Customer Reviews: Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter
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on September 30, 2013
I've owned the Razor Ecosmart Metro scooter for about three weeks, and have logged approximately 100 miles on it so far. Let me start with data from my user experience.

RANGE: 7-8 miles on rolling, hilly terrain. I've been using Google maps to measure my longer routes beforehand and have found that I can go about 7-8 miles on a full charge. To achieve this range, I coast when going downhill and don't generally run the throttle wide open.

SPEED: On flat paved terrain, the scooter will run 18mph at wide-open throttle. Coasting down some of the longer, steeper hills in my area, I can hit 25mph, which is as fast as I'd feel comfortable going on this scooter.

CHARGE TIME: 2.5 hours. The owner's manual suggests charging for 12 hours to reach a full charge, but I've found I can get it charged well enough in 2.5 hours to drive 7-8 miles. That said, my general habit is to charge it overnight for 10-12 hours.

Review: I love this scooter. I have a three-mile commute to work from my house, and have ample greenway and bike lanes. This scooter is ideal in this range, and I charge it in my office once I arrive at work. The scooter comes with a basket that I use to carry a lock, groceries, workout clothes, the charger, etc., and I've added a Schwinn Solar Combo Light for driving at night. I've also added a Schwinn Bell, which is handy for alerting pedestrians that you're approaching.

Out of the box, the brake tension was too tight for my liking and made the disc brake squeal and was reducing my coasting speed and total range. If your rear wheel squeaks, you may want to loosen the brake tension to suit your needs. Instructions are included in the owner's manual.

The charger included with the scooter is a 12-volt and plugs into a standard US household electrical outlet. The charger has a red/green indicator light that lets you know when the battery is fully charged. It does not shut off automatically, so you need to be aware not to overcharge the battery.

Assembly was easy, and the necessary tools were included. It took about 30 minutes to set up, and my scooter came charged and so was ready to go once set up.

The scooter has an on/off switch, as opposed to a keyed ignition, and so you'll want to invest in a good lock for it.

CONS: I wish this scooter had a front brake. It comes with only a rear-wheel disc brake. The motor can get extremely hot and is exposed on the right side, so take caution not to touch it when it's been in use for a couple miles.

PROS: Price. Heavy-duty frame feels stable for adults. Top speed is plenty fast for my needs. Fully electric.

Additional Info: I purchased a Raider Deluxe Helmet from Amazon as well. It is DOT approved, which is required by law in my state for a scooter like this.
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on April 16, 2013
I used to ride my bike 2.5mi. from public transportaion (BART) to work. I injured my right knee a few weeks back and was having to drive in to work which I despise for; traffic, bridge toll, parking fee... So I was looking for something that was; cheap (cause I only planned to use it for a few months), Portable (I need to bring it on a public train) and reliable (don't want to be stranded with a hurt knee). This is a great vehicle, it does what it says a far as going around 18mph (on flat ground) and run time is roughly 40 min. depending on the terrain you are riding on. I weigh 240lbs. and carry a backpack but it dosen't seem to mind. I do kind of help it going up two of the bigger hills I have to climb but it still makes it, I do not have to get off and push and the motor dosen't overheat or anything. Overall it was a great purchase, the price can't be beat for what it does, and I save about $10 a day vs. driving so I will have it paid for within two months!
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on April 9, 2013
The pictures don't show it, but the EcoSmart comes with a large luggage rack/basket that can be mounted on the rear fender.

I also have an eZip 500 which is a 24-volt scooter. The increase in power and speed from the extra 12 volts on the EcoSmart is very noticeable. Plus the larger 16" wheels and larger deck of the EcoSmart makes for a far more stable ride. The eZip feels a little wobbly while the EcoSmart feels solid at their top speeds. The EcoSmart's seat height is also adjustable for tall or short riders unlike the fixed eZip seat and the EcoSmart's seat has two shock absorbing springs for an overall smooth and comfortable ride. The EcoSmart's kickstand is also placed under the deck instead of on the rear tire axle, which seems much more stable.

