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Initial post: Nov 26, 2008 6:12:29 PM PST
clwb says:
Got hooked on True Blood after 2 nd episode and am just waiting for the season 1 finale to air again in a few days to watch it. I enjoyed a lot of Anne Rice (vampires/mayfairs). HATED Twilight, sorry I like my vampire stories dark and adult. Anyway, wondering if I should read the books based on True Blood and if anyone knows how they coincide w/ the series. IE is the series related to a specific book ? IE first season first book ??

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Raven says:
I'd go ahead and read it, although it may not be dark enough for you. The HBO series is much more darker than the novel, and more detailed -- but that's the difference between 12 hours of video vs. 290 pages of writing. You won't see Jason with Maudette or Dawn, or Bill at the "meeting," because they books are written 1st person from Sookie's perspective. The murders might seem downplayed to you in the book. There are also some differences in the book. No Tara, no root worker, no V ... and Lafayette is just a bit character. While Dead Until Dark does coinicide with True Blood Season 1, it ends at a point earlier than the series, and is continued in the 2nd book.

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Ami Boo says:
I started reading the books after the 5th episode of the HBO show. At first I found that the show was running right in line with the book plot but in the last 4 or so episodes the show took a turn down some paths that I'm not to happy about. I never expect a show to stick precisely with the book but I think it should stay with the spirit of the book at least. In spite of that I have enjoyed the show and I was glad to hear them say that there will be a 2nd season.

I seriously love the books!! However I don't know if you would like them. I wouldn't call them dark at all, adult yes but dark no. What they are is a whole lot of fun. They're light, easy to read, they hold your attention and they're just really, really enjoyable. I would suggest you try the first two from the library before you buy any of them.

I've enjoyed them so much that I plan on reading all of Charlaine Harris's books. I just love the way she writes!

Posted on Feb 18, 2009 6:53:10 PM PST
I read the books first, and I'm happy that I did. Although I liked the Trueblood, I LOVED the books.

Posted on Feb 21, 2009 9:33:05 PM PST
B. Murphy says:
loved the book,loved the show. i bought the the boxed set after the fanaly of the show. i have read them all. in about two weeks.
they do get somewhat dark later on.
cant wait for book 9

Posted on May 7, 2009 1:59:13 AM PDT
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Kaija says:
Ami Boo - I agree 100%. I started watching the show first, really enjoyed the concept & got the first book. Read along with the show and it was almost like you could follow along via reading, but at some point (maybe around the time of the Fangtasia/Longshadow incident?) things really started to change & imho, not for the better. Changing the Longshadow outcome changes how we see the characters now & as things progress. Plus it unnecessarily omits (Bubba) & adds (the new red headed vamp) characters. I wish they would have stuck to the book version of Tara and just elaborated on her... I guess they wanted someone who could portray the more gritty, superstitious side of Louisiana? And the addition/elaboration of Amy was so unnecessary. It's one thing to enhance some of the lesser characters, but to create a character we only know of by name in the book, into a somewhat major character, completely changing other characters... it's rather irritating.

And I disagree with the 2nd poster (dmb) that the show is better than the books -- just the opposite. The books are engrossing & the characters are fun... overall it's just much better 'written' (so to speak) than the show. The plot is more believable in the books... the ending of the show with what Bill does... (avoiding specifics) is totally unrealistic. Book Bill would have never done that... not because he doesn't love her, but b/c he's not stupid. There was nothing he could do, yet the show writers make him out to be a blindly romantic idiot. The books can be a little bit dark in spots, but for the most part they're just engaging & enjoyable.

Personally, I've really all enjoyed all the books so far (I'm 1/2 way thru book 7) with the exception of book 5, "Dead as a doornail". I started to see some patterns in it & the outcome was kinda predictable to me, but thankfully book 6 was better & book 7.. well not much has happened just yet. I'd give the books a shot & if you find you like it, getting the box set on amazon is the cheapest way to go -- it's like 1/2 off other places. And while I moderately enjoyed the Twilight series (it's hard not to love some of the characters), the writing itself wasn't that great. The Sookie series is much better & definitely geared for a more mature audience.

