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on February 10, 2014
This review is for the PS4 version of the game:

I'll start by telling you a bit about myself. I'm a 29 year old survival horror junkie. Growing up with the likes of Resident Evil and Silent Hill, I was spoiled at an early age. Unfortunately the gaming industry has turned it's collective back on the classic survival horror experience. Replacing it with FPS and action game elements that create little to no atmosphere and tension. That being said, Outlast is a phenomenal game that reminds me of survival horror's glory days. The game is so wonderfully crafted and produced that non-genre fans will enjoy it as well. But for survival horror junkies like me, this one hits the nail on the head. It has all the ingredients to satisfy our craving for the twisted, macabre, insane, and downright nasty. This is one of the most violently disturbing games I have ever played.

The story is pretty basic but effective enough to engross and keep you intrigued. You play as an investigative journalist named Miles Upshur who is set to explore and gather any information he can in the abandoned insane asylum called Mount Massive. Gameplay is unique for the genre in that you don't actually fight your enemies. You run, hide, and do anything you can to avoid being seen and inevitably killed. So there is a bit of a stealth aspect which is fun. You are armed only with a camcorder that comes equipped with night vision. There are many dark and pitch black areas in the game so this becomes a very useful tool. The camcorder runs on batteries that can be found hidden throughout the asylum.

The game can get overly difficult at times and turn frustrating. There are a couple parts in particular that had me pissed. Overall though it's an incredibly enjoyable experience that is truly a gem in the genre. The graphics are gorgeous. There is a hint of film grain which I personally love (think Silent Hill 2). I hope my review helps you make a decision on this game. If you own a PS4 and are subscribed to PS+ the game is free for the month of February 2014. Happy Valentines Day to me!!!

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on February 16, 2014
Beware this game is crazy gory and by far the scariest game I've ever played. From a sudden noise in the room to the labored breathing of some knife yielding crazy you will find your heart racing as you hide under a bed or in a corner praying they pass you by. I actually screamed once loud enough to bring my husband in to check on me. Enjoy hours of entertainment
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on February 6, 2014
UPDATE: I added a video of 2 minutes of gameplay so you can get an idea of what the game is like. I kept it short because I don't want to give too much away. This is from very early on in the game when things are still brightly lit and you haven't discovered many terrors yet. It gets darker and scarier as the game goes on.

You play as a reporter who is investigating a mental asylum, you have NO WEAPONS! You can only run, hide or die basically. All you have is a camcorder with limited batteries. The point of the camcorder is to use its night vision or zoom. As you explore the asylum and run/hide from its inhabitants you find batteries for your camera and documents to help you figure out what happened here. I loved the clever take on the horror game genre. Most of the time these games give you weapons and you just blast away at anything that moves. In this game without the weapons its so much more suspensful. As the game goes on you get more attached to your camera (night vision) and before you know it your batteries are drained, leaving you in pitch black area as crazed patients close in on you! To get through the asylum you often have to complete tasks like finding keys or restoring power all while running from or avoiding insane psychopaths.

This game is much scarier than Resident Evil and Silent Hill (which weren't that scary IMO). Play this game alone at night in dim lighting and you will be terrified! The game does a good job of creating that horror tension with dark rooms and corridors and eerie music and sound effects (i.e. the wooden floor creaking when you walk). Often you will walk into a room and the lights will go out, or you walk towards a cracked door and see it slam shut, little things to keep you on edge. Visually the graphics are good, lots of bloody footprints on the carpet, remains of the guards and doctors etc. The inmates/patients vary from those that just ignore you, those that talk to you, those that attack you if you get too close and the crazy ones that chase you around. In addition to the regular patients there are 3 main enemies in the game that will pursue you more than the other inmates/patients. This game will freak you out!

This is a great game for a low price. Although the PC version is $20 on Amazon and Steam, in the month of February 2014 the game is free for PS4 if you have playstation plus! Its much easier to play with a playstation controller and on a big screen TV. The game is a bit on the short side, if you play it on the easiest setting you can complete it in 3-4 days. Best part of the game though is making your friends play it and laugh at how scared they get. This game is well worth it.

