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on February 4, 2016
Extremely hilarious at times, but from an intellectual standpoint it was pompous and completely without substance. Full of blatant inaccuracies and most of his arguments are laughable and only work because he picks on people without any training in history or philosophy.
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on January 15, 2016
Mahr constantly bashes religious people in this incredibly boring pile fecal matter he calls cinema.
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on November 23, 2015
I'm all for being open minded but let's be honest here. Bill uses creative editing and cut aways to make the people he's interviewing look stupid and without retort. Biased film making to prove a point which could of been done on its own merit. I could respect that approach atleast.
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on September 22, 2015
I like bill Bill Maher so I wanted to like this movie, in fact I watched it on a recommendation from a friend. But really it's just a Maher bashing ignorant and religious people for a couple of hours. Nothing to see here and definitely nothing too insightful or thought provoking here...
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on July 19, 2012
Really, Bill? You couldn't do any better than this? Maher knows darn well that there are thoughtful, educated, well spoken, progressive religious people he might have included in this "documentary," but his was a calculated selection. I have no problem with critical religious analysis. I'm a seminary student; rigorous theological critiquing is what I do. I also have no problem with the use of satire to make a point. But this documentary is just dumb. Nothing intelligent about it: not about the way it was conducted, carried out, and certainly not about the way it was concluded. Maher, you're a liberal. Then why is there no representation of religious progressives? What's that about? I guess that wouldn't allow you to come to your grand, sweeping conclusion: that all religions must end. And where have we heard that before? In extremely repressive regimes.

Maher should have titled this correctly: these are interviews with literalists, for the most part, and, in many cases, with people who probably are not introspective about any of their assumptions, not just their religious ones. Furthermore, Maher won't allow that religion has evolved, like all other disciplines and pursuits. Yes, the ancient biblical texts reflect ancient theological understandings, some of which are appalling; however, the prophets who decried injustice are pretty much cutting edge, then or now. You wanted a sanitized version of humanity? Good luck with that, no matter what historical discipline you're examining.

Maher could have interviewed people who are much more insightful and educated about these texts. But that wouldn't have been entertaining. Oh, and I really, really could have lived without Maher's snide misogyny (re: his comments after the Jonah story of spending three days inside a fish), but why quibble?

After this 90 minute shallow, highly selective tour of religion, Maher comes to the conclusion that religion must end if we are to save ourselves. So, based on a calculated and very small sample size, and a highly biased, emotional one person methodology, he comes to a conclusion that we should end them all. Seems like an odd method for a self-described rationalist. And just how would you propose to do that, Bill? (First article: I'm guessing it would not include free speech.)
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on August 11, 2015
I used to live in a household where I was the only person who saw Bill Maher for the crass, arrogant know-it-all he portrays on his show.
You own a gun? Neanderthal.
You dare to doubt collectivist thought? Conspiracy theorist.
You believe in God? You're crazy.
Bill engages in his usual obsequious, smarmy behavior in this "film" as he repeatedly tries shaming people into doubting their faith in God. I'm sure the execs at HBO think it's hilarious, but I think his delivery is nauseating and droning.

Now some may think I hate Bill Maher -- you couldn't be more wrong. I do equate his work as being on-par with satanic hood ornament Anton LaVey, however I do not hate Bill. No, if anything I pray for him that some day he'll see the error of his blatant anti-Christian career works. I don't pray for him to be a contrarian or because it would somehow shame him. I pray for him because I believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God made flesh and resurrected to heaven. Everyone who believes in He and God the Father also once endured a time in their life that they doubted or scorned Him. Well, if I came to Jesus, so can Bill.

Remember I mentioned Anton LaVey (not his birth name, by the way)? What do you think he did on his death bed? He called out to Jesus. A career satanist and just before it all went dark, he came to Jesus. And that is why we should pray for our detractors and enemies rather than return their scorn.
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on November 4, 2012
You know, there are plenty of excesses in every human institution: Schools, health care, government, families, the workplace, and, of course, religion. I'm all for going after con-men (and women), hypocrites, sheer stupidity, bigotry, and malfeasance! But Bill, you get a bit boring when you repeat over and over again the atheist mantra that if you can't touch it, hear it, see it, smell it, taste it - it plum does not exist! Gee! Why did I not think of that! Life is like a light switch! And the" joke" is on everyone who doesn't believe that you're so smart or all-knowing!

