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on March 13, 2007
"Rasied On Radio" has been called "too pop" by some fans,but I like this album very much,thank you.The main reason to pick up this reissue is the the remastered sound( by Dave Donnelly),since it is a vast improvement over previous CD editions.The bass and midrange are increased,giving songs like "Once You Love Somebody","Positive Touch","It Could Have Been You" and the hits "The Girl Can't Help It","Be Good To Yourself","I'll Be Alright Without You" and "Suzanne" a kick and punch that wasn't there before.Its also contains two live tracks(I'll Be Alright Without You" and "The Girl Can't Help It") and is packaged with a cool booklet featuring photos and tour dates from the "Raised On Radio" period.Unfortunatly,this would be the final album for Journey until a short-lived Steve Perry-led reunion CD("Trial By Fire")appeared in 1996.
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on March 8, 2007
I am a 'Journey with Steve Perry' fan. This is my favorite of all of their albums. The bands energy and artful flair are very evident in this CD! The CD has two live performances at the end.....something the original album did not have. Since Journey is one of the few bands that sounded as good 'live' as they did in the studio, I found the two additional songs a wonderful addition to the CD.
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on August 4, 2009
I love "Raised on Radio." It is without a doubt my favorite Journey record because each track is great. I put this CD on and play it from start to finish and never tire of it. Steve Perry's vocals really shine on these well crafted songs and the guitar work gives each song an edge. Perhaps it's not for people who are looking for hard rock songs, but for people looking for a full collection of well performed, melodic rock songs, it's among the best there is.
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on April 16, 2008
I enjoy all of Journey's albums but this one from 1986 has always been my favorite cuz it's almost perfect from beginning to end & is the one I always keep coming back to. If this album has any flaws it is only the last studio cut which is a good track but not quite as memorable as the earlier ones. But all in all, this album is superb pop/rock craftsmanship & it contains 3 of their biggest hits - "Girl Can't Help It", "I'll Be Alright Without You" & "Be Good to Yourself" and IMHO, they are all classics.

The album also contains several other great tracks that are right up there with the hits. Songs like "Positive touch" which is a great fast tempo rocker that starts off with some great piano by Jonathan Cain & which has a beat & melody that is unforgettable. "Suzanne" is another fast tempo track & has a very cool guitar solo by Neil Schon. "Once You Love Somebody" is a great mid-tempo number that starts & finishes with some nice bass & it has an almost jazzy sound to it. My favorite on the album - "It Could Have Been You" kicks off with an awesome guitar riff by Neil Schon & is another powerful mid-tempo groove that doesn't dissapoint. The best ballad on the album is the flawless "Happy to Give" which is a haunting & sad song and it is very reminiscent of Journey's earlier hit - "Send her my love". All these tracks could've been hits if given the chance & all are sung to perfection by the great Steve Perry. Last but not least is the title track - "Raised on Radio" which is a powerful blues rocker & the hardest rocking song on the album. It starts off with some great harmonica & then blasts off with crunching guitars & heavy percussion. Not quite as melodic as the previous songs but still a good song overall & a great song to rock out to.

The last 2 tracks, which were added onto this re-mastered cd are live versions of the hits "Girl Can't Help It" & "I'll Be Alright Without You" from the 1986 tour. They are superbly done & sound almost as good as the studio versions which is a rare thing for most bands other than Journey. If you wanna see the band perform these fantastic live cuts, buy the Journey - Greatest Hits DVD 1978-1997 - Music Videos & Live Performances. They were recorded at a huge outdoor concert in Northern California & you'll even see Randy Jackson from "American idol" fame playing bass, sporting a crazy 80's "do" & wearing those hideous tight red leather pants that so many musicians wore back in the day. LOL
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on March 19, 2016
By 1986 Journey Was A Big Band and It started to clearly go their heads I Have a Few thoughts on this album

One the Changing lineup is a mixed bag and led to the bands demise I feel as it affected Trial by fire as well

Journey is on raised on radio
Neal Schon - guitars, backing vocals, keyboard on track 10, guitar synth
Jonathan Cain - keyboards, backing vocals, additional vocal co-production
Steve Perry - lead vocals, producer

Randy Jackson - bass, backing vocals From Ameican Idol
Larrie Londin - drums, percussion
Bob Glaub - bass on tracks 2, 10 and 11.
Steve Smith - drums on tracks 2, 10 and 11.
Mike Baird - drums on tracks 12 and 13 (2006 CD reissue only)
Dan Hull - saxophone on tracks 2 and 7, harp on track 7

This Is a good album But not great and one of the things that hurt it
in my opinion is the band didn't want to be together anymore except for another paycheck

Journey broke up in 1984 in the midst of Frontiers and Escape
and their Biggest commercial period Like all Bands

when they reunited as the five Classic Guys
They were all full of themselves and it shows
Neal Schon was jealous of steve perry with foolish heart
2 Band members were sacked Ross Valory and steve smith I would love to read about why from Jim Gaines or steve perry and then neal and John cains Perspective

Steve smith had a quote we went on the ground floor
Thing is I don't know if he was referring to drug and alcohol abuse or egos

"So when Journey Got back together things were bad But as a band they were still functioning they cut raised on radio Twice for those who don't know 2 years of budget went though the ceiling" Time 3

Steve perry Became the producer which I wonder what would have happened under someone else a bob rock or bruce Farribarn

But steve did a great job all things considered

Having said that the album feels less like an album and more of a radio ready singles setlist

