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on January 11, 2012
I too agree with many of the "good, but not great" reviews. I was very excited to read this book, I have lost over 100 pounds after having my son and am also a Christian and of course adore Candace. I enjoy all reads nutritional and inspirational so I knew I had to give this a go.

The key disappointing factors in this read are:

1). Candace does seem to go too far in the area of her "self confidence." I am ALL for a woman embracing her beauty, but it seems that this is an area of weakness for her. We all have our own areas of weakness, but it did get disturbing chapter after chapter of hearing her self-praise.

2). The nutrition standpoint needs direction. I'm an aspiring sports nutritionist and found many flaws in the nutrition aspect of this book. She is very inconsistent in her instruction and is also calorically deprived. She should have incorporated a professional nutritionist in the book. I do not recommend following her diet to the tee. Instead take it as a suggestion in the right direction and research professional recommendations.

3). It borders on condascending and judgmental. I completely understand that Candace is in the process of mastering her self-discipline, but it is exactly that, and will be for everyone until we die: a process. I know she's not as perfect as she paints the picture to be, and that is what really, really disappointed me. I was expecting her to be more upfront and real in this book. As I do believe she aspires for a joyful life, I do not buy that she can maintain the life she illustrates with such rigid perfection. It is conflicting in how she claims to run her life. She states that she puts her children first and has no hired help, yet that she wakes up at 3:45 AM to leave for work, picks up the kids in the afternoon, eats dinner and memorizes her lines for the next day, and her day is finished. She also admits Hollywood is based on vanity, and therefore she must stay thin to achieve in her acting career. Something is missing is this equation. Who is doing the laundry? Does she truly believe God wants her to act, if she knows the industry is based on vanity? I was left confused with many aspects of her life she shared in the book, but ultimately, that's her business, not mine.

***That said, I STILL did find this book inspirational. Like with every book, written by any human, you take it with a grain of salt. No human word is golden unless through God given Scripture. If you can look past the flaws of this book and embrace what applies to you, you will benefit from this read. I found it to be a good nudge in the right direction in embracing my self-control. Instead of two glasses of wine, I'll stop at one from time to time, just because I can, and can practice the self-control God breathes through me. I have not endeavored to complete a fast as of yet, but I am inspired to attempt one for even just one day, to allow God to illustrate the power of the Holy Spirit that runs through my veins.

While flawed, it is refreshing. Still recommended-- just use your own judgment and intuition in applying Candace's words to yourself and your life. Honestly, Candace still did a great job with this book, it is just that when trying to paint perfection, often our flaws shine through at its strongest. I wish she would maybe wait a couple of years and come out with something more real, that she can relish in the truth and not some standard of perfection she holds for herself. After all, that's what we all want to hear, the truth, at least that's the case for myself. Don't give me false perfection, break it down, and get real girly! That is what truly helps any reader. Personal progress and improvement should be the key, for perfection does not exist in this earthly world, but God does delight in our efforts to improve upon our spirits. I simply wished Candace would have incorporated that.

One of her statements that really resonated with me was how our self-control is a muscle that must be exercised and becomes strengthened over time. I'm no stranger to self-control but, this metaphor clicked with me. Maybe you have room for a treat in your diet one day, but why not pass and allow God to exercise self-control through your spirit, and have the treat tomorrow? If we don't take the opportunity to strengthen our muscle of self-control, it will not evolve, so this is an opportunity we must embrace, even when it comes to exercising patience, which is also a form of self-control. For that reminder, I truly thank her. She illustrated it beautifully.
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on December 23, 2010
This book is amazing. It came in the mail and I read most of it in one sitting. I cannot get over the physical/spiritual connection that I've missed out on for so long. As a Christian, I pray for my husband, children and my own relationship with God however, I've never truly committed my physical issues to the Lord. This book opened up a new way of thinking for me. I love all of the verses Candace weaves into her stories. These verses are great for memorization as I journey towards physical/spiritual health.

