Reasons why Leafpool isnt the mother of the three

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Cassie says:
1. If Crow is their father, they can't be related to Tigerstar.
2. Leafpool is a Medicine cat
3. The two belong in diff clans
4. Srry, but whoever came up with the idea maybe wanted Crow and Leaf to have kits, so they started a rumor about it

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Mimosa** says:
Okay, I don't strongly believe the rumor but there are a few glitches with a few of your four reasons. Number 2 and number three have nothing really to do with it because if you read Twilight and Sunset you'd know that they ran away with each other for two days and had been meeting secretly before that for almost a moon. There is a possibility that Leafpool became pregnant in that time. Here are some things that prove that there is a possibility that the rumor is true:
1. It says in the sight that Squirrelflight's milk never came.
2. If her milk never came the three kits would have starved before they were strong enough to go back to the camp.
3. Why was Squirrelflight out in the forest when she knew her kit's would be born soon?
4.Why was Leafpool with Squirrelflight out in the forest when she probably knew that Squirrelflight's kits would be born soon? It doesn't seem like a cat like Leafpool would let a cat who was about to have kits take a long walk away from the camp where animals or other things could harm the kits without a good reason?
5. The play written by Victoria Holmes (one of the Erins) called After Sunset: We Need To Talk is a huge hint. Leafpool was obviously trying to tell Crowfeather something inmportant but after she found out that his new mate Nightcloud had had kits (kit) she really did'nt feel like telling him the "...thing I think you should know..." (Quoted by Leafpool).
6.Pelt Color! No known cat in Leafpool, Squirrelflight, or Brambleclaw's family has a black or grey pelt. But almost every known cat in Crowfeather's family is grey like his mom ashfoot. Because Crowfeather is dark grey, it leads me to believe that his father was black.
7.Eye Color! Although there are cats with amber and green eyes in both Leafpool, Brambleclaw, and Squirrelflight's families, no known cat has blue eyes except Cloudtail who probably got them from his father. But Crowfeather's eyes are blue!
8.In the latest Wands and Worlds Erin Hunter author chat it was revieled that Jaypaw's warrior name would be Jayfeather.Crow/JayFEATHER! But that's not all.You may think that Firestar just chose a name but if you remember when Leafpool got her warrior name, she was named by Cinderpelt! What if Leafpool has a special reason for picking this name?
9.Whenever someone asks if Jaypaw or the other two kits are Leaf and Crow's on an author chat Vicky, Cherdith, and Kate always say that they can't tell instead of giving a straight answer. Weird huh.

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ShadowClaw says:
Good points Total W. Luver. I don't remember that from the sight. I guess I need top read it again. lol

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Mimosa** says:
I know that some people don't believe that one or more of the kits (mostly Jaypaw)are Leaf and Crows because Jaypaw and Lionpaw have both been visited by Tigerstar, but Spottedleaf took Jaypaw away from Tiger but not Lionpaw, even though she knew that the prophecy concerned both of them. What I'm trying to get at is that maybe She was trying to hide the fact that Jaypaw was Leaf's son. But, if the rumor was true and Tigerstar knew about it and the prophecy and/or Jaypaw's secret powers, he could have been pretending that Jaypaw was really his kin so he could take advantige of his abilities. One thing that still puzzles me though is if she is really his kin, why Tigerstar and Hawkfrost haven't visited Hollypaw yet. But I'm worried about if they ever do (wich I think they will) because think about it. Two evil cats that tried to become leaders and try to get their kin to do the same, and one she-cat wanting very much to become leader. I think Tiger may have finally found a cat willing to listen to his plan of clan domination.

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Lilycloud says:
Maybe tigerstar doesn't know that they are Crow's kits... if they are.

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Reedfrost says:
it could be that it's just jay...

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And in the sight, Leafpool gave them honey and woll to line their nests from the moorlands.
and Leafpool has amber eyes and Lion's eyes don't look like Tiger's or Bramble's

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Clawtail says:
Plus, they mentioned in SUNSET: Even slender Leafpool was quite (QUITE!!) Plump.

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yeah. slender. not skinny. Skinny is like starve and slender is what they were born with.and When Crow and LEaf ran away, they didn't just rest .Yeah and Jaypaw is the smallest so that could come from leaf cause it says that she's small or crow cause wind clan cats are small

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Mimosa** says:
I agree with you, but I think that the most obvious clue of all pointing to the rumor would be the play After Sunset. But there's more on the warriors website before the play it says something like "can you figure out the hint about the power of three" (quoted by Vicky H.). Well, I think that it was the fact that it sounded like Leafpool was trying to tell Crowfeather that she had kits and the fact that it was very possible that she did that started the rumor in the first place.

