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on April 11, 2013
This is what I have been waiting for! I am a casual gamer that needs to have full work functionality on the go.
My office provided a new iPad last summer, and it took over my use of a laptop for email and web browsing, but any office related work did not go well, especially MS Office can't replace a Windows based PC yet when it is the basis for your office infrastructure.
The Razer Edge Pro is light, powerful, and easy to use. So far, all the software I have installed (with a usb dvd drive) has worked as expected. I have already nearly filled the SSD with some games...that will be a balancing act.

The few quirks I have had in the last few days of ownership (3 since arrival) have been mainly things that are a little better on the iPad. The display is not as sharp or crisp, but that is understood. The odd thing is the screen sensitivity is just a little off at times...just a gentle tap does the trick most of the time, but for some reason it is extra sensitive and the apps overreact at times...minor though. Also, when I jacked into my Sony 1080p TV, the output is only 720p, but it seems a bit fuzzy...I just ran some updates (53 were available already) and have yet to try it again. The documents pre purchase I though had stated 1080p output. The Win 8 tiles and where to find everything has been an unwelcome learning curve, but it will take some time (not quite as intuitive as the iPad).

So far I get about 4 hours of average use from a charge.
Just like my old laptop, when you plan to game, plug it in.
I did get the docking station...that is a must for versatility and expanded functionality.

So compared to a MS Surface pro, you get discrete graphics and more CPU power...yeah, a little steep for the extra cost but in theory, this is will replace my laptop that had an i7 gen2 CPU, 8gb ram, 500gb+6gbSSD drive, 2gb 550 gpu, etc., that ran me almost the same cost 2 years ago. The advantage is the portability and versatility; I reduce my messenger bag's weight by 6 or more pounds...that is huge for a guy with a bad back and is always on the go. Plus I could not find a ultrabook with the same gpu power as the Edge Pro.

So if you can swing the cost and take the time to figure where some things have moved in windows 8, get one if you want the ultimate road warrior machine. So far I don't see many limitations for my needs...

After a few months, I will chime back in with an update...

***Update: Oct. 30, 2013***
I still like the Razer Edge.
Super versatile, portable, and powerful for most tasks I throw at it.
I ran out of room on the 128 GB SSD right away after installing WoW, CoD MW3, and some other software.
So, I have a USB 3.0 1TB portable drive as an add on drive connected to the Razer Docking station.
Because of the battery drain playing games anyway, it works.
I also jack into another monitor to increase the gaming experience, which needs the dock too.

I got a Logitech kb and mouse that share the same transceiver when the touch screen is cumbersome like for spreadsheets, CAD work, etc.

The main gripe or issue I have had is finding well made case/stand.
I bought a rocket fish case, and it is weak (see my review)...I have another on order with a built in kb, but the fit is still a concern.
The best solution would be the Razer Edge Keyboard, but Q3 HAS PASSED AND IT IS NOT AVAILABLE YET (nudge, nudge, Razer!).

But no issues with the tablet related to Razer...only Windows 8.
Once and a while I need to reboot after several 'sleeps' because the touch screen accuracy is off a bit.
Reboot takes 20 seconds, so not too bad overall...

Very nice product; just about covers all my PC needs.

************ Update May 2014 *************
Still working well.
Sent in for repairs due to screen issues with touch on top of screen...replaced without issue and works like new.
Since my 1 year warranty is up, I upped the mini SSD to no worries about space and game play has improved (no more usb3 drive).
Also replaced the wifi for an 802.11ac card...better range and no more dropped wifi connections.

Will run Battlefield 4 at about 30fps...not the best, but playable at 1080p via the hdmi with the docking station.

I have come around on Windows 8.1. It is very nice with a tablet.
Used on a laptop without touch and is more annoying :(

Too bad the nVidia 640LE is the weak point for gaming performance, otherwise has handled anything I have thrown at it with ease.

I assume 2015 may yield a NEW edge...just a guess.
Laptops are not quite as flexible and no other tablet can play the games I like to.
Otherwise for the versatility and power/capability, the Razer Edge Pro is hard to beat!
Just need to take that in stride with the cost.
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on July 11, 2013
Let me start by saying that I am an older 40 years old I can still remember the days when I skipped college classes to install my first CD Rom Drive into my tower computer....

When I saw that Razer was coming out with the edge, I wasn't sure how it would really work. I already own three high end gaming laptops, Alienware, MSI, and Samsung. All are fast but each have had their own issues.

