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on March 24, 2008
My gynecologist recommended this product to treat menopausal symptoms, as I did not want to use hormones. Taken as directed, it is very effective in eliminating menopause symptoms for me, i.e., hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, headaches & more! One does need to go off it for about 2 weeks every six months as black cohosh builds up in the system and can cause flu-like symptoms if you don't give your body "a rest." It is made in Germany, where herbs are regulated like drugs, so you can be assured each dosage is the exact 20 mg needed (which is why it is the only brand recommended by by gynecologist). I have used it for five years with great results (three years prior to menopause and two years since).
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on October 6, 2008
I went thru several months of hot flashes, night sweats (couldn't sleep without a fan directly by my side), and mood swings (of course I was in denial).
Within a week of taking two pills a day, started noticing a difference. Within two months NO SYMPTOMS!!! I'm now at 3 months, FANTASTIC. My hot flashes were so bad, I'd be sitting here talking and spontaneously break out into a pouring sweat. Looked like someone had just dumped a glass of water on my neck and chest. It would instantaneously drench my clothing. It was bad, but NO MORE!! I didn't purchase this thru amazon, but still wanted to get the reviews out! But I do LOVE amazon as a vendor too!
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on November 8, 2011
This product has been amazing. My hot flashes came on with a vengeance about two months ago. Disrupted sleep, sweat pouring down my face while lecturing, freezing out my family with wide open windows on cold nights - I was a wreck. And to top it off, my daughters wedding was fast approaching and I had visions of myself in melt down during the ceremony. A friend recommended Remifemin based on her doctor's advice (as opposed to my doctor who suggested hormone replacement therapy) and I figured why not give it a try even though I am not a fan of herbal remedies.
The first two weeks on the product yielded no change and I was about to give up when I suddenly noticed that the frequency of the hot flashes were abating. I am at the four week point now; my hot flashes are rare and mild and totally manageable. But here is the weirdest part and not one that I noticed in any of the literature. About two weeks after I started, the extra weight gain that I have been experiencing over the last year suddenly stopped and pounds started dropping off. Perhaps it was pre-wedding jitters, but I noticed that no matter how little I ate or how much I exercised I barely lost weight in the past year. And, I have been strangely calm. The day of the wedding, everyone asked me if I had taken a sedative because I was so serene.
This is definitely a product worth trying before resorting to more serious intervention.
Good luck and, more importantly, keep cool!!!
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on November 1, 2012
I began peri menopausal symptoms in my late thirties with occasional night sweats. Went to my GYN to get my hormones checked for a baseline and was shunted to a Physician's Assistant who told me I was too young for such things and that I was probably just having bad dreams. I gently insisted. My levels came back within normal range, but I knew something was changing whether or not it appeared on test results.

I waited - probably a year. Something I wasn't connecting was the mood swings. It was getting harder and harder to control my temper and my 8-yr old twins were watching Mom go nuts...husband too, but not as much. I just thought I was becoming this Dr. Jekel / Mr. Hyde person and that I just needed to be able to muster more self-control from somewhere. Major guilt-shame cycle...routinely and tearfully asking forgiveness of my children, yet distrusting my sincerity because I couldn't get a grip. It wasn't until my mood swings expanded beyond anger that I finally put it together with peri menopausal symptoms. I would be laughing wholeheartedly at something my husband or kids would say or do, and then seconds later sobbing uncontrollably. As funny as this sounds, this level of surreal lack of control is quite scary. You know you're entirely irrational but no amount of effort changes the situation.

I began to research my issues online and talk to older women in my church and learned of the estrogen-like effects of the herb black cohash. I read both international and local research studies, learned about the possible side-effects that all estrogen and estrogen-like products have in common: kidney problems, and learned the importance of using product from a company that standardizes the variety of black cohash they use as well as the dosage in each tablet.