UPDATE: after finishing the game I am currently attempting to complete it in "insane mode". In that mode most hits will kill you instantly, you can only hold 2 batteries (instead of 10 in normal mode), and you cannot save. That means you have to complete the game in one play through without dying or saving!
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on September 21, 2014
I will admit to this, the first half hour is pretty scary. However, as a game, it is not that much fun. After the first half hour, the game turns from being a horror experience to being a simple game where you have to activate switches and the like. And it gets frustrating too. I read that there is a stealth element, but I couldn't find it since cover is only available in select areas in the form of a bed or locker (hence to active stealth while exploring the game). Certain monsters (mutated asylum patients) seem to have eyes in the back of their heads, finding you in the dark even if you are being careful, making the game frustrating at times, making you have to memorize movement patterns and using trial and error to get through the game. The problem with trial and error is that any feeling of fear is replaced by annoyance and scenes that may seem scary at first lose any horror element when repeated. Also, because the "monsters" and scares are similar throughout the game, the frustrating segments reduce the effect of later scares since we then get used to the ambiance and the kind of scares this game throws at us. If you are very curious (as I was), get it on a steam sale when it's less than 10$. These guys know how to create good atmosphere, but the shock factor goes away quick and you are left with annoying gameplay mechanics. Also, I don't find the running mechanic well implemented, but I seem to be a minority on that issue.
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on February 10, 2014
This game is very scary. Whether it is the mentally insane popping out at you or chasing you, or even checking out a room with your night vision camera, outlast has lots to offer. If you have a pc or ps4, this game is definitely worth the price. P.S. its even better playing it in the dark and with gaming headphones, if you dare.
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on January 10, 2014
Outlast was a game that I had intended to buy from the moment I heard it was in production. Eventually it came out, and although I didn't get it immediately, I had watched a couple gameplay videos, but quickly stopped, and bought this game. It looked absolutely horrifying and intense; which is exactly what it offers. I loved every anxious moment of running from ugly brutes and silently roaming hallways, while quietly peering around corners in a feeble attempt to avoid any surprises. If you decide you are strong enough to experience this game, then be sure to use proper headphones and play at night ALONE. SO MUCH FUN! Happy gaming!
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on June 3, 2014
If anything tells you how scary this game is, I played through Amnesia: The Dark Decent and that game was freaky. Holy crap did I have a hayday with it. I downloaded this, started it, and within the first ten minutes was more scared than I was through all of Amnesia. To beat this game I actually had to force myself to sit down and play it. That's how scary it is. Now don't get me wrong, I loved every second of it. It wasn't a chore to go through it. But it is so scary. A lot of people are complaining about the scariness and saying that it isn't that scary, and I don't know how they played the game but there is a certain way you have to play to get the full effect.

To properly get the experience of Outlast you obviously have to play at night. That's just kind of a no brainer. You have to play in a pitch black room, by yourself, with headphones on. You get so enveloped in the game that you completely forget what is happening around you. It's not a long game, I would say on average about 5 or 6 hours, but it's a really good length. It's not too short, but it doesn't drag on forever either. The graphics look great, gameplay is super solid, but where this game really comes through is the sound. The music is perfect, it gets you super tense at the right times and makes your heart beat ten times faster. It's also really creepy to be wandering through the hallways and hear one of the inmates muttering to themselves, looking for you. Absolutely incredible experience.

Probably the biggest thing that I didn't like about the game was that the AI was lacking sometimes, in my opinion. You would be running from them, run around the corner and jump under a bed and they would be baffled at where you went. One other thing is that you can hide in lockers, but lockers are always paired up. So when you hide in one, as long as they didn't actually see you go in, they will check the one right next to you, but never the one that you're in. Not enough to detract from the game, but kind of annoying.