I didn't enjoy seeing people who are somewhat troubled being exploited, so you can have a good laugh at their expense. Did it ever cross your mind that there's a really big difference between sincerely held beliefs and unexplainable experiences - no matter how outlandish that are not hurting anyone - and those who use religion for profit and/or to control others?

Bill, you also came across stupid yourself. The Ex-Gay clergyman who believes being Gay is a sin - "looks Gay" because he's "neat and good-looking!" Give me a break! What you unwittingly succeeded in doing was make this bigot look sympathetic, instead of scary, because you came across as such a big jerk!

I'm all for your attacks on the greedy pigs, crazy bigots and mind-boggling hypocrites you so cleverly expose! Too bad you had to knock-down innocent believers that are not hurting anyone, in the process

See: Radical Grace: How Belief in a Benevolent God Benefits Our Health (Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality)
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on August 14, 2014
Let me be clear...I am a former Christian and now agnostic/atheist. I enjoy finding material that gives me solid debate material for Christians trying to convert me back. This movie isn't that, and it's not even very funny.

One of the worst claims in this movie is that Christ is a copy of the Egyptian god Horus. I've checked into all the so called "Jesus Myth" stories comparing similarities of the Jesus story with ancient gods/heroes, and very few of them hold any truth, most being completely made up. While the Romans did indeed incorporate pagan traditions and holidays into the Christian religion, the Jesus story doesn't appear to correlate to any significant mythology in a way that would matter. Most of these "myth" claims say that other messiahs/heroes were born of virgins, made water into wine, were crucified, born in a manger, attended by wise men, etc... Only when you go and read the actual myths, those claims are almost all false. Historians have been refuting these claims for some time. So why Bill Maher feels the need to cite rubbish and nonsense, as much of a myth as he claims Jesus is, I couldn't say. But it's not in the best interest of atheists or skeptics as I have seen Christians with some real sense of history debate atheists who swallowed this tale, and spit them out dazed and confused. The atheist leaves the conversation feeling stupid and the Christian feels vindicated. When I debate believers I want actual CITED HISTORY on my side.

There are enough inconsistencies in the bible itself, scientific impossibilities, outright flaws, that skeptics need not turn to make believe propaganda not rooted in reality to make a case. Sadly, that's what Bill does in this movie, and he does it in a sarcastic, unappealing way. Bill, you make enough money to hire some actual researchers. If I were ever a guest on your show, even though we are of a similar non belief structure, I would SKEWER you for being so clueless. Go back to the drawing board and use actual verified and researched material to make a case, or you are doing more harm than good.
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on April 16, 2015
Big disappointment. The DVD was locked with a national code not compatible with DVD player bought in Norway.
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on January 26, 2011
I am an atheist and usually enjoy [anti] religious humor. I was also somewhat of a fan of PI in the 90s, though I have not been following Bill Maher recently. From what I remembered about the guy, I expected a reasonably hilarious debunking of various religions. I turned it off after 30 minutes.

I don't want to analyze every scene in those 30 minutes so as not to spoil the "fun" for those still intent on watching it, but let me discuss just a couple. Like the one that's been described many times already: Maher confronting truckers praying at Trucker's Chapel. Yes, confronting them with obscure contradictions in the Bible and apparently enjoying the fact that the average truck driver is not quite his intellectual match. The segment ends with truckers praying that god will answer Maher's questions, since they cannot. As much as I was still rooting for BM at that point I really had the feeling that the truckers sorta won.

Soon after Maher is interviewing Dr. Francis Collins, the head of the Human Genome Project who is an outspoken Christian. Alright, I am thinking, now you're picking on someone your own size, let's see the clash of swords! Except no. Maher would ask a question, Collins would get a pensive look on his face and... CUT. You've gotta be kidding me! Is this really the way we hold a discussion? Am I supposed to believe that somebody who is as bright as Dr. Collins, and who clearly spent a lot of time on theological issues, does not have a single semi-intelligent response to anything Maher asks?

At the end of the day, it's not really the quality of the philosophical argument BM was making that did it for me. It is the fact that in 30 minutes I did not have a chance to smile ONCE. Even presented with as appetizing a target as a minister who is getting rich off his constituents, and says that that is what Jesus teaches him to do, Maher does not say a single funny thing. He just lets the situation drag on until it becomes intolerably repetitive and boring.

I am guessing that Maher knew that there is an audience of people that enjoy religion-bashing in almost any shape or form. And he decided that it's not worth his time and effort to entertain anybody outside that audience. What a pity!
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