Customer Reviews: Regency Buck (Regency Romances)
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on September 11, 2012
There are less than a handfull of regency romance (with a dash of mystery) authors that could be considered on par with Heyer's stellar writing, but even though she is in a class of her own, if you have never read Heyer before, I beg you not to read this one first - truly, it is better than most regencies out there but is a fair disappointment when compared to many other's of Heyer's works (my very favorite being These Old Shades.)

Here, the dialogue is witty but just not AS witty. That said, my biggest annoyance lies with the heroine - immature, petty and judgmental; perhaps we can forgive her these not-pretty qualities as she is a great beauty and a great heiress, a situation which we assume resulted in her being overly pampered and quite sheltered from reality. As well, Heyer obviously endeavors throughout the book to show us that her young heiress is not without conscience and she does grow as the book progresses - she just doesn't grow fast enough for my liking! :)

I also feel that too many of the tense situations that occur in the book are due to the much dreaded plot contrivance of "the misunderstanding". I do hate this contrivance more than any other, and at some point, after enough "misunderstandings", I as a reader feel like throwing in the towel.

And yet, despite these criticisms, you must wonder why I rate this so well as 4 stars? Alas, even a disappointing Heyer (yes, there are maybe one or two others in addition to this one) deserves no poorer a rating, for a dull gem in her collection becomes a shiny diamond amongst drab pebbles when compared to the whole of the genre.
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on May 20, 2001
I have read all of Georgette Heyer's books, and Regency Buck remains my favorite -- after a few dozen readings! The mysterious plot, the wonderful dialogue, the splendid Regency settings, the chemistry between the impulsive heroine and the sardonic hero -- all these add up to a Regency masterpiece and the ultimate rainy night comfort read! (I did not, however, enjoy the audio-book version read by Flo Gibson; she makes all the characters -- even the magnificent Lord Worth -- sound odiously prissy).
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on June 27, 2009
Nearly forty years ago I bought this paperback, after staring at it at Woolworth's for several weeks, for the whopping price of 75 cents. There began my love affair with all things Regency, and Georgette Heyer's Regencies in particular.

I am knocking a star off this because, though Heyer's writing craft is divine, her two main characters, in retrospect, are not very appealing. Worth is overly arrogant and Judith is childishly temperamental.

What I will give is props to Heyer who, with the exception of the immediate Worth/Taverner family connections, used historical figures as filler. What a tremendous amount of research she must have done! From Worcester to Poole to "Poodle" Byng, she used real people of the Regency Era to flesh out the rest of her tale.

Brava, Georgette!
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on December 27, 2000
I'm an avid Georgette Heyer fan, & I'll say this of her-among all the Regency authors, she's the best!! With her its not just romance alone, but humour,sarcasm,wit all get combined to produce a novel to captivate the reader. This book tells about the vivacious heroine Judith Taverner & her battle(of wits)against Lord Worth. It also has a little pinch of mystery- who wants Peregrine dead? But if i tell u the answer to that, u won't read it, will you? so i'll keep mum, & go ahead, buy this book. You won't regret it!
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on March 10, 2008
This book is nowhere near as good as the other Heyer regency romances I've read. Part of Heyer's charm and strength lies in her characters, but in this novel the characters were entirely lacking in sympathetic characteristics. Lord Worth is irritating and completely without humility to the very end, despite the fact that his overbearing and arrogant behavior throughout the novel seems to demand some sort of conciliation on his part in order to endear him to the reader. Judith, who I liked at first, also quickly grated on my nerves (mainly because the novel provided no clear reason for her growing affection for Lord Worth, who is -- as I've already stated -- a toerag). The romance between the two quickly became tiresome and even aggravating. The mystery aspect of the book was also lacking; by the time Lord Worth (who was annoyingly styled as the detective-figure in the mystery of who was targeting Judith's brother Perry) figured it out, I was two steps ahead of him, and I hated him too much to be impressed in any case. Don't bother to pick this one up -- go for "The Grand Sophy," "Cotillion," or "Friday's Child" instead.
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on April 24, 2000
Georgette Heyer has no equal when it comes to that wonderful brand of regency fun and laughter. Her research is so true to that age I feel as though I am riding in Hyde Park with the characters, or on the battlefield at Waterloo, Regency Buck lead me to read "An Infamous Army" And many of her other wonderful books. I have had to hunt in second hand book shops, and garage sales for the books I now have. Most are really dogged eared, and faded, and have pages falling out. I can"t tell you how happy, I am to be able to buy NEW - UNREAD - copies..where I am the first reader to leaf thru the pages of these wonderful stories. I hope to be able to purchase all of her works. She was one in a million.
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on September 5, 2012
I have read every single Georgette Heyer book, mysteries included, more than once but this has to be my very favourite (sorry I am English). I am on my third paperback edition as the others became too yellowed and tatty with age (oops! giving away secrets) and have now purchased the Kindle edition which I hope isn't as badly edited as a previous reviewer said. I enjoy most of them, especially 'Sylvester', 'Talisman Ring', 'The Reluctant Widow', 'An Infamous Army' and 'The Conqueror', but my second favourite would probably be 'Devil's Cub' and third 'Behold here's Poison'. Compared to her later works such as 'Cousin Kate' and 'Frederica', which are very light, 'Regency Buck' is deeper and more satisfying as it makes you think. Besides giving you a real insight into life in the Regency period, such as foxhunting, boxing and cock fighting and gaming as well as the balls and men's clubs, there are many interesting real life characters in the book: Beau Brummell, The Prince of Wales (he ruled my country!!) and Lady Jersey being just a few. Lord Worth is a wonderful hero watching over his wards' welfare, even Peregrine's whom he doesn't even like, and helping them establish themselves in society. He reminds me of Mr. Darcy (my all time favourite) in that he comes across as a stern, unlikable character at first but ends up as a very loving and caring one. I can't understand the people who hate the book and don't even finish it as it is such a super book; simply the best as Tina Turner would say!
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on November 18, 2015
I own this book in paperback, kindle and audio and have enjoyed it multiple times. I even got both of my teens to tear themselves away from the dystopian books they read to give this one a try. My older daughter liked it so much she read it twice. Is it Heyer's best book? I don't think so. I think "The Grand Sophy" may be her best book, though that's not my favorite either.

