Customer Reviews: Generic Remote Control 10w RGB Waterproof LED Flood Light (16 Different Color Tones)
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on March 6, 2013
I ordered several of these 3 different times over the last month. The first time, I ordered just one to see how it would work for my application (up-lighting outdoor plants). It worked just as described so I ordered 3 more. Those were the same in every respect, except they didn't work when warm (couldn't control it with the remote). Once unplugged and allowed to cool down, normal function would be restored. All 3 from this lot behaved the same way.

I returned those 3 with no issues and received a prompt refund. I then ordered 4 replacements (to have one as a spare). They arrived promptly and are working fine with none of the control issues, even when left on for several hours. But they are different in several respects from the original one I ordered, as well as the 3 I returned). The differences are: the sensor for the remote is behind the lens, instead of coming out near the power cord as shown in the picture, the remote is different (and won't work with the other style), and the fade function, where the light cycles through all the colors, is different (no as smooth transitions). I took the lens and reflector off and the circuit boards are completely different.

TIP - If you are having issues with your remote (short range), check to make sure the sensor under the lens is pointing in the right direction. (one of mine was installed backwards). There is a small round bump, which is the window of the sensor, on the side that should be pointing out. If your remote has very short range, check this (and of course the battery in the remote). Take the 4 screws off the cover holding the lens, remove the glass lens and reorient the sensor so the bump is visible to the remote side. Replace the gasket and lens and you should be good to go.

As for the light itself, it is nice and compact and gives a very broad flood, I'd say on the order of a 160 degree beam. Because of the extra wide beam, the throw isn't very far, but it is perfect for my application. There are about 4 brightness levels. The mounting bracket is nice, but can also be removed. The case is aluminum, but the bracket is painted (powder coated?) steel. The hardware may actually be stainless. The power cords varied in length. The ones with the sensor behind the lens came with cords about 4 feet long, while the others were about 2 feet long, which I prefer. They have a standard 120 volt plug on the end. The remote works up to 8 feet away from the light. If you want them all to run through their pre-programmed sequence, they won't be in sync after a few minutes. I'm going to see if I can hack them and have one master and 3 slaves so they stay in sync.

One great feature - If unplugged while they are on, they will come back on in the same mode when power is restored.

I would give the units I ended up with 5 stars, but knocked a star off the overall rating because of the need to return a batch.
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on October 31, 2013
As many have reviewed, this unit is NOT grounded, and while it claims to be waterproof, I would not submerge it. After reading reviews for this RGB light, like many, I found the price to compelling not to give it a try.

(1) First thing I did was open the rear housing, true to form the Green (Ground ) wire is sniped and not connected to the case.
(2) The wires leading from the LED driver unit through the inner case shows large gaps, so if water did get into the rear housing the water would easily enter the LED area. (3) I doubt the AC wire strain relief is EVEN water resistant.

I've corrected all three issues grounding the unit, adding 3M 5200 sealant (bullet proof stuff) to the AC entry point and where the 2 LED driver wires enter into the LED area.

HOW IT WORKS: It's great for the price. Not as bright as I had hoped. The colors and deep and rich. Remote control is a nice feature. Strobe mode is useless and is a medium slow (white flashing). I'll find a use for it at my next party and once the safety issues are corrected, it's a fun and safe light for indoor use (or high tec replacement for your melted colored rotating disk light on your silver foil Christmas tree(-;)

Like some(not all) products from China, it's as if aliens transported a automobile to their planet not understanding it's actual function. Then reverse engineered and manufactured it for sale back on earth (knowing only that humans sit in, it rolls around occasionally, is supposed to make a rumbling noise, and that bags pop out to prevent the horror of seeing what you just crashed into)

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on November 22, 2012
I bought 5 of these and they arrived yesterday. I did a quick test when they arrived and then began setting them up today. While I was on a ladder rigging one of them, I gently moved the cord while it was plugged in and *POP*, a spark, and the breaker tripped. I promptly unplugged the cord, reset the breaker, and then took a look at the lights. Luckily I was using a fiberglass ladder or else this could have been an unhappy ending.

Whoever built these didn't correctly strain relief the cords. In fact, all 5 lights have the wires exposed right around the strain relief. This means they ARE NOT waterproof and the slightest stress on the cord (moving it even), could cause you to be exposed to 110V AC!

I don't know if the reviews are seeded by the manufacturer but I can't believe that no one else has noticed this issue.
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on August 30, 2014
Disclaimer first, I JUST rec'd two of these yesterday. So far, EXCELLENT for the price. With fade and blink functions, they work very nice when you line them up.

The remote dongle is not as long as in the picture (see my photo in cust imgs) so that just means you have to mount it with remote sensor facing down to control via remote. For my particular application this is perfect, but for others, it may be a factor.

Also, they are brighter than you may think being listed as 10W ... two of them light up the front porch VERY well. I'm ordering six more to mount under the soffit between windows to light up front of house (will post pics of that when done) once these prove to be truly IP65.

You need to know the wiring scheme too, as there are NO INSTRUCTIONS or anything in the box but the light.

Pretty simple: I ran their yellow/green to my ground (green), their blue to my common (white) and their brown to my black (hot) with 18/3 300v wire (overkill, but if I upgrade later, no wire change needed) and it works great. Also note, since I'm using outdoors, I carefully took an extra half inch off the provided wires so they made a solid connection in my silicone filled wire nuts (DRYCONN 62114 Waterproof Connectors).

