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on November 5, 2012
if you are a fan of red dwarf this is nothing short of a god send. this series is as good if not better than the original i especially love "fathers and sons" possibly the best Lister episode to date. at first i was worded this would be some ham handed attempt to cash in on a old favorite of mine, but much to my surprise its as good as it could possibly be! a credit to those how brought back the small rouge one.
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on November 18, 2012
I have to admit when I heard they were doing another season I was worried that they were "going to jump the shark" with it. I couldn't have been more wrong and I can certainly tell you with no reservations that they did a fantastic job. Its great to see all the crew together again!!

I might buy 2 just to make sure they do another season!!
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VINE VOICEon January 8, 2013
Having waited seemingly forever for Red Dwarf to REALLY return (not counting the lackluster Red Dwarf: Back to Earth), I am delighted to report that the wait was worth it! Red Dwarf X recaptures the feel of the original Series 1 thru 6, especially with the use of a live audience. And the show is FUNNY again, which didn't happen very often in series 7, 8 and "Back to Earth."

[Minor Spoilers Ahead]

Sidestepping (or rather, ignoring completely) any continuity issues, Series X gives the fans back what made the show work best during its heyday: Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten aboard the mining ship Red Dwarf, encountering all manner of cosmic and comic situations. The best of these 6 shiny new episodes are character-driven, such as the excellent "Fathers and Suns." And where else but on Red Dwarf would you find characters traveling back in time, picking up Jesus, then having to give him an emergency operation for kidney stones ("Lemons")?

The only thing really missing is Holly, the ship's original computer. But you just may find yourself laughing too hard to notice. And credit must really be given to the four principal actors for stepping back into their roles with such apparent ease. And everyone has aged extremely well, especially when you consider they've been playing these roles for about 25 years. The show itself looks very polished, but not in a distracting way like Series 7 did.

As with previous series releases, this one has bonus disc with a lengthy documentary, plus that good ol' fan-favorite, the Smeg Ups. All in all, a very solid continuation of a cult show that, happily, refuses to die. Highly recommended.
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on April 21, 2013
I loved this season. While not up there with the best season they did in the past I can't judge based on that since people like different season best due to personal taste.
It was great seeing the old crew back together with a live audience and creative solution to the budget.
Some highlights:
The dwarfers meet Jesus.
Rimmer gets some peace with his past.
Lister gets a lesson in responsibility from his father - himself.
I can't say too much without giving it away to the lucky few who are fans and havn't seen it yet.
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on November 21, 2014
If you liked the original style of Red Dwarf, when it was just four dumb guys marooned in space, grab this now! It perfectly re-captures the zany antics of our favorite Smegheads, with a slightly better budget than the first go around. I could see every one of these episodes fitting into, say, season 3, perfectly. Buy it now. Even if you were a little put off by Back to Earth, Series X is a return to everything that made this series brilliant to begin with. Make sure to watch the special features; Cat will make it personally worth your while. ;)
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on July 6, 2013
Red Dwarf X is a brand new series (or season, to us Yanks) of Red Dwarf, more than a decade since the last such season. This alone is cause for celebration among us Dwarfers. Though certainly not as good as it was in its prime, the boys can still elicit the laughs.

This time around we have only four major cast member, our core four if you will: Lister, Cat, Kryten, and Rimmer (as a hologram again). The boys are back on the Dwarf, not in prison, and the rest of the crew is absent, including Kochanski, as is Holly. For those wondering, there is never an explanation given as to the resolution of Series 8's cliffhanger ending, nor why Rimmer is a hologram again. We're just kind of thrust into the boys in their current situation, without any real backstory to fill the gaps.

As I mentioned above, these six episodes are clearly not the best the series has had to offer. However, there is still much here to love for a true fan of the series. The actors are as true to their characters as they ever were, and to a fan like myself it brings a smile just to see them on screen again. Couple that with the trademark Dwarf humor, and this is one fan who is eagerly awaiting the announce of a series 11! Or 9. Or whatever these crazy guys do next!
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on July 10, 2013
I've been a Red Dwarf fan for decades. I liked the rawnes of the first 2 series, the increased complexity of the series 3 & 4, and the polished entertainment of series 5 & 6. Series 7 was horrible. Series 8 was, IMHO, almost as good as series 5 & 6. "Back to Earth" struggled, but was still better than series 7. Series 10 again reminded me of series 5 & 6. SO depending on which part of Red Dwarf's history you preferred, you may like it as much as I did as it harkens back to the best Red Dwarf produced.
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on November 8, 2014
Omg, they're back! Much better than season 8, and don't put it in the same catagory as Back to Earth.... Only thing is, i did purchase because i was hoping for a commentary. Does not have commentary. They do have smeg ups, though! They are really working on another season, too! It is truely Red Dwarf as it was intended, with a better budget, proper bunk scenes, and good storylines!
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on August 6, 2014
Classic British television. This series is one of the funniest sit-coms to come out in the last 30 years. My kids watched it with me back in the '90s and they still watch it today. When I found the season 10 on Amazon, they flipped. I loved it then and I love it now. The flavor of the show is still as fresh today as it was back then. I recommend this shows for people with a sense of humor. No depressed people allowed!
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on February 18, 2013
First, I should let you know who this review is coming from. I've been watching Red Dwarf for over a decade now, since I discovered it on PBS (where it was broadcast in the U.S.). I typically put Red Dwarf on when I go to sleep each night, and can quote pretty much any scene from memory. I am a serious Dwarfer.

I wasn't sure what to expect of series 10 after series 9, "Back to Earth." While I did enjoy series 9, it wasn't exactly the Red Dwarf I fell in love with. I enjoyed seeing them back together again, they all did a good job getting back into character, and there were some good jokes in there. But it wasn't the same, you know? The structure of the story was different, the scenes were shot differently, and the absence of a live audience OR laugh track did seem to take something away.

I have now watched each episode 3-4 times and I'm very happy to report that none of these issues are present in series 10. This is a genuine set of Red Dwarf episodes. Plenty of soon-to-be-classic plotlines and hilarious quips. I laughed out loud many times, and it is a joy to see these guys playing their classic characters again. I'd bet each of these episodes will become a classic in its own right, as Red Dwarf episodes do.

Also, this being the Blu-Ray version, I have to say Red Dwarf looks good in HD. I'm only watching in 720p but it's still very noticeable. That being said, they did a great job with the set design and despite the uptick in visual clarity it feels like we've come home to Red Dwarf. It doesn't look exactly like the old series (and it couldn't, really, being different sets on much newer video equipment) but it is much closer to say, series 3, 4, and 5 than it is to 9.
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