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on March 10, 2010
The first time I ordered these I was confused about the numbers and sizing of the glasses, and got it wrong. Here's how it works:

The glasses come with either a 50mm or 54mm lens diameter. I can't say whether they're just wider or are also taller, as I haven't tried both sizes.

They also come with a choice between two different distances between the lenses: 18mm & 22mm. I guess if your head is large, you'll probably want the 22mm option.

Model Number Explanation, as far as I can figure. Haven't quite got it down, but this should be close:
The set I own now: 902/57-5022
The first set of numbers is the color/style, ie: Tortoise frame = 902. The number after the slash seems to correlate with lens type, ie: Crystal Brown Polarized = 57. Therefore, 902/57 style is a Tortoise frame with Crystal Brown Polarized lens.
The second set of numbers is a little easier. The first two numbers are the lens diameter and the last two is the distance between the lenses, ie: 5022 = 50mm lens with 22mm between the lenses.

FYI: This style, 2140, is the "Original Wayfarer" style. Others include the 2132 (New Wayfarer), 2151 (Square Wayfarer), 2143 (Wayfarer II), 4105 (Folding Wayfarer), and the 9035 (Junior Wayfarer for kids).

I hope this helps!

The glasses do fog up easily, at least on my face. I believe it's because they are closer to my face than regular sunglasses. For that, and the lack of easy explanation of the styles and sizes, I subtracted a star, but I love the way these glasses look and wouldn't part with them for anything!

<edit> The New Wayfarers (2132) differ in that the lens is more shallow, so if your cheeks hit the classic Wayfarers, they probably won't with the new style. Also, the New Wayfarers have slightly thinner & lighter plastic frames. I prefer the New Wayfarers myself, but they don't make the frame/lens combination I like (Tortoise/Brown Polarized) in that model.

<edit 2> See Amazon Blonde's comments below for a correction and clarification to the explanation above.

Also, if you like the style, but not the way the Ray Bans are constructed, Maui Jim makes a more subdued, but better-made frame with the model number MJ242, sold at Sunglass Hut. They fit me better and have spring-loaded bows, which is nice. Also, they have rubber built-in to the nose, but invisible. They also don't hit my eyelashes like the Ray Bans do.

<edit 3> I've noticed several reviews stating that some sellers are shipping counterfeit sunglasses. I ordered mine from Sunglasses Botique via Amazon, and they are not fake, as far as I can tell! They have "Made in Italy" stamped on the side, the lenses are polarized and of high quality, and they feel exactly like my other New Wayfarer sunglasses. They also have "Ray Ban" in raised script on the outside of each arm. The pictures perfectly matched the sunglasses, down to the codes.
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Without a doubt, the 2140 Original Wayfarers are the coolest and most comfortable sunglasses around. I ordered them with the regular tint, instead of the Polarized lenses because my previous sunglasses with Polarized lenses made it very difficult to read LCD screens. No such problem with the regular lenses and glare never seems to be a problem either.

The only recommendation I'd make regarding purchase is to check your head size to make sure you get the right fit. I've always thought my head was pretty big, but when the original pair of Wayfarers arrived, I found that the 54mm size was entirely too big for my face. I contacted the vendor, EZContacts, and they let me exchange the sunglasses, quickly and without delay, for the 50mm size, which fit perfectly and look great. I never thought 4 measly millimeters would make that big of a difference, but when it comes to the way sunglasses look on your face, it sure does.

So, unless you have a Shrek-size head, my suggestion is to opt for the 50mm size. Oh, and when it comes to cost, I saved at least $40 buying through Amzamon versus the retail cost at my local mall's Sunglass Hut.
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on July 24, 2008
I was going to order these online, but I decided to go to a sunglasses store in my area to make sure I was buying the right one, because wayfarers seem to have "small" differences that can amount to a lot. I ended up buying them in the store because the saleslady helped me out a lot, these things are sold on a commission basis, and she deserved it.

I got the Wayfarers in black with green lenses in the official description of: 901-5022 Ray-Ban RB2140. These are the 50 mm lenses, and they actually fit my face really well. I tried on the 54mm lenses, and while you look at them on the displays, the difference between the small and the large isn't really noticeable...but when you try them on, it's obvious, at least for my face. I have a wide, round face so I really was expecting to not be happy with any wayfarers. I don't know if these are the polarized ones, but I'm pretty sure if they are, I would've been told about it. See Brock Lander's excellent review (I think it's featured on the page for RB2113) which helped me immensely in realizing the different kinds of wayfarers. The large ones (54mm) lean a bit too much for me and my cheekbones get in the way. These are the ones I think of when I hear "wayfarer." Luckily, the smaller ones (50mm) have the same look and they don't overwhelm my face.

I was told that Wayfarers are supposed to "lean" slightly on your face, and with mine, the lean doesn't look as stupid as I thought it would on me. I tried the other colors on and while they would look great on other people, I don't have the face to pull them off. Even though these are made of plastic, they seem very sturdy and I found out that Ray-Ban's Wayfarers were one of the first sunglasses to use plastics instead of the usual metal.