Also, when you select a function button (flash, fade, etc.) ... it takes 3-5 seconds to get started so fear not, the function buttons work, just not immediately. Also, pressing the button repeatedly changes the TIMING of the effect. For example, press FLASH once and it flashes at one speed, press again, another speed, etc. The light itself responds with a 'blink' of the light to acknowledge receipt of the command via the remote but, again, it won't start fading for several seconds, so the blink lets you know it got the command so be patient, it takes time to get started.

Overall, the lights are great. They do all you need and nothing you don't ... simple functions are great, primary colors are great and bright. As mentioned, I'm ordering 6 more after I run these a few weeks and see how they hold up. This is because with an IP65 rating, it's sealed for dust/dirt but not fully protected against water, so I'm mounting them well protected under roof overhang (soffit).

We'll see how they hold up, but they work great so far out of the box!!
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on April 2, 2013
UPDATE 6/13/13:
I am very disappointed in this product and shocked at the poor workmanship. After a single use of 4 of these lights, the power cords have become spliced where they meet the housing of the light. This is because the manufacturer used an undersized metal fitting with no plastic or rubber protection between the wire surround and the sharp edge of the housing bracket and the wire barely fits through so any movement of the wire causes a slicing action. I have three out of the four that are completely cut to the core wire which can energize this entire light when plugged in exposing you to 110AC. This manufacturer needs to immediately correct this before this causes someone serious injury. Do not buy this product.

It takes a while (2 weeks) to get these little bad boys as they are shipped from China, but they are worth the wait for the price. I received all 6 I ordered wrapped very tight but the boxes they came in were just big enough for the light itself, the remote, and the cable that comes out of the housing squeezed in. Being that this is shipping from so far away and it is a light fixture, I thought there would be at least some packing or bubble wrap (this is why I gave it 4 stars). In any case, they all came operating and in good condition after inspecting and testing each. The housing is very strong and they look industrial strength. These things are very bright for the size they are, and I felt it first hand accidentally hitting the power on the remote while looking at it plugged in (doh). The remote takes maybe 5 minutes to figure out in my opinion after pushing all the buttons a few times to test the reaction (they could have given a little sheet with a diagram). Each remote works with as many lights as you have so you can keep any extras as backup without removing the little plastic battery contact separator. The only things that could make these better would be a master/slave ability, sound active setting, and a little bit longer power cable, and this would be an insane deal. With that being said for anyone that wants some sweet color representation at a party, or on their house for decoration, this is a very inexpensive answer to that need. I highly recommend as of right now and will update should something go wrong like melting my face off or something like Chinese drywall happens and the lights change the colors of your walls inadvertently. Stay tuned and enjoy!

P.S. I posted a video of the smooth transitions for your decision making.
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on August 7, 2013
I have ordered a lot of these. From Amazon, from that popular auction site, and others. I use them in my landscape lighting business and my customers love them. But sometimes they come with a long power cord and plug, sometimes a short one, and sometimes just a wire hanging out. A fair number of them arrive DOA, or the remote is DOA. Quite a few more will fail within the 30-day burn-in I give them. Why do I tolerate such bull....? Well, they are at least as bright as a 100 watt incandescent PAR floodlight and yet draw only 10 watts. They cost the same or less than a PAR floodlight bulb + fixture. (And replacement colored PAR bulbs are $7-$8) If these LED lights survive the 30-day burn-in, then they usually last at least a year or two, or longer, all night, 365 days a year. Longer than the incandescent PAR bulb would. And they look very cool and have a much wider range of colors than the incandescents. If you are going to order these, make sure that you get them from someone with a good return policy (like Amazon) and be mentally prepared for a possible DOA or early failure. If the Chinese Mfr of these lights could just do some Q/A and have a consistent quality, I would gladly give this product 5+ stars.
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on May 2, 2015
Scary, this just might burn your house down... Stay away, I opened it up after seeing all the reviews. Was not grounded, was not water tight, and did not come with a plug. Wires only. Pictures below. Returning mine.
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on April 7, 2015
Things to know:
1. You have to wire the plug.
2. This will not light your whole yard, expect a dim light for about 6-8 foot radius.
3. The scenes don't always work well.
4. It does come on to its last state when power is applied. (That's a huge plus)
Accept these attributes and you will be very happy. I used it to do some back lighting under the stairs for my kids beds. It's wired to a swith so the kids can turn them on and off while going to bed and don't have to fumble with the remote or worry about loosing it. As an accent light it's great but like I said, don't expect this to light up a room.
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on December 3, 2012
When you look at the pictures here you can CLEARLY see a "remote eye" coming out of fixture with the power cord.... Well, it does NOT ! No remote eye at all, and I have to point remote within 12" of the fixture directly in front of it for it to change colors ! This really sucks seeing that a remote control IS supposed to do just that, control things from a remote location... I would be very angry and return it fast if it had cost a few bucks more.... anyway, you have been warned.
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on October 7, 2015
The remote sensor is a small dongle that comes out of the back of the light by the power cord. Mine rusted and fell off, rendering it stuck on my last color... red. Kind of an odd thing to happen for something titled "waterproof". Defects happen occasionally, I get it. But when I contacted the seller about replacing it I got, "Sorry, it is out of warranty". I've owned the product 1 year exactly. Not sure where the warranty information is listed, but something out of warranty in a year is not a product the seller or manufacturer has faith in. I can't stand vendors/sellers with such crappy customer service skills as not to stand by a product in only a years time.
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