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Everyone is using the mystery of quantum physics as a mystical metaphor to empower life in general these days and Natalia Rose, author of "The Raw Food Detox Diet" is no exception in her new and equally well-put-together book, "Raw Food Life Force Energy: Enter a Totally New Stratosphere of Weight Loss, Beauty and Health."

In 260 plus pages, Rose re-educates her raw food fans on the further sensibilities of combining foods for easy elimination---reiterating her primary focus in "Detox" that consuming quick exit foods naturally slims the body while "waste" that remains inside the body too long eventually equals weight gain. Rose builds on her idea, explaining with a quasi-quantum physics approach that as everything existing has a vibration, it would make sense to ingest foods that will aid us in vibrating at the high rate in which we are designed to optimally function. High harmonious vibration foods consist of those grown closest to the sun, while inharmonious vibration foods include the usual suspects of cigarettes, liquor, processed, synthetic ingredients, mainstream animal fleshes, pharmaceuticals, radiation, x-rays and less obvious, pasteurized cow milk, yogurt and cheese.

In the first portion of "Raw Food Life Force Energy", Rose defines four principles: vibration, free-flow, quick exit, and natural bliss---all of which reinforce her main premise that eating well combined light to heavy (eating the lightest possible meals in the am while gradually increasing the density of foods so that dinner is the heaviest meal) meals will create a body and mind that remains well-tuned to the best the universe has to offer. The second part of the book presents Rose's 21 day action plan where after prepping your kitchen and shopping for staples through shopping revisions, a typical breakfast consists of a homemade elixir or fresh fruit, lunch a soup, salad or sandwich and dinner either a repeat of a luncheon selection or a cooked meal with raw vegetables. Desserts vary depending on the combination consumed at dinner, i.e. a flesh meal dessert would consist of cheese or dark chocolate. Rose includes a seventeen question test to help you determine your present energy vibe; she promises that whatever your current level, by practicing her techniques, you will feel more "attractive, youthful and emotionally balanced," as you plunge deeper into her program. The actual 21-day guide becomes a little redundant as the selections are basically yours to choose--day one through day 21 repeats with motivational words from Rose to keep you to your task. As in "Raw Food Detox," Part 3 includes Rose's unique and tasty recipes. She follows these with some FAQs to help propel you into a higher vibration; inviting the reader to cordially email her if any specific question is not addressed.