Posted on May 7, 2009 9:09:11 AM PDT
JC says:
I liked the show better. I like the characters in the show and missed them in the book. I think I would have loved the books if I had read them first. But I didn't. So I don't.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 5, 2009 8:43:49 PM PDT
D. Kaniowski says:
At first, I did agree with your comment. I LOVE LOVE the True Blood series and was so sad that the season ended..purchsed the book. it was ok, but I kept reading her books 2-6 (I'm on 7). I LOVE THE SERIES!!! keep reading. it gets better. I think the show spoiled the first book for me, but the rest of the books are much more interesting!!

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 6, 2009 12:05:12 AM PDT
Ami Boo says:
I agree that the books get better. I really love the whole series but it wasn't till the 4th book that I really, really got into it. That book made me fall in love with Eric in a way I hadn't before. I just finished the most recent book and it made me cry a little but I liked it a lot. I can't wait for the next one!!

I like the series of events in the books better than what they have in the series but I will watch the new episodes of the show to see what they have in mind. Right now I'm trying to separate the books and the show. As far as I'm concerned it's just a coincidence that the characters have the same names and I'm going to try to appreciate it as a separate story.

Posted on Jun 9, 2009 12:20:50 PM PDT
Georgia Pat says:
My sister and I have discussed the series vs. the books. She's read all the books (she is reading the new one now), and has seen most of True Blood. She strongly prefers the books. I think I would stumble through the series, feeling jarring contradictions in my mental images of the characters in the books vs the reality of the actors/characters on the show (particularly, Eric). I've decided not to watch the series, and just continue to enjoy the books.

Posted on Jun 15, 2009 2:03:42 PM PDT
R. Godoy says:
I am currently reading the books (just finished 3) and I have to say this is the one time I prefer the show to the books. I am planning to read all the books because the story line interests me. However, if it weren't for that I would not have finished the first one. I equate it to watching a movie with bad acting and really bad writing but with a storyline so intruguing you will suffer through the rest. The show at least gives a little more depth (and style) to the characters. I found the first season to mesh very well with the first book. There were some additional storylines added but I think it was fine and I hope it all eventually connects.

Posted on Jul 1, 2009 1:10:44 AM PDT
God, yes, read the books! I watched season one first, then read the books, and I love both. The books are a quick read, though. I read the first 8 in less than a week, and I have a job and two children.

Posted on Jul 3, 2009 8:00:09 PM PDT
Garouix says:
I watched the show first, then read the Dead Until Dark. While I'm absolutely in love with the show, I honestly found the first book to be somewhat vapid and nonchalant about it's self. In fact, it really came off as just a trashy romance novel with supernatural themes. If it wasn't for having memories of the characters in the show, I don't think I would have been compelled to continue reading it. Alan Ball's series adds so much depth and touches on so many issues with various metaphors and controversy. I'm constantly hearing "they get better," so perhaps I'll go ahead and read the next book. I just honestly can't say I was impressed with the first one.

Posted on Jul 12, 2009 5:29:22 PM PDT
J. Douglas says:
I agree with Garouix in that I feel the show, though thoroughly sexual, is somehow more poetic than the book series (from what I have read about it). But watching the show and loving it is what makes me want to read the books, and read the books I shall. I know they will be vastly different, but I think I will still enjoy Sookie and Bill and Jason and all those characters, just in a different light.

Posted on Jul 26, 2009 4:19:10 PM PDT
I adored the show, and was fully prepared to love the book. It took me less than a chapter to find out that it held zero interest for me. Sookie is shallow and annoying, the writing style is awkward and vague, and the sex is creepy AND boring simultaneously. Save a few bucks, go read something decent.

