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on May 4, 2012
Few people realize how pervasive the Religious Right's assault on Democracy really is. You have to understand that there are millions of radical true believers, legions of a very well-oiled machine, unthinkingly working to disassemble our Democracy in exchange for Biblical Law. This has been going on in all corners of our society, systematically for some time. Now there is a blatant disregard for the wall between church and state, as it has been almost completely knocked down by the wrecking ball of dogma. This book carefully exposes each aspect of that machine for the reader to be aware of, resist, and work to correct. Solutions and reasons for hope are also very carefully laid out in conclusion. Our first impression to this title is that this problem is surely a fringe thing and an Alarmist response. The truth is that this most definitely is NOT alarmist, and this book is an absolute must read to understand the details of why, how, and when we have been invaded by this radical Dominionist belief system.
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on May 7, 2012
This is an important and timely book because once you read it you will begin to notice even more, especially in this election year, how conservative politicians are aligning themselves with the Religious Right. You will be more sensitized to comments regarding separation between church and state, and how the religious community interprets what the intent of separation is really about - in their mind it is a one-way street (governent should stay out of church matters, but churches can get involved in politics as much as they want). One of the bedrock principles of our country is that every person is free to pursue his/her religious beliefs (all belief systems) without fear of interference from their government. The Religious Right is very organized and effective at assaulting this principle. Those of us who wish to hold onto our freedoms must take this assault seriously and get involved to protect it. If your first reaction is to think this book is "alarmist"; please think again and examine the facts presented. Speak up!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 20, 2013
Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy by A.F. Alexander

"Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy" is an excellent expose of the Religious Right's agenda to replace Democracy for Theocracy. This is a very ambitious book that delves into the multi-pronged agenda of the Religious Right; it meticulously covers their tactics, the main players behind this ominous movement and provides readers with tools on how to protect our democracy. A.F. Alexander has crafted a well-rounded representation of why this movement believes they must take dominion over every aspect of our lives. This insightful 394-page book is divided into the following six sections: The Critical Issue, 2. Who are They & How We Got Them, 3. The Resulting Worldview, 4. The War is On, 5. The Family Mountain, and 6. The Past and the Future.

1. A comprehensive and accessible book on the greatest threat to democracy, the Religious Right.
2. A fascinating topic in the hands of a person who witnessed firsthand the oppressive influence of the Religious Right on her community and bravely exposes their ubiquitous tactics.
3. So much substantive material covered in one book. A great Kindle value!
4. Excellent format. Each chapter begins with a "What to Expect From this Chapter" and ends with a "Take With You From This Chapter".
5. A well cited book! Each work is cited within the text.
6. Does a wonderful job of defining terms and hammers home her main points with conviction.
7. An excellent defense of the Separation of Church and State. Really exposes the abuses to the First Amendment with a luxury of examples.
8. Great lessons in history throughout the book. "One will do well in these matters to heed the warning of the `Father of the U.S. Constitution,' James Madison: Who does not see that the same authority which can establish Christianity, in exclusion of all other religions, may establish with the same ease any particular sect of Christians, in exclusion of all other sects?"
9. A.F. Alexander unmercifully exposes many of the tactics used by the Religious Right covering many aspects of our lives. Infiltration of politics, families, even moderate churches.
10. Exposes the main players behind the Religious Right movement. "In 1976, Jerry Falwell started his "I Love America" rallies across America that positioned him to found the Moral Majority in 1979."
11. Discloses major milestones of the movement. "But, the 1983 Supreme Court decision in Bob Jones University versus United States was truly the game changer." It also shows how the Religious Right and the Republican Party became inseparable.
12. Finally a book that really explains and exposes Dominionists. "Believe they are mandated by God to have dominion over the entire nation, and over every aspect of American life."
13. "The seven strategic areas of influence were identified for staking their flags of victory, including business, government (politics, courts, military), media, arts and entertainment, education, the family, and religion."
14. Exposing David Barton for what he is...a fraud! "David Barton has taken Rousas Rushdoony's revisionist history and has been peddling it as truth."
15. The end-times mentality that impacts our society and politics.
16. The Religious Right and how they influence on the seven strategic areas...eye-opening stuff.
17. One of the areas near and dear my heart are the problems the Religious Right has with science. The anti-science movement.
18. Why the feminist movement is despised. An excellent American women's rights timeline is provided. The Quiverfull movement. The anti-choice movement.
19. An interesting look at the gays versus "traditional" families. Women's roles.
20. A section on how to get involved and protect our democracy.
21. A formal bibliography.