To conclude my review, I highly recommend these. Even if you thought you couldn't pull it off, like me, go to your local sunglass store. The official Ray-Ban website has a store locator. Try as many styles as you can, they kind of look the same (at least to me) just sitting there in the case or display but they look so different on you. Thanks for reading my review and I hope this helped!
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on March 30, 2012
I did a lot of research when I looked into buying a pair of wayfarers. The reviews and price on the sunglass express vender made them seem legit enough. So I ordered a set of 54s, polarized. When I received the pair I was happy with how they appeared, they passed every test of authenticity i could find online. They had the metal rod in the frame, the RB on the left lense, etc, all of it. It came with all the right materials too.


It also wasn't packaged well.

I heard the fakes are getting better and better so I actually called and emailed sunglass express to ask why it lacked said sticker or any serial number.

This is what they sent me, pretty much identical to what their 'at a glance' page says:


Thank you for your inquiry and we are available to speak with you at 516.352.4568 Monday thru Friday 11am until 5pm est. All the frames from our site are 100% authentic. We purchase them directly from Luxottica, the manufacturer of RayBan sunglasses and eyeglasses. Please note that Luxottica is now manufacturing some of their frames in China. A lot of companies outsource for labor to keep the price down and to help with the demand of the frame. Luxottica said the sunglasses and eyeglasses you received are made with the same machinery, same materials and the same quality of labor.


Sunglass Express

Notice that they say all of our FRAMES are authentic.

The woman on the phone was not friendly and told me that they warranty the sunglasses but ray ban does not. This should not be the case.

SO, they're either REALLY good fakes, or they PURCHASE THE FRAMES ONLY, and the rest, including the box, is knock off. Hence, the lower price and ability to claim authenticity.

In any case, I like the shades and they seem pretty real. But, lacking a factory serial number and the poor attitude of the customer service woman leaves them with two stars.


I went to sunglass hut and compared everything from the box to the shades themselves to the real thing. They are real. The boxes no longer have european recycling logos on them, and that was my main worry. Compared to the pair sunglass hut had, these were identical.

Points are still lost for 3 reasons, however:

1: Badly packaged. The box was dented upon arrival and more care could have been done.

2: Bad attitude in customer service. The lady I called was rude, plain and simple. Not cool.

3: Still no official Rayban serial number, only a sunglass express stock number.

I'm glad i made friends with the sunglass hut guy at my local mall. he said he'd do any warranty work I wanted to my pair.
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on October 23, 2012
I bought a pair of Ray-Ban RB2140 902/57. They were listed as "Polarized" also was indicated with the "/57". However, once I received them I quickly realized that they were NOT polarized lenses. First off, they didn't have the "P" after the Ray-Ban inscription on the front of the right lens. Also they failed every test to check for light polarization (i.e. viewing a LCD screen and rotating the sunglasses should make the screen darken or disappear).

This may have been an honest mistake of someone putting non-polarized sunglasses in a box labeled polarized. Though once I started investigating the lenses themselves I realized that the lenses weren't even authentic Ray-Ban lenses. However, the frames were most definitely real. So someone at some stage of the process inserted (or replaced the real lenses) FAKE lenses into a pair of REAL frames! And if you know anything about high-quality sunglasses (i.e. Ray-Bans) what you are really paying for are the lenses, NOT the frames. I've contacted the seller and Amazon, but neither seems too concerned. So just keep this in mind when you receive your sunglasses. The frames may pass all of your quality control tests, but be sure you aren't being duped on the lenses!
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on March 28, 2011
To be honest I was quite skeptical but now that I have the glasses in my hands (received in 5 days standard) I'm truly impressed, I received a legit pair of 2140's (hope to turn into prescription sunglasses), did my research & everything checks out, weight & high quality plastic, slant, spear things in front are proper, Ray Ban logo on lense (doesn't scratch off), RB etching inside left lense, 7 prongs (hinges) on each arm, metal bar in each arm, RB logo on the arms are proper, model info correct inside left arm Wayfarer (keywords) Hand Made In Italy on right, case is legit as is the RB box it came in (dead give away for fakes is a recycling logo on side of box), no typos and info on RB box is correct, another thing to note is that when you were them they look a bit crooked but that's normal Ray Ban right there, ordered from vendor Sunglass Express and I've added pics to help those unsure, mileage may vary cause im pretty sure fakes are in circulation, other than that 4 stars, do your research (youtube is good) before buying and good luck, hope this helps.
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on May 7, 2011
After reading the reviews and researching pricing for both the Original Wayfarer and the New Wayfarer, I was still torn on what to buy. I've always gravitated towards more understated accessories so I decided that the New Wayfarer's thinner, lighter frames would probably suit me better. Without fully understanding the Ray-Ban sizing, I purchased what I'll call the the "Papa Bear" style/size: the 55mm New Wayfarers. But I quickly decided that they were too big for my face/head.