When I booted this up, installed steam and started playing Far Cry 3 (from my last save point) I almost fell over. It was INCREDIBLE!!!! I AM NOT KIDDING AND ONLY TRUE GAMERS WHO HAVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR A LONG TIME KNOW THE FEELING I AM TALKING ABOUT. A world of true PC virtual/mobile game play....

I was stuck at an airport recently, and instead of being bored or playing angry birds on my Ipad, I played 6 hours of Assassin's Creed 3, Far Cry 3, and Borderlands 2! I played simply with the Edge connected to my Verizon Wifi enabled phone....

Honestly, if you are a skeptic or on the fence, this is A MUST BUY FOR AN AVID GAMER if you can afford it....

Thanks RAZER!!!!
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on June 24, 2013
Don't be put off by the 64GB model. If you are open to tinkering with it you can upgrade the hard drive space very easily. Use a torx 6 screw driver to remove the two screws at the bottom and replace the 64GB mSata drive with a larger capacity one, eg a crucial 256GB one is about $190 I believe. You can then buy a mSata to usb adapter and some cloning software to clone the drive to a regular drive then do the same to the new mSata drive. Put the new drive in the machine and it automatically repairs it so it boots okay and you are good to go. You can also ask Razer for a recovery USB drive and they will send you one.
You can also increase one of the 2GB sticks of ram to.

I take my hat off to Razer for allowing access to these parts so it is an enthusiast class machine.

The device boots in like 8 seconds and resumes from sleep in under 3. The windows experience index gives gaming graphics a score of 6.6 , cpu 6.9 and ram 5.9 (it has a CAS latency of 11).

The only problem I have had is a Windows 8 one with a number of Windows Live games not working since they missed a certain xlive.dll. This was remedied by downloading the latest Windows Live software for Windows 8. Rader should really have included this in the system to make it as seamless as possible.

I have the power plan set to power saver with screen brightness at about 25% when on battery and I
estimate I get around 5 hours of juice which is not bad. For car journeys I bought a power inverter for $30 so I can plug it in.

The controller is very expensive for what it is and I don't think it is essential to have, although it is comfortable to hold. The power plug is awkwardly placed at the bottom so when it is resting on your legs it may get dislodged. The controls work fine and are responsive and it does protect you from the heat produced by the device when gaming.
Fan noise is low- can't hear it at idle and when gaming cannot hear it over the speakers.

The system is snappy , autorotate is quick and the on screen keyboard is good.
I do have a small Bluetooth mouse/keyboard combo which is useful if you need to do an ALt/Ctrl/delete. The device does have a dedicated button to activate the keyboard but it doesn't work in a game.

Gaming so far has been smooth on things set on Medium and 1366 x 768 resolution and sound volume is adequate for something this size, certainly enough to fill a small room if watching a movie.
The display is crisp and has good viewing angles, even at the desktop it is easy to navigate using touch.

So save yourself $200 and a long wait, get the 64GB version and do an upgrade yourself.
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on April 16, 2013
You may understand my review when you read about what I had before (skip 3 paragraphs to my review). I did not get the game pad controller piece.

I have a 15' Dell Inspiron (older i7 and Nvidia 540M)with a heavy power brick. I play Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 on it and I have no problem when I connected to a power outlet. I use it all over the house and travel a few times a year. Tablet are slowly taking over so I wanted one too. To me, battery life for tablets should be long and the weight should be low. Almost the complete opposite of the Dell Inspiron because that is a desktop replacement. I didn't want to go with an Ipad or Android because I'm a Windows guy but many people said, "get a bluetooth keyboard, and tablets are laptop replacements." So that is what I was looking for, a laptop replacement. The Razer Edge Pro wasn't available yet so I tested out a few different devices. A Lenovo Thinkpad Twist. A pretty good battery, an i5 with an Intel HD 4000 could play Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 at 5-10 frames a second. Some would say it is playable but not me. I returned it wanting more but nothing with something better than an Intel HD 4000. I took a step back and "well, tablets are suppose to be companion devices so let get something tiny."

I found the Asus Vivotab Smart. It only had a dual core Atom so my mind set was "it can probably play Youtube at 720p but not much more." With my expectations low I was completely blown away with how often I would use it. 8 hours of battery life and a GPS chip made me fall in love with it. This was great, I used the Vivotab for my email, IM, Facebook, Netflix, traveling GPS. To me, it was a great tablet. I did everything I wanted but play Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3 (or serious gaming). Even though I was happy, I was still looking for a laptop replacement.

