Customer Reviews: Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party
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on November 19, 2008
Rayman and the Rabbids are back! We own both the first and second of this game, and you'll see much of the game's format has stayed the same. In this edition, Rabbids have taken over the television and all its channels, leaving it up to you to win the games in different timeslots on different channels with catchy titles like Trash TV and Macho TV. Win a game in each timeslot, and you earn a new day with new games to play. We have played Monday and are working on Tuesday. New for this edition is the Wii Balance Board games. Know using the board is optional, and all games can be played without. However, be ready to calibrate the board before each mini-game. As a mom of a 5 and 6 year old, I have to agree with the previous reviewer. You should preview all games before deciding whether to let your little ones in on the fun. This edition seems to be a little more edgey and obnoxious than the previous ones. For example, one of the games is called Pimp my Rabbid, and even though you just dress the Rabbids as directed, I don't want to explain or add pimp to the boys' vocabulary. :-) As in the past, you don't win by being nice to the other players, so there's no cooperative play. It's every Rabbid for him/herself. Be prepared for body humor (think fart rockets! and laxative commercials) and some comical violence. However, if it all works for you, then this is non-stop fun. The games are fun and mostly originals, and I love finding the comparisons to real life shows. There's a Cult Movie channel that's on Monday's line up that asks you to shoot chickens in a graveyard as two rabbids are being chased by zombies. I don't know why, but these simple games are addicting, and use of the balance board makes them more so. For example, in one game you mow over your opponent with a tractor on a race track. The balance board is used like the gas and brake pedals to accelerate and skid. In another game, you surf on an ironing board and the balance board really makes it feel all that more real. Another example is when you sit on the board to slide down a snow covered mountain on the stomach of a Beast in a game called Beestie Boarding. So as I said, obnoxiously charming and addictive! Just beware it may not be suitable for your kids, but that's for you to decide. Rave on!
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If you've never played a Rayman Raving Rabbids game you won't believe the level of goofiness and fun involved in these games. This is the third one, this time with those crazy Raving Rabbids taking over the TV airwaves and it's the first one to incorporate the use of the balance board in some of the more than 50 mini games. The games can be played alone, but they're really meant to be party games, and are hilarious with a group of up to 8 people by passing the controls or up to 4, each with their own controls. They make good use of the Wiimote and nunchuk. There are several games that use the balance board and the ones where you sit on the balance board and control the game with your butt by leaning in different directions are really funny, like the one riding a bull down a ski slope. Some of the games are a little crude, like crouching to make your surfing Rabbid pass gas, but imagine that with a group of friends (or the family after Thanksgiving dinner) and you can see how the game could liven up a party. Some of the other games are played standing on the board and leaning one way or the other. Even though only one person at a time can use the balance board, half the fun is watching the person playing.

I have the second Rabbids game but have never tried the first one. I like this one better than the second so far. The games seem a little more fun and maybe have a little more thought put into them. There are a lot of games where you get some exercise, like the dancing routines where you see these little stickmen at the top of the screen directing your moves while the crazy Rabbids and dance on the lower part of the screen or shaking the Wiimotes like crazy over your head. And all the balance board games involve moving around which is better than just sitting around on the couch. You can, by the way, play the balance board games using the handheld controls, in case you don't have the Wii Fit board yet.

I played this game with a friend who just bought it and based on that, I'm putting it on my Amazon wish list. It'll be great for the holiday parties and it's different enough from that last Rabbids game to make it worthwhile but still starring the crazy Rabbid Rabbids that I like. Wouldn't it be fun to have one as a pet?
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on November 18, 2008
I have been looking forward to this game for a while now and was not disappointed in my first night of play. I have a Wii balance board and I had a ton of fun sledding, working out, biking, surfing and dancing - and many of these on my rear!

The whole game itself is charming and well laid out. It can be quite the workout on the abs as an added bonus. My only quibble is that the Wii balance board has to be re-calibrated every time you play a game, even if you're re-playing the last game. That can get a bit cumbersome. But other than that, it's a lot of fun and will have you giggling over the absurdity of things like being in a zombie shootout and aiming for the bunny chickens instead of the zombies.

I can't wait to get some friends over to play along with me as I imagine that playing this game with a group would be hysterical.

Overall I found this game well worth the price and well designed.
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VINE VOICEon December 6, 2008

+Plenty of mini games to undertake
+Makes excellent use of the Wii Remote Controls
+Makes excellent use of the Balance Board


-Not every mini game is a winner
-You still get your moments of weak controls
-The balance board is a little sensitive
-The multiplayer isn't always strong

When the Wii launched in 2006, a little mini game compilation called Rayman Raving Rabbids was released along side and to the surprise of everyone, became a huge hit. Rayman showed that mini games could work on the Wii, perhaps too well. Ever since its success, the mini-game compilations on the Wii have grown out of control. Most of them have gimmicky or broken controls. Through it all the Rayman Raving Rabbids games have remained well crafted mini-games compilations and TV Party.