All in all, this game is absolutely incredible. I got it on a sale for like 6 bucks, but it would easily be worth 20 bucks. I got the DLC, so I'm going to try that tonight, and I can updated for the DLC too :D It's a great horror game, but not for the faint of heart. It is extremely graphic and a little sickening at times. Make sure you play it the correct way, and it will be an experience that you won't soon forget :D
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on February 23, 2014
It is rare for me to mark out enough for a video game to give it a true 5 star review, However I have to do so here. This is what survival horror is really about, and should be. While I do enjoy games like Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor, Resident Evil, etc....they aren't TRULY survival. Survival is a man with a camera running, hiding, and praying his way through the worst situation imaginable. If the guy has a shotgun, or assault not true "Survival Horror". Here, you are a journalist, following a tip that the asylum is conducting strange experiments, etc. Once inside, you are more or less in hell. The story is creepy as hell, the progression is fun, and the fear is real. You feel the characters sense of dread from the jump. While there are ALOT of "jump scares" involved, the game doesn't just rely on them. You will wish it was longer, but no matter how long a game is, if the game is great, you'll always wish it lasted longer. I've played through this game a number of times now, and it's still so much fun! This is a must have for anyone who needs a little fear in their lives.
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on April 20, 2015
I screamed. I shrieked involuntarily. I rocked myself back and forth (paused the game) I held my breath and shuddered and asked myself a thousand times why I'm doing this to myself. Outlast is undoubtedly the scariest game I've ever had the fortunate (unfortunate?) experience of playing. I thought Dead Space was the scariest, but nope. This game gave me unadulterated nightmares. I wanted to wrap up the game ASAP just so I could stop waking up the neighbors. And bear in mind, I played this without any headphones and with every light on. Yeah, my inner-masochist has a tendency to boss me around but I firmly said NO to headphones. With Outlast, I relied A LOT on my sense of hearing. Yup. Every noise can either send you fleeing or hiding. Your character breathes heavily throughout the game and I recall this one time where I couldn't tell whether the shortness of breath came from me or him. LOL.

You play as a reporter by the name of Miles (who's down on his luck -but doesn't know it yet) who receives an anonymous tip to investigate an abandoned asylum. And he chose to do so in the middle of the night without thinking of, say, bringing along a bat, crowbar - or an entire cavalry.The only thing on his person is a camcorder (with an infrared, night vision mode which enables him to see in the dark). The experimentation by the Murkoff Corporation has made the patients - batty. Miles cannot fight back and that's how the developers strike primal fear within you. The only thing you can do is run away or hide from the maniacs. The developers also decided to dial up the terror by adding the option to glance backwards during your sprint (to see if your pursuer is still chasing you). And if you think for one second that you can relax in your hiding spot, then you've got another think coming. You'll find yourself scrambling through crawlspaces, vents, etc. The tension in this game is C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T. So basically, you can't fight back and you hafta make your way through DARKNESS and the camcorder is always in need of fresh batteries.(The infrared mode drains the batts quickly.) Speaking of the night vision, it just increased my anxiety because it made everything look scarier. Spotting a maniac in night vision mode gave me goosebumps. Really.However, the night vision is better than wading though a cloak of darkness with no light.)

So it was bad enough I had to keep an eye out for the homicidal patients (not even my fists could save my life), but I also was panicked by the idea of running out of batteries (which can be found throughout the game). To say that I was anxious would be putting it mildly. I recall this one scene in the yard where it was SO pitch black that I had no idea where to go and I had to constantly turn on/off the infrared mode of the camcorder. Not to mention, the music ratcheted up my increasing terror. All the while, I had to escape the clutches of a raving lunatic by the name of Chris (Big Guy). He's one of those villains in gaming history that you'll never forget. Trust me.

Outlast is obscene and gory. If you're the squeamish type, then don't play this game. Buckets of blood is virtually in every scene. There's dismemberment, gore and nudity. Yup, I had to gawk in terror at a pair of gents' crotch, while they told me exactly what they're gonna do to me (they're not ones to mince their words) once they get their paws on me. Music to my ears (NOT). So if you're the type that offends easily, then I don't recommend this game to you.

I played this game twice (totally insane, I know) and during my second playthrough the experience wasn't as blood-curdling (just to get the collectibles [notes/documents] which I've missed during my first run). The enemies spawn in the same places so you're mentally prepared for them. Nonetheless, it was still very scary. By the end of the game, I was mentally unhinged.

The graphics and sound effects are amazing. The setting is incredibly atmospheric. I don't recall a game that makes you so dependent on your sense of hearing like this one does. If you like old-school survival horror with gratuitous violence, then this game delivers. I read that Outlast 2 is currently in development. I guess I'd better buy my neighbors a pair of ear muffs.
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on May 9, 2014
Well done... I like the idea of no shooting, however, I did find myself wishing for a shotgun!! Not much to add... I'm only an hour into it, and find the production value and 'screenplay' quite sophisticated for a low cost game. I'd be interested in seeing an advanced, more involved version in the future. With a shotgun added! ;-) Not for the faint of heart. Recommend to others.
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