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on November 3, 2012
Money Talks is one of my favorite songs. I love the way it jams and I can have the kids listen to it and they love it. Need to be careful with other AC/DC songs. Money talks makes a great ringtone If there were 1 or 2 more songs I liked on this I would give it a 5 star
I bought 3 AC/CD CD's to get the songs I wanted - Money Talks is the only one I really wanted from this one. They don't do Amazon individual songs or greatest hits.
AC/DC Favorites
Money Talks
Dirty Deeds
Long Way to the Top if you want to Rock and Roll - Love the Bag Pipes!!
I'll try to listen to some others later to find some I like. I don't like the more vulgar songs.
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on May 20, 2000
Wow, this was an awesome album. Probably the most inventive guitar-work since Brian came over in 1980. You see, this album was significant in that it marks the last time that Brian was able to make a halfway-decent scream. "Thunderstruck" is such a great song, I DARE somebody to find a song that kicks ass any better! "Fire your guns" is faster paced, just another way of saying..."this is how hard you're gonna get it!" "Moneytalks" is a more traditional, old-school AC/DC track, while "The Razor's Edge" surprisingly doesn't talk at all about sex! "If you Dare" starts off simply enough, then hits you right between the eyes! "Shot of Love" is another good track, with the background vocals taking more of a role. "If you dare" was a fantastic closer to this memorable album. Some have criticized this album, as falling into that "stupid lyric" category. But, anybody who reads into AC/DC for their lyrics has something seriously wrong with them. The good tracks I listed more than make up for the four that really aren't as strong. Thumbs up!
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on April 23, 2015
Raw, powerchord and blueslick rock'n'roll. Its a dinosaur thing, a throwback to earlier days, and AC/DC does it so well, they still get away with it where no one else would. Thunderstruck and others are fine, but I bought it for the title track, which is one of those more idiosynchratic sounding pieces. Had higher hopes for Fire Your Guns, but I think it's just a four-star track in a five-star world, but I grooved on it, still, for sure!
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on June 29, 2005
It's like this, I watched the Stones' DVD from Toronto '03 and after sitting through all that lukewarm nonsense Angus Young's opening "Thunderstruck" riff was like a hot knife through butter and I was reminded, once again, just how damn much fun AC/DC is. Alas they have no recorded compilation of their stuff so I made my own, and no AC/DC compilation would be complete w/o "Thunderstruck" or "Money Talks".
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on February 11, 2001
This is AC/DC's best album since Back in Black. This album shows that through a decade of decreasing album sales and some misfortune that they are able to do it all over again. The tracks on this album such as Thunderstruck and The Razor's Edge show a new edge to AC/DC's style. This album is a must buy for a first time or long term AC/DC fan.
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on January 20, 2006
This is the first AC/DC album I've ever owned, and while it may be the only one I own, I may have to add more of their catalogue to my collection.

Razor's Edge was released in 1990, and went platinum thereafter. Two hits were produced by this record, "Money Talks" and "Thunderstuck". Both really strong rock songs. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect with AC/DC, seeing as how prior to this purchase, I had only heard two or three of their hits. In short, I am very impressed with The Razor's Edge. It combines that signature squeal of Brian Johnson, with the classic stop-beat sound that the band is known for. It's straightforward, but it's high quality rock music, by some of the best in rock n' roll.

The Razor's Edge starts off strong with the best song on the album, "Thunderstruck", which, as noted before, was one of the album's two hits. The album exhibits Johnson's awesomely distinct "Uncle Scrooge" singing style, which is actually disliked by some, but more times than not, the rock fans I know agree that AC/DC has done a lot for music, and Brian's voice is really what makes them most unique.

There are twelve tracks on the album, and throughout, it doesn't dip in quality at any point. Yes, some songs are better than others, but they all sort of revolve around a central norm. And surprisingly, unlike other artists, this doesn't work to AC/DC's detriment. The Razor's Edge doesn't pull any tricks to surprise the listener, it just does it's job and creates a very enjoyable rock experience.

The two songs I most recommend are "Money Talks", and especially "Thunderstruck". In short, catchy stuff, very catchy stuff. And I'm definitely impressed. I wouldn't call myself a full fledged AC/DC fan, rather, I'm more of a casual towards these guys. They don't really blow me away, but they didn't need to.

If you like rock music, pick up The Razor's Edge, you shouldn't be dissapointed.
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on August 7, 2012
I must say the sound is so much better on this than BUYV. It's also a better album overall. It's heavier. Though there are a few that i just never cared for.

Thunderstruck 5/5 - Ok everyone knows this one, but it still pumps me up. It's about the guys hitting the town and having a great time, with women of course, not sure if this is a sex song or not, I'm gonna guess partially.