The freewheel (which the eZip lacks) makes the heavier EcoSmart scooter much easier to push around too. The EcoSmart has a plastic two-piece chain guard that almost totally surrounds the freewheel, gears, and chain. The guard is easy to remove to clean and lube the drivetrain and should keep dripping chain oil contained.

The only things I like better on the eZip are the cage around the motor which helps to keep a hot motor from burning the rider and protects the motor in case the scooter falls over, the easily removable battery pack, the steel wheels (vs the spoked wheels on the EcoSmart), and the folding handlebars which make the eZip easier to place in the trunk of a car without busting out the toolset. I'm not sure if the larger EcoSmart could even fit in the back of an SUV without putting the rear seats down.
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on November 3, 2015
Wow if you are on the fence, buy this scooter! You won't regret it. I bought this scooter for its parts to convert my bicycle into a hybrid electric pedal assist bike. Those plans went out the window as soon as I rode it 6 miles home on the first day. The tool kit that it comes with is also a great little tool kit for my other bike too. Out of the box assembly is a snap. You will need to install the handle bar, front tire, seat post (with the seat) and cargo basket that's all. Took me less than 10 minutes without any directions. VERY IMPORTANT: AIR THE TIRES UP TO 40psi! I rode one whole week never checking the air pressure from when I assembled it but you should. You get more range and better top speed having them at the right pressure. They came with about 21psi and airing them up to 40psi made a night and day difference especially how the scooter itself handles and accelerates and coasts. One more thing. The charge port cover is not a plug. It rotates clockwise out of the way of the charging outlet. So many reviewers snap it off right away thinking its a plug. It's not, it twists away.

On to the actual riding experience. I did a range test on purpose to try and kill it and got 12.5 miles on very flat and level paved Florida roads (and some sidewalks) before it dropped to about 6mph top speed and low light was on with throttle applied. I'm around 160lbs 5' 11" my fastest top speed so far was 18mph low winds going straight and flat and 12mph climbing a steep causeway (it nearly killed the battery but it did it no problem) Speaking of the low charge indicator. It's garbage! it doesn't tell you ahead of time when the batteries are low. The low light typically only comes on when you are on the throttle. Even with dead batteries if you have it on just sitting there the indicator will show "Full" - absolutely useless don't rely on it. Count your miles to be safe. You don't want to completely drain the batteries as you risk making them not being able to take a charge. I typically charge it after about 6 miles then it only takes about 2 hours to fully charge it then it's ready to go again. If you completely drain them they will take about 6.5 hrs to fully charge back up inside with cool ac. Charging it in the hot sun or with the sun on the charger takes longer. The cool thing about the scooter is it will maintain a decent top speed (15mph after 9miles in my case) even with low batteries.

It turns some heads and kids go bananas when they see me pull up or take off, I live in a coastal Florida city where everything is within 5 miles each way so I haven't driven my car since I got it and I can comfortably go ANYWHERE around town without the charger and in some cases it's faster than driving because of the stop lights or take about the same time. I carry the charger along usually in case my plans change on the road for longer trips. Carrying heavy groceries affects the range but hopefully you are not trying to transport your groceries 10 miles with this thing otherwise you will be fine. Not having a keyed ignition does suck but having a lock fixes that problem. I added a phone holder to the handle bars (for music and headlight) and rear light to ride at night safely. I absolutely love this thing and after about 200 miles and a lot of recharges everything is holding up well and the top speed is still there. The rapid acceleration has faded but it gets up to speed just fine. I plan to upgrade to 12aH lithium ion batteries, 1000W motor running 48V instead of 36V and a slightly bigger controller. 30mph top speed for a 20 mile range is the goal to seriously make this my daily driver.

