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on June 14, 2011
When I saw that another Red Faction game was coming out, I was very excited since I loved the last one on the 360, with its open world where you could take things at your own pace, do challenges when you wanted to, and other sandbox elements.

Don't get me wrong, the game is quite fun while it lasts, and the magnet gun is by far one of the nicest weapons in a game. The destructibility of the environment was quite nice as well, meaning that in most parts of the game you can get through using only the magnet gun. Once you beat the game, you unlock an extra very strange weapon, 'Mr.Toots" who is quite destructive if bizarre.

The main problems that I had with the game were twofold:
1. The game is short. I was searching every nook and cranny to try and find extra content, and still finished the game at a brisk 8 1/2 hours.

2. The sandbox elements of the last Red Faction are gone. The game leads you around by the nose at all times. At many points, if you are trying to back track a bit to go pick up some ammunition you left behind, the game starts a 10 second countdown telling you to get back to the area you are supposed to be in. (I assume that if you do not, you will lose the game, I never tried to goad it too much to be honest) At any point in the game, if you are at all uncertain as to where to go, you can press a button on the control pad to create a glowing trail showing you exactly where you are supposed to go.

I joked to myself when I saw the SYFY games logo on the front that it would be much like SYFY movies, entertaining, but lacking somehow. How correct I was.

Good for a rental, or to borrow from your friend, I wouldn't suggest buying it until the price comes down to $30 or under however.
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on July 12, 2011
But seriously, I still don't know why it was. A catastrophe opens the game, but it doesn't wipe out all life on Mars, not even close. I guess it was only used for dramatic effect. But I'm just quibbling now.

I thought Red Faction: Armageddon was a good game, but I also liked it less than Red Faction: Guerrilla, for one simple reason. RFG takes places above ground, allowing more room to move around and enjoy the view when destroying a building utterly. While destroying things is just as cool in Armageddon, the fact that 90% of the game takes place below-ground really felt limiting in terms of destruction. There are really cool weapons, and the action in the game is very fun, but something felt missing, and I think it was the stifling nature of the subterranean setting.

To add to that, I'm still not entirely sure why the game has to take place below ground. In the opening mission, a terraformer is destroyed, meaning that it stops converting the atmosphere into breathable oxygen, forcing everyone below ground. But the problem I have with this is that it seems to me that it would have been easier to just build pressurized habitats above-ground while they try to repair the terraformer, as opposed to just moving everyone underground. Because I imagine they had to use some sort of converter to get breathable air below ground as well. I suppose that they skip over explaining this in order to get the plot going, which has all to do with discovering something deep underground. It probably also has something to do with that this is not a sandbox game like Guerrilla was, and so taking place underground helps with creating the very linear levels in the game.

Armageddon is also very polished. I admit that I had problems with the game freezing on me multiple times initially. I believed it to be the fault of the game at first, only to discover that my XBox was to blame. After replacing it though, I had absolutely no problems with glitches or freezing. The weapons are, for the most parts, fun to use, but again, many of them (the explosive ones mainly) would have been so much more fun in an above-ground setting.

The story in Armageddon is fairly straightforward, with no real twists, though I give the game credit for not being a fairy tale. It gets rather dark towards the end and I appreciated that.

The voice acting was so-so. It's an action game, and the actors very much have action-y dialog. It's pretty forgivable since most of the time you're going to be blowing stuff anyways.

The game is shortish. I think I completed the game on the hardest difficulty (which isn't incredibly hard at all) in a day, so it might have taken eight hours or so. I don't really have a problem with that, though, because I have replayed it twice since that first time. If only it was more open and above-ground, I think it would be nearly endless fun. I am still hoping that some downloadable content might fix a bit of that problem, though.

Overall I would recommend Red Faction: Armageddon. It's not the greatest game ever, or even the greatest game this year. But it is good enough that you won't be bored or frustrated while playing it, and completely demolishing a building is still as fun as it ever was.
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on March 14, 2012
I had played a demo of this game and wasn't impressed, but when I saw it on clearance at Target I picked it up. I was ready not to enjoy it, and I almost stopped playing the game early on. For some reason they had a really difficult section where you're on a slow moving elevator being attacked by a bunch of the giant aliens. I died over and over, until I finally got lucky and survived just by running back and forth and firing some shots. The funny thing is, I didn't really have much trouble with any other part of the game, overall it's relatively easy. I'm not sure why they had such a difficult section so early in the game.

I really grew to enjoy this game, I mean it's not without problems and annoyances, but the destruction, badass weapons, and big enemies were awesome. The game is a little claustrophobic, especially after the previous games, but I felt that it worked. The story is decent, although I felt it was a little unnecessary how they killed the one character off. One of the best parts of the game has to be the pacing. It moves along very well, with fun and varying mech levels, interspersed with repairing things, destroying things, and killing monsters. Also, while I didn't mind too much the repairing of things, the tech was completely unbelievable and I fell through the floors multiple times while fighting, though thankfully it didn't usually result in death except in the lava levels.

