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on March 16, 2014
This bag is supposed to be 19"W x 14.5"H per the description...however, the 18" x 12" targets I bought the bag for do not fit in it. In fact, the bag is significantly smaller (as shown in "Customer Image" I uploaded).
review image
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on December 16, 2012
I got this with the intent to use it as a combined laptop bag and purse (to avoid carrying two bags everywhere), and so far it has worked pretty well.

-Inside Pockets-
There is one roomy interior compartment that easily fits my 15" laptop and a variety of other items (charging cable, travel mouse, tablet, my checkbook wallet). It probably won't fit a laptop much (if any) larger than that, because the zip closure at the top is just a little smaller than the interior pocket, so you have to angle the laptop just a little to get it in (if you have one of those tiny USB extensions for a travel mouse that are flush to the laptop -- the kind that are meant to stay in the USB port at all times -- beware that it can hang on the zipper and get yanked out if you aren't careful about sliding your laptop in). I could pack a lot more items into this compartment than I have been, as it is quite decently sized. There is no included liner for a laptop or tablet.

There is also a zippered pocket on the back interior of the bag that is deep enough to hold a small makeup bag with the barest of female essentials (pads and tampons, lipstick, powder, a travel hairbrush), but not much else. I feel like this pocket would be more useful if it was a lot larger. It strikes me as a place you're meant to toss extra keys or change, but there is a lot of wasted interior space (if you're like me, anyway, and don't like everything rattling around loose in your bag).

-Outside Pockets-
There are two very roomy, zippered bubble pockets on the front, that are revealed when the purse flap is pulled up (as if you are accessing the main compartment). These are fantastic and massively proportioned (I typically keep my smartphone, glasses case, a pistol, a full-size multitool, and a variety of other items in the pockets, with room to spare).

On each end is a pocket that is probably meant for a water bottle, but they are built so flush with the bag that, when a laptop is inside the main compartment, it doesn't allow for anything rounded to fit. I feel like this is a poorly designed part of this bag -- these pockets really should have bubbled out like the front two, so you could stick a water bottle in it when there is something wide on the inside. As it is, I use one side to store a knife and taser, and the other side to store clipped pens. The pockets are deep, but they are so flat that they are really not good for much else.

Curiously, inside each of these pockets (maybe 1/3 the way down, on the wall connected to the main interior compartment of the bag) is a canvas loop with the male part of a snap button stitched onto the outside of the loop. The female part of the snap is on the opposite wall. They are so far down that I can't imagine they are meant to close these pockets, and I really have no idea what they are useful for. Because the bag lacks any decent place you can clip keys to (if you use a carabiner or eye bolt snap key hook), I just attached a large split ring to one of these loops and am using it for my key snap place instead. Keeps the keys from falling down into the depths of the pocket, but hides them from view.

On the back, accessible when the flap is closed, is a long, flat pocket that runs flush with the length of the back of the purse. Because I carry my laptop in the main interior compartment, this keeps this pocket pretty flat, so it is only useful to me for a legal pad, or as an occasional place to quickly stuff my tablet.

The outside flap is very large, and has velcro hooks on the underside. One large velcro loop pad is on the middle of each exterior bubble pocket, to catch the flap at a variety of bag widths (so if it's very full, you can still close it).

The strap is wide and heavy, sewn to the bag at one end and attached via a brass buckle at the other end. It is a long enough strap that it is adjustable to suit any torso size, to lay along the body at whatever height is preferred (thigh, hip, waist, right up under your arm, whatever).

The outside is heavy olive green cotton canvas, the inside lining is polyester in the same color. Both are very durably made. Heavy stitching, heavy fabric, heavy zippers. I've been tossing this thing around for over a month with nary even the slightest signs of wear. There are a couple places that had flyaway threads, but that's just from not cutting them off closely enough during the sewing process, and a pair of scissors fixed that right up.

I really wish there was some kind of key ring stitched into the main interior compartment. There is enough room at the top edge for it. Alternately, it could go under the large main flap somewhere, or on one side above the water bottle pockets. I'm considering adding this myself.

The outside side pockets aren't quite wide enough for a 20 oz water bottle to be inserted into if a 15" laptop is on the inside (this, in my opinion, is the only major failure of the bag). The loops and snap buttons inside them are a little odd, but useful if you improvise.

The zippered pocket inside the main interior compartment is too small to be useful to me. It could be improved either by making it larger, or by including two side-by-side interior pockets of the same size, rather than the one in the middle. There is plenty of room for it.

Large, durable bag. It isn't really designed to carry a laptop, but it'll tide me over until I find something that's perfect. For people who don't carry a lot of stuff, or who have a smaller laptop (like a netbook, or combined tablet/keyboard), this is probably as close to the ideal as you can get in this price range.
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on September 25, 2014
Love this bag! I won't bother to repeat all the great things that have already been said, but I have a quick suggestion if you, like me, were disappointed by the lack of a place to clip your keys. Here is a quick and easy solution. You can take advantage of one of the two metal grommets that are at each end of the strap. All you need is one of those small office "binder" type paper clips. The kind that is a triangular metal body and two metal handles.

Take the small binder clip and remove one of the handles. Squeezing the handle together, you can push it through so that the two "tension arms" are inside the bag and the round head is outside. The tension ends will keep it from pulling out, and the head is too big to allow it to fall inside the bag. Clip a small caribiner or flat key ring to the round head and you're done.

Not the most secure solution, but I yanked pretty hard on the clip handle and it didn't come out. If you want extra security, you can use some pliers to bed out the tension arms inside the bag so it's nearly impossible to pull out.