I also appreciate that Candace offers real advice. She is honest about the cost of getting healthy. It's not an easy, fix-it in 10 days diet book. I believe this book will help millions of women get healthy once and for all. Congratulations Candace! This book is amazing. And thank you Jesus for sending Candace to help us all.

I will be buying it for all of my girlfriends.
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on July 20, 2011
I've been hearing a lot about this diet motivational book by Candace Cameron Bure, yep, the Candace Cameron from Full House. I decided to read it for a few reasons. First of all, I was intrigued to hear Candace used her Christian faith as motivation for weight control. Second, I watched Full House on TGIF and when I was young I thought that if anyone ever made a TV movie about my life that Candace should play me (LOL!) I was also interested in how she maintains her weight, plain and simple. She seemed to be advocating health and not starvation yet she still seemed to have a Hollywood body. I certainly wanted to know how she accomplished that!

Part autobiography, part diet book, part motivational speech - I dove into the book and absolutely loved the first few chapters. I read the first 50 pages in one day, which with three kids means I was REALLY into the book and made it a priority.

Reading about her childhood and how she got into acting was interesting enough. She discussed her troubles trying to maintain her weight and regularly advocated healthy ideas like not drinking your calories in the form of soda and sugar drinks, and that dieting isn't about denying yourself but learning some self control.

She wrote about having a plan for your weight loss and sited scriptures to back this up (and I love quotes from scripture!). She said that just "cutting back" wasn't enough that you had to know when and how much you were going to indulge. This all sounded like wonderful advice and I really got a lot out it. Sometimes when I feel like I'm "cutting back" I find I'm not losing any weight because I'm not actually taking stock of what that number should look like day to day.

Candace gives sound advice about "breaking up with food" which was very helpful to me. I turn to food for comfort in emotional times and the idea of "breaking up" with it really stuck with me and has helped me on a few occasions from using food as comfort.

The notion of eating until one is satisfied was another terrific idea. Candace recommended eating half of your meal and then checking in with yourself. Are you satisfied? Then stop eating. It didn't realize how prone I was to overeating simply because I was in the habit of clearing my plate. I"m sure I've avoid countless calories by checking in with myself half way through every meal.

It wasn't until pages 46 and 47 that she started to get under my skin. In the book she uses her fan letters to address certain topics. In one letter a woman wrote that she was breastfeeding her 8 month old. She asked if Candace had breastfed and if she had any advice for moms who want to lose weight but cannot go on a radical diet.

Candace responded with "Eight months and still breastfeeding, huh?" Like this was an odd thing to be doing. She then skips the question as to whether or not she breastfed, which we can all take as a no. That struck me as oddly unhealthy for a woman who was promoting health. Of course, maybe Candace has a medical condition, that's fine, but she didn't choose to reveal that, instead she goes on to be critical of the breastfeeding woman.

Candace tells her that Candace's sister is breastfeeding and just called to tell her that she had dropped another pond. "Surely you can shed a few pounds" Candace tells this fan as though breastfeeding were some magic weight loss bullet and this woman obviously isn't trying hard enough.

Candace tells the woman to watch her daily intake of cream and cheese based foods. However numerous studies have found how good cheese can be for you as well as cream, especially for a breastfeeding mother. Studies have shown how milk and milk based products are healthful especially for growing children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. Cheese itself has also been shown to help prevent tooth decay. [...]

Candace does give the woman some good advice such as the suggestion to eat lots of fresh vegetables, warning her against soda pop, and advocating snacking on nuts but then Candace still hands out the old, out dated, advice of "lean meats" which again, for a breastfeeding woman and for anyone really, is not good advice. Saturated fat is an essential nutrient needed by the body to regulate hormone function and to prevent depression. [...]

