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Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard|Change
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on December 12, 2011
When my friend told me about this game, I was a bit confused as to why a 2D platformer was not a downloadable XBLA title. But he was raving about the game so much that I just HAD to pick up a copy.

Needless to say, I am EXTREMELY impressed with this game. I could go on forever about it, but I won't. Instead, I will just break it down into a few components:

Gameplay: 5/5
Smooth controls, some of the best platforming I've seen in a while. Truly great level design.

Multiplayer: 4.9/5
The only reason this isn't a 5 is that it doesn't have online multiplayer. However, the experience of sitting with a couple of friends on your couch and playing together makes for a great experience. There is little-to-no frustration involved in multiplayer (unlike some other recent multiplayer platformers).

Presentation: 6/5
They get a billion thumbs WAY up! The art is phenomenal, everything is charming, and it is extremely obvious that they put a lot of time into the details that really makes the game come to life.

I recommend this game to anyone of any age. It's silly, charming and just straight up fun.
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on January 5, 2012
I had heard nearly nothing about this game upon its release. Amazing word of mouth eventually made its way to me, but I didn't really know anything about Rayman (other than Rabbids). I finally found the tid-bit of info that immediately had me on my way to the game store: co-op in the fashion of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

The co-op system used here is actually better than the one used in the Mario helmed game. At any time during the game a buddy can join in on your game. If they die, they become a bubble. It's then up to you to pop them so that they can continue playing. It improves the Mario system by making the joining of a game seamless (no menu to go to, you can do it anytime), and giving you direct control over your bubble so you can be popped more quickly (no waggling to get it to move in another player's general direction). It also does away with lives. Paired with the bubble system, not having lives makes this game great to play with someone of a disparate skill level. You can tackle harder levels together and never leave them sitting idly because they died one too many times. I was thrown off, but came to love the removal of a lives system, and welcomed improvements to the already stellar co-op and bubbling ideas. Playing through the game with a friend is an absolute blast and you're missing out on a ton of camaraderie-fueled shenanigans if you don't. I plowed through the game with my girlfriend in a matter of a few days (having to do all that I could not to play ahead without her) and we both loved every second of it.

This system is also great because it allows me to play with my young nieces (who are understandably terrible) without it losing their attention because they've died and have nothing to do. I think in time it might be to them what the original Super Mario Bros. was to me, and if that doesn't let you in on the regards I have for this game I don't know what will. That said, while they can play the first few levels with me, that's about it at the moment.

The difficulty of the main levels has a nice curve, and as others have mentioned the new abilities you get are introduced and expanded upon nicely without any need for explanation. The game cleverly pits you in areas in which you have to use your new powers to escape before you can move on, then later rewards you for using them in new ways. The game is full of clever little things like this.

And there are plenty of levels for you to tackle. I feared an extremely short game, but midway through another set of levels opens up that expands on the themes already present (forest, desert, ice/fire, sea, mechanical). On top of all that you have the fiendish treasure chest races, and the secret, brutal final level to give you more to do and a jump in difficulty. I've spent nearly a week now with the game and I'm still working to collect everything there is; you'll give up before the supply of challenges does.

I'll leave it to you to experience the gorgeous scenery and infectious melodies. I find myself gawking and constantly commenting about how pretty something in the environment looks. I'm personally not a fan of the character design though. Has a very 90s vibe to it (which is understandable), but if this were a brand new property I feel like the characters would gel more with the levels and look stunning. And good luck trying to get the music out of your brain. I constantly find myself whistling the tunes and hearing the chipmunkesque vocals in my head. You might not dig 'em at first, but they will overcome any resistance you may have.

Anyway, I can't tell you to buy this game with enough fervor (and that's coming from someone who rents the majority of the games he plays) because not only is it worth every penny and more, but it's one of those games you pick up with no expectations and then start grabbing random people in the street yelling at them to buy the game so that this work of art is appreciated and not seen as a failed experiment because it was released the same month as bunch of triple A blockbuster type games. Also, while you're buying this grab Tomba too.
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on January 1, 2012
From start to finish, Rayman origins is a masterpiece. I completed every level and every bonus level, scored 32 of 36 achievements for 725 gamerscore and got almost every electoon. Graphics are excellent, gameplay is perfect and levels are all wonderfully designed. Took me about 20 hours to beat and I wish there was more because it was such a blast. If you like platformers, get this. I don't even like platformers, but this was just amazing. One of the best games I have played this year.

