Customer Reviews: Red Dwarf: VIII
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VINE VOICEon March 20, 2006
Red Dwarf VIII, the last Red Dwarf series produced for television, is so far off the original premise and comedic style of the first few series of the show that in many ways it seems like a completely different show. Having an entire ship full of people with whom Lister can interact really shatters the great comedic premise on which Red Dwarf was created, that being that Lister is the last human left in the universe. Personally, I've never enjoyed the premise of bringing back the entire crew and then putting the main characters in prison for nearly the full eight episodes. While amusing, I believe this series has a lot of unwelcome changes and writing difficulties compared to earlier series of the show. The humor is less dense and less clever, often relying on gags that do not even approach the level of razor-edged wit prevalent in earlier episodes of the show.

Nevertheless, there are a few bright spots in this series. Chris Barrie is back and the full cast of regulars is present for the entire series. And there is some occasionally inspired humor that still manages to make this better than most of the other shows on television. Cassandra particularly stands out as a good, "classic" Red Dwarf episode.

Finally, the extra features, as on the other Red Dwarf DVD sets, are terrific, with Smeg Ups, deleted scenes, extended versions of two episodes, a making of documentary, commentary tracks, and much more. The extra features alone are worth the price for any "serious" Red Dwarf fan. Based on that alone, I would recommend this set. Plus, what Red Dwarf fan can resist completing their collection? Sadly, as of this writing, Series VIII is the last Red Dwarf ever produced.

Here is a synopsis of the plot of each episode in this set:

Back In The Red Part I

Kryten's nanobots have recreated the ship Red Dwarf and the original crew as well, which is an especially good thing for Arnold Rimmer.

Back In The Red Part II

Rimmer uses a virus that enhances sexual magnetism to assist him with attracting female crewmembers, but this gets him into trouble when he dines at the captain's table.

Back In The Red Part III

Lister and his bunch face time in the brig for crimes against the Space Corps., so they escape to try and prove their innocence.


Lister joins a special military unit comprised of convicts, only to discover it's basically a suicide squad. Things get interesting when they face the all-knowing Cassandra. This episode is the one in Series VIII that is the most like a classic Red Dwarf episode from earlier series of the show; it is cleverly written and hilarious.

Krytie TV

Kryten's private TV station is most amusing to his fellow prisoners, but the jokes are at the expense of others, which gets him into a bit of trouble.

Pete Part I

Rimmer and Lister are forced play against the guards in a basketball game. They sabotage the opposition's half-time juice with a virility enhancement drug.

Pete Part II

The crew becomes the prey when a sparrow devolves into one of its large dinosaur ancestors.

Only The Good

Rimmer passes into a parallel universe where his other self is the ship's captain.
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on February 13, 2012
I originally bought this as a Christmas gift for someone. To be completely honest, I did not expect much prior to watching this. I had read about it and just admittedly decided it was something I would not, could not watch. That much was already made up in my mind.

Please, allow me be the first to ask you to give this series a chance. It is a really good series all things considered. Yes, some parts are boring and it drags in other places. I cannot go into details about every episode and what it contains, but I can say I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this thoroughly. The person I bought this for had every season prior to this one. Once I showed even a tiny spark of interest in it, I was roped into watching them all. Definitely worth it!

Though this was purchased a while ago, I am just now getting a chance to review it. The packaging was great and it arrived quicker than I had imagined - in plenty of time for Christmas.