Realistic range on a single charge for City commuting (12 miles for me still wasn't completely dead)
Charge time is not an issue if you always plug in after each use
Very affordable
Top speed is too much for sidewalks
You can really give your car a break and use this most of the time
The gas savings
Charging electricity is not even noticeable on my electricity bill. It's a trickle charger that flows a tiny amount of amps over time -one reason it takes so long to recharge from dead
The seat!!! The most comfortable cycle seat I have ever sat on. I must have 1 for my bicycle now.
The bamboo deck is nice

On/Off switch requires you to bend down low to access it
Same for the charge port. Very low on the scooter
Friggin heavy, hit the gym before you buy if you live up steps
Battery level indicator is a joke
Free for the taking without a lock no anti theft anything whatsoever
No suspension
No front brakes

review image review image review image
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on April 27, 2015
Bought this little gem in late Feb before it was warm enough to ride. So being a bicyclist and electronics hobbyist for 40+ years I had time to tinker on it. Mine arrived in perfect condition and went together in 20 minutes or less. Razor provides a tool kit for everything you need which is great. I've been riding it for awhile now without a single problem. Cruises at 15-20 mph and I get 45-50 minutes of run time but rarely ride that long. I have a 5 mile round trip work commute and that barely uses much battery power. I can commute 2 days and still have power before I recharge.

I agree with some of the shortcomings but at this price I feel that's expected. I've spent far more on a pair of bike wheels than I did for this scooter so corners do need to be cut for the low cost. The positive is that it is generally a good design with nice handling and very easy to work on and upgrade if your handy. I agree with poor braking, the rear is just a band brake like I had on mini bikes as a kid, so I added a good quality front rim brake and now it stops on a dime. I improved performance by reducing weight with some lighter parts. Aluminium front wheel, seat post and rear rack. I upgraded the seat (also lighter) and changed tires from the stock ones to 1 1/2" S-tread high pressure tires. As for electrical changes, I added a small control box on the rear foot-board with a key switch, golf cart battery meter, metal charging connector, and a toggle switch for a six LED headlight I added that runs from one of the scooters batteries. Since I removed the original charge connector and On/Off switch from the side, I put on a 12V outlet there so I can use my portable tire pump on the scooter.

So, I feel the scooter is very usable as-is or use it as a blank canvas to play with as I have. I have more ideas but I'm satisfied for the seasons riding and will have winter to tinker more. Yes there are much better quality electric bikes and scooters out there but be prepared to shell out $1000-$1500. For the price this Metro goes for, you can beat it. BTW, parts are readily available all over the web and are very inexpensive.

