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on August 20, 2014
reat customer support and a fine product!

The Raspberrypi was ready to go out of the box (with a little set up it is a Raspberrypi you know!). Even a complete computer noob could set it up and run it with "NOOB" which comes preloaded on the SD card.

What was stellar about this product was not that they had a great Raspberrypi starter kit but that they have excellent customer service. I received mine as a gift and set it up with a variety of OS's to test out various configurations. Then after a month of use it suddenly stopped. I contacted their support with my friends receipt and they diagnosed my problem instantly as corrupted SD cards (which can happen for a variety of reasons: solar flairs for one) which I was embarrassed to not figure out myself.

What is more stellar about that is that they immediately offered to ship me a new SD card, which they did and it immediately fixed my problem.

If you are on the fence about buying from this reseller you shouldn't be. They sell a quality product and don't skimp on the customer service.
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on June 8, 2014
I purchased a Raspberry Starter kit from Prestige Milano and the Ethernet Port failed. After one simple call they sent me a new board along with a prepaid return label to return the defective part. I look forward to doing business with them again. They are the best. John
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on January 18, 2014
I bought the starter kit that comes with the board, case, wifi adapter, hdmi cable, 1 amp power supply, and 4GB SD card.

- Case is a clear plastic. The kind that looks as if it will crack or shatter if dropped. It is not thick nor feels durable, but the board snaps into place and the top snaps with the bottom half in a solid manner.

- The wifi adapter worked out of the box and was able to stream 720p from an internet streaming site (and 1080p from a local network drive). My wireless router was in the same room about 4 feet away. Don't know how well the wifi works if placed in another room.

- For those that think the SD card is not 4GB - it is. There is almost invisible print on the generic SD card that when looked at under bright light and maybe a magnifying glass has perhaps a serial number with the last few characters saying 4G or 4GB.
Also, the card is partitioned, so Windows will only see the first 1GB partition. With the SD card in your computer, go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management, you will find the SD card and all of its partitions adding up to around 3.75GB if your kit shipped with a 4GB card.

Putting it together was literally a snap. Installing your preferred OS may be an issue. The pre-installed software on the SD card is NOOBS. It will bring up a menu of different operating systems to choose. Choose the one you want, and it gets installed in a usable form on the same SD card. Upon completion, the system reboots into the OS or XBMC setup you chose.

Now for my issues:
After snapping the board, case, usb adapters for wifi and wireless keyboard, plugging in hdmi and power, nothing happened. A red light on the board lit up, but nothing else. I went online and after some googling, I found out that if no OS is recognized, nothing will display on your TV/monitor. I unplugged the power, took out the SD card and re-inserted, and the system booted into NOOBS.

I chose to install RaspBMC. The install went fine, the system rebooted to an XBMC screen that had a slight pink glow over the entire screen. More googling, and realized the board may not be outputting enough power through the HDMI port. There is info online for configuring a config file so more power goes to HDMI. I couldn't get to this file from the SD card plugged into my laptop because Noobs makes this partition not viewable under Windows.

Anyway, I setup my wifi SSID and password in RaspBMC and the system automatically started updating itself. After completion and a reboot, RaspBMC died. It could not finish a successful reboot and mount its partition. It was unusable!!!

Shut it all down. Googled how to remove all partitions on an SD card from Windows command prompt with the diskpart function and formatted the SD card to one big FAT32 4GB partition. Went to the OpenELEC website and downloaded and installed the OpenELEC image for the Raspberry Pi. Booted into the XBMC version of OpenElec, configured wifi and other settings. Tested by watching both 1080p and 720p content streaming from a local network drive and from over the internet.

It works great as an OpenElec XBMC build. The OpenElec website has a more current build than is linked to from the raspberry pi website.

The pi works fine with the Hausbell ® Mini H7 2.4GHz Wireless Entertainment Keyboard with Touchpad.

This board is obviously for people with geek skills.

So, -1 star for the "not booting" issue when I first powered it on, and for RaspBMC dying after an update.

4 stars for OpenElec being so easy to install and streaming great for such an inexpensive kit.
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on December 30, 2013
I only had two problems with this:

1. The Wifi dongle is somewhat weak. The average ping time I get is about 13 seconds. I counter checked with another D-Link Wifi N Dongle on the same PI at the same location with the same setup and I was getting less then 2 seconds of ping time. So the wifi dongle supplied with the package is weak and will not stream media properly in case you have a media server setup.

