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on December 24, 2002
There were very few, if any, hard rock bands of the '80s that could rock like Ratt could. I enjoy their style of hard rock moreso than that of any other band. It's simple, but very hard and fast -somewhat similar to music produced by "The Scorpions" and "Motley Crue" though I like only a few songs of the latter. The only way to describe Ratt is that "they abso-fraggin'-lutely rock."
"Ratt & Roll 81-91," as the title implies, is a compilation of Ratt's best from '81-'91. The CD is a great value as it includes 19 tracks. Included is their most noteworthy song ever (and my favorite) "Round And Round" which was a huge radio hit for several years in the early '80s. Less popular, but just as good songs as Round And Round are: "Lay It Down," "Lack Of Communication," "You're In Love," and "One Step Away."
There are several songs which aren't very good or memorable but as far as hard rock goes one would be hard-pressed to find badder, faster, and harder music than Ratt's best.
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on June 17, 2006
Back in the 1980's when glam/rock-metal ruled the world, my friends and I stayed away from that scene because the big teased hair and make-up seemed kind of gay and it's seemed like a parody of itself, but still I secretly did get into a handful of songs by those kind of bands. It seemed like most of them sounded almost exactly the same. All my friends liked the progressive and classic rock groups like Jethro Tull, Kansas, Old Genesis, Yes, Moody Blues, Foreigner, Journey, Alan Parsons Project, and the real metal groups like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Judas Priest. I did like some of the hits of Ratt (some of my friends did like a couple of their hits too) but liking a few of their songs wasn't enough for me to really fully become a Ratt fan. I thought the songs "Round and Round", "Lay It Down", "You're In Love", "Back For More", and "Way Cool Jr." were basically good but nothing that I thought was great enough to go out and fork out the dough for. But in the early 90's, I bought this greatest hits compilation RATT AND ROLL '81 to '91. Until about a week ago, I don't recall ever playing it before, but last week I dusted it off and played it on my car cd deck and really enjoyed most of the 19 tracks on it. There are a few songs that I don't like but I really liked about 14 or 15 of the tracks. I think I played "Lay It Down" about 7 times in one day. Man that's a rocking tune. The guitars sound great at the start of it and all the way throughout. I know everyone (including me) thinks that De Martini is really great but I don't think Robbin Crosby was too shabby either. I think they should have respected Crosby a little more because I heard some interviews with him and I think he was pretty soured by the way they treated him. I think that might have contributed to his heavy drinking and heroin addiction, but on the other hand, Crosby shouldn't have been jealous if someone like De Martini came along to outshine him. There's always someone who will come along that will be a better guitarist than you, and basically, life's too short to let that ruin your life. It's too bad about his fatal overdose a few years back but that happens a lot in the rock world because drug use is like breathing to a lot of rock stars. Of the glam scene I do think looking back on it, that Ratt was one of the top bands of that period. Now that those days are over with, for some reason, I'm checking into the hair bands that I hated in the mid to late 80's, and kind of wish that I would have hung around the glam rock crowd because they did seem to have a fun time back in the day. I would wholeheartedly recommend this because almost all of the tracks are very good to great, and being that it's close to 78 minutes in length, it's worth buying at least from one of the used Amazon sellers. They have a used copy in very good condition that's selling for $4.44 at this present time of September 1st 2006. If you just are looking for a single cd best of compilation, this is one of the best I've ever found. Just buy it!!!
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on October 10, 2005
Ratt, often said to be a typical 80's hairband, was really more than just that. The combined elements of lead vocalist Stephen Pearcy's unique rugged voice, Warren Demartini's crazy guitar riffs, and lots of greasy hair, gave Ratt the edge they needed to become a legendary band of metalists. This disc compiles ten years Ratt's finest tunes, although not ALL of them.

1. Tell the World- A very basic early metal song from the 1982(?) Atlantic Release. If you listen to this song a few times, you'll appreciate the catchy awesomeness.

2. You think you're Tough- Another track from the Atlantic Release. This is also a song that you may need to listen to several times to really enjoy it. NOTE: Pearcy still cranks this one out on his current solo tours.

3. Round and Round-Ratt's most famous song, from the album Out of the Cellar. A pretty original one, that any hair metal fan can sing along to. This was THE track launched Ratt into fame.

4. Wanted Man-A pretty good song from Out of the Cellar. Bon Jovi is credited for starting the whole western theme, but This song came out in '84, 2 years prior to Slippery When Wet.