I suggest you get one and have some fun!
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on March 26, 2011
The Razor was very easy to assemble (my wife put it together) and, after charging the battery, the kids were off and running. The scooter is strong and fast. A helmet is a must with this scooter. The only problem was with the power not really turning off. After the first couple of weeks, I went to move the scooter with the power off and it nearly jumped out of my hands. This could potentially be a serious situation.
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on March 17, 2014
I bought this scooter a couple of weeks ago and I have to say WOW! I live in a suburb that is quite spread out, and work 2 jobs. My roomie and I share a car and it was such a hassle to wait on a ride, or schedule my work around his job (He makes more than I do! :)) .. I needed something smart and easy to ride. Bicycles were out of the question, as the summer heat in Southern Mississippi makes such dangerous for one who is past her fiftieth birthday, not to mention arriving to work sweaty and exhausted with the humidity and heat. So, I thought I'd give this a try. Oh my heavens! It's such a pleasure to ride it's a joy going to work and home again! I'm a plus-sized lady, and was a little worried about loss of power, but that has been zero problem! I make it across town on this in twenty minutes, and that includes stops for sips of water, or just to enjoy the scenery! Light rain seems no problem for the scooter, either. Just be careful of the brakes. The only thing I recommend to enhance the ride is a better seat! Well, that and mirrors to see what's coming behind you, if you ride on the roads (as I have to do because of the appalling conditions of the sidewalks here!) Also, be careful of gravel! I can say from experience, OUCH! Wear a helmet, long sleeves and long pants! Yet in spite of my spill, I simply enjoy Allons-Y (as I call her! ;)) tremendously! I recommend this for anyone. My niece and nephew have also christened me The Coolest Aunt Ever and simply love taking joy-rides when they can. Everyone I meet on the road asks where I got her and think she's neat. I personally recommend this to anyone who lives in the South, for summer commutes, or simply to have fun with.
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on October 2, 2013
I've waited a couple of weeks before writing this review to get a good idea of it's capabilities. I must say, it's a terrific little scooter. I had surgery on my knee and had to stay in an immobilizer for 6 weeks. Life goes on and I have to walk my dogs. So I thought I'd try the scooter. (BTW, my dogs are really well trained and walk tethered to each other when I walk them--they follow me around). It's a blast to ride! And I ride a motorcycle--that's saying something! I ride it for about 40 minutes and never have run out of power. It's fairly quick (~18mph), easy to maneuver and stop. It's powerful enough--I live in a hilly neighborhood and I'm #190 lbs. It does slow down quite a bit going uphill, but it always makes it. I particularly like standing while riding it--that really improves it's maneuverability.
Set up was a breeze. It charges in a few hours. The breaks are just okay. They are probably the weakest part of the scooter. It's a rear brake. I'm not sure why they didn't make it a front break--It would be much more effective. I highly recommend it.
For the price, the build quality is excellent.
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on June 5, 2013
I live in a metro area without a car. Normally I bike or bus from place to place, but I'm either restricted to a bus schedule or my own energy level. This scooter really is EcoSmart. I'm constantly complimented on it. The basket is great for groceries, although you may want to make sure you've got some bungee cords. The best part? There are literally outlets everywhere! I've over estimated how much time I had left on a charge and run out of steam a few times now. Most places I've asked have no problem with charging my bike outside their buildings. In fact, most people are super interested in it. Its pretty heavy, but light enough for me (I'm 5'2' and not very strong) to carry up a few flights of stairs to store in my apartment for the winter.
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on August 25, 2015
I ordered this to use as a mobility aid because I have some health issues and my legs are weak. It arrived yesterday and we assembled it. It is now charged up and I took it for a lunch time test ride.

My big question before ordering, was whether this would truly be adult-sized or is it really kid sized? The pictures don't give you any scale and this category is full of kid things. Well, now that I have it I can report that it is adult sized. I am nearly six feet tall and my legs are long for my height, and I did not max the seat height - there's room for someone taller to go higher if they need to. The handlebars are at a comfortable adult height and I don't feel like I am crouching when I ride it. It's big!

It works really well! I love the big flat deck for my feet. If I put my good foot up first, I can push that foot down to brace myself and get the weak foot up, fairly easily. I can also not use power and not put my feet up at all, and just scuffle along at a walking pace. No pedals to bark my shins. Seat a comfortable height whether I choose to keep my feet on the ground, or put them on the deck.

We cut a piece of PVC tubing and used cable ties to attach it to the frame, next to the straight section below the handlebars. I can put my cane in this tube to carry it, and it doesn't stick out too far or interfere with anything. I didn't even have to collapse it!

The brake is pretty sad. It's a drum brake, rear wheel only, and it hardly stops me at all. I'm not planning to go very fast, though, so it probably won't matter much. I suppose I could modify it to put a real brake on the front wheel, if it turns out to matter.

I wonder if they'll let me ride it indoors at the mall? Or will they tell me it's not an official ADA item and therefore not allowed? It's kinda big and awkward for loading into the car, so I may never test this. It's going to be great for getting me around my city neighborhood, and that's what I really wanted it for.

The documentation says the battery is good for 40 minutes of continuous use. I'm thinking that my use will be more like a series of short bursts, and it should be good for hours of that. And since it also works without power, to just scuffle along at a walk, and it's not like I'm planning to take it miles away, it won't be a crisis if it runs down while I am out. But I hope it won't.

I am pleased with it so far. I hope to ride it for years to come. Since it looks like the new ones are already disappearing from the market, I would not be surprised if it ends up orphaned. If spare parts and replacement batteries disappear, I am perfectly prepared to put on my "I void warranties" t-shirt and fiddle with that stuff. :) But if you're reading this review and on the fence, I suggest you get one now while you can.
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