One day, my girlfriend took a funny picture of me playing Starcraft 2 on my desktop, watching a live feed of a Starcraft 2 tournament on my laptop and reading some stuff at the Starcraft 2 forums on my tablet. She called me a little obsessive with Starcraft. I didn't deny it but it made me think about how I can improve my desktop, laptop, and tablet set up and that is when I found the Razer Edge Pro. Nvidia 640M LE, i7, 128SSD, and 8GB of RAM. Even before I got it, I knew performance wise, it is better than my laptop. It is everything I wanted.

The fantasy bubble pop the day I got it. Because Razer labels it as a tablet made for gamers, I'm going to mainly compare it to the Vivotab Smart with trade offs/pros+cons.
It is almost 3 times as thick and twice as heavy - it has a powerful video card and processor.
No GPS, NFC, or rear camera - no one really uses those things and leaving them out makes the Razer Edge Pro more affordable.
battery life based on my usage: close to 3 hours on the Razer Edge Pro(under 2 hours playing Starcraft 2) compared to close 7 hours on the Vivotab
Razer Edge Pro boots up in under 11 seconds. If you didn't have to HOLD the power button down for 2 seconds, it would be even quicker.
Native screen resolution is 1366*768 but you can output it to a monitor/HDTV and get a resolution of 1920*1080
No HDMI output on the unit itself but there is a proprietary port for an optional dock that will let you output it.
1 full USB port, volume rocker, virtual keyboard button, and screen rotation lock on the chassis.
Jack of all Trades device: Tablet Mode, Mobile Console Mode and Home Console Mode, plus a keyboard mode in the future.
E-reader ability it there but with the battery life being short, heavy weight and bulky design, consider it an added bonus and not a main staple.
Grab and go potential is there. I started this review in desktop mode at home but finished it in tablet mode at work.

If I was just comparing this to a laptop, the Razer Edge Pro all the way, 5 out of 5. If the keyboard dock as available I'd be singing the praises of such of an incredible machine. I carry the power supply with me in my jacket pocket so it is not a heavy brick like laptops. The combination of the Razer Edge Pro, power supply and future keyboard dock could be easier to take around than many laptops (possible even some ultrabooks).

If I didn't have the Vivotab before the Razer Edge Pro, I would probably rate this higher. The Vivotab really showed me the strengths of Windows 8 as tablet. I believe Razer Edge Pro is promoted as a gaming tablet but the majority of PC games require a keyboard and mouse or gamepad so I have to say, this would be the perfect laptop replacement and when the keyboard dock becomes available. When I do get the keyboard attachment, I believe I will change my rating and say that statement loud and clear - "I have found my perfect laptop replacement!" When I dock this and use a keyboard and mouse, I love it. Performance is great. Playing Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3, really good! It honestly makes me very angry that the keyboard attachment is not available for a few more months. Truthfully speaking, I am not that happy with it as a tablet. 3 out of 5 for just tablet mode only. If you are looking for a companion device, don't get this. This is more meant to be a main device or replacement computer of sorts.
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on August 23, 2014
This tablet had everything to be amazing, and it turned out to be nice, but unreliable.

This tablet is for gaming, and here we can say that it plays its part fully. I can play all the game I want (Diablo 3, Battlefield 3, CS Source, etc.) with good graphics and no slow down while playing.
But apart from that, the rest is an addition of small defect, which keep adding up and render the tablet quite complicated and heavy to use.

First of all, the wifi card. Like most tablet, it's not really powerful and you need to be close to the wifi router to have a good signal. That's fair enough, all Tablets I have used are the same. But this tablet overheat a lot when you play a game. It is designed for that so I'm not too concerned, but the backslash here is that when it overheats, the wifi card stop working, making playing online video game impossible. I've found an alternative, which is to use a usb -> RJ45 cable, but that kind of defeat the purpose of a tablet. It's also using the only USB port of the tablet.

There is only 1 usb port. if you want to play, you need minimum two (keyboard and mouse), and another one if you want to play online (usb to rj45 converter). It means I had to buy an expensive multi usb (power cord alimented) to play online with the tablet. Again, we're loosing the mobility of the tablet.

Add an extra monitor is impossible
Because it's a gaming tablet, I'd like to enjoy it while playing on a bigger screen sometimes, but there is not a single connector for that.

The microphone integrated in the tablet is quite weak, I need to shout when I want to talk to people

The salvation - The accessories
Razer developed accessories to help you connect the Tablet to another monitor, adding extra USB, etc. This is fair game, you just need to pay a little extra. But the issue is that these accessories have been out of stocks for years now, and finally deprecated by razers.

