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VINE VOICEon July 29, 2003
'Redwall' is an exciting adventure that never slows, never bores, and never disappoints the reader. You could say it's a simple "good vs. evil" story between the good, honorable mice of Redwall Abbey and the evil forces of Cluny the one-eyed rat, but that would be an oversimplification. It's much more, largely in part to Brian Jacques and his skillful writing.
As I was reading 'Redwall,' I realized that this book is the perfect transition between young adult and adult literature. If your child is bored with most of the books written for his level, but maybe is not quite ready for one of the heavies, 'Redwall' may be the answer. Jacques tells a very approachable story with a language that will be challenging for some younger readers, but not beyond their reach. His descriptions and characters are painted with more depth than the average young person's book, but the fun and excitement are retained. Jacques is to be applauded.
If your child enjoys fantasy stories and is not quite ready for Tolkien, 'Redwall' is the perfect transition book/series. Enjoy.
350 pages
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on May 30, 2000
Just in cose anyone wants to know, the Redwall books go like this: 1. Redwall 2. Mossflower 3. Mattimeo 4. Mariel of Redwall 5. Salamandastron 6. Martin the Warrior 7. The Bellmaker 8. The Outcast of Redwall 9. The Pearls of Lutra 10. The Long Patrol 11. Marlfox 12. The Legend of Luke
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on March 27, 2001
I am in 7th grade, and when I was recommended this book, I did not want to read it. I thought it would be talking animals fighting eachother in silly little wars. I was wrong. Redwall is full of action and incredibly clever in how the stories all tie together in the end. It's the perfect story of good vs. evil, and I absolutely loved it. You feel as if you are right there with the mice and moles fighting for the well being of all woodland creatures of the future. The connection from Martin, to Matthias, to Mattimeo is incredible. It is so well thought out that it is no wonder that these are my favorite books. I cannot put this book down, especially when I am within even 100 pages of the end. I have read the first three books, and am starting the 4th. I intend to keep reading the entire series. These books are truly amazing!
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on April 5, 2001
Brian Jacques's first Redwall book is fantastic! Full of adventure and excitement, it will capture any fiction-lover's attention. Matthias, a clumsy, orphaned mouse, is the main character in this compelling story. He was taken in by the peaceful Redwallers at Redwall Abbey,a great sandstone place. It has a beautiful orchard, a nice pond, and nice beasts living there. In the dining hall hangs a magnificent tapestry of Martin the Warrior, the famed warrior and founder of Redwall. The story was, Martin defeated every foe with his sword and then one day vowed to never fight again. He helped build Redwall. The tapestry is the Redwallers' pride. Martin the Warrior was believed to help the Redwallers at troubling times by appearing in their dreams. One fateful day, a large rat with one eye comes. He is Cluny the Scourge, an evil, notorious rat that had a large army. He is looking for a fortress. As soon as he finds Redwall, he decides he wants to invade it and make it his. While he is in Mossflower, he is set on making Redwall his Cluny's Castle. He tries any way to dominate Redwall. Meanwhile, Matthias is trying to prove his worth. He admires and adores Martin. He works out challenging puzzles to find Martin's sword. He basically tries to become like Martin; an undefeatable warrior who fights for justice. Will he succeed? Will Cluny defeat the untrained Redwall army? This tale is truly superb, filled with sadness and delight. You should read it!
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on February 1, 2002
Hi I'm 14 years old actually but I couldn't use the adult form. I wanted to tell everyone under 13 to read this book. It has action, adventure, horror(well maybe not horror)comedy and love. It's a beautiful story and I urge you to read it. I personaly love Matthias. He kind of has the same attitude like me. Always standing up for waht you believe in. Matthias, Cornflower, Constance and Basil Stag Hare are my favorite characters. They're funny, entertaining and its easy just to fall right into their world with them as the "stars" of the book. Mr. Brian Jacques is a magnificent author. I think that his book, Redwall, beat Harry Potter 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7, and 5,6, and 7 aren't even out yet. When I read this book for the first time at the end it brought a tear to my eye when. . . Well if you want to know why it brought a tear to my eye, Read This Book! Then try reading all 14!!