Bottom Line? If you enjoyed Rose's easy transition from heavy slow-moving food to light quick moving energy endowing fuel in her first book, you will definitely enjoy her new slant on a dieting fad that many people have easily embraced as a truly healthy way of life. Recommended to all those who just love Rose's innovative recipes and thrust towards finding the metaphysical answer to understanding our complex makeup as human beings living in an otherwise toxic world.
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on October 14, 2007
I bought Natalie's book over 3 months ago. While I'm still new in applying her concept, her eatng concepts are so fantastic!!! I'm not a vegetarian nor do I follow some of the other techniques of her book. But applying her concept of eating ligth to heavy and combining certain foods and not combining other foods has totally changed my life!! I feel sooooo much better!! The energy level has dramatically risen. I bought a Breville Juicer so for breakfastes I have a fruit and veggie drink.. about a quart of each. Then for lunches I have a delicious avacodo salad with almond butter (which I make from almonds using my Vitamix) and jelly on top of my Kumut bread that I make... it's sooo filling and soooo good!! Then I love her concept on dinners. I enjoy cooking and by applying her concepts I can eat whatever I want!!! Mind you... I don't eat a steak everyday like I use to. But I now have 2-3 days where I go meatless.... then go 2-3 days with a seafood meal and I usually have a nice steak for a treat only once a week. While this may not be a perfect way of eating, it is much better then I use to do.... and I truly do feel so much better... and friends are noticing not only a difference in my weight... but also my complexion!! I highly recommend this book to anyone interested not on going on a diet... but to learn of a new way to eat each and every day!!!
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on May 8, 2007
This book is a little more complicated than Natalia Rose's first book "Raw food detox diet". This book includes frequency ranges for different foods and that's too complicated for me. Other than that all the information is the same as in her first book. I think it's not necessary to own both N. Rose books and if to choose one of them, then I would rather recommend the first one!
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on September 16, 2008
I purchased this book 1 week after the birth of my 4th baby. All of my kids are under 4 and I wanted a book that would provide information on how to live my best life through diet and exercise. I am on the 18th day of the 21, although I will continue the diet for as long as it feels good to me. I wake up every morning very tired (newborns will do that to you), yet after my green lemonade (recipe in book) I feel so full of life. I actually crave this drink and make it for my husband which he drinks grudgingly but does it because it makes him feel good. My 2 year old enjoys it too.
For me it has taken all this time to really wrap my head around the "quick exit food combinations" and I could see how maybe someone who is looking for a quick and easy weight loss book might find it difficult. Food combining is a new concept to me and although very simple it is new and took time to learn.
I have thought about going raw before but all the dehydrators scared me and I never wanted to try after reading a few pages of a raw book. This book has very easy recipes and requires no dehydrating or soaking. It does take time to prepare fresh things (like salads) but I personally enjoy that type of prepping. I do spend a fair amount of time at the market buying fresh fruit and veggies (this diet requires a lot of them) but I look at it as something I am doing for myself and that feels good. It is also ok to eat cooked meals on this diet and even meat. I eat cooked fish for dinner several times a week.
I have lost 5 pounds and 4 inches off my waist so far. But best of all I feel great and I have more energy to take care of my kids (who try to suck the life right out of me). I bought Natalias other book which I have also enjoyed reading. I use the two books inter-changeably.
I should also add that before this book I was heavily addicted to any type of baked good and ice cream. I went 10 days without really missing them and then at a bday party broke down and ate more chocolate cake then a person should. But after the cake I felt like crap and I realized that I prefer the way I feel and look when I eat healthy and delicious fresh foods. I think being thin feels better then chocolate cake tastes. I am sure I will still eat cake once in a while but while strolling past the fresh baked muffins at the market I was happy to not feel the pull toward it and thought about how it would feel vs. how it would taste. (This is huge for me!)
Lastly, people keep commenting on how great my skin looks and how well rested I look. I know this is due to the fresh, high vibrating foods I am consuming and have to laugh because believe me, I am far from rested.
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on April 3, 2007
Natalia is beautiful and so are her books and recipes. I really want to believe that by eating the way she recommends, I can lose weight. However, no matter how hard I tried, I could not drop an ounce while consuming the sweets that she so heartily endorses. After months of struggling to drop weight, I finally eliminated all grains, sugars and fruit and did more research into raw food with David Wolfe and Gabriel Cousens.

I would say that some of Natalia's advice is helpful, but if you are sensitive to sugars, her approach will only frustrate you.
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on December 8, 2008
First let me say, don't read this book unless you've read Natalia Rose's first, the Raw Food Detox Diet. That being said, this book was a little to new-agey for me, I don't understand or am interested in how much specific foods "vibrate." I bought this book because it does expand, recipe wise and question and answer wise from her previous book, which is what I was looking for. Two thumbs up for the new and numerous recipes, along with finding the answers to questions I had after reading her first book.
For those interested in chi, energy, nutritional vibrations, etc this book would be great for you. If you're looking for a diet plan that will ease your body into regularly eating large amounts of raw food, but not completely push you into "raw foodism" and take the weight off at the same time, then her first book is what I suggest.
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on September 7, 2009
Got this at the library. This one's not a keeper unless you want to buy it for the recipes.


She posits that food has a vibration. Processed junk food is 'low vibration'. Fresh veggies and the like are 'high vibration'. Eating the high vibration foods will make you feel light and energized.

Food Combining. She has several rules for what not to mix. As a result the food will leave your system more quickly, adding to the 'light energized' state.

Light to heavy - eat the lightest foods for breakfast, the heaviest for dinner.