I weighed the "cost-benefit" analysis for myself and determined to try Glaxco/Smith/Kline's black cohash, Remifemin (distributed by Enzymatic Therapy). I've been taking it for two years and all I can say is "God is good!" And "Thank you Jesus and G/S/K, et. al. for your part in bringing sanity, peace, self-control and trusting relationships back into my family!
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on January 20, 2009
I have been using Remifemin estrogen-free products for over a year and have been very pleased with them. I use the regular daytime supplement along with the Remifemin Good Night one. For over 6 months, I have not been able to find the Remifemin Good Night in the stores where I usually have purchased it (CVS, other pharmacies, WalMart). This has been very frustrating for me. Occasionally, when I run into luck and see it on the the aforementioned place's shelves, there is only 1 or 2 packages, however, usually it's just not there. So I tried purchasing it online here at Amazon and am pleased to say that now I don't have to be without. The Remifemin packages I've purchased here arrived quickly, wrapped well and I can now continue to order them and use them as I need. This product helps me to contain my hot flashes and definitely aids me to sleep better at night. I would highly recommend it to any woman suffering from menopausal symptoms. However, I've learned to adjust the dosage according to my body's needs. The package directions suggest taking one tablet per night, however, at least for me, I found that to be not enough. So at least for now, I take 2 tablets and that works just fine. I'm greatful for the Remifemin products as they help me get through the difficult menopausal period and I can feel safe and assured that I'm using an herbal remedy which is completely hormone free, non-habit forming and safe for my body. I highly recommend the Remifemin daytime and Good Night products. There is no need to suffer when such help is on the market. I just wish my area stores and pharmacies (in central CT) would stock it better. Therefore, I'm greatful I can purchase it through Amazon.
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on January 5, 2007
I swear by this product! Since I entered the periomenopausal phase, my two main complaints have been mood swings and night sweats. The mood swings have been totally eliminated by Remifemin, and the night sweats have been greatly reduced. All of this without having to worry about potential dangers from estrogen. Bravo!
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on May 12, 2012
Ladies, do not hesitate for a moment to try Remifemin! I'm 48 and was having hot flashes CONSTANTLY. Not 10 times a day, more like 30 to 40 times a day. I also have Multiple Sclerosis, which is exacerbated by heat. I was sincerely in misery. I thought about taking HRT but was concerned about all the risks including weight gain. I'm already overweight and depressed about it -- I sure did not need more to throw me deeper in depression! I'd used over the counter Estroven a couple years ago when I was having milder pre-menopausal hot flashes and it helped a little. When my new round of more severe hot flashes started I was beside myself. Pure MISERY. People who have not had hot flashes have no concept of just how debilitating they can be. Throw Multiple Sclerosis in the mix and well, it was pure hell.

I started doing some research about non HRT possibilities and Remifemin had the best reviews. I was skeptical but hopeful at the glowing reviews. I bought the Remifemin that day. Within a few days I noticed an improvement. I didn't get too excited because I thought it may be my imagination-- maybe I was just hoping there was an improvement. Six weeks later I can confidently scream at the top of my lungs that this product WORKS!! My hot flashes have been reduced by probably 90%. Funny how something so simple could have such a profound life changing benefit. Thank you Remifemin!!!
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on October 21, 2013
I'm 46 year old very healthy female. I've been suffering from very severe perimenopause symptoms for the last 6 weeks. It started with severe anxiety, palpitation and insomnia. I didn't even know what hit me and at the end of the week 1 I had to go to ER twice within 3 days. I thought I was having heart issues. I started talking to some of my female friends in my age group, and got some understanding of what was actually happening to me. However I was still in denial since i didn't have any typical symptoms like night sweats or irregular cycle. My anxiety and insomnia were so bad that my doc put me on anti-anxiety/ antidepressant/ heavy duty sleep aid. It didn't really help, and I was feeling sicker and sicker. I've lost 10 lbs within a month from not sleeping and not eating. I even tried hypnotherapy for my insomniaI with very little relief. I was basically in Hell! Then I started having terrible night sweats and my cycle was getting out of control which confirmed that I'm going through perimenopause!!! I finally ditched my family doc and went to see an OB/Gyn. She is a conventional doc with experience in oriental medicine. She recommended Remifemin along with evening primrose oil. I've been taking remifemin maximum dose witch is 80mg in the morning and 80mg at night for the last week or so. I felt better on day 4, and now my night sweats are gone. I still feel a little fragile and my sleep pattern is still not regular but I know I turned the corner and I'm moving toward feeling better! I should have started on this weeks ago! This is the only thing that helps me!!
Be careful with other black cohosh supplements out there. My OB/gyn was very clear that remifemin and vitanica are the only 2 black cohosh supplements she recommends.
Take your multi vitamins and fish oil along with evening primrose oil to help your transition. I hope every woman who suffers from perimenopause will find one's way to this and get much needed relief!!
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on June 12, 2007
I was told this was the stop to the hot flashes, but I did not believe any one. Hot Flashes are the most disruptive when I sleep. About 1 week after taking 2 pills, 1 in the morning and 1 at night, the Hot flashes are gone. IT IS A MIRACLE. I am totally happy. Now I just need to keep a supply so I never run out and get HOT!!
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on March 13, 2011
I tried this product for over two months and saw no reduction in hot flashes. What I found helps somewhat is taking Evening Primrose Oil capsules 3 times daily, along with a separate Black Cohosh supplements. Combined, those supplements cost about half as much as Remifemin and provide a good amount of relief from hot flashes. They are less frequent, less intense, shorter in duration and they don't wake me up at night anymore. If one supplement doesn't help you, try something else - everyone's body is different in how it responds to supplements.
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