In fact that's the biggest issue is the lack of guitars and Punch

the trying out of new drummers and bass players and steve and neals infighting were slowing the proceedings down

By the time trial by fire arrived the damage was done in my opinion

But I would go with This as my final mix

1. Girl cant help it
2. Suzane
3.Be good to yourself
4.Once you love somebody
5.Happy to give
6. Ill Be alright without you
7.It could have been you
8,The eyes of a woman
9. why cant this night go on forever

Drop Positive touch and raised on radio
There forgettable and Bland

The lack of a producer hurts as does the revolving door of muscians as it created resentment amongst the other members of the escape and Frontiers lineup during the reunion Though I blame everyone not just steve the millions went to the groups head
This album Hurt The Bands staying power and sent them into hibernation
and really was the Beginning of the end the trial by fire album was the final nail in their coffin and they have tried to replace Steve perry since

and failed miserably
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on May 30, 2015
Some great tunes came off the ROR Album thanks to the classic songwriting team of Perry/Cain. The title track, Why Can't This Night Go On Forever, Be Good To Yourself, I'll Be Alright Without You. Of all the Journey albums this has the most late 80's pop-rock sound but it was interesting to hear something different from them. That being said, I mIss Steve Smith's ever stellar contributions on drums here (excepting the 3 songs he's on) and yes, you can tell the difference if you're paying any attention and Ross Valory's bass. The musicianship was lacking in these areas especially and there was a lot of keyboard that stood out too much for me. Still, an essential part of any serious Journey fan's collection.
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on June 10, 2007
This album is a shimmering, glimmering, moody, mystical masterpiece. The wonderful Cain keyboards are in front of the mix creating atmosphere, there is a little less of the great Neal Schon but what is here is as good as always, and the incomparable Steve Perry's voice is lower in the register than it was through most of his career, which actually makes him sound even better. Indeed, it is just about impossible to sound much better than Perry did at this stage of his career. He was truly the voice of his generation of pop-rock singers.

Raised on Radio is, in short, the best album of its type -- which is not the style Journey is most known for, but something very similar to late Roxy Music, mainly their great album Avalon.

It says much that Roxy Music was a critics' darling, whereas Journey was, and is, panned by critics. I don't know about Roxy, but I know why critics didn't like Journey or Foreigner or the like. Virtually all pro or semi-pro music critics are part of a far-left political culture and they wear their agenda on their sleeves. They hardly understand or care about music; their interest is that bands promote leftist politics one way or another. Any band that is very popular but apolitical will be perceived as an enemy and attacked relentlessly, in order to focus attention on bands the politically correct deem more acceptable. Journey concentrated on actually making music, so the critics hated them. The "music" rags had more power in those days, but these things never change. They branded Journey "corporate", whatever that means. I didn't realize that corporations wrote these sugary melodies and sang them like an angel; I thought that was Steve Perry. And as far as I can tell, he sings better than any Beatle (just to compare them to the all-time boomer generation critical favorite), Schon plays guitar better than any Beatle, this band wrote better melodies than any Beatle, and they were darn near as popular as the Beatles. They just didn't write better, or more importantly, more agressively left-wing lyrics than the Beatles, so the twentysomething lit-major socialists who write music reviews don't like them.

I do. I like them better than the Beatles. By a lot. They're less annoying and far superior sonically. If you're reading this review, I bet you think so, too. Don't feel guilty about it. Feel guilty if you've been brainwashed so badly that you don't have Raised on Radio (and the equally superb albums that preceded it) in your collection. At least you can remedy that situation as soon as possible; there's no remedy for rock critics.
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on April 17, 2011
This album may not possess the same instant magnetism and drive that albums like Frontiers or Escape held -- but Raised on Radio is the most well-thought-out, slickly polished, and infinitely refined effort of all Journey's releases. Enveloping a more jazz-oriented stance (most suitable to both Perry and Schon's singing and playing styles), this LP goes leaps and bounds beyond the band's other releases in terms of its musicianship.

ROR is a masterpiece in my opinion. A hidden jewel - if you please. And Randy Jackson's (American Idol) bass lines are exquisite! It is my wholehearted feeling that it is Randy Jackson's bass playing that MAKES this LP!! Soulful, spacious, jazzy, and uplifting at most intervals... RJ is a musical genius. And standing shoulder to shoulder with Steve Perry's vocal brilliance -- it is a combination that was destined to add quite a glimmer to the end of Journey's musical rainbow.

This LP is the end of Journey at its best -- everything after was simply an effort to bank on the band's good name...

ROR punctuates the life of a brilliant band with songwriting and musicianship so well conveyed that it only further propels the legacy that has literally moved an entire generation!

Raised on Radio is a definite addition for any true 80s music enthusiast's vault!
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on March 21, 2012
This CD is what I have been looking for!! I have all of the Journey CD's except this one and Trial By Fire!! All I listen to lately is Journey!! With Steve Perrys voice and Neal Schons guitar playing,this is a must have!! It was for me anyway!! You will love this!! Enjoy!!
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on May 28, 2012
This CD has a few really good songs on it and some that are just okay--if anyone but Steve Perry was singing them (other than maybe Lou Gramm), they would be mediocre, but Perry could sing through the phone book and make it sound great. I don't think this is Journey's best effort--the production is uninspired on several tracks, but again, there is a handful of great tunes that are very well done. I'd buy it again.
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