So I decided to exchange them for the "Baby Bear" of Wayfarers: the 52mm New Wayfarer. While the 52s fit fine, they didn't stand out the way that (at least in my opinion) Wayfarers are meant to. In other words, I could have been wearing any ol' pair of black sunglasses; they weren't even much bigger than my everyday reading glasses. In wondered what they'd done to JFK's sunglasses... or Jack Nicholson's.

So, on a whim, I gave the 50mm Original Wayfarers a try. Yes, I'd rejected the 55mm New Wayfarers for being too large, and here I was trying on Originals, which are large by design. But the notable difference between the two pairs, I found, was the ratio of frame to lens. The New Wayfarer's thinner frames simply make them look TOO "lens-y," whereas the Original Wayfarer's proportions are perfect! I don't feel like I'm being encased in glass.

In the end, it took 3 transactions, an extra $26, and a trip to the mall on a busy holiday -- but I'm thrilled that I gave the Original Wayfarers a try. The third fitting was, as the philosopher Goldilocks might have said, "just right!"

So, if you like the look of Wayfarers, why bother with anything but the classics! If it ain't broke, don't fix it. (And if they do break, by another paid of originals!)
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on June 21, 2011
Very disappointed with this expensive, non-authentic item purchase. I've purchased Ray Ban Wayfarers from Amazon in the past, receiving authentic sunglasses - UNTIL THIS TIME! Ordered RB2140, 54mm from Amazon, fulfilled by Sunglasstop, and received these in a non-authentic case, box, paperwork, cloth, non-authentic etching style for the RB glass insignia, and the signature logo unevenly raised on one of the temple arms (sure give-away of a fake item). Thankfully, Amazon was great to work with in returning this item.
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on November 13, 2009
As one of the other reviewers stated, Paris Miki Optical is one of those companies where you would refer everyone you knew, that happened to be in the market for any sort of eye wear that they stock. The prices are fair, but more importantly the customer service is beyond measure (especially Brian).

The first pair I ordered turned out to be larger than initially expected (by no fault of the seller), and thus after contacting Brian at Paris Miki Optical; he made sure he took care of me. The customer service was beyond exceptional. I rarely give glowing reviews, but this purchasing experience was so well executed, that I can't help but give 5 emphatic stars. Will do business with again, and would recommend them to the readers as well.

If the bridge width of the 50/22 is a little wide for you, and you're considering the 54/18 due to concerns of the bridge width, there is something that you should know. Not only are the frames wider (54mm per lens) but the bottom of the frame that sits near your cheeks are also a lot more rounded than the 50/22, giving the overall silhouette a more softer feel and perhaps even a bit more jovial demeanor. After trying on the 54/18, and noting that the difference in the comfort on the bridge area was negligible, I opted to exchange mine for the 50/22. Since we all know that the point of original classic Wayfayers are about only three things: Classic style, no nonsense hardcore design lines (JFK, James Dean, etc), and being blind (Ray Charles).

Also a word of advice, if you receive your sunglasses, and the edges of the lenses seem like they are peeling off the polarization coating, try and clean them vigorously with proper cloth and lens safe solution, and you'll realize it's just dust and slighty sticky goo. I was actually quite concerned when I received my replacement because of this. But after some elbow grease it was as good as new. I'm assuming it was just in storage for a while. Either way, these sunglasses are great, I picked up the 901/58 50/22 when all was said and done, and absolutely love them. Glad I got them just in time for my trip. If you're considering some classically designed sunglasses that are also good quality, look no further than the RB 2140, and may their appeal flow like the Euphrates!
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on June 10, 2014
I've been eyeing the wayfarer for quite a few years toying with the idea if it is worth spending the money. Just recently I caved in and spent the extra money I had laying around on these. I'm glad I did. Don't be fooled; although the price tag can be shocking, the quality of these sunglasses is outstanding. They are very sturdy and they sit really great on your face, and that's another thing, I haven't found anyone who looks bad in a quality wayfarer.

Should you buy these? Yeah, why not if you want quality sunglasses that will last you a lifetime if you take great care of them. You definitely feel the difference between $15 sunglasses and $100 sunglasses.

Some tips when buying the wayfarer; there are two different wayfarers. One is the original, the 2140 and now there is the 2132 which is totally different from the 2140. It does not have an angle and the size of the frame is smaller. If you are going for the classic, the 2140 is your perfect frame. In my opinion, it sits much better on your face and has the iconic look we all love. The 2132
is still a nice frame but it lacks the "wow" factor when compared to the 2140.


The 2140 comes in two; the 50mm and the 54mm. If you have a small face and small features, the 50mm is perfect for you. The 54mm is much bigger and more suitable for those with larger features. If you're unsure which size would fit you best, I recommend going into the nearest retailer and trying both on, as I did.
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