Detox. She's an advocate of juicing, colonics and the like.

Be positive. Do yoga/tai chi/breathing type stuff.

The advice makes a lot of sense but none of the 'vibration' stuff and theories have any scientific underpinning. It seems to be her personal interpretation. She quotes a few other 'new age' books but they aren't based on science either. While I intuitively agree w/the whole vibration concept, there are way too many raw/whole foods authors kind of making up nutritional theories based on intuitive feelings. Which is why there are hundreds of nutritional advice books out there all offering conflicting theories and advice.

The 21 day program consists of brushing one's skin. Drinking detox juices (Note: this requires purchase of a juicer - at least $100 + copious amounts of organic fruits and veggies - juicing creates a lot of waste so the expense can be substantive), and eating according to the principles in the book. The recipes are rather 'gourmet' and some require the purchase of mail order foods - very reflective of the author's upper middle class urbane cosmopolitan lifestyle. So if you live out in the sticks, have an allegiance to traditional meals or have a strict budget you may find adhering to this lifestyle frustrating and difficult.

I took about a page of notes - the food combining makes sense (many raw foods cookbooks jumble all sorts of incompatible foods together and you get sick from eating it) but other than the recipes and a few basic principles there's not much more to it. I've looked at her other books and I think the best 'foundation' book is the The Raw Food Detox Diet: The Five-Step Plan for Vibrant Health and Maximum Weight Loss - if you are looking to invest in the author's work I think that book is the 'best buy'.
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on February 25, 2007
Natalia's book earns two stars because some of the information she presents is worthwhile and her writing style is clear and down-to-earth. The praise ends there.

The recipes are boring and/or useless. And there is much contradiction in the book. She includes many uninspiring cooked recipes, after explaining how raw is so much more beneficial than cooked.

She includes multiple recipies for fish and other flesh after she explains that when consuming flesh, we consume "death" and "fear." If the vibration of these foods is as undersirable as she says - why include them in our diet? Why include recipes for "death" and "fear"?

I think Natalia was trying too hard to appear approachable for the average American eater. In so doing, she seriously compromised the essence of raw.

If you really want to LEARN about raw, try "Eating for Beauty" by David Wolf, or "Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine" by Gabriel Cousens. Both books have a wealth of information plus recipes.

If you are looking for recipes, try "Rawsome!" by Bridgette Mars, which also has great information.

And if you are into serious raw gourmet, don't bypass "Raw" by Charlie Trotter and Roxanne Klien, which is sophisticated and indulgent. Get this book if you ever feel taste-deprived eating raw.

I appreciate that Natalia is attempting to soften what is perceived as an unapproachable, extreme lifestyle - but she goes too far.

This might be an adequate primer for someone mildly curious about raw, or someone new to the concept of vibration, since the information is not too dense and the writing style is uncomplicated.
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on June 23, 2007
I highly recommend this excellent book. Natalia is the real deal. My only issue with this book is the issue I have with most of the raw diet books on the market-you have to have time to prepare food daily-at least 45 minutes to an hour. This is why I didn't give it 5 stars. As someone who would LOVE to eat an 80-90% raw diet and eat healthily ALL of the time, but who works upwards of 50 hours/week, diets like this are barely do-able. Basically, I would like to see Natalia consider the busy schedules of her constituents, and figure out a way where folks are able to prepare most of their week's meals on one weekend day. Am I alone in this? I have found one book that does this; it's Alissa Cohen's raw food diet book, which I also recommend. However, I like Natalia's recipes better because they don't rely on heavy nut recipes like Alissa's. Anyway, this book is absolutely worth the money. I like the recipes better than the first one, too. I just wish she would make it more do-able for those with very busy schedules.
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on July 25, 2007
I have to say how happy I am with this book. Natalia Rose spells everything out in this book. I would suggest also picking up her "Raw Food Detox Diet" as well (if you haven't already). For a really picky eater (like me), the recipes are easy to incorporate into my daily life. Both of these books will be a part of my life for many years to come.

I highly recommend!!
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