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on August 13, 2014
I own a few of Redcat's RC's, and most of them are quite reliable given their price point. This model is an exception. I noticed almost all the reviews on this truck were quite old, but took a chance and bought one, thinking that Redcat had rectified issues causing complaints about this truck.

Well...they haven't. The only new feature about this truck is waterproof electronics. Beyond that, this truck still breaks way too easily, and parts support is very sketchy; Parts that are supposed to fit this truck required a lot of fudging or modification to get them to fit....

So, just don't get this truck, regardless of your experience level with RCs. If you're wanting a small bashing machine on the cheap, I suggest getting the Redcat Racing Tornado EPX Pro. Yes, it is smaller than this Volcano, yes, it won't have as much ground clearance, yes, it won't soar through the air like this truck will.

BUT, buggies fly very nicely through the air, and I have bashed my Tornado EPX Pro to oblivion and back, and I have not broken ONE SINGLE PART on it, not one! So if you want a small basher, get a Tornado EPX Pro, and a LiPo battery with the appropriate connector if you don't have one already, and bash (or race!) away! If you buy this Volcano, you will only end up with headaches and a leech on your wallet.

UPDATE, 9/10/14: After sending an angry email to Redcat entailing my experience with this truck in comparison to my other Redcat vehicles, a supervisor in customer service has, and is collaborating with me on this matter.

He helped me diagnose an issue that I was having trouble with, and sent me extra parts AND replacement parts. The issue I mentioned was a defective part on the truck, a shock absorber. He sent me a new shock and a stub axle that I found needed replacing. I bought the aluminum hubs for the truck, and Amazon's description failed to specify that you NEED to buy a pack of set screws for the rear hubs, as the stock set screws don't fit the aluminum hubs. He is working with Amazon to rectify that, and sent me a pack of set screws for my trouble. Upon receiving the set screws, I found that the set screw holes in the hubs were bad. After sending a photo of the hubs, he sent me a new set of rear hubs, which I am waiting for now.

I added a star to this review only because of Redcat's SUPERB customer service. Once I get this truck back up and running, I am just going to stick with driving it on mild terrain, and tiny jumps. I stand firm in my opinion that this truck simply cannot handle heavy bashing, which is disappointing because it's cousin, the Tornado EPX Pro, is still going strong with no part breakage!

Redcat Racing vehicles may not be the best, but in my opinion, their customer service is. I still won't recommend this truck, I think it was designed to only handle a brushed motor setup. Having a brushless motor, especially on a LiPo battery, just pushes this truck's components far beyond what they were designed to handle.

Having said that, if I were to go back and buy this model again, I would buy the brushed version. I don't think I would be having these issues with the more mellow brushed set up. I have recently purchased a Redcat Tremor, which has been awesome, and I have high hopes for the Caldera that I ordered. I will recommend Redcat vehicles, but not this brushless powered Volcano. Go for the brushed version, or pick a different model. I'll post a review of the Caldera after I get it and spend some time with it.
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on November 2, 2012
the battery that comes with this truck. it's pretty good but only last 10-15 minutes when you run it hard. this is my first rc truck i bought. i bought a lipo battery and wow. this thing flies! double the speed and runs 30-40 minutes. always remember tho. the faster it is. and you hit something. it's gonna break something. i ran this 4 times on the orginal battery and 4 times on the lipo battery, and so far this truck is just awesome! i'm 37 . i have jumped (small jump) my driveway. flip this truck. had it do cart wheels. and still going strong! with the lipo battery . you can not gun it! it will just flip over on its roof. it has that much power.! you have to remember these are not a toy. they can break.when you go full speed and hit a curb. yea things will break. you have to treat these like a real car. i would highly recommend this product.
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on November 11, 2012
So i rarely write reviews, but i felt like this rc vehicle deserved a little better than what people were saying, i bought it almost 2 months ago (to give you a timeframe) and the only thing that ive broke is the dogbones, and honestly they were just slighty bent (not enough to render this undrivable)

even crashed it into my mailbox at 40-50 mph, and the only thing i had to do was unscrew one of the steering arms and reset it.

Ive seen this thing roll down my driveway as sometimes i drive it a little harder than i should. and when i say roll, i mean if it where a real car, it would have been an unrecognizable ball of metal.

i hear the receiver has problems, the only reason i cant confirm this is for 10 bucks i bought a spektrum reciever so i could use my dx6i with the car.

