Customer Reviews: BBTac M4 M16 Replica Airsoft Gun M83 A2 Electric Rifle Full Automatic Semi w/ Red Dot Scope Tactical AEG
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on October 19, 2006
This product took 9 days to arrive, which was a little dissapointing. But after I opened the box and started to shoot things, it redeemed itself. The gun itself isn't too powerful, and if you're not shooting exposed skin its harmless. If, however, you do get shot in bare skin, it stings a little and will leave a small welt. Its fairly accurate within 30 feet, but don't expect to be sniping anyone. The hop up feature helps tremendously.

The BBs themselves aren't of the best quality (a few broke when shot at asphalt). But hey, they say you're not supposed to re-use them anyway. They come in 4 packages of 2000, and are white, so they show up well in the grass.

Some of the add-ons that come with it (flashlight, silencer, lasersight, ect) are pretty nice but hard to attach on at first. The scope was dissapointing, however, but you'll be happy to know that most of the time you won't need it.

Overall, I'm satisfied with it. If you're a beginner like me, this is a great gun to start out on. Tell some friends to buy some, buy an extra magazine or two, and you're set for hours of fun.
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on April 30, 2008
The Double Eagle M83 is the best entry level M-4A1 available.

With .12 gram BBs it is fairly accurate in 5 round bursts. It shoots around 230fps to 260fps which is plenty if you wait for a target to get in range or are playing CQC. .12s are nice because they are very cheap, but they lack stopping power and can't cut through brush at all. They are extremely safe though, so if you are a parent buying for a younger child, this gun is a great way to get your kid a safe airsoft gun that they will enjoy and and also have them learn the ropes of basic airsoft safety.

In a pro-match you wont have a prayer in an open environment but in basic backyard wars, this gun holds it's own and is superior to other entry level weapons.

The construction is plastic and the iron sights twist a significant amount when you apply pressure to them but because you won't be engaging enemies at long range, this problem is not that big of a deal. The gun is very light and quick to the snap.

The fire-mode switch is plastic but easy to use and sturdier than other models I've seen. There is a secondary safety mechanism built into the main pistol grip (trigger unit) that requires you to be gripping the gun in order to fire. Placing the elastic band the gun comes with around the grip will cancel out this feature (which is what I did).

The accessories it comes with are okay, mostly for style. The laser pointer is very (seriously) bright but does not mount very straight on the rail. Mounting it on the bottom rail compensates for this but if you attach the gun strap it will block the laser beam. The forward pistol grip is plastic but it does the job and looks great. I was worried about over twisting the barrel unit by applying too much pressure on the pistol grip. The gun is light enough to not need the grip so I decided not to use it. I do not like the red cross (dot) sight it comes with but my friends do, it is a cheap scope that might normally cost 3 to 7 bucks. I decided to use a 10 dollar red dot sight that I bought separately (and can be easily transfered to new guns) instead. A red dot sight in conjunction with this weapons is very efficient. Do not bother mounting a scope with a zoom, this is an entry level gun and it's not accurate enough to make it worth putting that kind of sight on it.

The flash light is, eh... It's unsafe to play at night anyway.

The 2 plastic heat shields it comes with are great and cover the RIS rails you don't use so it's smoother on your hand. I think more guns should come with heat shields like this, it's a great and under-rated accessory.

Buy extra magazines, they are cheap and well worth it. The magazines are surprisingly sturdy and have never jammed or failed on me (and I own 6).

The battery lasts surprisingly long and although it can be a bit difficult accessing it, it is overall much better than other entry level batteries. The gear box is plastic so do not put .2gram BBs or heavier in it because you risk over stressing it. Try to avoid dry firing as well. If you treat the motor well it will last you a while.

The charging handle and forward assist do nothing and are locked in place. The hop up is located under the cartridge ejector which flips up and down. The suppressed barrel is great and provides backup for if something were to happen the main barrel.

Overall the Double Eagle M-4A1 gun is decent and fun to play with. If anything it looks and feels great. The price is very good as well. Don't waste your money an entry level weapons any more expensive than this, at that point it's worth getting a medium grade weapon with metal internals.
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on December 29, 2006
this gun is the best gun I own it doesnt curve at all the scope isnt the best but the laser and origonal sight make up for it. The clip runs out fast so you might want to get a extra mag or a back up gun.this gun is soooooooo cool you have to buy it.

pros: 1 it is accurate

2 it comes with a lot of accesories

3 it is practically a give away

cons: 1 clip runs out fast

2 scope isnt that good

3 took 9 days to arrive

this hasnt jammed on me once
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on February 25, 2011
This was my first LPEG (entry-level version of the AEG) and it has served well. This is a long review and I'm going to pick apart the gun piece by piece. At the end I have some advice for newbies

it was packaged in a Styrofoam box with all the accessories. nothing noteworthy there. If I recall correctly the shipping was on time.

flashlight - as far as tactical use, the flashlight is a joke. But, it sort of looks cool.

