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VINE VOICEon December 14, 2005
Unfortunately, this otherwise great release is marred by Sony/BMG's overzealous "rootkit" Sunncomm MediaMax Version 5 copy protection that will leave your computer vulnerable to hackers, trojans, and virus attacks.

You can read more about the dangers of playing a CD with the rootkit on your computer on the Sysinternals website. I'd advise not to buy this if you don't want your computer to be vulnerable to viruses/trojans/hackers.
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on March 9, 2006
Well the first time I heard about this album was ironiccally at a "club" and all of a sudden a girl came out dancing to this song "I'm in love with a strippah" and many guys there started celebrating and laughing and acting like this song was the greatest song ever. Me on the other hand was appalled that this song is popular, yet no matter how bad this song and the rest of the album is awful and frankly an abomination to music in general, it is number one in many charts and a top 40 most requested track. T-pain is a no talent Roger Troutman rip-off. He cant sing or rap or write a simple song, yet people like imbeciles like him and will continue to love him until his lack of skills wears out, hope fully in a month.
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on January 27, 2006
Just when you thought mainstream music couldn't get any more shallow, cliche, predictable, and asinine, BAM! "Im N Luv (Wit A Strippur)" has been unleashed on the mindless public! Next to this, Ace Of Base starts to not sound quite so bad. (They may suck, but the songs are great for '90s nostalgia!)

This horrid song is a great representative of typical 2006 pop music: it's rap/R&B-related, paper-thin, no musicianship, stupid lyrics, annoying to listen to, nothing even remotely appealing about it... it boggles the mind that people actually like this basura. It's the same people who wear A&F, drive BMW's that mommy and daddy bought for them, watch Vin Diesel movies, "smok phat bluntzzz", and pose on facebook pictures, trying to look "gangsta", wearing their cap sideways, making a stupid face and holding a beer. *sigh* 10 years ago, we had Gen-X. How did we go from great, angst-filled, catchy grunge, to this dreck?!?

To all my fellow lovers of real music, worry not. In ten years time, this guy, along with his 10,049,682 clones, will be featured on Where Are They Now, making milkshakes at Mickey D's.

Oh yeah and um... just... WHAT the hell is with that title!?
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on May 20, 2006
So this T-Pain guy is a "rappa ternt sanga", as explained by the album title. The spelling alone shows off such remarkable eloquence, which is in even deeper supply on the album itself. Apparently people have gone crazy about this guy and his remarkable pipes, as they have made his first two singles massive hits. They're all astounded by the deep, thought-provoking lyrics that he writes - you heard right, T-Pain writes these lyrics himself! No help from song doctors here, as this guy clearly proves his status as a member of Mensa with his ode to falling in love with pole dancers, otherwise known as "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)". Unhappy with the current direction of R & B, T-Pain pioneered a style that he calls "Hard & B", and it shows because it sounds so drastically different from any R & B music you've ever heard! T-Pain recruited virtuoso musicians from across the globe to play the meticulously crafted grooves, melodies and improvisational jams that he wrote himself! He even plays some of the instruments himself, including the track that he received no outside assistance on, the astounding, appropriately named "Blow Ya Mind"! I don't think I need to prove this guy's genius to you, as it comes across very clearly on all the songs here! And that voice! It's like honey on the ears! Trust me when I say that you've never heard anything like it!

You've never heard anything like the soaring, mellifluous vocals of T-Pain! And I bet you're all wondering how he does it, right? Well, I'll tell you. He does it with the help of his best friend, the vocoder. It's been around for decades and was featured on tracks by the likes of Kid Rock ("Only God Knows Why") and Cher ("Believe") among others, but it has never been featured as prominently as it is on T-Pain's debut, Rappa Ternt Sanga. It's used enough here to suggest that T-Pain is not capable of singing without it. And it's on every single track you'll find here, helping T-Pain reach tones and pitches that he would never be able to reach with his own thin, often monotone voice (which is pretty obvious during the parts where he ISN'T using the vocoder).

The vocoder is essentially the only thing that makes the "Hard & B" style any different from the rest of contemporary R & B. Don't believe anything you hear from T-Pain, and take the first paragraph of this review in jest, because the music here is dull and synthetic, the lyrics flat and generic, the guest shots uninspired (Hey look, it's Mike Jones, hip-hop's answer to Timmy from South Park!), and the singing, well, the singing speaks for itself.

In summary: Rappa Ternt Sanga is every bit as weak as the title is misspelled. T-Pain promised fresh air with his debut, but instead a huge cloud of smog came rolling in. There's some decent voices in the R & B genre, and some solid throwbacks to classic sounds (Van Hunt comes to mind), but unfortunately the public is choosing to embrace mindless sex appeal over substance, which is why the vocally challenged likes of T-Pain, Chris Brown, Christina Milian and Ciara are huge stars. But I've heard that T-Pain is planning to move back to a more rapping-intensive direction in the future. Judging by this weak effort, I don't expect much from his abilities as a rapper - I expect it to be far closer to Nelly than N.W.A.
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on March 20, 2006
I'm N Luv(Wit a Stripper)... Uh... Who didn't see this coming? T-Pain- ooooooohhhhhh, that's such a deep name. T-pain, yup, I can just tell that his music is filled wth angst and emotion just from looking at his name. So why the 1 star rating you ask? This guy is another manufactured POP star(NOT RAP) that MTV whores can bone all day. I'm N Luv Wit a Stripper- I suppose the poor grammer is an attempt to be kool, hmm? There is nothing original or talented about this guy. The record company gave him the name T-Pain because they knew it would make peeople think he was all deep and emotional.