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Reedfrost says:
i think it's just jay.

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Mimosa** says:
Well, it could be all or any of the three but Jaypaw seems to be the most obvious one.

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Lilycloud says:
Reasons Jay is her son, and not the other two (But they might be... who knows?)
1) He's the smallest, so he might have been born to Leaf after the other two were born to squirrel.
2) He's blind... It's like what happened with Yellow, Jay's blindness could be a punishment because leaf is a medicine cat.
3) If Leaf was having three kits, she would get huge and cats would notice. If she was just having one, it would be less noticeable, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight???

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Well Bramblelclaw obvoiusly noticed. he said that she was becoming plump.

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It just makes more sense, over all, that all three of the kits were LeafPool's.
I mean, what's the likelihood of SquirrelFlight and LeafPool having their kits so close together in time that they could pretend all three kits were SquirrelFlight's when Squirrel and Bramble got back together and decided to have kits together so long after Crow and Leaf broke up? It just makes more sense that they're all Crow and Leaf's...

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Mimosa** says:
And in the warriors field guide it Squirrelflight said that she didn't want to have kits. And I was thinking that if Leafpool was pregnant with all three kits she could probably hide it because after all, Yellowfang had three kits (two died) and nobody found out about that.

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Mimosa** says:
And Yellowfang was the cat that told Leafpool that she would walk a path few medicine cats had walked before her. Speaking of wich, did she tell that to leafpool in Twilight or in Sunset? I think it was Twilight. Unless she was talking about Leafpool running off with Crowfeather and possibly having kits, we don't have any clear information about that yet.

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Gavin says:
I think Lilycloud and Total W. Luver both make good points, and having read that "we have to talk" play ive got to say i think at least one of the kits (most likely Jaypaw) is Leafpool and Crowfeathers kit(s).

What i want to know is which of the three kits do you think wll turn out evil? I don't think it will be Jaypaw, and i think Tigerstar has been teaching Lionpaw how to be a great fighter, not a leader. I think that when Tigerstar and Hawkfrost get a hold of Hollypaw, she will be turned evil by her ambition.

Your thoughts?

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Mimosa** says:
At this point it seems like Lionpaw will be the Evil one, but on the wands and worlds author chat #4 (I think) The authors (I think it was Vicky) confirmed that one of the three would be evil, but they also said that there was going to be a she-villan. Hollypaw really wants to become leader. Put it all together and everything points to Hollypaw!

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I think it be awesome if Hollypaw became the bad one a mated out said of the clan

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ok, these theories are NOT mine, but I do agree with all of them

Theory by: Tangleface of WindClan

Why I Believe the Jay/Leaf/Crow Theory

* Leafpool was getting noticeably fat- was it that she was only eating a lot, or bearing kits?

* Squirrelflights milk never came- what if they aren't even her kits?

* Squirrelflight sure was early getting out of the nursery- usually queens need time to recover until their kits become apprentices. If she had kits, she would more than likely need time to recover before going back to her warrior duties.

* Jaypaw recalls in a dream about having to make a journey when he was a tiny kit. Leafpool confirmed the dream to be true. BOTH Leafpool and Squirrelflight were with him and his littermates. What if Leafpool and Squirrelflight went out of the hollow so that no cat would see Leafpool give birth to the kits, not Squirrelflight?

* While Jaykit, Hollykit and Lionkit were in the nursery, Leafpool would sometimes give them treats like honey. Jaykit thinks that she is trying to suck-up to them, maybe she is just giving treats to her kits because she must live a life as their Medicine Cat, not their mother.

* Think of Yellowfang and Brokenstar for a minute. Yellowfang was a medicine cat, therefore not allowed to have kits. Her son, Brokenstar was usually angry (I would imagine) and of course, ambitious. To me, that sounds a bit like Jaypaw, he always seems angry at something, and when he found out about the prophecy he sure did sound ambitious! What if that, his blindness, and other things not mentioned in the books that are out yet are punishment to Leafpool for having the kits?

* Now, think of their pelt colors. Jaypaw is a gray tom with burning blue eyes, Lionpaw is a golden colored tom with amber eyes, and Hollypaw is a black tabby she-cat. Now, where do you see gray or black pelts in Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight's families? I sure don't! What about Crowfeather's family? He is descended from the great leaders Windstar and Gorsestar. Their pelt colors are: brown she-cat and gray tabby. Maybe Crowfeather's fathers have a brown pelt? But it sure is more likely that Jaypaw got his gray pelt and blue eyes from Crowfeather!