Fire Your Guns 4/5 - Another fast track by them, another sex song.

Moneytalks 100/5 - BEST SONG ON HERE! Why this isn't on their setlist anymore I'll never know. This song just does something to me, it just makes me want to get up and lift a car. The chorus is definetely one of their best. It's about a man whos trying to impress a woman by buying her anything she wants.

The Razor's Edge 5/5 - Great, creepy song. The intro is badass. I think this is about war.

Mistress For Christmas 2/5 - Now this song i never exactly cared for. I think it's kind of like Big Balls, more of a joke than a song. IT just never has a steady pace. It's about a man who wants a prostitute for christmas, another sex song.

Rock Your Heart Out 4/5 - Great riff and chorus. The title says it all, thats what its about.

Are You Ready 5/5 - Great song with great intro adn chorus. Another sex song.

Got You By the Balls 4/5 - This is decent, the riff is the best here. I think it's about a man hiring a prostitute. Another sex song.

Shot of Love 5/5 - Pretty badass riff. Another sex song.

Lets Make It 5/5 - I love this chorus! Another sex song.

Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck 3/5 - This is decent but it seems more like filler. It's about a man who's bad luck takes a turn.

If You Dare 3/5 - This is ok, the best on here is the bass guitar. It's too short. Another sex song.

All in all a very good album, the very good songs overpower the less good ones so don't worry.
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on August 4, 2006
The Razor's Edge is the first AC/DC album I ever got and it turned me on to them. This is their comeback and it sounds great.

The album opens great with the masterpiece known as Thunderstruck. A great riff, great lyrics, great vocals...what more could you need in a song. Fire Your Guns is a great fast-paced song. The next great is the title track. One of the darker songs they've done, it has a great riff, great vocals, and a great drum solo by Chris Slade. Mistress for Christmas' riff is simple but it works. Rock Your Heart Out is one of my favorites from its great riff to its great bassline. Then comes the self-explanatory classic Are You Ready and its great beginning and great lyrics. Then comes Shot of Love. It starts out bad, but a song full of guitar syncopation follows making this track great. Let's Make It is poppy, but it has great drums and good enough lyrics. Then comes Goodbye and Good Riddance to Bad Luck. With one of my favorite riffs on the album as well as my favorite lyrics(especially when Brian says "disposable blues"). The last great song on here is If You Dare. I think it should have been a classic. It has a great chorus and a great riff.

Now as always, time for the other songs. Here's another thing to make people mad after my Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap review. Moneytalks isn't all that great. It's decent, with a good chorus, but it's too poppy to be a classic. Sorry but it is. Got You by the Balls isn't any better.

Overall, AC/DC had made a great rock album here, something they wouldn't be able to do on their next albums.
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on October 15, 2013
I purchased this CD because my boyfriend is a big fan of AC/DC. This is one of the few albums that he didn't already own, so it was part of his birthday gift from me. (It also helps that this is one of my favorite albums by the band, but I didn't tell him that).
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on April 8, 2011
AC/DC did have a comeback of sorts with `The Razor's Edge' released in the fall of 1990, a little over a decade after their monster selling `Back in Black'. To say that the band had been in decline was not inaccurate as the `80's wore on with several mediocre albums to their credit. `Razor's Edge' may not have been remarkably better then `Flick of the Switch', `Fly on the Wall' or `Blow Up Your Video' but what it did have was huge hits. By this point AC/DC had fully embraced MTV and the videos for the singles on the album helped push both the songs and the LP into mega sell status. "Thunderstruck" became the new age AC/DC anthem with its infectious chorus and memorable guitar lines from Angus. "Moneytalks" was the surprise of the record with its melody as it seemed like there was a concerted effort to write a hit single. Bruce Fairbairn who had recently brought Aerosmith back to headline status not even mentioning his work in turning Bon Jovi into the biggest American band of the `80's was enlisted to give the Young brothers songwriting (including lyrics as Brian Johnson was dealing with some severe writer's block) a more marketable sheen. While Angus and Malcolm insisted that Fairbairn did nothing to dull their swords so to speak there is a more commercial sound and while some of the songs may not be overly complicated they were undeniably catchy. "Fire Your Guns" and the title track (which was a slight change in direction for the fellas) are probably my favs but I can't forget to mention "Mistress for Christmas" and "Got You by the Balls" - nothing subtle but the goodtime rock AC/DC was always primed for. `The Razor's Edge' launched AC/DC into their third decade with a renewed gusto and recaptured their fan base, especially in the always fickle US of A and we Americans have never be able to get free of them...are you ready for a good time!
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