So overall, you could do a lot worse than this game, it's a relatively long campaign with lots of excitement, at the current price I consider it a 5 star game.
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on July 3, 2011
Red Faction Armageddon is somewhat confusing to start with, and has a few problems. Biggest problem is game saving; a tough part is coming so gather all the supplies you can and upgrade as much as possible then save. It will tell you it saves, but loading your save you find you have to do it all again; it only saves such things at an autosave. After completing the game, you can choose new game + where you keep everything from the first game-the second playthrough is much more fun than the first.
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on December 9, 2015
Fun destroying environments as usual to series
Guns are fun, and interesting to use
Enemies are satisfying to kill
Graphics are pretty decent

Story is cliche and worthless - I barely watch the cutscenes
Music is forgettable
Generally a constant darkness but not to a scary effect. This isn't a horror game and the enemies aren't scary so there should be a mix of light and dark
The realistic cave environments are great looking but you get stuck constantly
The action gets repetitive
Your little onboard assistant is personality-less and annoying
The main character looks like a Riddick knock off and sort of like a meathead d-bag

Expect a fun little distraction but don't expect a mind blowing experience
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on December 24, 2011
Red Faction Armageddon is not amazing, doesn't do anything new, but it is a great shooter that you should definitely pick up at around 20 bucks. The infestation mode gets old quick and Ruin mode gets boring in about 5 seconds, but the campaign is definitely worth a playthrough. It will take you probably around 8 hours and even though the story isn't great, it is good enough to serve its purpose of getting you through location to location. The magnet gun was awesome and is definitely a highlight of the game.

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on June 8, 2011
I had my hopes up for this game and for the first time in a long time I can say I was not dissapointed! The destruction engine is great, the Magnet Gun is an absolute blast to use and u get it fairly early and it has not left my arsenal since. The campaign has a very sci-fi feel to it, including the soundtrack, which I very much enjoyed. Keep in mind that the destruction in this game is NOT scripted like 97% of other games out there, YOU decide when and how a structure is damaged/destroyed if even at all as well as how its repaired.
Here is my personal opinion on the main parts of the game.

STORY: 8/10
SOUND: 8/10
WEAPONS: 10/10

Overall I highly recommend this game!
One thing to keep in mind is there is no versus multiplayer! Only the co-operative survival mode, which is up to 4 players via xbox live or system link.
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on March 15, 2015
Red faction Armageddon was a very good game well constructed very cool visuals lots of fun weapons and last but not least one of my favorites has powers as in superpowers LOL in the game the main character has something called a situation awareness module also known as Sam who gives you pretty cool abilities such as in awesome shield telekinetic push and a shockwave that rips apart just about everything you hit LOL and also one of my favorite things about this game you can keep all of your powers plus your upgrades after you beat the game so that when you start a new campaign you still have all the goods and can add to your experience also you can use the credits that you obtain in the game to buy even cooler weapons and get unlimited recharge time for all of your powers this is just one persons opinion but I thought the game was definitely deserving of the five-star rating I gave it I hope this review help someone to make the decision to buy it. thanks
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on July 15, 2011
Red Faction: Armageddon.

First let's talk about what's not to like: the story is paper-thin, there are no real plot twists,
it's about as linear as a game can be, and only seems to exist to fill the gaps between stopping about laying waste to and abundance of enemies,
be they human or otherwise, and while the voicing is bearable the dialogue isn't, and SAM, your faithful Situational Awareness Module has more personality then any other sentient life.
The ending is rather anti-climatic so don't expect things to end on a high note.
Collecting salvage is eventually rewarding, put still a pain to collect.
Scenery is bland, granted this is the barren planet mars we are talking about, but they could have made it more interesting.

That said, let's talk about the good:

You start with access to only a few weapons, but as you progress you will find more either dropped by enemies or laying near the mangled corpse of someone who failed to utilize it properly,
everything from assault rifles, to rocket launchers and MUCH more. (don't want to spoil it.)

You gain access to exo-suits, the first being a construction suit used for heavy life, later a military version complete with a high-caliber machine gun and heat-seeking rockets.

The nano-forge is a useful tool as well as an awesome weapon, knocking back your opponents, repairing destroyed materials, creating a protective shield and more.

There is a new game+ that carries over all upgrades you purchase for the nano-forge and unlocked weapons, and you can start on any difficulty setting. i.e beat it on easy, then play it on hard will all weapons unlock and nano upgrades.

Infestation is fun, up to for player co-op fighting waves of aliens, and any upgrades and salvage from single player carry over and vise versa.

Blowing things up is a blast.

Combat is very satisfying.

All in all I found Armageddon a lot of fun, I believe you will to as long as you are not looking for depth.

Graphics: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Audio: 8/10

Story: 4/10

Replay value: Excellent.

Worth $59.99?

I would say no, $49.99 maybe, if you tried it and really liked it, I'd say around $40.

I also thought it might be worth mentioning that I have heard of freezing and other glitches, just so you are all aware.