It's quick, easy, cheap and makes no structural changes to the bag. See the customer image I uploaded for reference.

review image
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on July 24, 2012
This is a nice solid bag. Has zippers on all the pockets. Side pouches big enough for my liter water bottle. Seems durable. Like the color. the strap is a little uncomfortable to carry for a while. Wish it was a little bigger.
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on April 10, 2013
I had tried looking in army/navy surplus stores for a cross-body bag that was ample size to fit my stuff (see below), looked good, was without insignia and could carry water bottles/travel mugs. I wasn't able to find anything in stores that suited my needs, but I did find several product numbers which led me to this bag. This is a great bag size wise and looks great too.

I had originally purchase the departure bag by Rothco, based on the size description (about 9x12x4) and that looked like a purse on me. I'm not a big guy, but man, that little bag was just that, little. So I had to go back and revise my size requirements.

The Rapid Dominance bag really fits the bill. The large interior pocket fits normal sized A4 paper and file folders, my umbrella, a collapsible grocery bag (one of those nylon compression ones that packs into itself) and several moleskine classic sized notbooks with ample room to spare. There is a small interior zippered pocket as well that hold my keys and other valuables. The main compartment has a zippered closure that really makes me more confident that my stuff won't spill out if/when the bag gets tipped over.

The two front pockets hold all my loose stuff, pens, dry erase markers, one USB to outlet adapter, two charge cords, a reusable coffee sleeve, REI multi-tool, small bottle of Aleeve, and sunglasses. There is room for more stuff, but with the narrower zippered opening it's a bit hard to get my hand in there and fish around for what I need. I am going to get some pouches to organize my stuff, but for now, this still works great.

The back hook and loop closure pocket holds my orignal kindle (standing up on end only a little bit pokes out the top) as well as another pen and notebook for easy access.

The two side pockets hold quite a bit, I can fit a 27oz Klean Kanteen in one pocket and a travel coffee mug (this one: Putting anything in the side pockets does infringe on the interior space, but there is still plenty of room for papers and whatnot. When not being used there are snap closures for each pocket, which I never use.

The flap secures to the front of the bag via hook and loop which is fine, I would prefer a button or clasp closure, but if I were so inclined I could just sew those onto the bag. The flap is actually double layer canvas with two loops on the front to affix things. I am using it to hold my bag swag right now (a carabiner looped sideways and hooked to a paracord survival bracelet). The only complaint I have is that I can see the canvas of the two front pockets pilling a bit where I have rubbed the rough side of the hook and loop closure against the canvas.

The two inch shoulder strap feels rugged and helps alleviate pressure when carrying heavy loads.

Overall I feel like this bag is going to last a long time and I'm excited to have it!
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on September 13, 2012
This bag is military grade canvas. It is a quality bag that could serve many different purposes, from laptop, to travel, to ammo pouch and so on. I would definitely buy this product again. So durable that it should last for years to come.
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on January 12, 2013
Three stars. Not bad, just average. Good quality canvas makes the exterior rugged, and even if you manage to get a tear or a good scrape here or there, it only makes it look better.

Center compartment is roomy, holds plenty of stuff (macbook, two notebooks, charger, Xbox controller, headset, and more), two front pockets are pretty roomy as well. Side pockets can hold larger bottles pretty easily, and the loop that the snap is attached to makes opening and closing the compartment, well...a snap.

Not that durable on the inside. The stitching in the interior zippered pocket is giving way after a few weeks, and the stitching on the inside edge of the outer flap wasn't done well. The canvas has begun to separate from the edge. Nothing that can't be fixed, but there's no reason why I should have to fix it so soon.

For the price, it's a good bag. Just not the best.
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on March 28, 2013
For the money, This is one of the best useful multi-purpose man bags I've ever had. It looks decent and normal. Not like a military commando pack, but not like a man purse or brief case either. I'm not a trendy type, so the J-Crew and Aeropastle bags just look kinda silly, in addition to not being that useful. This does a great job and looks nice.
It's big enough to hold a 15" full size Asus N35 Laptop if need be, but also is very useful holding ipad, some papers, a binder or book... Doubles as my Gym bag at times, holds a pair of sneakers, change of clothes, water and then some.
The side pockets are great. They don't look like goofy pockets, blend in with the bag. They're normal canvas like the rest of the bag, not that squishy elastic mesh that most bags have to hold your water bottles. Easily holds coffee on one side, and thermos/water bottle on the other. Front pockets are perfect for headphones, and misc stuff whether it's calculator for school or screen cleaner for a tablet.
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on April 21, 2015
Great size bag, but, the zipper on the main compartment is FUBAR. If you do not zip it very slowly and carefully the zipper will separate. The teeth do not lock well.
review image
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on November 30, 2013
I bought the black 'one size' bag and at first it looked too small to hold a laptop. Turns out that it holds a 14.1" laptop and an additional large 5 subject notebook, with a water bottle one 1 side comfortably well. It will also be able to hold a 15" laptop, with room, I doubt with a water bottle though.

Like other reviewers described, there are 2 medium sized pockets in the bag just as you open the velcro flap. There is a main zipper to open the bag and 1 zippered pocket on the inside of the bag; no other pockets on the inside and the bag is lined with material like polyester/ nylon. On the exterior, there are 2 side pockets that can hold water bottles. There is also a velcro pocket in the back about the same width of the bag.

The straps are not padded but can go to thigh length; they are also stitched to the bag, although 1 side has a buckle to alter length. What is striking is that the colour of the bag is really rich and brighter than in the picture shown here and therefore it may stain light coloured clothing.

Update: 4th April, 2014 - The bag does not stain clothing. I bought the black and have worn light coloured clothing, even white, and there was no trace of black dye on them. The bag colour (black) is still vibrant even though I am in the sun a lot and it does not attract lint.
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