Sling - the sling was WAY too short for me, but I'm 6'1" so some of the smaller people may have a better time with it. It may work better as a one-point-sling, though i haven't tried it.

Vertical Foregrip - sturdy enough, probably stronger than the barrel itself. Provides nice support for your left hand. I've never really been horizontal foregrip kind of guy, so this is nice for me.

Heat Blocks - pretty simple. Like I said before, I'm not much of a horizontal foregrip person so I haven't used them much. My Dad likes them because they give a smooth surface to hold (as opposed to the RIS, which hurts your hand after a while

Laser - pretty simple Laser. comes with an RIS/weaver mouth and a pressure switch. To get proper alignment, the Laser has to be on the bottom of the RIS. There is plenty of room for the foregrip behind it, but not the heat block. note that if you zero your laser right, it's going to be much more accurate than the gun. On mine, the wire near the pressure switch broke. I soldered it into a on/off switch and mounted it on a P99 (pistol), where its accuracy is much more appreciated. Only warning is to avoid over-tightening the alignment screws. the laser inside is brass=very easy to drill a hole into.

Red Dot Sight - This is a basic red cross sight. You turn it on and a cross appears. you would use it instead of a rear sight. Problem is that the M4 has high sights (because of the carrying handle) and so for a proper sight alignment, you would need a RIS riser. It was a bad design to include a low-profile sight with a gun that has high sights.

Speed Loader - self explanatory.

Mag Loader - different than the speed loader. It's a long tube that you pour BB's into, plus a rod to push them into the magazine.

Jamming Rod - doubles as the rod for the Mag Loader, self explanatory

Magazine. I have three that I taped into a "W" shape - triple mag. Holds 40-45 rounds and drops a BB when you take it out of the gun. This isn't a faulty Mag, just a bad design. This is NOT compatible with other M4 mags. Weighted nicely. I haven't had any problems.

Battery - 7.2 volts, 500mah. comes with a wall outlet dumb charger. This will get you around 300-400 RPM and last a good while. I've yet to drain it in one day. I killed mine by overcharging it, so the ROF is closer to 200 now. Do yourself a favor and buy a smart charger.Tenergy Universal Smart Charger for NiMH/NiCd Battery Packs (6V - 12V) Perfect for RC or Airsoft Battery Packs --- NEW! < that one is good. Two or three nine volt batteries in a series power this gun just fine but they go dead FAST.

FPS - 240-250 with .12's it'll dent a soda can but not go through
ACCURACY - best as a CQB gun. I fire on torso-sized targets and I can consistently hit it inside 25 feet. farther than that and they knuckleball. Hop-up will get you some extra distance, but many times it doesn't help. Any small breeze will totally throw your shot off.
ROF - 300-400 shots/minute with the stock battery fully charged
DURABILITY - body is made of ABS (metal-like plastic. some real firearms are made of similar polymers) connecting points and internals are some other cheap plastic. Weak point is between the upper receiver and the RIS/barrel, just in front of the Mag. I could break it easily over my knee, but it's not too bad unless you plan on doing dolphin dives with it.

SIGHTS - Standard M16 family sights. Hole in the back, fork in the front. technically these would be considered aperture sights. You can take off the rear sight/carrying handle

DESIGN - battery is in the RIS, i don't personally like that because you have to take off anything on the side rails when you put the battery in.
- Trigger and Mag release work fine. the fire selector switch is rather stiff, but it's nothing to get upset about.
- under the trigger release there's a safety button that you have to hold in order to fire. There was an elastic band in the box that goes around it perfectly. it's comfortable and alleviates the need to hold the button with your middle finger
- stock is fine, it's adjustable and sturdy. no problems whatsoever.

just a quick FPS meter for those new to airsofting
<150 FPS - cheapo guns that use .12 gram ammo. it will sting a little on exposed skin but it won't leave any marks
150 - 250 FPS - low end guns that use .12 gram ammo. stings more and can leave small welts on exposed skin at close range
250-300 FPS - many shotguns and spring guns, this is the high end for pistols. still using .12 gram ammo
300-400 FPS - most competition AEG's. this is where you start seeing .2 gram ammo. .12 ammo will leave small welts at close range. .2 ammo will leave small welts through jeans/thick fabrics. .2 ammo will go through soda cans
>400 FPS - high end of automatics, high end sniper rifles. This will make you bleed at close range. .2 ammo will go straight through a soda can

DE-M83-A2 is all right for a beginner gun. its cost is easy to swallow at 30-40$. If you shoot someone, they will know they're hit, but it's not going to hurt anyone except point black on exposed skin. Its not accurate and you're not going to find any spare parts or upgrades anywhere. The accesories are nice, but the actual gun's performance is dwarfed by guns that only cost 45 dollars more. if you are young and want something cheap to plink in the backyard with, this is great.