I was feeling unnerved about her breastfeeding advice especially because up until that point I was in love with the book. I was devastated when I got to page 50 and read an example of what Candace eats everyday. I cannot express how sad I was to learn that this woman who promotes health and NOT starving yourself, who is seen on the back cover of the book eating a bowl of fruit loops, is actually STARVING HERSELF.

Her average diet is extremely deficient in key nutrients. She eats almost no healthy oils or fats. She only consumes lean meats and she eats no nutrient dense foods. She starts out her day with a huge carbohydrate and sugar binge of toast and a grande nonfat latte. She then proceeds to eat very little the rest of the day. She consumes salad for lunch but again with very little nutrients. She then goes on to eat a very small portion of lean meat in the evening with another serving of vegetables.

From Candace's dietary description we can see that she is starving herself of nutrients and allowing herself very small portions of filler foods. I applaud her consumption of lots of vegetables but man cannot live on vegetables alone.

She has no probiotics in her diet from foods like yogurt, kefir, kombucha, raw sauerkraut, etc. Probiotics are essential for a balanced and healthy gut. 80% of your immune system health happens in your gut. Candace is leaving herself, and others following this advice, dangerously vulnerable to disease. Without a healthy gut Candace is also benefiting very little from the vegetables she eats since without probiotics she absorbing less nutrients from all her foods. [...]

She consumes no animal fats or organ meats which as I mentioned before are essential nutrients the body needs.People in the world with the lowest risk of heart disease consume large amounts of animal fats. The Maasai, Inuit, Rendillie, and Tokelau peoples all eat a diet of 60-70% animal fat.

The hunter-gatherer diet of high animal fats built the modern brain and is still crucial for optimal brain functioning today as well as the functioning of other important body parts. Cell membranes require saturated fat to function as do your heart, bones, liver, lungs hormones, and immune system. Candace is setting herself up for leaky cell membranes, osteoporosis, liver damage, breathing disorders, hormone dysfunction, invading viruses and growing tumors from her lean meat and non fat dairy diet [...].

Her diet lacks oleic acid (for healthy cholesterol levels), potassium (for a healthy blood pressure), omega 3 fatty acids (for cancer prevention and heart health), beta-carotene (for eye health), and ergothioneine (to prevent free radical damage).

Candace's over all health would be greatly improved by adding some saturated fats in the form of chicken with the skin, beef liver, or full fat organic, pastured, dairy products to her diet along with some probiotics from foods such as yogurt, kefir or fermented vegetables. In addition I highly recommend she eat high nutrient foods such as mushrooms, orange and yellow vegetables, high fat fish, and avocados. [...]

I'm sorry, but I don't want to be Candace's kind of skinny. She might as well have a morning IV of sugar water and then a handful of rabbit food for the rest of the day. Her energy is coming from her morning binge which can lead to diabetes or at the very least blood sugar issues.

Candace's diet is unhealthy and as the years go by this sort of nutrient starvation is going to take it's toll on her body and mind. I cannot express my sorrow at this point of reading the book. I put it down for a few days and couldn't bare to pick it back up again. I really thought Candace had found a way to be healthy and control one's weight but like other Hollywood stars she's simply staving herself in a different way.

After a few days I tried to continue reading the book but at this point it lapsed into a lot of fan letters gushing about how beautiful she is, and how they want to look just like her. Her advice is ridiculously not original (like take a picture to your hair dresser of the style you want.) She goes on and on at many points about being "in the business" and how wonderful it is to be a famous actress. I understand that she loves what she does but it comes off as really snobbish and self serving.

The rest of the book was simply painful. Reading about her love of shopping and her "dining" on spinach salads with her dressing on the side (watch out for the brain building fat you might consume in that olive oil!). It turned my stomach.

Candace may have hit the ground running but all in all, I felt really duped by this book. It's not a terrible read, it has a few good points but check it out at your local library, I don't recommend actually paying for it.
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on February 4, 2012
I didn't buy this book because Candace Cameron was involved. I was actually more interested in the co-author Darlene Schacht. I've read her blog [...], and enjoyed it so I was looking forward to supporting her contribution to this book.

