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on November 27, 2002
This book is a "godsend", if I can put it "punfully". It details a history of Mohammed and the influences of his culture at the time and his personal life I didn't know. More than that, the book is very fair in stating how much more the Muslims in general venerate their Koran, while relegating the Bible to a secondary category, as they consider the Bible to be error-prone. The author takes all this into consideration, even though the title would suggest that one is only going to use the Bible for "reasoning" with a Muslim. Ron Rhodes is a fine Biblical scholar, and is known for many other books and articles.
From there, the author delves into the differences between the Koran and the Bible. With each chapter, there are questions in a rectangular box to ask a Muslim to make him or her start questioning some of the "truths" in the Koran. This is extremely helpful, and I really like this feature of the book. Even though other books are helpful, a witnessing tool like this really lays the groundwork for real communication, instead of merely "arguing past a Muslim", with no penetration whatsoever. I did do a review of another book, "Islam Revealed", by Shorrosh, and while it is a really good book for a perspective from a Arab Christian's point of view, "Reasoning" is really a more helpful book for actual witnessing. Even if a person of the Muslim persuasion won't accept some of the arguments, the questions will make even a stubborn one stop and think.
I understand Dr. Shorrosh's point that he tried to make in his book "Islam Revealed", because he became frustrated when he heard a debate between an uninformed Christian and Muslim, where the Christian lost the argument, in Dr. Shorrosh's mind. That was the reason for his writing the book "Islam Revealed", and it relates the debate that he partook in with the same well-educated Muslim, a Dr. Deedat, who had trounced the former well-intentioned, but misinformed Christian. It is a very good book, and I'm sure that any Christian interesting in witnessing would want "Islam Revealed", as it is a very well-known book now, but it comes up short with actual questions for witnessing helps.
This book, "Reasoning", not only shores up this shortcoming, it roars past it. Buy this book, it is worth your while.
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on June 27, 2003
In this book, Ron Rhodes does an excellant job of outling the Muslim world view and the Muslim perspective on Christianity. He also poses questions that a Muslim apololgist might pose to a Christian and then proceeds to give historical, scriptural, and/or logical answers in support of Christianity.
The questions leveled at Christianity by Muslim apologists are often the same questions posed by other Non-Christian critics and since this book answers these questions with sound research and logic, the usefulness of this book goes beyond the dialogue between Christians and Muslims with respect to Christian theology, historical validity, and interpretive integrity.
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on January 5, 2004
This book helped me in understanding Islam from both a historical and theological viewpoint. The author not only gives a thorough background of the subject but also answers questions that Evangelical Christians would be confronted with in their personal witness to Muslims. Although the book is written for a lay person, the author makes very sound, easy to understand intellectual arguments. Not only did I enjoy reading this book, but I plan to use it as a future resource.
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on August 30, 2007
I purchased this book as an added resource. Overall, I thought this was a great book, being a former Sunni Muslim there was a lot that I was able to relate to. In addition, many aspects of the religion that I was ignorant to, that were made clear such as History, and the bases of the fundamental beliefs. I enjoyed this book so much; I was able to read it in its entirety in a matter of days. The only aspects I did not really like, was the fact that at times, I felt that the Authors personal opinion, rather than a biblical perspective, was overly exerted. So anyone reading thins book needs to be well versed in the word of GOD, so that they do not get side tracked in feed into the opinions of man. Rather focus on the things of GOD; this is from where clarity comes.
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on October 1, 2010
I don't really see the point of this book. If you want to share the Gospel with your Muslim friends, I don't think that this book will help you much if at all.
The book presents the major topics related to Islam, including Allah, Muhammad, the Quran, sin, salvation and afterlife, and tries to prove them wrong with the Bible.
Rhodes is clearly preaching to the choir with this book, and I believe that this way of evangelizing Muslims is absolutely non-effective, as Muslims do not believe in the Bible. The most likely reaction from a Muslim will simply be getting offended, and this will make your effort of leading him/her to Christ ineffective.
The Word of God is incredibly powerful and speaks to the heart, but I think that an all-out Bible-bash won't do any good; on the other hand, telling people about your wonderful, personal relationship with Jesus and showing Christ-like love is the best way to go.
However, like in every other book by Dr. Rhodes, there are some interesting features, like a few thought provoking questions and simple explanations to Muslim beliefs, but overall I am not very impressed .
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on October 12, 2005
I really enjoyed this book. I have briefly studied this faith and since I had read the Reasoning with Mormons book I figured this one would be just as good. It was. It was extremely informative. One thing I love about Ron Rhodes "Reasoning" books is that they are not negative in any way. They are explanatory. This is what they believe and this is what the bible teaches. It is a non-bashing book. Anyone who wants to learn more about this faith or any other should pick up his Reasoning from the Scriptures books.
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on August 15, 2014
One of the best books I have read on reasoning with Muslims with scripture. I have actually used many of the techniques or reasoning from this books in my conversations with Muslims over the years. In my opinion, the "reasoning" presented within these pages, are the "seeds" that I am called to plant. I pray that ALL Muslims wake up, and see Jesus Christ for who He really IS.
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on October 20, 2015
Ron Rhodes provides exceedingly good insight into the religion of Islam, explaining their doctrines well and exposing their contradictory teachings with biblical Christianity. He formulates suggessted questions after each section to ask a Muslim you may be in dialog with.
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on April 22, 2010
Ron Rhodes does a great job using Scripture to support his points. Great way to understand the differences in Muslim religion and find out how to point out it's errors according to the Bible.
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on August 25, 2015
I'll never single-handedly convince my Muslim friend to receive Christ, but this book is helpful in questions I can ask him about his faith and the Holy Spirit does the rest.
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