5. Back for More-The third track off Out of the Cellar, the intro is packed full of power that pounds you, man.

6. Lack of Communication- Great anger-driven song. "Lack of communication, BACK OFF" The guitar sounds like something from Invasion of Your Privacy.

7.Lay it Down- Ratt's other only other chart-topping song. Sounds like classic Ratt.

8.You're in love-One of my favorites off of invasion of your privacy. Packed full of punch, and a nice chorous.

9.Slip of the Lip-A traditional song (off DACNING UNDERCOVER)with a 30 year old man singin about a 16 year old girl. Remember KISS also had a 16-year old song, Winger had 17, and the record-holder Motley Crue featured a 15-year old girl. Kinda gross, but its all in good spirits.

10. Dance- Track off DANCING UNDERCOVER. Makes sense with the name and all. Its a good kind of pop-ish, but still nice and heavy, like of Dancing Undercover. Oh, and its about Dancing.

11. Body Talk-A very outstanding song, featured in the Eddie Murpghy flick THE GOLDEN CHILD. "You make my body talk, when you're next to me."

12. Way Cool Junior- Excellent, fun jazzy song from Reach for the Sky in '87, complete with tap dancers and saxaphones. The main character, Way Cool Jr. is the new kid in town that scores with all the chicks.

13. I want a Woman- Self explanatory theme. The 2nd out of 2 songs on here from Reach for the Sky. Its a typical pop-metal 80's song, but all the better to listen to.

14. Lovin You's a Dirty Job- A pretty good song from the 1990 release DETONATOR. This song is fun, but has really weak lyrics. Excerpt: "You break my heart in pieces but I've got the glue to glue put me through the ringer and hung me out to dry, you licked me off your fingers just like a piece of pie..."

15. Shame, Shame, Shame- Angry song. A really good song from Detonator about some lady that cheated on a dude.

16. Givin' Yourself Away- Powerful ballad song, sounds kinda like Jon Bon Jovi. Kinda funny since, Desmond Child produced this and also produced Bon Jovi.

17. One Step Away- In my opinion the best song off Detonator. A superb ballad that I listened to for probably 2 months strait.

18. Heads I Win, Tails You Lose- Another Ratt song, driven by old phrases. Jon Bon Jovi actually DOES the background vocals on here.

19. Nobody Rides for Free- The last song recorded before the band completely disbanded. Its an okay track that was on the Keanu Reeves movie POINT BREAK.

If you took enough time to read my review, you'd be a total idiot not to buy this CD. Just give it a fair listen and you'll love it.
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VINE VOICEon March 8, 2005
No doubt about it, Ratt was one of the best '80's metal bands. I recall several fans always comparing them to the likes of Aerosmith. Thought it was great that for a half-a-dozen or so years, you could go see like maybe both those acts on tour within the same six months time-frame. No more, though. I saw Ratt play a club without guitarist Robin Crosby (R.I.P.) before he had passed on and they were disappointing, to say the least. Their gig did however improve by it's second half. Ratt was a great band to see in their heyday. Nineteen songs total, many of their prime material to be found here, like "Tell The World", "Round And Round", "Wanted Man", the absolute bomb "Lack Of Communication", "You're In Love", "Slip Of The Lip", "Dance", "Body Talk", "Way Cool Jr.", you know, I've really lost count of all their killer videos that MTV and other music channels used to play. Highly recommended.
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on May 28, 2000
Very recognizable "gravel-ish" vocals from Steven Pearcy, great riffs from Warren DeMartini and Robbin Crosby and solid back-up from Bobby Blotzer (sticks) and Juan Croucier (bass) propelled Ratt during the early 80's to a top rated Pop-Metal band. Their popularity waned by the early 90's as grunge became more popular. Fortunately, this album captures the best of their six major releases.
If you liked Ratt's music but didn't want to buy each of the first six of their albums, this one release covers nearly all of their best stuff. Big hits, Round and Round, Back For More, Lay It Down, You're In Love, I Want A Woman, Way Cool Junior and Lovin' You's A Dirty Job are all included. Plus there are some gems from the less popular releases later in their 10 year presence.
This album is the prime one from Ratt, followed by Out Of the Cellar, Invasion of Your Privacy and Detonator. Go ahead, it's over an hour of great metal tunes and well worth the price!
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on March 3, 2006
This is a great, but not "perfect" introduction to Ratt's legacy. If you ask me, hair spray, glam shots and slick videos really were not as vital to Ratt's success as it was to other acts of the era. The music sold the band and man these crazy cats could play! They had a really fresh and sleazy sound that made them stand out from the other rockers and wannabes.

