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on May 16, 2013
Note: I was fooled into thinking this was HD or High Definition. I see a lot of these mini spy cameras claiming to be HD or "High Definition" but please know that they are promoting the PHOTO Resolution NOT the Video Resolution, so be warned! The VIDEO Resolution of this camera is NTSC DV 720 x 480p. So that makes this camera's resolution DV 480p NOT HD 720p. If you want these to record properly, you need to get an SD card that is at least 8 - 16 Gigabytes and is rated at CLASS(6)or(10), do not use a CLASS(4) it will choke. Also, this will not work without an SD card inserted and it MUST BE FORMATTED FIRST. FORGET THE DIRECTIONS! FORMAT and insert a CLASS(10) SD card, notice there are 3 buttons on the unit, one side has only one button, the other has two. Lets call the side with two, the "Left" Side. On the left side (two buttons) press and hold in, the button closest to the USB connector. The unit will power on and vibrate. Wait 10 - 15 seconds (very important) before you press any other button or the unit will malfunction and shut down. Make sure when you are shooting that the two buttons are always on the left, this will assure that the video will be captured right side up and not upside down. SO now with the unit powered up, to shoot video press the other of the two buttons on the left side (closest to the lens) and hold it. The light will blink and turn off, you are now recording video. When you are finished, press the second button once and the light will come back on. You have now captured a video clip. To take a photo or capture voice, follow the above steps to turn the unit on, wait 10 - 15 seconds and then press and hold the single button on the right side for audio only, or press the power button once to take a photo. I completely stripped this out of its plastic shell and mounted it to the bottom of a Hubsan x4 Quad Copter. It actually works pretty good and I have no complaints, just wish it was HD. I'll upgrade soon if I can find a true HD mini cam. Enjoy!
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on July 15, 2013
Here is the help. I hope it does.

K1: (ON/OFF) Button nearest USB on 2 button side of unit
K2: (Shutter Button) Button furthest from USB on 2 button side of unit
K3: (Motion Detect) Button on single (1) button side of unit

K1: (on/off) Long press will give vibration and blue then red light indicating standby.

While Red light is indicating standby, a short press on K2, will cause a photo to be taken. A momentary blue light and vibration will be the indication of success. Repeat to take more photos.

While in standby (red LED) a long press of K2 will give you two vibration indications and red LED flashing. Video will begin capture after the third red flash. A short press on K2 will end video recording, 1 vibration and return camera to standby mode (Red LED).

In standby mode, a short press of K3 (only button on single button side) will give 3 vibrations red LED will flash 4 times, indicating motion detect mode is on. When motion is detected video will begin recording after 1 blue flash of LED. A short press of K3 will end motion detect mode and return to standby.

Trouble shooting: If K1 does not turn unit on, fully charging then pressing both K1 and K2 together will reset the unit.

Time Date can be set by looking for a file on the memory card named tag.txt, open and edit with notepad. You will find a single line of text containing a date /time (2012-05-01 23:59:59). Changing this to current time/date then saving, then removing USB from the computer and starting a video, will cause the date time to change to whatever you set, and continue from there.

Standby: Testing this leads me to believe that standby lasts for 2 minutes of no button presses, unless you are in motion detect mode.

Charging battery is accomplished by connecting to powered USB port, blue light indicated charging, when blue LED turns off, charging is complete.

They claim 120 minute battery life, I have not tested.
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on March 4, 2013
Its a cool little toy, just gotta figure out how to use it, since instuctions were written by Chinese guy with no command of writing in English...
So far, to change time and date: Plug into Computer, Open Files, right click (Notepad) folder [TAG text document 1k], Open With (WordPad), change the time and date to the right time and date (plus about 1 min depending on how slow you are) on Command bar, click (File), click (Save), unplug!!! Make a new video, plug back in!!! Should be the right time and date I hope!!! LOL, WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS FIGURING THAT OUT!!!
Motion detecting: Long Press K1 button,(furthest from lense or closest to USB plug, whichever you can wrap your mind around) til long vibrate n blue light, then light stays red, then quick press K3 button, 3 quick vibrates, 3 blue flashing lights, then light goes out and now its in recording Mode (if you just want to make a recording)... THEN QUICK PRESS K1 BUTTON AGAIN, BLUE LIGHT WILL FLASH 6 TIMES, NOW ITS IN MOTION DETECTING MODE!!! Set it down in pre tested spot for maximum view and sound... Will make 2 min recordings soon as motion is detected, til battery wears down or shuts down, havn't figured out that yet,(depend on short bursts, not all day stuff) think it has like 2 hr max??? Long press K1 to turn off, plug in, PLAY YOUR VIDEO'S and BUST UM, LOL funny, my girlfriend wants to know where this little toy is at all times!!! LMAO LOVE YOU LONG TIIIMMMMMEEEE
Oh and remember, pin hole mic is always on the left or you will record upside down, I marked the topside with a couple drops of nail polish for easy identifing... Good Hunting
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on February 19, 2014
If you're looking for a thing that looks like a usb flash drive that also takes pictures and records video when you push buttons, then this is the guy for you.

