Customer Reviews: Replacement for XBox 360 Slim Laser Lens HOP-150X 15XX DG-16D4S G2R2
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on June 16, 2012
On 20120616
It arrived on expected time for ground shipping.
4 start because it works, but I had to do extra work on it.
It has g2r2 on circuit board.
It has a G on botton right, original laser has a D.
It did NOT have metal part on the "arm", I had to remove from original one.
I noticed that hole for screw was smaller than original laser.
I made hole bigger with a bit 1/16 using hands, just enough to start screwing into.
After re-mounting xbox I was able to copy all skylander and halo reach to HD, so it is a proof that laser is working.
This laser, for my xbox, did not need any type of soldering.
My xbox is 360slim,
dvd is dg-16d4s, no:13c,
manufactured on June 2010
fw ver 9504 HW ver A0A0.
bought 12/2010
warranty expired 12/2011
First and only problem so far, OPEN TRAY 5/29/2102.
MS should do a recall due amount of people with this problem.
OPEN TRAY problem- put game and in 10sec says open tray.
Thanks youtube and internet knowledge share for videos where I learned:
-open xbox slim - it worked.
-adjust laser - it did not work for me, and spent too much time trying. SO BUY LASER AND GET DONE.
-remove/mount laser - it worked.
I will try to update after a month.
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on November 25, 2014
First let me say that I was sceptical that this was going to work. I consider myself an ok diy person.
By no means am I an expert in electronic repairs.
I have been fighting this clean disk error for some time. I just thought it was bad disks or Xbox games.
I was considering buying a different Xbox, then I went onto YouTube and tried to find some information on
this problem. Man there are lots of good helping videos to watch. (Thanks everyone who helps people like me)
I took the Xbox apart and changed the laser (videos on this to on YouTube) an thought here goes nothing. Low and behold, BAM, the Xbox works
better then it ever did. For under a $10. part and I was thinking of getting a new one, all I can say is if you are haveing
problems please try this first. It is like I said for under $10 bucks you can save allot of money.
Just remember to do your research on you Xbox first. There are a couple of different types of lasers.
I had to take mine apart to find the model number. Well worth your time.
Just be patient and take your time. For a couple of hours work, I saved hundreds of dollars.
Highly recommend!!!
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on March 15, 2014
Very quality, been working for a half a year now without an error! Minutes to install with a few tools. BE SURE TO UNSOLDER THE 3 "SHIPPING" SOLDER POINTS. Watch a Youtube video before instaling.
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on June 14, 2014
It works! After a year of collecting dust on the shelf, I decided to jump on this endeavor for the sake of the kids going banannas over the summer from boredom (okay, okay you got me, a major part of that reason was I wanted to play Resident Evil 6 Archives, lol :D, sue me)

First off, I'd like to say I couldn't have done it without the complete and detailed instructions provided by our brothers and sisters on Youtube, and to give credit in particular to GamerGuy51's instructions.

I received the part and like everything through the mail am a little doubtful on the functionality of this gizmo and the actual installment of it (I've never taken apart a xbox before less replace an electronic part in a device for that matter, save batteries.) The actual dismantling of the Xbox 360 Slim is a HASSLE, however, putting it back together was a breeze.

Tools needed:

1. an awl, small ice picker device- bought mine from dollar tree for a buck, you'll see it in the video instructions.

2. T10 torx screwdriver

3. miniature screwdriver set- smallest Phillips you cold get your hands on, you'll know what I mean when you get to the portion where you have to get the laser of the rails in the xbox.

4. A soldering iron 15 watt or around there, too hot might damage the small motherboard on the laser when removing the antistatic ball. I didn't have one so I used a an old flat tip screwdriver and placed it on the stove for 5 minutes till it got pretty hot then slightly tapped the antistatic ball off the motherboard. I nearly threw the replacement laser out in the dumpster when I tested it to find it did not work, then upon closer inspection noticed I still had some minute antistatic matter left, so I scraped it off with a small screwdriver( do not recommend this course of action, so please, get a soldering iron with a desoldering braid.) I popped it back in and tested the disc drive with Call of Duty, lo and behold, it worked. Let's just say I jumped up and down with joy with my two sons watching me, good thing they're still kids, LOL. Right now, they're happy and that's all that matters.

So far, so good. Will promise to update if I come across any problems with the Xbox.
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on November 12, 2015
After my sons XBox 360 Slim stopped reading discs I looked for solutions. I tried the laser cleaners and one kid recommended hitting the top of the unit to get it to work. All failed to fix the problem so I cracked it open. This takes many tools and I happened to have everything required.A thank you to the YouTube videos on the process of doing it. I would say I opened my box a half-dozen times trying to figure out the problem. This laser works perfect but I am not sure for me it was my problem. After removing the screw and plastic piece holding the laser in place I noticed I was unable to move the laser freely on the guides. This was after I put the new laser in and it continued not to work. The circuit board below was in the way of free movement. I moved the board away as much as I could and with the new laser it works great. I didn't try putting back in the old one to see if all of the problem was the circuit board. Remember to remove the solder ball next to the ribbon holder. Good luck in getting your machine back up and running.
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on January 16, 2014
Was able to correctly install the laser head! However, I then learned that's not all that is involved when replacing the head. Did not have the equipment to align, so I had to take it to a reputable X-Box repair station to have the CD Drive "aligned". He only charged $20 for the alignment and bought the extra head I had also purchased. But, I really am impressed we were able to replace the laser!
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on July 25, 2013
I ordered two of these because the seller does not provide any instructions and I thought the first one was bad when in fact all I needed was to remove the anti-static solder ball. This requires a soldering iron, so if you don't have one then you better get a different product.

Also, as others have stated this does not include the little metal arm so you will have to remove the one from the original and put it one the new one.
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on April 16, 2014
I bought this laser lens to repair a friends xbox 360. I have performed this repair before with no problems. After removing the solder ball and installing the laser it worked fine. Now that my friend has been playing it for 1 week it has stopped working again.
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on June 7, 2013
I was getting the infamous disk read error on my Xbox Slim. Tried to fix the laser but nothing work. Was going to send me Xbox in for repair but decided to buy this and possibly save me $90 (my Xbox was out of warranty by two days). Item shipped fast. I have taken apart my Xbox before several times so it didn't really take me much time to install. All i really had to do was remove the solder ball and plug it in. So far my Xbox has read all of my games perfectly. Hopefully it will last awhile. Very good product.
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on July 4, 2014
a perfect replacement order it cause my sons stopped reading disk "his fault" i order this and watched a youtube video on how to. and it went perfectly. saved me about 80 dollars from having a local place fix it. and it still working
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