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on March 29, 2010
I never expected to enjoy Raquel, Beyond the Cleavage as much as I did. Once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down. Who knew that Raquel Welch possessed such an engaging and entertaining writing voice? Apparently, her editors had a clue. And how brilliant for her to stick to a subject for which she has such obvious credibility: aging and beauty.

This book delivers a beautiful, bright, and mature woman's perspective on such topics as yoga, menopause, plastic surgery, makeup, style, and relationships. It's not earth-shattering, expert, or wholly unique material, but it does provide a refreshing personal take on what it means to be a middle-aged or older woman in America today.

I will say that her publisher did her one disservice: using the subtitle, Beyond the Cleavage. It may lead people to assume that the book is just another ghost-written memoir about a sex symbol, when it is, in fact, a self-composed collection of Ms. Welch's valuable thoughts and experiences. I intend to give my mother a copy for Mother's Day this year.
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on August 5, 2010
The read is Excellent/Very Good. The book is a straightforward talk to women that allows you to get acquainted with Raquel the person. The advice is sincere. It is a fun read. The health and beauty advise is valuable from an expert. The talk about hormones is helpful. The pictures are interesting but what I was hoping for was more updated pictures of Raquel's children - these pictures are the same as her exercise book from 20 years ago. Also, there are far better pictures of her from her collection than she chose. The pictures were otherwise good overall. She doesn't dish much gossip out on her leading men - taking the high road, but this could have been of some interest to the reader. The tips for aging well are worthwhile. I bought the Frownies upon her recommendation to relax my face muscles. I don't even use them much, but I see the instant difference. The vitamin recommendations and diet tips are also very good. Raquel lets women know about how women used to communicate, how they communicate now and how to better do so as women should in society. She has also established her spirituality and her religion again which is refreshing. What is so upsetting is that when I watch an old movie of Raquel's, I realize how much ahead of her time she was and how Hollywood did hold her back from using her for her real potential. Some people think she is just complaining - but she was the first sex symbol to do outdoor activities, such as riding a horse but she was knocked back then as being unfeminine - not athletic and progressive. Then, she kept her heritage under wraps until she was established. Her natural beauty and her attractiveness came from being multicultural but her natural attributes were questioned instead of being accepted as real. She had a minor role in Bedazzled but well-remembered- but look today, how Elizabeth Hurley had the starring role in the remake and nobody remembers the remake movie! Raquel was considered an aging sex symbol (People Magazine) that needed to find a plan what to do at 34 in 1974- but look at Sharon Stone becoming a sex symbol at 34 in 1991. There should be some type of award Raquel Welch should receive from Hollywood and a great new movie role to end all roles. Raquel is so much more refreshing than than Marilyn Monroe. Raquel is as much as a woman's woman to be a mentor to all of us, not just a sex symbol for men to look at. So many actresses have done the Raquel Welch style today - from Elizabeth Hurley to Cindy Crawford - to Angelina Jolie- to Hillary Swank, etc. They can pose in a fur bikini, get exotic, etc. but they can't hold a candle to the Raquel Welch - the icon and the woman! Raquel starred in her own spy movies and roller derby flicks, as well as spaghetti westerns! She was great at serious television movie roles, comedy, foreign films, dancing and singing on stage shows - including Broadway, NYC. Raquel is feminine but a woman's libber before her time. She has allure, style and great insight. Read the book!
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Who would have guessed that Raquel Welch was a woman of the day? A woman who is not afraid to speak her mind, but one who does not step with the masses. She has a 'thing' about the sexuality of today, but she is not a prude. She believes that women should be feminine and that is her right, she has earned it.

Most of us know Raquel as the sex symbol and actress, and that is how her career was born. She wanted to be a serious actress, but her beauty got in the way. She never really accepted that, but she did learn to stand for her rights. She was never in a nude scene and her career may have suffered for that, at least that is what her agents told her. Raquel lived in California most of her life and married at a young age. She had two children and she says that first marriage was the best of her four. At some point the marriage went awry, and Raquel went to Hollywood and starred in her first film. The famous scene of Raquel in a tattered bikini of sorts chasing prehistoric monsters. She moved on to 47 films and had a wonderful career. Her two children were left with nannies, and it took time for Raquel to make that up to her children. It was not until she was in her later years that they became a close family. She has friends and family and if a man comes into her life that will be OK, but she is not out looking.

Raquel gives us a of minefield of beauty information that is quite helpful. Eye and face pads that help with wrinkles. Skin care dos and don'ts, and the regime that she uses every day to maintain her youthful skin and appearance. She talks about clothes and dating and looking your age. Raquel is into healthy eating and exercise, she has been her entire life. She found Yoga to be a particular good form of exercise, and for those of us who have arthritis, she suggests yoga to help with painful joints. Raquel should have her own line of skin care, she would be the most informative of representatives. She is a great role model, although I don't think she wants to be in that role. She could be a real mentor to many of the young and older women of today. She has good common sense and the ability to convey that advice with a down to earth attitude. I am quite impressed with this book and Raquel as a woman. Raquel lives her life according to her morals and standards, and she is 'Woman Hear Her Roar'!