If I had it to do over again, I'd get the Jing Gong G36c. it's around 100$ and it's ten times the gun this is. I you want to get into the sport, it's full metal so it's not going to wear out like plastic will. Plus it's fully upgradable and serviceable. If you decide it's not the thing for you, it's an accurate replica and it'll be ready for a war when you are.
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on August 6, 2006
this is a gun that you can buy at your local sports authority, it costs 89.99 there. this gun is definetly a good deal, it shoots strong and accurate, i dont know if it is good at long range because i am a scout in my airsoft team, this is not maureen, this is her son. it comes with 2 clips and you can order more from this company for 3.85 a piece. this gun is definetly worth the value if you are just getting into airsoft, and you need a value pack to see if you enjoy the sport.


Brandon pinkham
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on January 17, 2007
This gun is awesome. I just got it today and I was so excited. I am only a begginer at airsoft but i can tell this gun rocks. it goes through paper the clips are sturdy, i dropped one on cement and its fine. The silencer is just for looks doesn't do anything and the laser dot scope doesn't zoom. Pretty good rate of fire takes a while for the clip to run out, and to load on you put bbs in a pipe(included) and put it over the mag, then push a pipe through it. it is weighted but not to heavy. the sling is really short and i didn't know how to assemble it. you can see the bbs flying and you can see the difference between the hop up and normal. the 8000 bbs come in 4 bottles of 2000 and are black, they're preety solid but the bottle says "targer" and it says if you use any bbs from another campany the gun will have trouble, i don't know if that is true or not. the battery is in the RIS system. the safe switch is kind of hard to move at first so give it a jerk. the safety goggles are good quiality, and big and don't make it blurry. you have to push a saftey button to shoot and you heve to hold it down but thats ok its easy to push. I dont use the electronic scope because it doesnt look cool and i can use the sights. the accurcay is pretty good won't be sniping anyone

I hope you find this review helpful and please excuse my grammer or spelling mistakes. This is my moms user name and im 13 years young.
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on October 1, 2006
this is great if you are just looking for fun with your airsoft guns. This doesnt hurt at all. Just a little bit more than a blowback desert eagle. This gun is simply amazing. It comes with a great deal a extra magazine and its not too heavy. Also it could like never break because the inside is light weight metal with the outside plastic. Perfect gun.

GET THIS GUN!!!!!!!!!!!
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on July 20, 2008
okay.....first of all I own another airsoft gun much better than the M4 that I just bought but I need something less powerfull and for backyard wars. So I bought this M4.This gun is very good, the plastic has very good quality and it does not break easily. I would say that you get what you pay for with this gun and its worth it if you are looking for backyard wars. If you are more into airsoft than backyards then you should buy an original Tokyo Marui gun like the one I bought before this M4. The accuracy is overall good,plus there is a hop up system. The magazine holds 44 bbs... to be exact. The battery is a 7.2volt which I would say is good for this gun. Also if you like this gun because of the laser, you will not get the laser because it is removed as the guns are imported into the US. So if you live in the USA you will not get a laser. The shipping was exactly five days which was perfect for me. The gun is accurate up to about 30-35 ft. For people that say this gun was delivered broken to them then it is porbably because they ordered a used gun instead of a new one but if it was new and broken then they should have just returned it.My gun was not broken and functioned very well.This gun works well and looks awesome.Also the 4,000 bbs and protection vest included in this pack are usefull. The vest is sorta crude but it gives good protection, it is basically a thin material that contains rectangular pieces of plastic that prevent the bbs from hitting your skin overall its a simple thing but it is usefull. The extra magazine is also very helpfull and has the same capacity as the mag that comes with the gun So if you are looking for a high cap mag its not included in this package, its just a regular extra 44bb mag. I would strongly recommend this to beginners in airsoft and those looking for backyard wars if you want to go beyond that then buy yourself a tokyo marui original gun. I hope this helps you guys.
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on September 12, 2013
OK, I only write a review when something is complete junk or an online company showed outstanding service/products. First off, this isn't meant for anyone wanting to hit their targets accurately, this rifle WONT cut it. Second, distance is terrible. So even playing in the backyard is a waste of time and BB's. Third, I ordered 3 of these and everyone of them has an issue with missing/defected parts. 3 missing lasers. One non working flashlight, one missing foregrip. Only one rifle operated properly on semi/full auto. 2 rifles would only fire on full auto. Feels like cheap plastic, nothing mounts securely for long. If you handle this gun in any manner other than gently EVERYTHING in/on this gun will break The good reviews on this gun must have all been from 13 yr old kids or younger. This thing is a piece of JUNK!!! Save your time and money- keep shopping around for ANYTHING but this double eagle m83a airsoft. Complete ripoff. It only gets one star because it looks real.
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on May 4, 2007
This is the most accurate gun you can get for the money with these accessories. The light on mine didn't work but that doesn't matter. The 4000 BB's included makes this perfect. I would recommend getting 2 extra mags for this, they will pay off, trust me.
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