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on April 10, 2013
Ok. It tells you on the bottle that you shouldnt use it on anything plastic. It will eat it somewhat. Try not to use it on you face if you have sensitive skin. After application WASH YOUR HANDS. It will takes the print of your camera buttons, and if you use the bathroom guys it will make your junk heat up. Girls I wouldn't chance it. That being said I was in Africa on Safari and everyone in the truck around me was getting bit by tsetse flies and mosquitoes. I shared this during lunch and not another bite for anyone the rest of the day. It works like nothing I have used before. All in all I spent a week in mosquitoe country and got one bite when I went 12 hours between applications.
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on April 28, 2013
I've used 100% DEET for more than twenty years for fishing and being out in the woods, especially at dawn, dusk, and during the night. For the most part, bugs will not bite you, even in areas infested with mosquitoes. Try that with 25% or less DEET products and you'll be eaten alive. Importantly, a small amount of 100% DEET goes a long way. Before you dress, spray small amounts in one hand, work it into both hands, and *lightly* coat your body with it. Take your time. The idea is to apply a thin film all over that feels slightly oily. Always apply a very light coating to your face and head, especially your ears, being careful not to get it in your eyes because it burns a lot. I even work a little into my hair. It smells but not bad. The smell does not go away until you wash it off. Do not liberally apply it so that your skin is wet since it will not dry, you'll ruin your clothing, and it is *not* more effective when overdone.
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on February 14, 2015
I purchased this for my 3.5 trip to Costa Rica which involved a lot of hiking through forest and in itself Costa Rica is a tropical country which naturally has many bugs/insects. During this time while wearing this repellent I didn't get one bug bite!! I even wore shorts and low socks on my hikes and smiled as I watched other tourist go buy with hundreds of bites. For reference, one day after a hike I went back to the room to shower before dinner as usual, but this one day I decided not to reapply because I hate and was so tired of the awful smell and thought to myself "I'll only be out for 2-3 hours. Boy was that a big mistake! Let's just say that night I was on the menu and discovered at least 15 very itchy bug bites. Proof this stuff is excellent at the job it is intended for. Lesson Learned!

Now, why the 4 starts instead of 5? The smell and feel. It is thick, oily, and the smell is toxic. When applying please, please, please step out of your hotel room or home and spray it in the hallway or other open area. You'll be happy to have the fresh air or else you could get slightly dizzy for a minute. Also, when spraying be sure to aim in an area you and others won't walk because since it is oily the floor will turn into a slip and slide and someone is sure to get hurt. Last, try to keep a bit of distance between you and the spray bottle and hopefully the pump sprays it evenly. Most of my shirts had oily spots which was so disappointing. I mean who dresses up for a night out with a spotty oily shirt?
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on November 19, 2011
I purchased this insect repellent for use during a two-week African safari where I would be exposed to tsetse flies and a horde of mosquitoes many hours each day. Though I underwent many immunizations, the best way to prevent insect-borne diseases is to avoid bites.

I researched insect repellents by reading user reviews here at Amazon and at other third-party sites. The most important factors to me were: 1.) effectiveness against insects at my destination, 2.) long lasting, and 3.) odorless. In addition, the insect repellent would be used in conjunction with sunscreen. Following much research, I settled on Repel Sportsman Max Formula 40% DEET lotion.

Once in Africa, I applied the lotion on top of sunscreen and made many lengthy outdoor excursions. Normally I applied the lotion twice per day. Effectiveness of the product was obvious - people around me were continually swatting at insects while I simply enjoyed the activities. At some points it was almost comical - a good testament to the product. On the downside, Repel is not entirely odorless. The odor is not bad, but you will definitely notice the smell.

The 4-ounce bottle was big enough to supply two people for two weeks under frequent use. The bottle easily slipped into my duffel bag and did not leak or spill during rough transport.

Overall, Repel Max Formula 40% DEET was an excellent choice.
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on May 20, 2013
I rate this in the middle because of the following:

It works well, as it states. While wearing it, nothing bit us. Well, some ticks bit my husband but he may not have applied as carefully/thoroughly as I did. I did not end up with a single mosquito, black fly, no see um, etc. bite on me though they still swarmed all around us, and found no ticks on me at all - attached or crawling. There is NO DENYING that it is effective.

However, the bottle is leaky - mine leaked during shipment, so the cardboard box that it arrived in was wet from lost product. As another person stated, the liquid took some of the printing on the bottle right off. To transport it with me, I need to make sure it's in a tightly sealed plastic baggie.

Also, be careful what you apply this to. It is VERY STRONG. I wore a white t-shirt and white socks and they were both stained yellow where the product made contact. I threw them out when I got home. I also was using a black real leather backpack, and some got onto the straps and it degraded the leather a little bit so that it left black marks on my t-shirt near the front of my shoulders where the straps rubbed against me, and the straps also feel tacky now where the product got on them.

My husband was standing a little too close to his black car when he applied his, and some got on the car. He wiped it off using a plain dry napkin. The napkin came away black as if a little of the paint transferred.

So in summary - works GREAT, but be careful where it is applied.
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on July 10, 2015
Works for repelling insects and mosquitos; I won't argue their statement. But so harsh on skin and plastic. I took these pictures after getting to my destination. The plastic literally melted.
review image review image
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on January 21, 2015
We bought this for our fourth trip to the Carribbean. I have experienced the hard way how aggressive their insects are. The first issue was the bottle arrived and it had leaked, because the strength of the product it totally eroded the label and it was half hanging off. There was no way to read whatever was on it so I went ahead and pealed it off, which meant every time we touched the bottom we got black ink on our hands that was difficult to was off. It was too close to our trip departure to return it so I tightened the cap, put it in a sandwhich bag and off we went. Upon arrival we immediately unpacked and we realized the leaking hadn't stopped and it had eaten through the zip-loc. Clothes that it leaked on have stains and it bubbled the plastic off my hairbrush. We cleaned it up and since I had already gotten my first mosquitoe bite by then put it to good use. I like the product has the oiliness to it so you can spray it, see where it's applied and spread it out. The sprayer does not like any direction only upright. The protection was okay. By our fifth day I had seven bites, 5 of them on my feet. Like another reviewer mentioned, it seems to transfer dye from products and my black sandals were no different and left nice marks. My guess is the product was interacting with my sandals leaving me unprotected against bites. I've used other products down here that were far less messy, didn't damage stuff and more effective. This won't be a repeat purchase.
review image review image review image
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on May 27, 2014
100% Deet baby. Don't worry, they made the stuff to go on human skin, it's not gonna hurt you unless you drink it. 25%, 30%? ?? That's bunkytown. The only thing more American than this would be 110% DEET. Seriously though, I work in the woods in New England, which is tick central, I don't mess around with peppermint oil and other natural tree hugger BS. I want a big ol' sign on my butt that says, "Hey Ticks and Mosquitos!, Stay the F@$% off me!!" Lyme disease sucks.
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on January 3, 2014
I've used this product before in Mexico and I was completely mosquito free BUT AND A BIG BUT...

I was repurchasing this item for my next trip to Cancun and since this product came in a 4 oz package, I transferred it into a travel friendly container. The next day, the bottle that I had transferred the deet into completely MELTED!!!!!! Also I had spilled some on my shirt while transferring this product and there was a hole in it the next day. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read about Deet before purchasing this highly concentrated version. Would not recommend this product AT ALL!
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on July 24, 2011
If you wet you arms a little first it spreads better. Less wasteful that way. 100% is more than you need unless spread very thin.
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