So i dont go total A.D.D on you, ill just give you a pros and cons list


-Durable (just dont clip a curb or a brick wall at 60mph)
-Fast im not kidding that with a 3s li-po/li-fe this thing does about 50-60mph
-Hop Ups Available From Redcat/HSP (aluminum everything, and some carbon parts and esc upgrades)
-Not very hard to repair (just need a few small torx/allen and a few precision screwdrivers)
-Decent ESC with cooling fan


-The stock nicd/nimh battery is complete trash (buy a cheap 2-3s lipo with at least 2000mah)
-The receiver might not be all that (but alot of people already have TX/RX etc)

all and all im very happy with the car and would buy another one if i had the dough.
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on April 22, 2016
I am in love with my toy. Bought it for $250 and spent another $150 in two batteries, intelligent fast charger, 12V power supply, Banana plug to T plug adapter, motor heat sink, aluminum parts, etc. $400 total but very funny.

I take out one star because i found a lot of mistakes in the assembly of this car. Seems like they do it so fast that the quality is not priority.

I highly recommend to disassemble and assemble again to make sure everything is properly aligned and set. There is a lot of content in YouTube. Highly recommended is to spend a few bucks in aluminum parts. You are able to tighten much better the screws than on the factory plastic parts, which eventually become loose (very soon).
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on September 22, 2015
Good overall but two glitches I can't quite fix. ESC shuts down when getting started with any resistance like say grass or your hand holding model. RedCat replaced ESC, motor and battery. Same deal. Amazon sent another, same deal. Annoying when it flies across yard at gps clocked 36 mph, then can't get started going uphill on 1 inch of grass. Tries three times then shuts down. Other issue is passenger front, lower screw pulls apart and throws dog bone. Both first and second one did this and no good fix. Tried super glue, gorilla glue so maybe aluminum part would do it? Kind of disappointed that it is not bullet proof but it is a budget model. Seems like Chinesse product in that it's 80% of what you want for 60% of the price. If they'd get bugs worked out I'd buy another but as is, probably won't run much because it breaks.
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on January 2, 2015
I just received my Volcano EPX Pro today. Santa brought RC's for the whole family and after driving the EPX version I knew I had to upgrade to the Pro and give the EPX to the wife.
I had my first RC in the mid 80's ( The GrassHopper ) and then in the mid 90's I had the USA 1 Nitro burner 4x4. So I knew I wanted Santa to bring us some electric RC fun for the whole family.
So even though I have been out of the RC world for a while I am no stranger to it but the technology has increased 10x with the motors, ESC's and Batteries are the huge leap. So I have been trying to catch up on the times in the RC world in the last two weeks and having fun just learning about all the new technology's.
So the Volcano EPX is about 18+ mph and is a pretty fun beginner Basher but this EPX Pro is a fast, hard to control RC. Living here in Alaska the conditions are ice & snow, slick out so traction make it hard to control. And after reading reviews many have stated that this design is not the best for handling the speeds but it is a Basher and not a Short Track Truck or Buggy. None the less still very fun to drive and a challenge to keep it under control. Tons of power for jumping and climbing. I look forward to continuing to upgrade it as parts ware down or break.
On an even more exciting note, my 23 yr old son got him a 1/18 scale Dromida Buggy & Truck so between the 2 of us we have RCs in 2 different scales for like 4x the fun. Bash the little guys and then bash the big guys. He wants to upgrade his truck to Brushless and Lipo ready which can make an 1/18 scale go 55+ mph. So ya nice to have the wife, step son & son into the RC scene. More fun than by your self.
Ok back on track with the RedCat Volcano EXP Pro, There products are very good IMO, very budget friendly. When you can get a Basher of this quality for around $225 and then about another $100 in battery's and $50 or so in a charger....Your still around $400 into a hobby that's a lot of fun but not quiet breaking the bank. We all know some other brand name RCs start around that total price. Been a lot bashing the RedCat Brand and I don't believe its a fair objective review when customers break the RC and want to blame the manufactory, or expect a perfect product for the price they are paying. Yes mistakes can be made during production but I think RedCats customer service will work with people when they have issues.
As for parts you have to go to Redcat, Amazon or other online company's for replacement and upgrades. Personally I prefer ordering thru amazon.