Recommended. prisrob 04-01-10

Raquel Welch Collection (One Million Years B.C. / Bandolero! / Myra Breckinridge / Mother, Jugs & Speed / Fathom)

Raquel: The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program
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on June 23, 2010
Beyond the Cleavage is loads of fun. As you read the book, you can't help but feel you are sitting in Raquel's sunroom chatting over coffee. She makes everything so personal and you really feel as if you were right by her side during the ins and outs of her four marriages, her early acting career and her trials and tribulations of being a successful actress while trying to raise two small children.
While she divulges many personal and somewhat private things about herself-- including a page devoted to the various famous men in her life--when it comes to the "staying young" remedies she discusses, you can never quite tell if she has tried some of the more dramatic ones such as cosmetic surgery, Botox and breast implants. But, she does offer a lot of pros and cons on each and sort of leaves it up to the reader to imagine whether or not her knowledge is purely academic or personal. Let's face it, one look at her picture on the book cover tells us whatever she has or hasn't done, it's all worked extraordinarily well. I mean, just look at her! She is absolutely gorgeous and 70 years old, to boot!
The book is full of fun little anecdotes of episodes throughout her life. I loved the chapters about her life as a young girl. She was the eldest of three children, with a very sweet mom and an uber- domineering father who invoked fear in the entire family. One day, she discovered an ability to finally stand up to him, which set her free to later learn to love and even perhaps understand him. Her knack for acting began at a very young age, as she often put on plays in the garage, complete with costumes and makeup.
I found it fascinating that Raquel Welch is one of the small contingent of Hollywood conservatives, who believes in individual responsibility and personal freedoms. And, despite her early fame as a sex symbol, she went to great lengths to convince directors she would not shoot nude scenes in her films. And, just like many of us, she talks about issues with TMJ, "eye patch" therapy to prevent wrinkles, and the need to battle the occasional bulge! Her discovery of yoga some thirty years ago has been instrumental in her fitness routine. Finally, she leaves us with an inner peace of being able to live "in the moment", after so many years of worry and self-doubt.
All in all, it was a fun and informative book, and now I feel as though I could call up Raquel for advice on anything from beauty to men!
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on June 3, 2013
I bought this book as sort of a lark because it was very inexpensive. I was VERY pleasantly surprised by it. It's not so much a biography as it is a book about Raquel's opinions as a woman in Hollywood and in the world, in general. She seems to be pretty candid about where she stands on morals, even admitting her faux pas throughout her life, without revealing every gory detail. I guess I always considered her to be just another movie star bimbo, but she's a very smart businesswoman and seems to have been able to keep it all together through the years. A very nice read!
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on March 29, 2013
I had an ulterior motive in buying, because I am in "that time of life" and I wanted to know how she does it. Her beauty tips and so forth are very useful and I tried some of them. They work. I tell you what's great though is her advice to young women today - please close your legs and have some self respect. Dear God, I just finished raising two teenage girls and it's awful out there. It's worse than older people know. I would hate to be a young girl now. I am planning to give this as gifts to my young adult daughters.
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on June 11, 2011
Thanks for the pointers. Your skin looks great and who would have thought Oil of Olay would make such a difference. Even better than Estee Lauder but so much cheaper. My skin soaked it up like a sponge just like you said yours did. Love this book. It is filled with affordable pointers for makeup and hair.
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on May 10, 2010
The inner beauty of Raquel Welch comes out in this book. She is a warm and thoughtful woman and she cares about women and helping them navigate the rough terrain that faces women over 50 and 60, who are often devalued in society. She generously shares her beauty secrets and how she does her makeup along with advice for handling menopause and living a full life alone in later years. I was surprised that, although she has consulted with top experts, she can and does do her own makeup like a pro and can even cut her own hair. She knows all about wigs and hair pieces of course, and in my opinion, hers are the prettiest.

Her life hasn't always been easy and it has taken her a lot of work to succeed and she has a killer diet for keeping her figure. I loved the book and hope she writes another.

I think she should write a book with photos instructing women over 50, 60 and 70 how to do makeup and apply wigs and hairpieces. The existing books are mainly for 20-somethings.
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on April 4, 2010
Where to begin? It's my own fault I guess for not doing more research on the book but I honestly thought this was an autobiography. After talking to friends who had seen her on Oprah and watching her myself on the Today Show, I believed that this would be a brave, brash, gutsy, detailed account of one woman's life experience with aging in America as a potent theme throughout the book. Unfortunately it turned out to be a book of random thoughts on various topics, some of those thoughts being contradictory and confusing, especially on the subject of replacement hormones and plastic surgery. I appreciated that she took the time to write a book geared mostly toward older women but I would have much rather read the exciting story of her life as it evolved through the decades with her thoughts on make-up, hair, hormones, sex and aging seamlessly woven into that story.
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on May 27, 2013
Whenever people praised Aniston, Jolie, even Monroe, and then asked me to "pick" the most beautiful actress, I'd always go for Raquel... And now I'm so glad this book proves she's not only a "bigger-than-life-sex-symbol," as she puts it, but also a very smart woman and a loving mother. She's still simply the best!
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