That said, I will continue to read Darlene's blog, but I will never recommend "Reshaping it all" to anyone. While this book is definitely an easy read, it frustrated me more and more with every page.

I will begin by sharing the few good parts of this book. First of all, it incorporates a lot of Scripture. I enjoyed finding many Bible verses peppered throughout the book, even though a few of them were out of context. The other thing that I liked were the simple recipes at the end of each chapter. We'll be trying some new things because of those pages.

That said, the bad aspects of this book definitely outweighed the good. If you want to read a book about how "together" Candace Bure's life is, this is the book for you. Every page sings her praises and is an advertisement for her. Her current TV series was mentioned many times, as was her t-shirt business, and even her daughter's budding career. I get that this is a book about a celebrity, but it was also a book about weight loss. And the self-advertising just got to be too much.

The thing that bothered me the most, however, was that Candace didn't seem "real" at all. She made her life sound perfect and luxurious, which just seemed out of place in a Christian book about weight loss. She implied that she has it all figured out and that we should all be like her.

I am a person who appreciates authenticity. I appreciate when someone is real and honest with me. Candace shared briefly about her struggle with bulimia, but it was many years ago. Certainly she has had struggles since then. Certainly she has day to day issues. But she keeps those things hidden from the reader. She acted in true celebrity form, and paraded the beautiful while masking the real.

This book was truly a disappointment.
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I have actually followed Candace for several years, back before she got back into "the business" when she was just a SAHM in Florida. We are the same age and I was so impressed with how good she looked after 3 kids, and also loved that she had become a Christian. And I did enjoy the book. It was motivational for me, and since I read it, I've lost about 10 lbs. all through changing my eating and getting more active. It did help me look at my issues through the food, i.e. when I'm snacking, I tried to discover why and address that rather than eat to fill some void. My family was already leaning towards more natural, unprocessed eating but this spurred me on even more. More than anything it helped me think about food being fuel for my body and to try to look at eating through that lense. So great, if you're ready for that, you may enjoy this book!

However, as another reviewer said, it can be slightly discouraging because I also agree that she made her life appear perfect. And maybe it is. But for the rest of us whose lives aren't perfect, it can make you feel a little inadequate. I know she means well and I really did pray that my attitude would be in check and I would be open to learning from her, but it definitely would have helped for her to come across as more real. Does she never have MBD (mental breakdowns, or Mommy Breakdowns!)?! Because no matter how much I love the Lord, no matter how much I exercise, no matter how much fresh food I eat, my kids can ruin a day in 5 seconds flat (and I still love them) and with toddlers, it happens often. She had kids young so maybe she truly is just to a simple and wonderful place in life. But I would make sure that someone didn't compare themselves to her, or read this if you're in a vulnerable state because you could come away feeling a little down. She makes getting up at 3am sound like a total joy, and I can honestly say I do not know a single person in real life that feels that way!