1. Low production value. Needed better editing.
2. The book is repetitive. A better editor would have helped this budding author make this a five-star book. So much great material here just needed to streamline it better to enhance the already fine reading experience. This book could have easily been reduced a hundred pages without losing its effectiveness.
3. As is constituted, requires an investment of time. For the record, it's still worth it.
4. What percentage of the Religious Right is truly as portrayed in this book? That question probably wasn't answered to my satisfaction but I tend to agree with the majority of the conclusions of this insightful book.

In summary, this is one of the best Kindle values I've ever encountered. A.F. Alexander should be commended for the exhaustive research and for providing readers with a lot information that supports her main arguments. I've read quite a few books on this topic and this is one of the better books as it relates to the Dominionist movement and their tactics. The book suffers from being repetitive and grammatical errors but don't let that keep you from reading it. The book is comprehensive and succeeds in exposing the greatest threat to our democracy. I highly recommend it with reservations noted.

Further suggestions: "Attack of the Theocrats! How the Religious Right Harms Us All—and What We Can Do About It" by Sean Faircloth, "American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America" by Chris Hedges, "Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans" by David Niose, "God's Defenders: What They Believe and Why They Are Wrong" by S.T. Joshi, "Liars For Jesus: The Religious Right's Alternate Version of American History Vol. 1" by Chris Rodda, "Bible Thumper to Athiest" by Tom Crawford, "Doubt: A History: The Great Doubters and Their Legacy of Innovation from Socrates and Jesus to Thomas Jefferson and Emily Dickinson" by Jennifer Hecht, "Why the Religious Right Is Wrong About Separation of Church and State" by Rob Boston, "Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism" by Susan Jacoby, Man Made God: A Collection of Essays" by Barbara G. Walker, "Immortality" by Stephen Cave, "Godless" by Dan Barker, "Christian No More" by Jeffrey Mark, and "The Invention of God" by Bill Lauritzen.
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on October 21, 2012
This is a comprehensive and very reasonably priced introduction to this topic. Many other works are referred to and quoted from, so readers who want to look into the subject more deeply will find plenty of references to explore. Unfortunately, the book suffers badly from poor proof reading/editing - it is riddled with grammatical and punctuation errors. However, despite these errors, the book is clearly structured and not badly written, so it is a good place to start.
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on June 13, 2012
How will the religious right impose it's economic and social agenda on America? This book explains in excrutiating detail how the "Christan" fundamentalist/dominionist "Seven Mountain Mandate" [reflected in the mission of the American Legislative Exchange Council (] is infecting public policy across the nation, thanks to the election of "Christian" fundamentalists to public office across the country as well as at the federal level.