* When Jaypaw wandered away from the Thunderclan camp, he walked into Windclan territory. He said that the wind felt oddly familiar and wonderful. Windclan cats love the wind and open moors- what if he is Crowfeather's son, then the wind should feel like home to him like any Windclan cat!

* In the play (Warriors: Sunset: We Need to Talk), right when Crowfeather says that he and Nightcloud had Breezepaw as their kit, Leafpool immediately changes her mind about telling him SOMETHING. It's likely that she was going to tell him that she was due for having kits, but since Crowfeather seems to have taken on another mate and ALREADY had kits, she'd not tell him.

* Leafpool has an unusually strong connection with Starclan- what if Jaypaw inherited his strong connection from Leafpool?

*Bluestar, Yellowfang and Lionheart came to Leafpool, showing her the 3 stars. Why would they show it to her, unless it has something to do with her? Plus, Firestar told no cat about his dream or meeting with Skywatcher, but Leafpool still acts wary of Jaypaw. Could she have interpreted her dream with the 3 stars to be her own children because she wasn't really supposed to have them?

* Crow- a glossy black bird that has a harsh cry Jay- a noisy bird related to the crow but with brighter colors

Similar? Yup, also, Crowfeather (crowpaw at the time) was one described as "a dark smoky gray, almost black tom with blue eyes." Jaypaw is just a gray tom with blue eyes, I guess he's of lighter coloring than Crowfeather! * Some ask, "Why do Tigerclaw and Hawkfrost seem so interested in Jaypaw, Lionpaw and Hollypaw if their not kin?" Well, I'm confused at that too, But I would suspect that, as a Starclan cat is able to sense great power, cats from the dark forest can, too. Even though their not kin, Tigerstar WAS watching as Skywatcher gave his mysterious prophecy about Firestar's kin... he probably wants to use their power. Also, they would be looking for a chance to use Firestar's kin against him......

* In Firestar's Quest, EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER has the Leafpool picture on it! What if she's trying to tell the reader something... give them clues... you know, this is the book with the prophecy for the POWER OF THREE, what if Erin Hunter's trying to show a connection between Leafpool and the Prophecy? It the prophecy IS talking about Jaypaw, Lionpaw and Hollypaw, maybe it's trying to show that Leafpool has a "Special Connection" with them?

* In Dark River, it says when Hollypaw goes missing that Leafpool seemed more worried than Squirrelflight- it maybe coincidence, but what if it's motherly worry? Squirrelflight's SUPPOSED to be Hollypaw's mother, why wasn't she more worried? Leafpool's supposed to be calm about things (med. cat duty), why was she really worked up?

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 8, 2008 11:55:20 PM PDT
these are mine

and also, why is it that Jaypaw is the only one who remembers the journey? And why is it that LEafpool gets all... stif when he mentioned it? And going off of that why would Tigerstar and Hawkfrost be bugging him then? Well you ask someone who is just as evil XD ask Red if SHE would ignore a POWERFUL cat, who really badly wants to be a warrior and learn to hunt... and possibly use that big power to help da evil cats? hmm?

As someone (I am too lazy to check XD) mention, it would be really noticible if Leafpool was bearing three kits... so that leads me to believe that it is possible that it is only one kit, Jaypaw... but also, keep in mind Yellowfang. How many kits did she have? hmm? Three, and as it states in secrets, no one even noticed it. Not even when she gave up the kit...

The way Squirrleflight isnt too worried... more like a aunts worry in my opinion. Well maybe that is because she knows they arent hers. Bramble acts like a father... so maybe he thinks they are his... more confincing.

And hey, have you forgotten something? Leafpool was named after Spottedleaf and or Leafdapple(star)

the Spottedleaf thing... well what if Spottedleaf i liek a godmother to the kits ((if LEafpool is the mother)) that would mean... that Tigerstar is a goduncle or something! XD im really grasping at straws

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Mimosa** says:
I totally agree with all of the points you made and if you haven't already read the list of reasons that I posted near the top of the discussion page you should. I am so glad that someone besides me has remembered that Yellowfang had three kits and not one. And what you mentioned about Crowfeather being dark grey and Jaypaw being grey, remember that Crowfeather's mother Ashfoot is grey (not dark grey!). And what you said about Tigerstar wanting to use the three kits power is simmilar to what I posted a few days ago. The mystery now is why hasn't Tigerstar appeared to Hollypaw yet. Back to the prophecy. I think that maybe the three kits need their power to fight some sort of evil, and I'm beginning to think that this evil has somthing to do with the cats of the dark forest, but at this point I'm not really sure about anything.

In reply to an earlier post on Jun 10, 2008 11:57:44 AM PDT
Suzy J says:
i think at least one (and that would be Jaypaw) or more are Leafpool's kits for a lot of reasons already stated
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