I definitely recommend taking the opportunity to watch it. You may find yourself like me: unexpected, yet pleasantly surprised.
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on August 29, 2013
I've got very mixed feelings about this particular series. On a fundamental level I don't really like the idea of bringing not only Red Dwarf, but also the entire crew, back from the dead. However if that's the idea they had to go with then this is probably the best execution that could have happened. It does manage to capture that trapped submarine feel of the first two series, without all the grey. The performances are spot on and it's great to have the original Holly back. The ending is another of those annoying cliffhangers that never gets properly resolved, which the show indulges in from time to time. Overall a pretty good series even if the core idea behind this one wasn't the best.
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on February 21, 2015
I am heartbroken that Amazon has decided to stop making RD available free for Prime members. It was a major source of value for my membership. I had enjoyed RD in college, but never got into the more recent reboot until I could watch episodes whenever I wanted on Prime. What a thrill ride! Lots of fun, whenever and wherever I wanted. I really hope Amazon rethinks this decision
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on November 16, 2011
Red Dwarf Series Eight picks up where Seven left off. Dave Lister has his arm back. The Cat finally will have all his suits back. Kochanski finally has a chance to have yogurt with pineapple in it. Kryten will finally be able to do more laundry. And oh yeah Red Dwarf is back along with Holly. But that's not all, the nanaites that left Kryten to explore the insides of Lister's underwear hamper to restore the ship have brought the orginal crew back as well. However they haven't a clue what is going on. Lister and the crew are brought up on charges by the captain and tries in vain to explain to them that they are in deep space and three million years away from Earth. The only one who is even willing to listen to them is Arnold J. Rimmer. Yes that's right Rimmer is back and he's still a smeg head hologram or real. The only way Rimmer is going to help Lister and the others is to get an edge. Lister gives him a disc with information on everyone and Rimmer checks out the wreckage of the Starbug and finds the luck virus and sexual magnetism. Rimmer is in for one crazy ride. The trial has found them innocnet of the charges however they have wound up in the brig for giving Rimmer information on the crew and must serve a three year sentence in the "tank" the prison level of Red Dwarf. While inside Lister has signed them all up to be canries the prison fighting force that goes in and gets the job done or at least try. Thier first mission is to a wrecked ship on a water planet where they meet Cassandra a computer system so advanced it predicts the future. Cassandra has predicted Rimmers death and Rimmer of course will do anything to ensure that doesn't happen. Kryten hates being in the womens wing of the prison and some of the male inmates catch wind of this and reprogram him so he can show the male prisoners what they are missing. Lister and Rimmer have gotten into trouble a number of times with the captain and they just don't seem to be catching a break. That is until Cat, Kochanski and Kryten come back from a mission with a time wand that could solve all of thier prison time troubles. But as well all know things never go easy for the crew as they learn first hand that messing with time can be dangerous. A virus designed to eat metal has been brought on board and begins to destroy Red Dwarf slowly. The crew abondons Red Dwarf leaving Lister, Cat, Kryten, Rimmer and Kochanski to figure this out with time running low. A chance idea to send one of them to a mirror universe to find a solution and maybe save Red Dwarf. But when its Rimmer who goes through will everything be alright or is this the last hours for Red Dwarf?
So come onboard and check out Red Dwarf Series Eight today.
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on May 5, 2013
Really well remastered red dwarf as well as very interesting and entertaining extra materal relating to the making of each episode.
Its great to still be able to view these wonderful shows

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on August 29, 2013
Very funny and imaginative series. You really need to watch episode 1 of series 1 to understand the premise, but even if you don't, it's still inventive and original. The Kryten character is a classic. The Cat is pretty good too. Lister is solid throughout the entire series. Well worth watching if you like zany British humor.
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on July 17, 2013
If you're in need of a change of brain food try watching the Red Dwarf series. It is an original, nothing like it, sitcom. It's probably even funnier if you're British because then you would get all of the references to British particulars. It would be nice if they had made a version for American audiences but I'm sure most of the zingers wouldn't translate into American anyway. Sit back and relax and listen and laugh hard.
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on August 9, 2013
this was a MUCH better season than 7 which totally sucked. I missed labeled it and will go back and change my review of seven. this one you could tell a lot had changed behind the scenes as at least now it was starting to be funny again,.
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on April 12, 2013
I love Chris, but I missed Rimmer SO much! And the saddest part of losing the Dwarf was always Holly for me. The original crew is back together and Lister can still try to get Chris to like him. Rimmer and Lister are much more friend-like now than before, still at each other's throat constantly, but getting into mischief and having a good laugh. This could well be my favorite season yet!
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