Yeah.. okay, I'e got nothing else to say. Meanwhile, while you're all listening to yer dern Fiddy, T-Pain, Avry Lameangirlllllllll, I'll be in the war fighting the MTV.

DEATH TO MTV!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on March 7, 2006
Ok folks this is officially my new favorite person to hate on in the "music" world. Why? OH SH*T, you just opened up a big can of whoop-*ss!

Well first off this guy is apparently from Tallahassee, FL which is where I go to school therefore many people from the area rave about how cool he is since he's from there. Example, "Yo Mills why you hatin' dog? He be from Tally YO! HE GOT MAD SKILLZ!"

You know what, it doesn't f*cking matter where you're from because the man CANNOT RAP TO SAVE HIS LIFE. He raps at about a mile a minute, slower than molasses in January consequently making his flow quite atrocious. I can't even really understand what the hell he's saying really. He's no Tupac or Chuck D I'll tell ya that. The beats? HAH! These have to be the gayest, panziest, beats ever. It really does make me want to do horrible things to people upon hearing this garbage.

I just thought of another reason of why this guy is horrible. He is just a p*ssy plain and simple. Tallahassee Pain? Buddy, I live there most of the year and I'm friends with many who have grown up there and I'm sorry but I don't see any "pain" anywhere. Even the homeless black dudes are always very cheerful when I bump into them in town. I mean if he was bored growing up he should have just partied with all the college kids since we know damn well there's plenty of 'em.

Ok now for the lyrics. Seriously these have to be the most trite, cliche, overdone BS ever! He gives Chingy and Fiddy a run for their money for "Biggest Waste of Flesh" award. C'mon people, "Im N luv wit a strippur"???!!! WTF!!!??? A small puddle has more depth than this crap. The rest of the album is the same tripe which unfortunately I've heard from one of my roommates, it's ok though once I hear him playing this I blast some Pantera or Slayer and I calm down.

Sometimes I don't know what pisses me off more, T-Pain and his music or the fact that people actually like this garbage. Tsk tsk tsk one day people will see the light.

*phew*! Ok I need to take a break from this rant to eat something, LATER.
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VINE VOICEon December 14, 2005
Unfortunately, this otherwise great release is marred by Sony/BMG's overzealous Sunncomm MediaMax Version 5 copy protection.

Lawsuits have been filed about the copy protection, which Sony/BMG still has yet to recall:
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on February 27, 2006
Honestly there is little to nothing redeemable about this singer. He is an insult to all R&B singers. This guy can't even sing his songs, he uses the synthesizer for his voice. However he is not, like one of the reviewers states, similar to Roger Troutman who actually made creative funky music. His lyrics are garbage and the production is really cheap and low quality. Artists like this make me wish that you could bring back Marvin Gaye or Donny Hathaway, heck even Luther, to smack some sense into this fool. Please don't buy this album, you're better off buying some talented contemporary acts like Leela James, John Legend, and Musiq. At least these artist have solid production and excellent songwriting, unlike this fool who's in love with a stripper. I hope she gives him an STD for this album....jeez.
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on February 28, 2006
I'm sprung is the weakest song ever he made tired singers like babyface look like 2pac, this teaches kids how to be simps I'm in love with a stripper is awful this man is weak and has no game with the ladies only a mark would make songs like this and having weak ass mike jones does'nt help either screw both of em.
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on July 2, 2006
Let me just say that, while I don't own the album, I did buy it for my wife. She loves it. That doesn't say too much for her taste in music, though. She also loves Akon...

I was born and raised in Tallahassee. I listened to an interview that this overly-cocky s.o.b. gave, where he called all the artists in t-town crabs in a bucket, and that he had to struggle and fight to make it out. That he was the first artist to ever make it big out of the Capital City. There are a couple of issues with that. Like mainly the fact that he wasn't first, or even in the top 5.

You may have to go back a little ways, but all you really need to do is check out a Dead Prez song called (of all things) "Tallahassee Dayz". himself went to Rickards High School on Tally-ho's South Side. So, he (T-pain) needs to get his history straightend up first before he decides to go on national radio and embarrass himself (again, and again, and every time they play his damn songs).

Oh, three more things: 1) That video he claimed he shot in Tally was shot in ATL, 2) I wouldn't have given this any stars if I could've avoided it, and 3) I don't know WHAT he's talking about, but there ain't no strip clubs where I'm from...
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