If, however, you are looking for an HD Hidden Spy Camera with Motion Detection, you should probably look elsewhere.

If this guy was only supposed to take constant video and crappy pictures, it would have a five star rating. But since that's not its supposed purpose...well, that's why it loses three stars (and that's me giving a generous rating simply for not being broken).

You see, there isn't so much motion detection as there is a complete lack of motion detection. The motion detection button simply serves as a "record video. sometimes stop for no reason. then start again." button. Which, in my opinion, renders this thing pretty useless. If you were trying to catch someone stealing crap from your desk (just an example and in no way related to what I was trying to accomplish in real life) by having an inconspicuous item sitting by, you'd never be able to do it. Because, you motion detection. Sure, you could just let this baby run non-stop, but eventually your self-provided memory would run out. Then the thief swoops in, steals your crap, and you're right back where you started.

The other thing is the camera seems like it's on mega-zoom. I mean, in order to actually see anything other than a bunch of crotches (again, based on this thing sitting on a desk), you would have to put this guy about a mile away. So even if the motion detection worked, you wouldn't be able to catch your desk thief unless you were really good at identifying crotches. Which, unfortunately, is not a skill I have mastered.

Oh and I don't know why this says "HD". Unless "HD" stands for "horrible dongle" which would be a weird name to give this thing. Maybe compared to video in the 1890s this is considered HD. But to us modern day people, this barely even qualifies as standard definition. It's akin to streaming video in real player on your dad's 1994 IBM Thinkpad.

You pretty much have to look on the Google machine to figure out how this thing works as the instruction manual is written in Sanskrit. But I wouldn't recommend you even get to the point of figuring out how this thing works, because that means you bought it. And you really shouldn't buy it. I mean, really. Don't. Ever.
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on February 3, 2014
Let me get this straight: Some of you are complaining about the quality of an under-six dollar video camera? Whew!

Mine works, not well, but as expected in this novelty-class camera.

Press the K1 button and it turns on with a gentle vibration (nice touch, but not exactly covert!)
Press the K2 button and it takes a low-res photo. (More vibes)
LONG press the K2 button and it makes 3 vibes and starts a fair to poor video with OK sound.

I haven't tried the motion activated part.

Also doubles as a micro-SD card reader or a USB storage device that also happens to take photos and movies.

Under six bucks.

I wonder how many bad reviews were the result of the problem being located between the chair and the keyboard.
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on May 9, 2014
Use as a dash-cam, temporary surveillance, or toy-cam: velcro to an RC car or helicopter You'll be surprised at what you see.

Dash-cam: Wide-angle cam easily captures traffic signals and license plates. Even what other drivers are doing in the driver-seat!.Simple to use; I velcro'd 2 of them in my car and they work great. Set them in video mode, in the event of an incident, remove the SD card and copy the files to view them.

Pros: Portable, excellant video, easy copy and view in media player. A 16GB SD card will record 90 minutes on battery.

Cons: there is a mic but it isn't very loud. I cracked one of these cameras open and found the design error; they put the mic on the worng side of the housing. Solution: drill a small hole on the opposite side of the cam [front]-hole and the mic picks up everything.
Does NOT write over and and over. Must be erased, so not very lo-maintenance.

Tips: Buy a good 16-32GB SDHC micro-SD card and slip it in.
After initial charging, reset [keys 1+2]. Then, open the TAG.TXT file to set the date & time which appears on any pix or video you take,
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on November 5, 2013
ahh. cheap price = cheap pictures. there's a text file on the camera that has an old date when you view the file in the windows notepad. change the date to your current calendar date and military time format. you'll need to change the hour format every march and november if your location supports dst time, etc.

the instruction manual says to charge this device at least 3 hours. i plugged it into a 5v/1amp iphone/ipod usb charger and charged it overnight (way above the 3 hours). it got warm but it survived. i wouldn't recommend this long charging cycle though.
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on December 21, 2014
First Unit inoperable out of the box. However, I bought 3 more in hopes to make one out of four if necessary. I discovered after finding the second 2 to operate properly, that the extension cable provided is power only and does not have the data pins wired through. In an effort to help the rest of you here is the required format for the time.txt file, this is on one line followed by a carriage return.
Time is in 24 Hour format(add 12 to what hour it is if it is after noon).
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on November 16, 2013
I wish it held a charge longer, but I bought 2, took the unit out of the housing and made my own "nanny cam" type things and caught who was pocketing stuff from my house. Instructions are laughable, but decipherable.
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on January 2, 2015
This thing is amazing, I can't believe it works this good for the price. It's motion detection is so fast that it almost looks like it starts to record a split second before a person enters the room. Picture is not hd however it is clear enough to see who is in the room for sure. For the price it is way more than I expected. It is a chalange to learn how to use it. But I read a review that nailed it better then the directions. I would recomend !!
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