Posted on Aug 1, 2009 4:33:42 PM PDT
Vanessa C says:
I have read all of the books. I Love the show. Give the books a try. There are so many characters that develop throughout the series. Alan Ball said that they have the rights to the books and they are going to produce a show the way they see fit. Some characters in the show don't exist in the books, and some in the books won't appear in the show. They are meant to compliment each other. I thoroughly enjoyed all 9 of the books and can't wait for the next ones to come. Try to read a few of them to really judge. All of the characters evolve throughout the SV series books. A great summer read for sure!!

Posted on Aug 5, 2009 11:32:27 PM PDT
Just don't expect Interview with a Vampire or Vampire Lestat type of stuff with the books. I would say I agree that the television series did darken it up quite a bit. There's still a lot of sex and stuff in the books, but as for the darkness...the books fall a little short in that area.

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2009 11:28:35 AM PDT
Ami Boo says:
It's definitely not dark but that's partly what I enjoy about the books. There are lots of dark vampire books. I think it's nice to have a lighthearted break from that. They're light and fun, very funny in parts but if it's a dark vampire tale you're looking for these books aren't it. I like the show ok too but I don't consider the books and the show to be connected anymore. I try to appreciate both on their own.

In reply to an earlier post on Sep 9, 2009 4:47:35 AM PDT
I debated with myself over getting the books or season 1 dvd set. I just finished reading the twilight saga so I vote d on the books. I have read the entire set. My daughter has watched the series on HBO and from the story line changes that she has mentioned-I'll never watch the series. If you like the tv series at all, you will absolutely love the books. The book series is a hoot!!

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Posted on Apr 17, 2012 7:31:54 PM PDT
HHB says:
I LOVE series one of True Blood, have a few problems with season 2, and a few more issues with season 4, but that'll happen. Had to cut HBO off because I'm unemployed, and then found books 1-5 in a cheap bin at a secondhand bookshop so happily snapped them up. I liked the books - but there is some bad writing in there - so for me the books greatly benefited by having been filled out by Alan Ball's great casting and some really good images filling out some otherwise rather flat writing that is mostly obsessed with Sookie's hair, clothes and boobs, and every man's bottom. I knew there were differences between the books and series, and I was split between where I preferred them - I LOVE Lafayette as a character and I love baby vamp Jessica as a character and she's not in the book at all. I frankly never thought it made sense that Eric would ask for Sookie's help and then just stand idly by while Long Shadow attacked her when Eric, the oldest vampire in the room, could have moved fast enough to at least pull Long Shadow off Sookie, and yet baby vamp Jessica is there in the TV series as a direct result of this change between the book and the show. (I also think it really needs Eric to intervene here for it to be at all believable that Eric and Sookie can ever have any sort of passionate affair or love or whatever later on.) I've enjoyed the books to a point, but I am heartily sick of reading that Sookie is putting on her nylon nightwear, or as someone else pointed out that Bill kicked off his sandals before one of their early hot couplings (cotton, please! or just don't be so specific - and sandals - oh good grief that does not make me hot for Bill AT ALL.) But then interestingly I thought the maenad thing was more interesting in the book than in the show, I always found the end of season 2 a bit of a let down, and Eric far more likable, Alan Ball seems intent on showing us that Bill is Sookie's true love. I don't think "Bubba" needs to be in the series at all, I think that was an excellent omission. If I'd read the book first I would have been really annoyed about the addition of Jessica, but she's brought a lot to the show. Russell Edgington and Franklin Mott were not like their characters in the book but were also fantastic TV characters. Not sure why Fiona Shaw as Marnie was so - inconsistent - she can be so great but wasn't here - and the love scenes between Eric and Sookie in season 4 were flat, flat, flat, they were eyerollingly bad in the book but there was a tiny bit more affection between them. Basically, at the end of the day, I'll enthusiastically watch and read both, even though I think both may have peaked (I've read up to book 5) whenever they cross my path, and I strongly suspect I'll enjoy and be a little irritated by both.
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