This tablet is quite powerful, but useless as it is now. You'll end up buying many converters, multi usb, etc. and it will simply turn it into a desktop PC, seeing that you'll have to move everything if you want to use it for gaming elsewhere.
If you manage to get your hands on some accessories, that might be another story, but they only sell on ebay for a fortune now.
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on December 16, 2014
This is basically the most amazing piece of tech I have ever owned. Most people I know and meet can't even wrap their heads around its existence (which may just say something about their tech experience). And no I'm not joking about these statements. I am in the military and often go to the field. This device has truly been a saver of sanity. Tech spec wise, there is nothing this thing can't do. Ive played hours of the most recent and advanced games on this tablet, and they all run incredibly smoothly, ie witcher 2and 3, skyrim and eso, the evil within, grid 2 etc. It's basically a windows laptop, so I can also do any of the other things I could possibly need to do on a computer, ie MS office apps, translators, etc. I keep it In the advertised soft case, which then fits perfectly into a pelican case designed for 10'' tablets. I bought the 3rd party keyboard and stand, which works ok, but honestly use the touch keyboard more often. The fact that it has a USB port (which I attach a multi USB hug to) is indispensable to say the least.. If you are a computer enthusiasts, if you travel a lot, and especially if you love gaming, find some way of buying this device!

Now, that said, some cons. Namely, why the heck did Razer pull the plug on this? The lack of availability may indicate that people just weren't ready for the future yet. I don't know, but knowing I can't get another down the road sucks. Spec wise, the built in windows apps don't always function correctly (more a windows 8 issue really as has been the case on my other computer). Not that big a deal considering I usually just use other apps anyway. 3 - a small line of the touch screen stopped working a month or so after purchase, which kind of sucks when trying to type or drag windows, etc, but is bearable, especially with a mouse. 4 - it is a bit bulkier than expected, but I really don't care considering its capabilities. 5 - it gets really hot. 6 - an audio driver fail message has popped up since receiving it, even though the audio works fine, so even though I can't seem to find said drive in message, all is well. 7 - probably the biggest thing is the lack of available accessories and support. I would really like to get the keyboard dock, for example.

Anyway, regardless of these flaws, most of which are bearable, this device is still the best piece of tech I have ever purchased so far, and unless razer brings it back, maybe ever.
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on February 8, 2014
I've only had this tablet for a few days so far, but after nearly all of the expectations I had prior to buying have been met, I am excited to post my impressions here for others who may be on the fence about buying one of these. Do it. It is a great machine for gaming and mobile computing :)

So things that I like (my opinion pros)
+ It runs games great (so far Left 4 Dead 2 and Starbound are the only 2 I've tried)
+ The touch screen is responsive enough for most operations
+ Boots very fast
+ Minimal bloatware installed (Thanks Razer)
+ Bluetooth works with the Dualshock 4 controller ;) (initially didn't work, but after some Windows updates, it did)
+ making me warm up to Windows 8

- Battery life is pretty poor compared to other tablets, but the trade off for that is performance
- the wifi/bluetooth radio is kinda flaky, going to experiment with turning off the bluetooth, etc. (signal fluctuates in strength)
- the "out of the box" setup is not ideal. Steam needed to be re-installed in order for me to log in, certain features of Window 8 needed to be tweaked
- peripherals hard to come by (will have to wait and see if Razer can get them re-stocked/released eventually)

Some tips for optimizing the tablet:
enable the "actual, full keyboard" in PC settings
turn off the auto adjusting brightness based on lighting conditions in PC settings
get a USB hub if you aren't getting the docking station
If you want to use a Dualshock 4 controller, get DS4 Tools. Just search DS4 Tools in google. (I can't post a link in this review)

Update March 29 2014:
Having spent more time with this Tablet, I can't honestly say I recommend it anymore. It still works great and I use it very often, but those nagging issues like poor wifi strength, low battery life, and a finicky touch screen do detract from it's appeal. :/ Even worse, it seems as though this product is being phased out of production. The peripherals are still not available anywhere, and Razer shows no signs of fixing that. Basically, if you buy this tablet, you're on your own. That's pretty harsh.

Specifically the problem with the touch screen (since I didn't mention it in my initial review) is that certain programs like Skype don't register "clicks" very well. You could chalk those flaws up to the programs themselves being inferior to Windows 8 apps, but I like my normal looking programs. Also, the virtual keyboard of Win 8 causes flash plugins to crash occasionally.

