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on June 28, 2010
FYI, this is Rapadura sugar. The company seems to have minimized that in the new packaging (or removed it completely on the new bags!?) - probably to get new customers to purchase it in stores, whom might have put it back not knowing what rapadura is.

Rapadura is a very historic whole food and completely unprocessed from cane-sugar. It is the best/healthiest form of sugar. Arguably, maybe raw honey is better. But if you need sugar, go with this stuff.

It is all I use now, for bread making to jam and everything in between. (And really raw honey) :)

Buy with confidence! Enjoy
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on May 23, 2007
We were turned on to this product by my husband's cousin and we just love it!!! It is a great substitute (1 to 1) for regular white sugar, although it does have a bit of a different taste...but nothing that is noticable in recipes. After using this for just a week or so we can hardly stand to eat things made with white sugar! Its amazing how fast that happens! I would say buy this!!!
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on July 9, 2010
I bought this sugar to use in my water kefir sodas and it makes my kefir grains so happy. They are going crazy!!! They are reproducing like crazy and bouncing all over the jar!!! They did not even get close to soda fizzy with other sugar but it is so fizzy I have to watch the fermenting time to be sure there are no explosions. Great stuff and great on cream of wheat and grits. Kids even like it.
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VINE VOICEon September 28, 2011
Funny how sugar is considered an anti-nutrient. Yet, if it's in it's whole form this is not the case! Whole sugar contains nutrients! How about that? Too bad we never hear about it. Sure organic sugar cane tastes way better in beverages. If you give it time, your taste will adjust. This is expensive, but considering what it is, you get what you pay for. I signed up for the Subscribe & Save through Amazon & have it delivered once a month. I use it to feed my water kefir & for whatever else I decide to replace my organic sugar cane with.

Tastes strongly of molasses. If you don't like molasses you have a problem! Molasses is a by product of the sugar cane refining process - in-case you didn't know. So it makes sense that this tastes of molasses. Because it hasn't been removed from the cane. This is truly pure unrefined whole cane sugar. This is what sugar is supposed to taste like!

By the way, don't expect the same results as refined sugar. Besides the already mentioned taste difference, this will turn liquids a muddy/cloudy brownish color. Nothing to worry about but it might be off putting if you are not used to it.

Thank you Rapunzel for this wonderful organic sugar!
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on January 14, 2011
This is the only sugar that I use for cooking because it's the only granulated sugar that I've seen that actually contains vitamin and mineral nutrients. I've used it to make sweet Amish bread, crumb crust pies, cinnamon rolls, soft pretzels, smoothies, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, brownies--any recipe that requires sugar. If you're looking for a sweetener that's unrefined and nutritious, this is it. The only sweetener that I've found to be more nutritious is molasses. Skip the other "organic" sugars if you're looking for something to add nutritional density to your diet.
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on September 5, 2011
I say top for Organic Sugar because, if you read the packaging, the sugar is composted and never separated from the molasses.
For those who have used the sugar you notice quite a difference with the granules of sugar being quite soft, almost falling apart.
If you have the money and wish to bake with sugar, buy this, it's the top of them.

Rapunzel is like the Rolls Royce of most of these Organic companies as well. They sell an Organic Yeast which is USDA Organic as well as their Organic Cocoa Powder.

Their Organic Cocoa Powder is the only Cocoa Powder that is not processed on equipment with Dairy or any Animal products as well so if you're a Vegan, like myself, and wish to minimize dairy exposure, even with incidental milk protein, this is great.

I believe most Rapunzel products are non-GMO Project certified as well.

I suppose my one complaint is I can't get the bulk sizing from anywhere around and it looks like Amazon doesn't offer it either. That means the size is like 96 oz. bag. I'm one of those people who wish to plummet my Organic bill by buying in big sizes and I don't like being blocked from doing so.

I hope Amazon picks up the slack and lets me buy a 6 96 oz. pack or whatever size it ships by standard.

Oh and ask Rapunzel for their old Rapadura brownie recipe as well. For a Vegan, fixing this and leaving it in the oven for a while after make them nice and chewy, spot on as a substitute for fudgy brownies.
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on December 10, 2015
I purchased Rapunzel organic whole cane sugar as a healthier alternative to white sugar. My review is based upon taste, cooking/baking, health, and allergen information.

This is simply a delicious sugar. (Although most sugar is!)

This sugar is phenomenal for use in baking and blends perfectly for baking, especially great for using in creme brulee to get a very smooth texture and creamy consistency. It easily replaces one-for-one for any recipe calling for white sugar.

Consumers are likely aware of the damaging health effects of such sweeteners as high fructose corn syrup and white sugar and artificial sweeteners which help you to add weight and have various other reported adverse side effects with long-term use. Consumers may also be aware that turbinado and "raw" sugars have been stripped of their nutrients. In the case of Rapunzel's product, however, the sugar cane has been simply dehydrated and crushed leaving both the sweetness and the nutrients behind to help nourish your body. That's not to say that you can eat excessively of this product either, it's still sugar--but it provides the nutrients in addition to the sweetness you're craving. There's an excellent illustration on the back of the product to show you how their product is processed.

Lastly, this gets brownie points because it is organic! This is really important when buying sugar because non-organic sugar (unless the ingredients list explicitly states "cane sugar") is derived from genetically modified beets! In all your sugar purchases, choose cane sugar.

My only mark against Rapunzel is that it is not "pure"! If you carefully review the package, you will identify a warning that the package may also contain wheat. Thus, Rapunzel is phenomenal unless you suffer from wheat or gluten allergies or celiac disease. Allergy sufferers beware before you spend money on a product that you won't be able to use.
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on June 21, 2013
I have been using this to replace white sugar in baked goods like muffins and cookies as an occasional treat. I have found that if I replace the full amount of white sugar called for, the end result is very much like molasses which is kind of weird in muffins and such. If I replace two thirds of white sugar called for with this and leave the remaining third white sugar, neither my husband or kids can tell much of a difference from all white sugar. I did try other brands before this and they were much stronger in molasses flavor. My family and I prefer this one as we're just starting out with a whole foods diet and see this as a stepping stone to eating less sweet things altogether. I was excited to find this on Amazon because the price is much less than my local Whole Foods or regular grocery store, especially with the subscribe and save discount. The six bags came in a larger outside plastic bag. There was about an eighth of a cup sugar loose inside the larger bag but there were no holes in the individual packages after I cleaned them off.
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on June 30, 2010
Rapadura sugar - best choice for those looking for a truly healthier sugar. It is not processed at all (all sugars in crystalized form have been processed; Rapadura sugar comes in granules) and has a great taste, especially when used for coffee or baking.
The shipment arrived fast, nicely packed, and BEST of all, there were no shipping fees!
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on October 12, 2010
This is my first experience with Rapadura, and let me tell you, it was so good! The flavor took me back to the days of my youth when my father would cut and peel a piece of raw sugar cane right at the stalk for me to chew on. Delicious molasses flavor adds so much body to my coffee and baked goods.
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