The only reason I didn't give this cd 5 stars is that it focuses heavily on the original lineup's final album 1990's "Detonator." This was a totally airbrushed attempt to sound like Bon Jovi. I think the band in hindsight would agree with this observation. Needless to say, the album only reached gold status in sales and like a giant red "STOP" sign, Ratt's world domination would go no further.

I feel that better albums from the glory years were for the most part ignored just to save face with the disappointment that was "Detonator." It's too bad because there are only 2 cuts given from the excellent "Invasion of Your Privacy" and the underrated gem "Reach for the Sky." Both of these albums were certified platinum and sound like Ratt just being Ratt which is fine with me.

You really need to experience Ratt by listening to their entire back catalogue. Songs for instance like "Sweet Cheater," "Between the Eyes," "The Morning After," and "I Want Love You Tonight" show you how vastly rich the soundscapes of Ratt could be. There was a lot more to this band than just "Round and Round."

Record company people please re-master all of Ratt's classic albums!!! Right now, wouldn't be soon enough!
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on April 18, 1999
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on September 3, 2014
This is one of the best greatest hits cds out there. It has all the bands best songs throughout their career. I usually skip "Round And Round" because it is overplayed to death on the radio. There is so much more to this band that just that hit song anyway. I was really surpised to find that the back half of this album to be so good. Usually on a lot of greatest hits albums the back end is filled with new junk songs by the artist or filler hits.

Ratt's songwriting material is a lot like the Scorpions focusing on relationships mostly needing, wanting, loving, Sex, Cheating, losing someone etc. So the music itself is not particularly deep but what hair metal is. But the music and sound is great on every song. "Wanted Man" came out before the Bon Jovi song "Wanted Dead or Alive" and the Ratt version is far and away better as a solid rocker. The album does start out raw and end with songs that are polished but I enjoy both. The band has talent and made fun enjoyable music.

Out of all the songs I only thought 2 were weak out of the whole album track 9 "Slip of the Lip" and track 14 "Lovin' You's A Dirty Job" These two songs just scream filler and screwup the flow of the album. They do nothing for me.

A lot of the songs hold up very well especially "Shame Shame Shame" and "Nobody Rides For Free" and "Lay It Down". I really enjoy "I Want a Woman" and I thought that song would suck with that kind of title, until I heard the song and now it is one of my favorites on the album.

This is an album that you could rate either way 4 or 5 stars it is not out and out great but I can't seem to take it out of my car CD player either because every time I hear the opening chords of the first song I end up playing the whole thing over again.
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on September 30, 2000
This album has some of the very, very best 1980's guitar playing - mostly by the completely underrated Warren DeMartini, who has a technical proficiency, spark and melodic style that I think remain unmatched. His amazing solos are out of control with pure energy, but they're also tight in the groove, and never train-wreck as threatened. The man had a gift. Which, fortunately, was used on great, tasty songs with a memorable singer, and a compatible rhythm guitarist (Robbin Crosby). The band's chemistry worked. The only downside to this album is the slip into "formula" during songs 16-18 (plus a couple of borderline formula candidates) - which is unfortunate, as Ratt had plenty of good songs that never made the compilation. This temporary mediocrity probably wouldn't be nearly as noticeable if it weren't for the contrast with the raw, inspired tracks earlier in the album. But then track #19, Nobody Rides For Free, finishes off the collection with what has just become my favorite Ratt tune of all time. You can always program your player to skip the few tunes that don't belong here. Great album.
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on August 21, 2004
RATT is my all time favorite band. They have songs on this album from top to bottom that are smash hits. The best songs on this include, 'Round and Round' 'Loving you is a dirty job' 'Shame Shame Shame' 'Dance' and 'Way Cool Jr.' plus tons more.. the whole cd is stacked. If you don't own a ratt cd shame shame shame on you! you better pick this one up! its unreal! you will not b dissapointed! i have the cd on repeat in my car. its been that way for 8 months. i never get sick of RATT. its one of those cd's that you can listen to the whole thing over and over and you won't skip a single song. pick this one up for sure!
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