The Rabbids are trapped in TV this time around. The game is set up in a very intricate way. First, there are seven days. Under each day are mini games that you must complete. The more you complete, the more you unlock and can conquer. There are about fifty mini-games or so, each with their own intuitive controls. Not every game is winner, but at least the majority of them are quite fun and intricate in their own way.

For the most part the game makes good use of the Wii Remote controls. You'll still find yourself getting caught up in mini-games where all your really do is shake the Wii remote, but every now and then you will find a game where you'll find yourself using the Wii Remote in ways it's meant to be used such as on rails shooter game or some of the music games, which happen to be some of the best in this compilation.

New to Raving Rabbids, however, is the use of the balance board for some of the mini games. Yes, there are mini-games where you'll steer with your rump, and yes, they are among the best Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party has to offer. The balance board can be a bit sensitive at times, however and sometimes it doesn't always respond the way you'd like it to when playing some of the mini games. If the balance board isn't working out for you or you don't want to use it period, these mini games can still support the Wii Remote and Nunchuck function.

Visually, Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party doesn't look any different from the previous two games in the series. It looks exactly the same and performs just the same. So you won't find many framerate issues or anything. Mini-game compilations never take a console to its full potential. For the most part, at least, the game is easy on the eyes. You'll also appreciate the spoofs and pop culture references strewn throughout the game. In particular, the movie references are among some of the games best moments. Needless to say as well, the Rabbids are absolutely hilarious. If there's one thing the Raving Rabbids franchise has been able to do well it's put in a good dose of comedy. You'll find yourself laughing several times.

If there was anything that Raving Rabbids TV Party doesn't have going for it, it would be that the multiplayer is still something to be desired. It's a fun game to play with friends but Raving Rabbids still has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential. You'll find there are plenty of mini games where you'll be taking turns rather than simply playing all at once. It allows for up to eight players to participate at least. On the other hand the multiplayer is still missing something.

If you liked the Raving Rabbids franchise so far, then TV Party is for you. It doesn't quite have the same magic as the first game in the series did, but it is miles ahead of Raving Rabbids 2.
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on December 4, 2008
My son bought this game for me and my husband. My husband is 53, I'm 49 and my boys are 23 and 19. WE HAD A BALL. It's a very active, very fun and funny experience. I was sore the next day as we played for 3 hours. This game is for all ages.
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on January 18, 2009
We own the first two. We have an off-beat sense of humor (both Daughters age 9 and Mom). We love the story line and single player mode is great! We love using the balance board.. They think it's hilarious skiing on their bums. We have all kinds of glitches in "Party Mode" and it's frustrating to them. It will randomly stop reading one remote during many of the games. We've switched remotes, players, batteries, reset, etc..
It's still a fun game but I wish I would have read some of the other reviews before I spent so much time (frustrating time) trying to correct the problems.
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on November 18, 2008
RRR3 is similar to RRR2 but enhanced with the use of the wii balance board. Note that if you do not have a balance board, you can still play this game, you just have to turn off that feature.
Personally, I prefer RRR1 because of the storyline set up but RRR3 is still much fun compared to other games out there. I am close to 40 and still find the mini-games entertaining. There's a little bit of crude humor (adds to its charm) but may not be appropriate for young kids. Definitely a great party game.
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on December 30, 2008
We had our first glitch while playing the weather report game. The game declared a winner but we couldn't get it to go to the next screen. We had to reset the game. This has happened a few times. While "skiing" Breakbutt Mountain one of us when off the snow onto some sort of street or bridge and into a black screen. We could see the rabbid getting smaller in the distance and the timer was running but after 5 minutes of this we decided to reset the game. While playing Groove On we played only the remote and not the nunchuk to see how it was scoring. The player got a perfect score when it should have recorded half the notes as missing. I don't know if it's a glitch or not but when playing 4 players the fourth remote turns off during games that are one player at a time. The fourth player has to share a remote for that game. The remote turns back on for group games. We thought it was the batteries but it even happens when we take the batteries from one of the other remotes or get fresh batteries from the recharger.
Although the glitches hamper the game at times it's so much fun to play I don't regret buying this game and the glitches don't stop us from playing.
I don't think the balance board is necessary. Some of the balance board games are more fun to play without it.