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on July 16, 2014
Solid side scroller video game, can play up to 4 people.
Its an arcade game, in true spirit of arcade fun.
If looking for depth, move along. Want split second action with multiplayer fun, this is a great buy.
Update 7-20-2014
Must get kids games:
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Xbox 360 (3-6 year old, 2 player, easy and fun)
Toy Story 3 The Video Game - Playstation 3 (3-9 year old+, 2 player, FPS for kids)
Rio - Xbox 360 (3-9 year old+, 4 player, 30+ Party games for kids)
Lego Batman (3-7 year old+, 2 player, puzzler, 3rd person shooter)
Disney Universe - Xbox 360 (4-10 year olds, 4 player, fast action w/mini games, pure arcade play)
Rayman Origins - Xbox 360 (4-9 year old, 4 player, arcade side scroll er)
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes - Xbox 360 (4-9 year old+, 2 player, huge world, action-adventure, younger kids need older player)
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Xbox 360 (4-12 year olds, 2 player, nice variety of puzzle-gameplay, younger kids need older player)
LEGO Star Wars III The Clone Wars - Xbox 360 (5-9 year old+, 2 player, RTS game for kids)
Lego: Marvel Super Heroes (5-14 year olds, 2 player, younger players need to play with older player to navigate world, gameplay fan-tastic, low puzzles)
LEGO Lord of the Rings - Xbox 360 (6-14 year olds, 2 player, my son at 5 struggles but can play with heavy guidance from me, fun game, dad approved, low puzzles)
Minecraft - Xbox 360 (6-17 year olds, 2 player (can be large multiplayer) creative gameplay)
Rest of Lego games are all worth playing, if it wasn't for lego games XBOX would be a vast wasteland for kids under age 8. :)
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Finally taking a break from being overshadowed by demented Rabbids, Rayman finally stars in another platforming adventure. And BOY was this an unexpected turnout! There were a lot of times in which I thought this was too good to be true. No way could a game have such amazing 2D visuals, a gorgeous soundtrack, and incredible gameplay to match with everything alike. It would have to be a beyond-MIRACLE to obtain something like that.

But I couldn't be happier to say that this game fits that bill! The gameplay is very simple - You jump, you punch/kick, you collect Lums, you do whatever it takes to go and rescue the trapped beings in them big cages. However, as simple as it sounds, it is amazingly executed. There are loads of elements that keep the flow of the gameplay at its max it's freaking unbelievable! Just watch the least bit of footage possible and you'll be amazed!

Again, the graphics are EYE-POPPING! This is the finest 2D graphics could go! Everything's all hand-drawn and cartoon-y! Just thinking about it makes my mind thrive with cheerfulness! I absolutely love this look! See the boxart? The game looks just like that! And the soundtrack makes those visuals even more appealing, yet it also adds to the game by itself.

There's so much about this game that I totally find awesome that I just can't put it all in one review (EX: I may as well mention now that there's a HILARIOUS intro when starting a new game). So, if you're still concerned, either go read other reviews or watch videos of the game being played. I prefer the latter.

Overall, this is as close to flawless as it gets. If you are a platformer fan, you'd be just plain crazy to pass this up! Heck, it makes Rayman 2 (Who some claim to be one of the best 3D platformers) look like complete crap! Yeah, I said it.
This is the best game I ever played (alongside Super Mario World), and if I, a die-hard gamer, would praise it THIS much, you have no choice but to buy this game anyway! Whether you own a PC, Wii, Xbox, PS3, etc, you need this game!
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on September 1, 2013
I'm typically not even a platformer fan. Mario games have spoiled me growing up, and most games of this genre really don't stack up well...they usually bore me to tears.
Then along comes this generation, and with it, Rayman Origins.
My mind has effectively been blown. This game rivals anything our favorite Italian plumber has been in.
The graphics will make your eyes melt...they are gorgeous to behold. The controls are excellent, the level design is devious and well varied. The colors just pop off the screen. My 5 year old daughter and I play it via co-op, and she's having a blast.
One of the real stand-out parts of the game is the incredible music. It is catchy, and beautiful and suits each level perfectly. Memorable stuff!

