Replacement parts? A few of the reviews comment on the filter screen needing replacing and they can't find where to get a part. Does anyone know if replacement parts are available. I don't really want to spend the money on this nice stainless press and not be able to replace a part if need be?
asked by Tommy W. Melton on November 2, 2011
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Heals4Food answered on February 15, 2012
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Buy a replacement filter screen, cross plate, or spiral plate, or plunger rod, or lid, at FrielingUSA online, and call to order...the phone number is there. Affordable prices too.

AN INTRODUCTION TO COFFEE AMBROSIA. It's a quest for flavor. It's all about flavor. You are here searching for the best quality French Press, one that delivers the most flavorful coffee possible. You might be new to French Press and are rightly skeptical about the vulnerability and safety of a glass model. Or, you might be experienced, a Bodum or BonJour refugee exasperated by having to replace your second, or third, or even seventh broken glass beaker. No cuts? Lucky you. Been there.

A HEADS UP. I have been making French Press for many years and have owned my Frieling for four years, usually using it daily when not hacking my change-of-pace Technivorm filter-drip machine. Here is what I have learned: if you intend on buying pre-ground bulk coffee, or a cheap whirly-blade grinder for your whole bean coffee, then do not buy a top quality Press, such as this Frieling. You will be wasting your time and your money. It's like putting a Volkswagen motor in a Porsche. That is The Truth.

This kind of coffee brewing will not be for you. You will not want to go where this Review/Tutorial leads. It leads to the best tasting non-espresso coffee you can possibly make at home, but you must first buy your coffee wisely; then buy your grinder wisely; after that buy your Press wisely so that you can brew wisely and carefully. Now for the review.


1) FRIELING OWNERS HERE ON AMAZON VOTE IT 4.7 STARS, 92% POSITIVE. That is a solid A--hot stuff. Only a select few products on Amazon are rated that highly. So, why all the raves? Here's why:

2) FRIELING MAKES FIVE SIZES FOR YOUR DESIRED PORTION SIZE. Frieling's stated sizes are at full capacity, but it is prudent to reduce that maximum capacity by about 2-6 fluid ounces, depending upon the size chosen, to allow space for the plunger and the inevitable rising head of bloom-foam when hot water hits the ground coffee. Accordingly, Frieling makes FIVE sizes to suit your capacity needs: 8 fl/oz, 16 fl/oz, 23 fl/oz, 36 fl/oz, and 51 fl/oz.

3) DOUBLE-WALL THERMAL INSULATION. Frieling makes only one model, the Ultimo, in polished or brushed finish. ALL its three main elements are double-wall insulated: the pot, the handle, AND the lid. So far, it is the only brand or model of French Press, with one exception, to possesses ALL three features--the insulated LID in particular. Because moving air cools, the open space between the walls cannot insulate very well, but your house's fiberglass insulation batting fills the space, preventing air circulation, that greatly reduces heat loss to the outside while keeping temperature far more constant inside.

But Frieling has taken another approach: instead of using substance to fill the empty space, it uses ZERO material. By pumping the air from the wall space, creating a still, dead space called VACUUM INSULATION where air cannot circulate, leaving no matter in it, no molecules or atoms to agitate and cool, ensuring a very efficient insulation indeed. Such insulation is found in the Frieling's pot. This is the MAIN reason why Frieling makes the best French's what all the fuss is all about...the Frieling best keeps the correct brewing temperature to give you the best flavors.

4) 18/10 STAINLESS, COMMERCIAL-GRADE DURABILITY. Unique to Frieling, this heavy duty French Press is made of Austenitic, type T304L stainless steel, 18/10 (18% chromium, 10% nickel: best quality) heavy gauge stainless steel. This quality, special alloy is food-safe and lead-free, meant for commercial use in hotel room-service and dining rooms, for fine-cuisine restaurants, for caterers, and is sold to specialty, high-end hotel/restaurant supply houses (still Frieling's primary business). It will never shatter or injure you. Survives dishwasher hell, and comes out looking like new. The Frieling was once under the radar. It is now available to the public at better coffee-ware or kitchen-ware stores, and is available here on Amazon, far from its industrial roots.