The weather report glitch is caused when players hit the A button repeatedly before and as soon as the game starts. This is an attempt to win but prevents the next arrow from appearing on the screen.
The skiing game has a couple of points where you can fly off course and the game has to be reset. The is less of a problem as skill improves.
The problem with the 4th controller turning off during single play games is still a mystery. All the controllers and balanced board have be sync-ed (spelling?) and new batteries tried but now it only happens occationally. We haven't had the problem with 8 players.
We've been playing this game since Christmas and it's still our favorite game. It's just tons of fun and gets everyone involved and laughing. We have a player that dances very well from his recliner and even he has tons of fun playing. This game is great for groups that want to play a game together. Up to eight people can play, you'll have to take group turns and share remotes but that doesn't stop the fun.

F-word alert: the game Groove On has Open Book as one of the songs. We played it many times before we realized it has the f-word in it. It's somewhere in the beginning of the song and we still have to really pay attention to hear it but it's there. It doesn't bother us but I thought I'd mention b/c it does bother some people.
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on December 23, 2013
*I love how you can use the balance board for so many fun games.
*Huge variety of games
*The games are not just fun but funny-Example: instead of sledding down a hill on a sled, you ride a water buffalo
*Nicely set up for group play, if one person is riding the buffalo down the hill, at certain parts the other players and slam them with snowballs
*not Boring at all

*Terrible menu, difficult to navigate, and you can't just pick the game you want to play. You have to earn the right to play certain games, and not all the games are available at a time. you have to choose from like 6 games they are offering, then when that game is done your game options are different. Frustrating if there is a certain game you want to play.
*Hard to remember which game is which from the random titles and pictures on the menu, you end up with the wrong game often.
*Spoiled kids complain that it is not HD and that the video quality is bad,(older parents can see nothing wrong with the graphics.)
*Very loud noise between games, you constantly have to adjust the sound volume

I like this game and would buy again, but I hope in the future versions they will make it easier to navigate and easier to choose what game you want to play.

Fast shipping from this seller-I recommend this game and seller
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on January 2, 2010
Omg, I had read all of the reviews here about this game (which is why I bought it), but none fully prepared me for the experience of actually playing the game. It is hilarious and fun and campy and so weird. I love it!

Before I describe my experience of this game, let me just say up-front that you do not have to have any special controllers for this game. You *can* use the balance board--and I'm sure that makes certain mini-games more fun--but you *do not have to*. This was not clear to me when I purchased the game. Also, let me say that this is only my third game for the Wii. The other two I have played are DJ Hero (also very fun) and the Sports game that came with my Wii. I have only had the Wii for about four days.

Okay, so here are some random impressions about "RRR TV Party" that might tell you something about what everyone means when they say things like it's hilarious and fun:

1. Playing this game is like suddenly being thrust into a really clever, whacky cartoon where the joke is on you. This is not at all bad--it's totally funny. I find it to be a total strength of the game. Someone had so much fun coming up with this stuff. Read #2 below for more about this...

2. In spite of the fact that I read the reviews, I really had no idea what was going on when I started playing. As a result, the entry into the game is a bit random--with lots of choices but no clear sense of what any of them mean. This is not a bad thing. In fact, I ended up laughing so hard and and being totally caught up in the game immediately because I had no idea what would come next.

3. It's a series of clever mini-games, which I love, because I don't have the attention span or time or energy frankly to devote to a game. If I want that kind of depth--personally, I would rather read a book.

4. The mini-games cover almost every kind of video game experience you might want from a Wii as far as I can tell--and I haven't even played them all yet! There's one that's like a driving game, one that's a shooting game, posing/modeling (yes, you walk a red carpet in "Fashion Victim"--hilarious), one that's a dancing game, one that's like a rock band game, one that's a maze, one where you sled, in another you ride a cow, etc.

5. The graphics are awesomely cartoonish in a kind of "Simpons" style: colorful, clean, and simple--but not super flat (like South Park).

6. It's funky and the music is great ("ABC," "Ladies' Night," etc.).

7. The premise of each of the games is basically simple and intuitive enough, but there is always some twist that you have to figure out that makes it hard to master the game right off (at least for me). There were a few games I was like, "Wait, what? What is that about?!" For example, one mini-game directs you to collect bubbles and mid-way through these other animals come out and the game suddenly instructs, "Fight!" But I had no idea how to make my character fight in that game. Instead of finding this annoying, it seemed to fit with the over all wackiness and I found myself laughing hysterically.

BOTTOM LINE: If you want a game that will instantly draw you in and make you laugh, if you're willing to accept that to some extent the game is designed to keep you from knowing 100% what is going on at all times, if you want to move a lot (my heart rate got up in a few), if you like to dance and be silly, BUY THIS GAME. It may be a while before I buy another game--and then I might buy another Raving Rabbid game, lol.

This strikes me as a game that all ages will enjoy.
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