This game was clearly a labor of love, and you owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, hell, we even owe it to Ubisoft, because the world is a better place for having this game in it.
Now I can't wait for Rayman Legends. Please support this series...I would hate for Ubisoft to drop it, with the next-generation right around the corner. I can't even begin to imagine what they can do with this series then!
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on July 15, 2013
In short, Rayman Origins is a simple, fun and fast paced platformer that's very fun with friends. It has gorgeous graphics and fun sound fx that anyone could enjoy.

The down side is that at a certain point in the game (both me and my friend had this problem) the game starts requiring you to replay levels you've already beaten. It punishes you for not collecting every single item in every level. Being forced to replay levels isn't fun in any game and Rayman is no exception.

The best part of this game BY FAR, are the challenge levels. In these frantic super-fast-paced levels, the players chase a treasure chest that is fleeing from them through an absurd obstacle course. Any fan of Super Meatboy, or other Hard-core platformers will love these levels and wish their were more of them.

If you can get a good deal on the game, play through it in a night with your three friends, if you have no friends, you may as well leave this one alone.
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on August 10, 2013
I bought this for my daughter who is 10. She and her cousins (ages 9 and 11) laughed and had so much fun playing the game. The graphics are very rich a beautiful. It was like they were playing/controlling a cartoon. I highly recommend this game. Silly slapping and jumping...some and cartoon violence but nothing to worry about. Safe for the kids.
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on January 31, 2012
Rayman Origins isn't just a pretty copy of the New Super Mario Bros. it is so much more! Huge levels, bosses and tons to explore makes Rayman a comlete blast to play... or frustration as all get out depending on who you are playing with and how much they decide to work against you. Up to four players run, punch and knock each other around the level as the camera zooms in and out eventually all while collecting items and finding hidden areas. The game is forgiving and uses the same death = bubble trick from Mario that allows you to rescue a disabled player or leave them to anguish as you careen through the faster chase levels. The controls are dead on and the game holds your hand as you learn new moves that will be required to masterfully get through the later levels.

The only gripe I have about the game is that the characters are not vibrant or varied enough in their appearance as they could be leading to many "who or where the hell am I?" moments that ultimately lead to a full party wipe.

The only gripe the Mrs. has is the rather... large, buoyant and jiggly jubblies on the faeries that you rescue.

Overall a great party game... great family game is no one minds the jubblies.
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on March 12, 2013
I have been a pro gamer since 1980.(4 years-old believe it or not.) I've even been featured in EGM magazine several times. I never in my wildest dreams thought that a platformer could come along that was as fun to play as a Mario game and I still might not be convinced that there ever could. (Just to clear up, I'm not including the New Super Mario Bros for Wii and Wii U. I can't stomach the Generic Toadstool crap!) However, if there ever was one, Rayman Origins has come closer to that goal than any other game I have ever played. The only thing that is lacking is somewhat more of a back story that would cause you to become more intimately attatched and invested in the various characters. Maybe I'll get that when my daughter and I beat it. (We're 1/3 of the way through.) 2-player simultaneous play! Fun, Fun, FUN!!!!!!!!!

***UPDATE 4-13-13***


Forget what I said about the back story. It's the personality of these characters that sucks you in and makes you love them more than life itself! I have not had this much fun playing, exploring, discovering, defeating, and then going back for more in a game since the first 4 games of the Super Mario series!!!! My 11 year-old daughter and I have been playing this one everyday for over a month now and are a little over 1/2 way through. It has soooo many worlds, levels, and challenges to unfold. It is fresh each time you play and there are always new things to uncover. Then, when you're finished, you get to go back and master your speed runs! Awesome game! Awesome time! I bought this new on Amazon for $9.99. With what I know now, I would have gladly dropped $100 for it. IT'S THAT GOOD!!!!! Look, ignore the price. No matter what you dish out for this one, it will be well worth it. GUARANTEED!!!!!!

***UPDATE 5-16-13***

It's been a few months since I purchased this game and it is still the only one my daughter and I play. I used to buy 3 games a month! The fact that I have found no need to buy or play any other games says more about Rayman Origins than I could ever write. Do yourself a favor, buy this game, and find out what all the rave has been about for the last couple of years.
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