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VINE VOICEon October 17, 2009
Rarely do I read one of these "type" books. It's hard to take them out in public or, if you live in a populated household, leave out on the nightstand. Itn my family, if you do either, it's a guarantee of plenty of teasing. To order a book like this, it has to have a trusted author. I just finished the authors'other traditional books and was impressed-- so I took the risk and ordered this ONE. It was so excellently written I returned and ordered the other two in the series. This book is a fascinating science fiction story of another world. Then the characters are well developed (ahem...), with distinct personalities,even believeable. The secret message in this book is a typical R&J romance from two opposing sides. To learn aabout each side, on this different planet, is fascinating. Yes, the sensuality is as promised. Without that component, this would still be a lovely romance and an excellent read. Just keep it hidden.....
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on September 8, 2008
In a future society dominated by women, The Shareem are designed for sexual fulfillment. These enhanced males specialize in bringing women to ecstasy and have been programmed to perform at one of three levels. Level one offers pure sensual pleasure. Level two provides games and wicked fun. Level three is the ultimate barbarian. Tall, muscular, and beautiful, The Shareem are designed to be pleasing to the eyes as well as the body.

Lady Talan d'Urvey is seeking enlightenment. Adopted into high society she is ready to take a vow of celibacy. But after discovering the diary of a woman who spent one blissful week with a Shareem, Talan sets out to experience for herself what pleasure of the flesh feels like. When her research leads her to Rees, she finds herself drawn to him immediately. She knows right away she wants him for her experiment.

Rees is not your standard issue Shareem. Born of a unique experiment, he is all three levels in one. Deemed unstable and dangerous, his programmers abandoned the experiment and feared Rees' unpredictable nature. Now that he is free, Rees has managed to hide in plain sight - Though Rees himself isn't quite sure what he is capable of should he ever lose control.

Allyson James has created a futuristic series that will have readers wishing for a time machine! Rees and Talan set the pages ablaze as one of the most perfectly matched pairs this reader has come across. This first book of the series does not disappoint. Not only will readers find the Shareem deeply satisfying, these hot men will leave them panting for more.
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on January 17, 2011
I found this series quite by accident on my new kindle. I held my breath and squirmed through every book in this series.I've loved each character Allyson James has introduced, and have become vested in their individual pursuit of happiness and fulfillment.The shareem's erotic sexual encounters have been added to my list of guilty pleasures! I can't think of a better way to enjoy "me" time then to be curled up in my pjs with an Allyson James novel! I can hardly wait for the newest book in this series!!!
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on September 16, 2012
I enjoyed several aspects of this Shareem tale. I love reading futuristic sci fi with a healthy dose of smut. Rees really delivers on that front. The Shareem were created in a lab to fulfill the sexual fantasies of the sexually deviant on the planet of Bor Narga. The problem on Bor Narga is that fulfilling the carnal needs of the flesh is considered barbaric and taboo.

After growing up in a world where modern philosophy teaches that the mind and body are separate and sex is not physically necessary Talen finds a very scandalous diary. The diary belonged to one of the upper class higher born ladies. She recounts her affair with a Shareem. Talen's curiosity is piqued. For research purposes only Talen wants to find out what this big fuss is all about. Rees is the lucky Shareem that gets to show Talen what the big fuss is all about and he takes (and gives) immense pleasure in doing so.

If you enjoy reading dominance, spanking and light bondage I highly recommend this book. James has done a wonderful job of tastefully writing this very erotic read. The only reason I did not enjoy the book more is because dominance and trusted control in a sexual situation is not my cup of eroticism. I did enjoy the story and the world that make up the life of the Shareem.
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on May 11, 2013
Oh, man (if you've ever read any of my other reviews, you might notice that there are very few times I begin one with "Oh, man". If I do, I usually feel very strongly about the review, good or bad.) - this was a hot one.

I tend to have the habit of reading the less favorable reviews over favorable ones when I'm thinking about reading a prospective story and what I noticed about the few "blah" reviews this one received was that the readers felt like it was senseless, straight to the point sex - like a something from a cheap porn or something of the such with an underdeveloped storyline and what not.

Alright, I respect those reviewers opinion - for everyone is entitled to one. But after reading this one for myself, I have my own and I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. It wasn't that this story didn't have a story line - it's just that the sex in this story was so fully integrated and concentrated in the overall story that some people might have found it hard to separate the story from the sex itself. By that, this story had a lot of sex in it. In fact, this story was one of the most sexual I've ever read.

Oh, but the author did it so well. I first took an interest in Ms. Ashley when I read a delicious excerpt from one of her Tales of the Shareem stories (Justin) in an erotic sampler (Ten Shades of Sexy). Hers had been the absolute only that appealed to me in the entire book and I was kind of miffed with that and I had said so in that book's review. Anyway, because of that I had bought this one about Rees since this was said to be the first in the series and because I did I now have a interest in reading this author's other books outside of the ones written under her pseudonym. One reviewer said that her other books are better than these and if that's true, than I need to get to those ASAP because I'm already loving this author's style.

Ms. Ashley appears to know what women want to read - at least she does this one. Rees and his other Shareem Playmate Rio (Oh, man - I can't wait to read that one - I already bought it after starting this one; he was super hot!) were the epitome of sexy, as they were created to be. This series appeals to me on so many levels. But on the surface, it appealed to me because its unique in the idea that it is the men who are submitting to us, the women, and to our ideals of what is pleasurable to us. I read plenty of erotica in all of its forms, but its an unfortunate fact that there appears to be a shortage in the genre of male submission. It's usually we women who do the submitting - and, hey, that's fine if that's what the woman wants and if you enjoy reading it (I like reading it myself). But it is still a relief to find that there are some writers out there in the genre who aren't afraid to shift the balance in our favor.