2. The SD card is some unbranded cheap version. Since I wanted to install XBMC, I tried both flavors (Raspbmc and OpenELEC) supplied through NOOB. After a few times of installation and formatting the SD card stopped responding so I had to reformat and install a fresh version of NOOB

TIP: Order a powered USB Hub with this package. My external 1TB WD Drive
was practically not working & extremely slow but worked fine on a powered
USB hub
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on January 21, 2014
The Pi itself is a great device but this kit is junk. The power adapter that comes with it is the minimum usable amperage so any fluctuation gives you trouble. Also, the pre-loaded OSs that come with it are all WAY out dated. It is really really easy to get the correct versions online. And to top it off, the SD card died on me within a 2 weeks. Do you self a favor, buy the parts separately.
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on January 1, 2015
Bought this as a present for my genius 11 year old nephew while he was visiting. He was able to get it up and running on my HDTV within 20 minutes using a USB keyboard and mouse I had available. Twenty minutes after that he had installed the OS and recreated a game he had written previously in the provided programming language. So this is essentially a turn-key starter kit for DIY gamers assuming you know what you are doing.

It's probably possible to get to this functional point for a few dollars less if you as the buyer are the one who knows what you are doing with it. But as a starter kit for someone giving a present this is a good way to go (don't forget the keyboard & mouse)
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on July 10, 2014
I did have an issue at first. The power supply wasn't good. Then I called the company and got a voice mail. I wasn't aware but the operating hours are comething like 9am to 5pm and that wasn't on the voice mail at the time. The company did contact me promptly and tried to help me diagnose to problem. I had already discovered what went wrong myself and the company is sending a new power supply.

The good thing is a useable power supply is something many people have around the house commonly a cell phone charger with a 5V and 1-3A output should work. (Ideally 2A-3A).

I also went ahead and flashed my own SD card after having some issues. All and all this is a good option I am giving them 4 stars because they did a great job with customer service but setting this up was a bit more inconvenient than I'd hoped.
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on May 2, 2014
I love this little device. Works great and is pretty fast for the specs, thanks to linux. This kit is perfect for a starter.

Fast, simple, ready to go
SD Card should be 16 GB
NOOBS was way way out of date.
SD Card read/write sucks. For reads on my stress test at 1GHz turbo overclock and overvolt, average read was 13.5 MB/s Average Write was 11 MB/s but did peak at 13.8 once. The reads were of 8.1GB 10 times and the writes were 537MB 10 times.

If your new to linux, get a book to start. Terminal is the only way to learn programming, real computer use or anything else. Raspbian OS (Recommend Start Version) is based on Debian Wheezy. For Desktop environments, it kinda sucks but is better than most. I got a wireless keyboard and mouse from Walmart, microsoft brand, I needed latest OS update to get keyboard working. After the upgrade, I had to manually adjust my Monitor Resolution. Set overclock to highest recommended setting and installed VIM.

--------------------- Update 3/3/2016-----------------------

This is a really late time to review but this item has been on the shelf for almost 2 years now. A few weeks after buying it, I kept receiving boot corruption and having to reformat the cheap SD Card all the time. After about 15 or so I put it away thinking I was doing something wrong. DO NOT Buy this item from these people. The board is a waste and I wish I would have remembered to complain and get a refund a long time ago. I know SD Card corruption is common on devices with either bad boards or bad cheap SD Cards. Either way, there goes the $60 plus dollars wasted on this.......

------------------End of Update ------------------
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on May 13, 2014
Great product. I currently us it as a HTPC running RaspBMC. I also have it set to be a print server, I can now print from anywhere in the world and it will be waiting for me on my printer when I get home. It came with everything mentioned with a few "upgrades." Instead of a 4gb SD card it came with an 8gb card and it also came with 3 heat sinks. Althought those were not needed I put them on mostly for aesthetic purpose. This thing is perfect for my needs, so much so that I ordered a second one for another HTPC in another room. Will definitely order more in the future.
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on March 17, 2014
A handy little Raspberry Pi kit, this provides you with pretty much everything you need to start. All you need is a monitor - an HDMI monitor. I didn't realize that there is a difficulty in using RGB or DVI monitors with an HDMI adapter to get the Raspberry Pi to work, so be aware of that limitation if you get this. Also, documentation is minimal, so buy one of the many guides out there - or look it up online. The case is good for a starter, but is rather flimsy and is likely to break if you need to open and close it multiple times. With those cautions in mind, though, it is a nice bundle and cheaper than buying it all separately...
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