of the album. Whilst this song, as it stands, is an excellent example of her ability to incorporate fellow R'n'B stars (here Jay Z) into her very special brand of "pop", it has unfortunate echoes of 'Honey', an altogether more successful and pleasing union. There is a pervading sense with this album of trying to recapture the innovative poise and balance of "Butterfly", right down to the 'Heartbreaker Remix'.
There are, however, flashes of genius not seen since her debut offering. Although that captivating upper-register has, in recent albums, been utilised far more as a background instrument, here she rescinds that old endeavour, restoring it to its former position as an extension of that incomparable voice. The slightly over-long third song, 'Bliss', sees the top octaves of her range being used as the fundamentals of the chorus, a brave move in view of the criticism that such singing is merely a refined screaming.
The soft-rock balladeering for which she is perhaps best known is still here, although 'Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)' does seem a rather pale imitation of the anthem-like 'Hero'. The rest of the slower numbers are rather more pleasing than some of the more "contemporary" offerings, but the single best track on the album, by some considerable margin is the STUNNING rendition of the Phil Collin's 1984 #2 hit, 'Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)'. This song alone warrants the cost of the CD and, when viewed in this context, any other enjoyable tracks are an added extra.
The sense of a personal journey is very much apparent, and fans will undoubtedly be impressed and humbled by such public therapy (the song 'Petals' being one such heart-wrenching example).
All in all, this album is a disappointing sequel to "Butterfly" and to the new songs on the #1's album, but it is contains several moments of sheer bliss and that voice, that incredible voice, carries lesser songs, which, in less experienced and magical hands, would seem like dirge.
One for the fans only, I fear.
PS The front cover is her at her most provocative yet - what next, I am tempted to ask?
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