So to recap... I have 1 Volcano EPX and 1 EXP Pro. 2 Nihm battery's & smart charger. 3 Lipo battery's & charger for about $600. Pretty hard to beat IMO. I am liking there product so much I plan to get a Nitro burner or gas truck this summer to add to the collection.
Thank you Redcat for making a quality affordable fun Product.

UPDATE: 1/17/15

OK, after having this a couple weeks I can tell you it too fast for its own good and will tear the truck apart. I have been careful on the bashing and still have put a bit time into maintenance. Screws come loose, bent a front dogbone bad, not to mention I have gone thru a couple body's but that my fault for running it in the cold.

So so pointers I thought I would pass on to anyone getting or having the EPX PRO. First watch a bunch on youtube videos on how to set up the suspension properly so the truck doesn't tear its self apart. It doesn't not come from the factory with the best set up.

From what I have learned a lot of the plastic parts are the week link, flex is good but to much causes wear and tear on parts to quickly. so pay close attention to your drive train.

Since I like the truck and plan to keep it I will invest in another $100 worth of aluminum parts to keep it from ripping its self apart. To start with I already have a Blue aluminum chassis so I will start with that, then lower a-arms, hubs & hub carriers, 12mm hex nuts, and u-joint dogbones all the way around, plus other cosmetic things. Hopefully the extra weight will make it more stable as I know it will be stronger.

So after having the EPX & EPX PRO I will save and invest in a better quality RC that is designed a bit better to last. But this is a good beginner RC but be prepared to spend a good deal of time fixing & maintaining it.
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on January 8, 2015
The car was everything I expected: it arrived early, it was field ready, it runs like a cat, and it's durable. I saw some of the other reviews and I think some folks just did not know what they were doing. I have flipped multiple times at full throttle, and she is still going. I have run her the four 5k batteries in one outing and she still runs straight. Love and it and would buy another one if I could justify having two.
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on January 25, 2016
I have mixed feelings. It's a decent truck for the money, but it's very fast and the front bumper and front lower arms have all broken. I've gone on -bay and purchased new aluminum arms for low cost (with some careful research), but the company is out of stock on the front bumper and where it's broken is absolutely essential to keep the suspension arm pins from falling out. As an engineer, I believe this is a design flaw. I now have a (relatively) expensive RC truck sitting idle that my son can't play with because of a rubberized plastic bumper and every supplier online is out of stock with no shipments from the manufacturer.
Edit - 2/2016 The manufacturer has shipped some of the front bumper parts to suppliers now, so I was able to get one. Redcat is asking about $25 with s/h, which is crazy for a little plastic part that is critical to keep the truck's front end together. What happens is that the front suspension arms and front bumper break easily in critical areas where the screws or pins holding the front end together will fall out. The truck has now had about 3-4 hours of use and I have over $80 in spare parts to put it back together (until the bumper breaks again). Maybe this is just the nature of the business and not just this particular vehicle, but plan on having $325 into it within the first month (and buy spare suspension arms and front bumper when you order the truck, as well as have basic repair skills). You can buy front aluminum suspension arms for $40-$50, but the $25 bumper will always be weak plastic, so keep a few around.
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on February 12, 2015
I usually don't do reviews but this truck is off the chain in my opinion. I've never owned one of these expensive toys and was kinda worried about buying this since i know nothing about these i have to say. It got here in 2 days with free shipping, i bought another battery since the reviews expressed how much i needed to upgrade to lipo and to my surprise it came with a 3500mAh Hexfly lipo already in it sweeeetttt. Maybe they redcat stopped putting in the nickel batteries but am not complaining it took about 3hrs to charge the battery then to play we did everything worked perfect it's got so much torque it will pop Willies and the battery lasted for about 25 min. For the money am more than satisfied and so are my kids. My kid jumped it and it did some kart wheels going fast and i thought oh it's done but it landed and rode off with no problem. I will keep reviewing see how it does with time.
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on February 26, 2015
This thing ROCKS!! Please note, that it appears that these are now shipping with a LiPo instead of a NiMH battery. This is great, but make sure if you have a charger, that its LiPO compatible. It does come with a charger, however its a cheapy one and the battery takes FOREVER to charge with it. This truck is a great size and boy is it fast. With the LiPO it is insanely fast. I think this truck is a great value...I would recommend it.
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