I rented this game for five days, beat it on all difficulty settings, and completed all waves of the infestation mode and had no problems whatsoever.

Hope you found this helpful, cheers!
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on June 29, 2011
If you've ever wanted to level a city using Sci-Fi Weaponry, this game is for you!

Concept: 8/10
Red Faction Armageddon takes a step back from Red Faction Guerilla in the sense that this is a story-driven linear game. It's not an open world / sandbox game. However, this game focuses on giving you new and creative weapons, enemies to fight, and cities that you can level to the ground... literally.

Story: 8/10
The game takes place 50 years after Red Faction Guerilla. After a terraformer malfunctions, the atmosphere becomes uninhabitable and the colonists are forced to live underground. Darius Mason heads out to repair the downed terraformer and a doomsday cult sabotages the operation. Mason unwittingly disturbs a massive hive of predatory aliens and they swarm the colonies. Armed with state of the art weaponry, Darius must battle through the hordes of aliens and save Mars. The story is pretty straightforward and does a good job at connecting the missions, but that's about it. Because Darius is a wise cracking character voiced by a "nice guy" actor, the tension and drama are missing from the story. Millions are about to die and he's cracking jokes about the air conditioning... The game really could have been darker, with more of an emotional impact.

Weapons: 10/10
Best Weapons Ever! There are the standard weapons in this game, dual pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenade launchers... But where Red Faction Armageddon pushes the boundaries on the tech based weapons. The Magnet Gun allows you to literally hurl a building at an enemy, or hurl an enemy at a building with the force of a wrecking ball. The nano gun and particle beam literally erase parts of a building and when you hit enough of the load bearing walls, the building collapses. There are explosive weapons like rocket launchers and grenade launchers, too. Mason is also armed with nano tech weapons that allow him to throw up a force field, paralyze enemies, rebuild destroyed structures, machines, cover, stairways... You can level an entire city, then rebuild it, then destroy it again...

But the weaponry isn't just limited to side arms. There are mechs as well as land, sea, and air vehicles as well. These are also outfitted with some of the most destructive weapons ever. Rocket pods, chain lightning guns, cluster bombs... After playing this game, I'm not sure that I can go back to using MP-5's or Desert Eagles. They just won't feel the same.

Levels: 7/10
When the game puts you in a city and allows you to cut loose, it is phenomenal. However, not all levels are great. There are a few where you are in caves shooting at demons that jump around like giant grasshoppers, cling to ceilings and attack you. You feel like you're in a giant bowl surrounded by snipers. On Normal Difficulty, this isn't that tough, but on the Harder Difficulties, this can get really annoying. Fortunately, most of the game allows you to Blow Stuff Up!

In addition to running around on foot with an arsenal of weapons, you also get to pilot futuristic mechs, tanks, planes, and a floating barge. All of the vehicles have impressive weaponry.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are pretty good and the cutscenes are well animated. This game isn't going to win awards, but the setting is believable. The look of the weapons, vehicles, demons, and characters is also worth mentioning. The art team did a great job at bringing the creatures, weapons, and landscapes to life.

Sound: 9/10
BOOM!!! CRASH!!! CRUNCH!!! CRUMBLE!!! This game is best enjoyed when played LOUD!
For the most part, the voice actors do a good job, it's just that the witty dialogue takes away from the drama.
The soundtrack is also pretty good and highlights the action.

Replay Value: 7/10
The Campaign is about 7 - 9 hours long and there are two online modes. All of the modes have 4 difficulty settings.

Infestation is a "survive the waves of enemies" mode where you can play in a group of 1-4 players. There are plenty of maps with different types of objectives. There are 30 different waves for each map and difficulty settings for each wave. In the earlier waves, you are attacked by swarms of alien grunts. As you progress through the waves, the enemies get tougher and in some cases, the levels are quite dark. To add to the challenge, if you are killed, your character falls to the ground and starts to "bleed out." If you bleed out, you are done. Another character can rescue you by standing near you and quickly pressing the X Button. When you are rescued, you lose 1 life. You get a set number of lives depending on the number of players playing and the difficulty of the level. It is possible to fail if you don't use teamwork.

Ruin allows players to see how much destruction they can cause in a set time limit and earn some fame on the leaderboards.

Maturity: OK for Teens
The game is rated M for splattering aliens and a few swear words. It's about as graphic as stepping on a grasshopper and than swearing. If you can handle that, you can handle the game. There are a few human enemies encased on armor, but their deaths really aren't graphic.

Overall: 8/10
Red Faction Armageddon is a fun, linear, game that will allow you to happily destroy things to your heart's content.
Buy this game if you love the Red Faction Series.
Buy this game if you love Destruction!
Buy this game if you love Science Fiction Action Movies.
Rent it if you have 8 hours and you want to finish the campaign.
Avoid this game if you NEED a sandbox game.
Avoid this game if you NEED VS Multiplayer Modes.

If you like linear monster stories in space, check out Dead Space 2!
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