5) ITS FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION. Discipline and restraint, with utility in mind, results in the Frieling's handsome, elegant, and understated lines. Appearance has been given a slight nod. It's all business. Even its high polish is not there to WOW at, but to make it easier to clean. There are no false touches present; only the authentic remains. The entire achievement makes it presentable for casual entertaining, even for more formal occasions. A matching sugar and creamer, with spoon, is available.

6) THE INSULATED POT has a double-walled, insulated body, lid, and handle for ONE reason only: to maintain the Specialty Coffee Association of America's recommended steeping temperature of 195-205 degrees F throughout the ENTIRE brewing or "steeping," period. This is critically important because only at that temperature range will the ground coffee particles fully release their complete flavor potential. The cylindrical shape makes a very small footprint on the table or counter-top.

Shopper's note: Confusing an insulated Press with an insulated carafe is a very common blunder. ANY brand of thermal insulated French Press is specifically designed as a brewer, NOT as a thermal carafe or thermos, so brewed coffee MUST be poured into cups IMMEDIATELY after the four minute brewing period or the continued steeping will produce, even if over a minute, an over-extracted, bitter, and insipid cup! For leftover coffee, use a pre-heated thermal carafe or thermos, with a screw-on sealed lid, specifically designed to store hot coffee, and to keep it hot, after it is brewed. Actually, it is best not to store coffee. Consume coffee within 10-15 minutes for the best flavor. For more coffee simply brew more coffee for the best flavor.

7) THE POT'S SPOUT is drip-less due to its lipped design. The spout is small enough to lose minimal heat, but large enough for a quick, steep-stopping pour. Not a stray drop on the tablecloth yet after four years of daily use.

8) THE INSULATED LID is entirely unique. It is, with one exception, the only INSULATED lid for a French Press to be found by any manufacturer. Heat rises, and as far as heat is concerned, the pot functions as a chimney, focusing heat above, and its opening is where most heat is lost. This lid caps the heat with its tight fit and insulation. The lid's underside dome shape helps assist in that, like a domed teakettle. The overall lid design is critical if you care to brew at the proper 195-205 degree F temperature. THIS WAS THE FINAL KICKER IN MY DECISION TO CHOOSE THE FRIELING, along with the other goodies.

9) THE INSULATED HANDLE is crafted of hollow, extruded stainless, all of a piece, to keep it cool, as well as to keep it lightweight so as not to unsteady the pot. The handle's vertical upright is ovoid in cross-section to provide comfort for the gripping fingers. A secure niche for the thumb is provided with its horizontal thumb rest and thumb-block. An often overlooked feature in cup or French Press design, because if the thumb rests on on a horizontal support, especially if that support is provided with a means of blocking the thumb from slipping off, one's grip is then very secure indeed. Take a look at the photo of the handle on this site, you'll see it. The long, vertical provides plenty of clearance for the fingers, and is angled inward toward the bottom to secure the fingers, also to provide good leverage when pouring.

10) THE PLUNGER, when pushed down, results in a dynamic turbulence that agitates the water and grounds to intensify flavors...this is the heart of the Press, and what makes French Press what it is. It also separates the grounds from the coffee, so it is fitted to precise specifications to minimize stray grounds coming through the filter or from between the pot's inner walls and the periphery of the plunger, and thence into the cup. The unit is entirely crafted from 18/10 stainless steel (the best grade) plastic parts to retain stale tastes whatsoever. Easy to dissemble for cleaning and spare parts are always available. Remember, with ANY French Press you will have stray grounds, especially if you buy canned coffee because it is always ground too fine for French Press, or if you use anything but a burr grinder. Even so, tiny grounds sneak in...French Pressists never sip that last sip: don't blame the Frieling Press, or a Bodum, or a BonJour.