I appreciate the fact that beyond the doom and gloom, Alexander includes suggestions/ideas for positive action. In order to understand the insaniti-TEA rife within contemporary politics, this is one piece of the puzzle we cannot do without. This book provides us with a thorough account of the mechanations behind the sceens working to replace our constitutional principles with biblical law, written from the perspective of a former insider who mustered the courage to walk away and sound the alarm.
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on September 13, 2013
"The Religious Right: The Greatest Threat to Democracy." by A.F. Alexander. An excellent book on the subject of the Religious Right. I am more than familiar with the subject matter of this book, I have read numerous ones in the same vein over the years. It makes an excellent case for why religion and government are a volatile mix that we are going to live to regret allowing religion too much power in this country. There is an excellent section at the end of the book on the history of religion in government through the centuries. That should serve as a warning to readers.
But, no matter how many I read I am always left puzzled as to what has happened to the Christianity of my youth in this country. If they have all lost their collective minds, become so radicalized corrupted and power hungry they have lost their way or have been taken over by a horde of militant charlatans. I realize this isn't representative of all Christianity. But, to be honest about it they are giving Christianity a bad name in a lot of our minds. I thought Christianity was radical when I was a child. But, no matter how badly I viewed it in those days (the 50's), they can't hold a candle to the horror show I see being played out today passing itself off as Christian. The Communist Party and their brain washing doesn't have a thing on these people. They should be ashamed to even call themselves Christian. What passes for Christianity today is something I do not recognize at all. They do not stand for any of the values I was taught were Christian values. Something that a lot of us find utterly distasteful. Unfortunately, this book paints a accurate picture of what Christianity has become with too much power and influence. I recognize so many things their movement is single handedly destroying with their ignorance like the public school system all of my family have attended (from my mother through to my last Granddaughter) and did a great job educating us. It was an excellent system until they started destroying it to try and take funds away for their religious schools. Which a lot of we taxpayers resent. If someone wants to send their child to a religious school, that's their privilege. But, I do not appreciate my tax dollars going to pay for their child to be taught to hate someone who is different. That isn't in my value system.
In my day, in the 50's no politician dared open his mouth about his religious belief, let alone use it as credential's for a political office. My ultra religious father would have gotten up out of his seat and left church if the Minister had dared tell him who to vote for in an election. He probably would have told the Minister and congregation on his way out the door too. We need to get back to there being a clear and defined line separating church and state. This is unacceptable behavior for any religion. I don't appreciate religion meddling in laws in this country trying to make them reflect their twisted beliefs.
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on March 29, 2013
Having battled the Radical Religious Right here in my home town of California (against censorship of our state-approved public school English anthology text book) - I've had first-hand knowledge of their broader agenda when it comes to education, immigrfully understood the fuller dynamic of how the radical religious right has strategized to take-over America towards fulfilling all their dangerous, undemocratic objectives. Indeed - Mr. Alexander's well-written and easily understood history should be a primer for all freedom-loving Americans who wish to preserve our nation's democracy. Only by understanding the deeper agenda and tactics of our nation's radical, religious right can we hope to protect ourselves from the grim reality of their darker objectives of subjugation and totalitarianism. Understanding and knowing our enemy is our best defense. Indeed - this book will send chills up your spine when you realize that the radical religious right is, in fact, THE GREATEST THREAT TO DEMOCRACY facing us today.
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on March 14, 2013
I taught high school English for 27 years and attended many teachers' conventions. During my career we were alerted to censorship and how that influenced book publishing. With the ALA we were informed how to fight it. In this book, many of the same names and groups are clearly linked. I am currently retired, but this book shows how the people and groups are linked. Sadly, at this point in time, these self-appointed righteous "rights" are not only influencing text books, but have weaseled their devious ways into local, state, and national politics. Beware! Not all who claim to be "Christian" are!
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on November 5, 2013
A must read for women, but also every person who would not like to see our constitution defeated. The Seven Mountains Mandate has already started and is well entrenched in American society. These people do not believe in the U.S. Government but that God has the final say-so in Government (included the military), the family, education, business, media, arts and entertainment and religion. This is culture dictatorship and will end, if they win, in our nation becoming a theocracy. As a woman do you want to spend your whole life letting your husband have all the say-so as you stay home and raise as many "kids as God will allow?" You will not be allowed an education, yet you will have to home school your children, using Faith-Based school books that have distorted history and science. Your children will only be allowed to attend colleges that are Faith-Based. These people only believe in the "End Times,' and they are trying to hurry it up, believing Jesus will come back. Don't they know that Jesus promised to come back within a generation of his death? Where is he??? They believe that the U.S. was based on a covenant with God, the covenant God had only with the Jews. The Constitution and our founding fathers never intended this to be a nation founded on religion, therefore the separation of church and state. This is constantly being violated with the Faith-Based Office that Reagan started, was expanded by G.W., and sadly has not been stopped by President Obama. Vouchers and Charter school are killing our public schools, taking away the money they need to operate (one reason they always seem to need more money). A person does not need a degree of any kind to home school their children and are under a different accountability system. When these Groups get control of the Seven Mountains, they will tell Native Americans, any woman that has had an abortion or uses birth control, or had a child out of wedlock, or divorced; those who are poor (they are lazy), homosexuals, and even those who are not "Born again," have no say-so, and will not live long. Ask yourself "Is religion worth our democracy? God has never been in control of our nation and he won't be even if these groups get their way. They are out for power, using God as a cover. Read it an weep--see what the Religious Right really wants for people.
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on February 27, 2015
I wish Amazon let you give 1/2 stars as I would have given this one a 4 1/2. The only thing that detracted from the book was that in some areas it seemed to lack a certain continuity, but I think it was due to so much information the author was attempting to impart. He obviously did his research and it is quite frightening how the christian right are manipulating history and politics in the United States. It is also angering how tax dollars are funding them in direct contrast to the Constitution...the same Constitution they claim they want to uphold. This book is a warning of what could happen if the factual trends the author illustrates continue. This book is a must read.
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