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on July 25, 2000
Those readers who love intricate fantasy worlds and complicatedplots, with rollicking good action, will enjoy this and any of theseveral "Redwall" books by Brian Jacques. To describe the main storyline sounds almost silly. Mice and other woodland creatures living in an abbey must protect themselves from the evil creatures, usually weasels and ferrets, who would take over their riches. The characters are richly drawn, and the action is at times intense. Sometimes a character dies, sometimes a character allows the bent for revenge to transform them into less than good--just like in real life.
Brian Jacques creates intricate plots and subplots, but always keeps the main action moving forward. He delights readers with his dialects and language variants of some of the creatures, most noteably the moles and sparrows. The peculiar speech of these characters is a challenge to anyone who reads this aloud, but my kids, who are now 10 and 14, can't get enough of these books for family reading time. If you haven't discovered the world of Redwall, it's time you did!
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on April 20, 1997
The Redwall books are now without a doubt my favorites, my teacher recommended them to me and I fell in love with them. When I'm reading, I can actually feel what's happening, like I'm there watching it happen. I will read for hours, not wanting the book to end. I know this'll sound strange, but when I'm done with the book I feel a terrible sadness, I'll cry even, because suddenly the magic of the words will vanish. I also feel this horrible despairing feeling because I realize that I'm really not there, watching and helping the wonderful characters. I want to be there so badly, that I just start sobbing myself silly. When I'm reading, I feel like I'm living in two worlds; the first is wonderful Mossflower, or the Abbey, or Salamandastron, and second is the vague feeling of the real world around me. You may be surprised that a fifth grader can feel this emotion, but it happens to me all the time. I truly love these books, and I encourage everyone to read them, because even though the perfectly woven tale will end, the only way it can end is for you to start at the beginning. :-) Lail
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on September 18, 2000
There are very few series, literary or not, that one should devote a good deal of ones time too. These are the Star Wars Trilogy, the Indiana Jones Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, this new Harry Potter deal looks promising, and finally the entire Redwall series to date. Never before have I seen such an interesting and promising premise behind a novel, and never have I seen a series of books more original, addicting, and thought provoking as these. And Redwall is the beginning of it all. I had Redwall read to me when I was younger, and I found it so interesting that I could identify better with a freaking mouse than with any other novel character I had ever read, or heard before. Jacques style is not hampered by a "target audience," nor do I feel he writes with one in mind, this is why for many years I have continued to read and enjoy the series, and I am guessing I will continue to read the Redwall series either until Jacques stops writing them, or my eyes fall out. Whichever comes first.
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on July 24, 2000
While waiting for the latest (4th) edition in the Harry Potter saga, I started reading Redwall to my 6 year old at bed time. I would highly recommend it! While I don't think this story is quite as imaginative & spectacular as those penned by Rowland, Jacques still writes a compelling tale. His command of English prose is formidable, and his plot line is very tight and well-developed. In my opinion, he also does a better job of character development than Rowland does in the Harry Potter series too. Another plus, is that the story actually extolls some good moral virtues. So while it's definitely not Harry Potter it is still an excellent story, and one that I highly recommend. My son loved it, and truth be known, so did I! If the proof is in the pudding, then know that we liked it enough to purchase the next few books in the series, and my son is already mentioning that he wants to pick up with those when we finish with "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".
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on August 5, 2000
I remember almost 5 years ago when I caught sight of a friend of mine reading a book called Redwall. I looked at it suspecially, why would my freind want to read a book with a mouse on the cover? (In the past the only fantasy I had been showed was the Narnia stories) I asked her and she told me it was one of the best books she had ever read. So of course I was intrigued and bought it myself. I was immeaditally opened up to a whole new world where animals could talk and laugh and cry and fight.
This book tells the story of Redwall. It's a peacful Abbey ever since the brave Martin the Warrior banished away all the vermin. But when the legendary Cluny the Scourge acctacks, it's up to the mice to fight against them. And then there's Matthias, a strong willed mouse. Will he be the mouse to lead them to victory? And can he solve Martin the Warrior's riddle in time? Read the book I guarentee that you will enjoy it.
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