Despite all those additional flaws and minor annoyances, this Tablet is still very well priced. The performance is still wowing me.
Games to add to the list of one's I've tried:
Sid Meier's Civ 5
(Technically have Magic the Gathering 2013 and Metal Gear Solid Revengence installed, but haven't tried yet)

Update Sept. 21, 2014
games played:
Metal Gear: Revengence
Payday 2
Borderlands 2 (on low)

So I still really DON'T recommend this tablet. It's been months and months with absolutely no sign of any peripherals. I admittedly had an order for the docking station, to be fulfilled in (a few months?)July from like May, but I cancelled it because my tablet did the "waiting for OS to recover" endlessly. Razer support told me (after I specifically called and asked) that the motherboard had fried itself. So, be careful as crap with it? Possibly my fault, but really, with the state of the accessories being nill, just don't buy this thing. I'm sure there's got to be an alternative by now.

Update Jan. 27th, 2015
Selling it. It is junk. Failed to boot Windows 10 Technical Preview (even though the out of box OS is Windows 8?) for the same reason it won't boot vanilla (un-altered by manufacturer) Windows 8. Because Razer doesn't want you to. Their custom version of Windows 8 is the only thing they've allowed the motherboard to run, so when I asked the customer service rep about it, I was a little worried because he told me Razer has no plans to support Windows 10 and did not seem familiar with it.

The short version: The initial performance in playing games and price were both really big selling points, but they do not out-weigh the negatives of: one single USB 3.0 port, poor battery and wifi performance, extreme heat that requires the tablet to be oriented in such a way that it doesn't shutdown because of overheating, and extremely poor support of the company responsible for this product.
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on November 3, 2014
I purchased this product 11/26/13. This tablet is impossible to use for the high-end gaming it supports unless you have its accessories. Unfortunately, half of the accessories Razer promised for this product were never released despite having full technical specs and product info on their site. The accessories that were available were barely available and I've been watching for them for a long time.

Now their support FAQ for this product says the accessories are unavailable except for a few power cables. To be clear, most of these accessories were NEVER available during the time I owned this product.
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on May 8, 2014
The biggest issue with this device is that it is useless without peripherals. On pretty much any other tablet if you were to select an area that has a text input, like a search or address bar, the keyboard opens up automatically so you can input the information. This brilliantly designed device does not do that.

Think about that for a second. Anytime you want to type something into this laptop you need to manually activate the keyboard. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. While you may be thinking “well this is made for gaming” trust me when I say this makes the device so cumbersome to use that it is simply not worth it.

This device is such a pain to use that I would have ordered a return label through amazon’s online service, but got so frustrated that I just called in and had them send me a return label. Absolutely ridiculous.

Also, the dual operating system thing this monstrosity has going on is VERY glitchy, even by Razer standards (which are pretty low to begin with). When it works, it’s alright, but when it doesn’t work you can expect your device to freeze, stop responding, along with a variety of graphical issues.

I still give it 2 stars, because it felt somewhat well-built, and if you were to use it purely for gaming and NOTHING else, then I still feel that this tablet would be O.K. Just keep in mind that you will pretty much need to buy a keyboard and mouse to use along with it.

The touch recognition and general input of the device is horrendous and not what you expect from a tablet that cost more than a down payment on a car.
Also Razer support was next to useless and slightly condescending anytime I asked for help. So there’s that, but none-the-less even the greatest customer service rep couldn’t fix the crap that is this tablet.

Save yourself the headache and buy a thousand dollar paperweight, because that is all this thing is.
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on April 5, 2014
So I bought this tablet three days ago, and will update this review as time goes on.

First let me say I bought this tablet with two purposes in mind, a mobile gaming station, and a versatile portable computer when I needed it. It does both very very well (just change the power consumption settings when you need one or the other). The CPU is amazing for a tablet, it has more ram than it knows what to do with and the independent GPU makes playing games completely painless.

Second, let me talk about the sticking points, Window 8 is a disaster of an operating system, worse than Vista. As a GUI its great, you can customize your start menu to be anything you use very often arranged how you want, and the old 'list of programs start menu' is a flick away from the new one.

However, from there it all goes downhill: Windows 8 and especially 8.1 is plagued with a myriad of bugs, constant freezing, updates that remove essential audio codecs, poorly optimized update software that will idle for hours only to reveal that it was never updating anything in the first place. To put it simply: Windows 8 is very very pretty and has a functional and well made GUI (once you suffer through the learning curve), but its core functionality is lacking in so many respects it will make you weep.

In summary:
All of the hardware: Razer made a beast that could rival much more robust laptop PCs

The software (Windows 8 and 8.1 in particular): if I could have this tablet with Windows 7 it would be perfect.

I will update with a more detailed review as time goes on...eventually windows will fix their OS, or I'll flip a table and just install 7 on it.
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