11) REPLACEMENT PARTS AND EXCHANGES FOR VALID PROBLEMS ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE. My online and telephone experience with Frieling USA has been excellent. They will replace any product or part you feel is defective. Also, down the line, parts such as the filter screen. cross plate, spiral plate of the plunger assembly, or the plunger rod, are available at very reasonable prices.

12) FRIELING KEEPS GOOD COMPANY. Beside Amazon, the finest, most prestigious online coffee gear retailers carry it: cateringplanet, wholelattelove, seattlecoffeegear, clivecoffee, terroircoffee, williams-sonoma, espressozone, shop.illy, chriscoffee, liquidplanet, roaste, crateandbarrel, coffee.become, coffeebydesign, coffeeart, veniacoffee, greentreecoffee, blacksmithcoffee, wayfair, etc.


1) THE LID CAN SLIP FORWARD A BIT WHEN POURING: The lid is snug for pressing, but while pouring, the lid can slip forward an inch or so. Solution--the "teapot pour", the way waitstaff use it: with the finger(s) of one hand, lightly press down on the lid or plunger knob, the other hand grips the handle to pour. Or, use the "one-hand pour": grip the handle with your fingers, press down lightly with side of your thumb upon the flat of the lid's back edge, nearest handle, then pour...easy and secure.

2) A FEW SMALL PARTICLES OF GRIND CAN CATCH IN THE PLUNGER, in the tiny screen seam. Solution--If that happens, then after brewing and rinsing out your Frieling, fill with hot water, replace lid and plunger. Then, pumping vigorously up and down a few times, the turbulence removes the particles. I seldom have to do that twice or use a small brush. Then place the pot and plunger in the dishwasher.


A commercial, industrial design with commercial-grade stainless, insulated everywhere, including the lid, easier to clean than with plastic parts that also retain flavors. Holds the brew temperature at the correct SCAA recommended 195-205 degrees, the most important brewing feature of all. Dishwasher hardy and clean-up is easy. Handsome and presentable for entertaining. Durable to the maximum. Excellent, all stainless plunger, few stray particles, minimal silt.


FRIELING ULTIMO FRENCH PRESS 8c (Vacuum-Insulated, 18/10 SS), $74, 4.7 stars: ALL-STAINLESS plunger, INSULATED ALL-stainless lid, DRIP-LESS spout, THUMB-SECURE handle, stable.

BODUM ARABICA 8c, $68, 3.5 stars: plastic plunger &lid parts, uninsulated lid, spout dribbles, stable shape.
BODUM COLUMBIA 4c, $60, 4.7 stars: plastic plunger & lid parts, thin uninsulated lid, VERY stable, good handle.
BODUM COLUMBIA 8c, $71, 4.4 stars: plastic plunger & lid parts, uninsulated lid, UNSTABLE bowling-pin shape.
BODUM PRESSO 8c, $58, 4.4 STARS: plastic plunger & lid parts, uninsulated lid, HIGHLY STABLE with flared base.

BONJOUR FIORE 8c, $30, 3.5 stars: NO plastic parts, uninsulated lid, spout dribbles, MIXED REVIEWS, stable.
BONJOUR TRIOMPHE 8c, $68, 4.2 stars: plastic in lid assembly, uninsulated lid, ADJUSTABLE FILTER, stable.

CUISINOX PRESS 8c, $55, 3.4 stars: NO plastic parts, uninsulated lid, Frieling COPY, MIXED REVIEWS, stable.

ESPRO PRESS, 30oz, $99, NEW, plastic filter, "clean-cup" DOUBLE FILTER, uninsulated lid, stable, good handle.

LA CAFETIERE THERMIQUE 8c, $35, 4.2 stars: NO plastics, INSULATED LID, drips, MIXED REVIEWS, stable.
C. V. May answered on April 29, 2012
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nice for those living in the US. No good for Australians.
james horton answered on June 10, 2012
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