In reading through several reviews, I noticed a few comments. For instance, a reviewer states not to make this your first Heyer. I would disagree. This book has very few "cant" terms so it's much easier to follow than Friday's Child or many of Heyer's other books. Also, this book is an outstanding introduction to Regency rules, fashions and proprieties like men must wear breeches and not pantaloons to Almacks and you must arrive at Almacks before 11pm. It mentions in context and provides trivia for all of the most notable people of the time, like Beau Brummell, Lord Byron, Lord Petersham, etc... I especially appreciate the details about the Prince Regent, what he was like as a younger man and tidbits about all of his brothers. Fascinating! The descriptions of Brighton and The Royal Pavillion interested me so much that when we visited England we went out of our way to spend a day in that seaside town.

Quite a few reviews complain that the hero, Lord Worth, is too autocratic. My daughters loved him! He's an authoritive, resolute hero. He's not a bully, but he's uncompromising. I found him very similar to the Duke of Avon from "These Old Shades" - quietly commanding. Though it's easier to picture Avon with a twinkle in his eye as he holds his ground with the heroine. But Worth's character has the added complexity of keeping Peregrine safe from the villain who's trying to kill him, so Worth does not want any of his wishes countermanded - it's a matter of safety. This makes Worth seem grumpier than he needs to be. And Judith, the heroine, is so easily baited. Her constant miffs with him can get annoying, but what reader wants the heroine to be a "Mary Sue?" Judith has many talents and redeeming qualities - she can ride, drive, sing, play piano and is refreshingly forthright. And it's charming how she confers with Beau Brummell about making herself fashionable, instead of being a country nobody from Yorkshire.

Though this book is not my favorite Heyer, it's easily in my list of top ten.

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Frederica (Regency Romances) - best all around, best family, best humor
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Regency Buck (Regency Romances) - best descriptions of Prinny, Brummel and Brighton
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The Grand Sophy (Regency Romances)- best heroine
Devil's Cub (Historical Romances) - best scene (between Duke of Avon and heroine), best abduction
These Old Shades (Historical Romances) - best revenge
The Foundling - best travel adventure, duke in disguise
Masqueraders - best swashbuckling
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on November 30, 2013
What a great read. Heyer is considered the Queen of this genre for a reason and that reason is exemplified in this novel. The writing is phenomenal - but probably not for the casual reader - the characters are excellent. The Hero... I have no words. He is perfect. He is sardonic, sarcastic, hilarious, and cold-blooded as all get out. I fell in love immediately. The heroine is my personal favorite mix of characteristics: independent, outspoken, rebellious, kind-hearted, innocent, and stubborn. Truly an original. I don't think I would wish anything different about this novel except that I would have liked to have seen the hero's POV. The secondary characters were brought to life alongside the mains and contributed to the story as a whole. This book is a true masterpiece of the Regency Romance novel. Very very highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers.
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VINE VOICEon June 6, 2013
I am interested in the Regency period but had never read a novel placed in that period so when I happened to read an interview where someone said that the Regency novels of Georgette Heyer were wonderful relaxation, that stuck in my mind and I decided to try this one (written in 1935, BTW). Romance novels are not usually my thing and at first I thought I would lose interest but there was no danger of that. The plot moves quickly and I became engrossed with the characters, particularly our heroine Judith Taverner and her encounters with Lord Worth, a man who has unexpectedly been appointed the guardian for her and her brother. He completely infuriates her. You have to suspend belief at some of the turns in the plot but it is so delicious you don't mind. I enjoyed the appearance of well-known historical figures like the Regent (later George IV), his brothers, and Beau Brummel, etc. If you like a period romance novel, this is a good one. I suspect that I will read other novels by Heyer when I am looking for a relaxing - yet compelling - read.
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