Of this story of Rees, it's pretty simple. He was the prototype of his kind and was actually meant to be terminated because he had been deemed too unpredictable as a Shareem, but he used his appeal to his favor to manipulate the women around him and found he was able to escape his confines before he could be eradicated. In any case, the story from there just shifts to his love interest, which was a high-born girl named Talan who was part of a religious sect that encouraged women to hide and ignore their sexuality in a bout of celibacy. When she stumbles upon the diary of another high-born woman who once experienced a Shareem for herself, Talan decides she wants to experience one for herself. She just so stumbles upon Rees and the rest is a real sexual rodeo into the sublime...

The sex in this book was esoteric almost. It left me feeling high like I was the one being pleasured and both hands were on my kindle the whole time - I promise. The scenes were graphic - everything from the descriptive scenes themselves to the dirty talk that Rees was sinfully good at really did serve to drive you crazy. It was scary - I felt like Rees was getting in my head, too.

In a nutshell, the sex in this story is gratuitous. It was a real sex show. If you bought this or are thinking about buying this thinking that you're going to get some safe drawn out romantic love story - you might be disappointed. This one isn't for shy girls and I suspect the others aren't as well. Warning, ladies - the Shareem will leave you breathless!
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on June 29, 2014
About me: Longtime rabid reader of PNR, erotica, SciFi Romance ... First time with this author.

The best way for me to review this book is by telling you about my day: All I did was read this book, sit in the sun on my deck, ignore my husband, take a bath (while still reading this book), and read this book.

I may have also eaten a delicious omelette my husband made, while (you guessed it) still reading this book.

You don't need me to tell you what the book's about (many other reviewers have done so), so I'll just say that the world-building is well done, the characters and their emotions feel real, the dialogue is engaging, and the men are blindingly hot.

As someone who writes professionally (news ... **snore**) I am sometimes pulled out of the story by grammatical errors and the like -- but there's nothing amateurish about what James does here.

One last thing (off-topic a tiny bit)... I had never heard of this series until last night. I was turned on to it by a fanfiction author (of all things!) who is obsessed with actor Jason Momoa. To any fellow fans of JM who read this book, you'll know what I mean when I say that if any man on this earth might be a real life Shareem, it's him.

Enough of my babbling. Go read this book and enjoy. I'm about to give my husband a quick kiss to pacify him before I begin the next one.
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on January 1, 2015
I am not only ringing in the new year with a new book, but also a new author. And I have to say this is a good star to the new reading year. A book series based on genetically created men that where built to be the ultimate sex partners for women. This is an off planet world where a war left females the dominant gender and they of course created man love for themselves. Eventually they created something so 'monsterous' they went bankrupt. They let all the Shareem go and the one monsterous one escaped. This is his book -- Rees. I have to say Rees never scared me. Oh, don't get me wrong he was all sorts of mighty alpha male yummy but he didn't scare me. That could be because they author did a great job of writing him through Talan's eyes, and she never really saw him as something to fear more of something that was curious to her. She wasn't this balls to the walls kick butt heroine her strength came from her being smart. I'm so tried of people saying a strong female lead is only about how many things she can kill in a book instead of just being smart about things, while still being realistically vulnerable. This story takes me to that place with Talan. Giving me a heroine I want to see get the guy while growing and evolving as a female.


God, which one do I pick. When girl got a go at both of them I was like holy lordy girl you need to get that going for as LONG AS YOU CAN! Rio was so playful and sweet while being might alpha male yummy. The story had a nice flow and wasn't to over the toy with the angst and drama. There wasn't some big bad that was stalking all the characters, it was pure emotions and character driven storyline which gave everyone life. Before I was even halfway through this book I went and bought the next like seven books in the series! I loved the characters that I met and book two is RIO! God, how can I stop now?
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 6, 2014
REES is the first book in the Tales of the Shareem series. Allyson James also writes other other names including Jennifer Ashley. This book was my first foray into this pseudonym. The book is definitely of the erotica variety with much more explicit and graphic and exotic than your more typical romance novel.

Tales of the Shareem are about a group of men genetically engineered to be sex slaves for women. The men have been fed from the corporation that created them but line on the fringes of society that heavily restricts their rights. In that way the overarching story reminds me somewhat of the Shifters stories that she writes as Jennifer Ashley. This book tells the story of Rees a Shareem who was an experimental prototype. He meets Lady Talan d'Urvey who lives in the world that rejects physical sexual pleasure. The two of course end up have a lot of sex. This story is deeper than the sex. There is a true story and relationship between the characters. For me, the only discordant note is the m/m/f parts which seem to be counter to Rees possessive feelings toward Talan.

Overall, I liked the story but the book is debate erotica so caveat emptor.
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on January 30, 2014
Men are trained to be love slaves to a powerful female society.

Sounds like heaven, right?

Wrong. Not when the writing is atrocious and the heroine is annoying as in I wanted to stab her in the throat. Not really, But this was just bad.
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on September 8, 2013
I did it enjoy this book just not my style I have enjoyed other books by this author this just to out their for me in the sexual scene but started of interesting i recommend you read the reviews on this book before ordering unless what you looking for
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