I hope this helps someone, and again, I do like her and I'm not trying to knock her or the place she was coming from, but I think this could have been better, especially considering the target audience, which is likely a lot of young moms, hoping to lose weight, whose lives are far from perfect.
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on September 1, 2011
I got this based on all the rave reviews, but then I was disappointed in it so I decided to re-read the reviews that led me to get it. And most of them seem like they are testimonials. She is a a beautiful Christian woman. I'm going to tell all my friends about this book. I'm going to buy it for my girlfriends. I'm going to post it on Facebook. No hard facts. Just platitudes about how great it is -- almost like the reviews were written by her friends. What bothers me about this book is how self serving it is. Cameron LOVES Cameron. Not to say that self love isn't a good attribute to have -- within reason. But the lack of humility makes me question her judgment and her motivation. And because this is promoted as a guide from a Christian, her lack of humility is especially disturbing to me. I think I would have found her advice more helpful if she weren't so in love with herself and promoting herself so much. I do wonder about the rave reviews that only consist of talking about giving it to others, etc. without any specifics about the book other than how great it is. Her experience with reliance on food (for comfort, etc.) was most helpful to me, but I couldn't get past her hypocrisy to appreciate her lessons. If she is such a strong Christian woman, why is she so vain?
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on March 23, 2013
Let me start by saying I grew up watching Full House and loved DJ. My daughter now watches Full House and loves it. This prompted my curiosity to see where the people from Full House are now and I was thrilled to find out that Candace is an out-spoken Christian and I was even more excited to find this book. However, I am half way through it and am going to trash it. I do like the scriptures cited that show we are truly God's temple and we should care for ourselves so we can do His work and I appreciate Candace over and over stating our body is simple an envelope or a cover, but at the same time she is completely and totally obsessed with being thin and covering her envelope in expensive fashion. Her husband is a professional athlete which is very helpful for her but most of us don't have that. While she sets her alarm at 5 a.m. to get up and work out many of us set our alarm at 5 a.m. to get up and go to work...and that is after going to bed after 10. I appreciate the thought of the book, but her successes and ability to maintain are just not relatable for the average person. If you can afford expensive fashion, have a spouse just as committed to good health as you want to be or can afford a personal trainer for a year to get you on the right track then likely this book will help you.
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on June 26, 2011
This book was just OK to me. It wasn't life changing or even inspirational to me. It was barely thought-provoking... I checked it out from the library with the intention of reading it and then purchasing it for myself. I'm glad I didn't buy it. While I don't doubt Candace's faith in the least, this book seemed so self-centered that it turned into a major turn-off for me. The fan mail was all about how beautiful and wonderful she looks, and yes she does look great, but it came across as so self-serving and conceited that I hardly noticed the spiritual things she tried to convey. It seemed like a "it's so wonderful to be me!" type of memoir. When you're struggling with weight and motivation, I don't think this is the kind of message you should convey if you're trying to help them. Sorry, Candace, I expected a little more humility.
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on January 19, 2011
I was very excited to read this book because I've been a fan and thought how nice it would be to read a Christian celebrity's take on weight and exercise and see thier journey. It's just my opinion but I found her to be a little too much into herself. Every chapter has a letter from a fan and it gets redundent on "how beautiful she is- how can i be just like you" Or how a man from a shoe store thought she was "the most adorable mom he's ever seen" (all while she was shopping for UGG's- dont know why she had to add that). I really expected a more humble spirit from her- it was definetly more Self Centered than God Centered. She goes back and forth on how she always wanted to be a stay at home mom to how hard it is to have a career and raise kids. It was all alittle disappointing for me.
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on March 29, 2011
If you are looking for Candace Cameron Bure's answer as to how she has lost so much weight, you won't find it here. Although I can appreciate her devote Christian values, this book was marketed as a "fitness" and diet book... completely contrary to the truth. This book is more of her testimony and evangelical beliefs.

This was a quick read - I finished it in 2 days. The handful of recipes included were not anything special... one was her "famous" chopped salad, which was just your every day vegetables... chopped up and sprinkled with pepper.

I often found the content to be slightly offensive. She is a bit aloof in her Christianity and somewhat preachy, not only when it comes to spouting Bible verses, but also when talking about her eating habits and exercise routines. The real secret behind CCB's new body? She's married to a professional athlete. That's the answer.

There was one part of the book when she talks about having to eat while traveling. She said if the only thing available is traditional fast food, she just won't eat at all. What kind of advice is that?! Not one any doctor or healthy weight loss program would give. How about just getting a grilled chicken salad from McDonald's...?

I was also thrown off by the grammatical mistakes that were sprinkled throughout the book. It was not well-written nor edited. The book did not flow very well, and read more like a choppy teenage diary. I wanted to stab my eye out when I read "their" in a sentence that should have used "they're". I mean, really?

I was excited to read this book because I think CCB is beautiful and it is obvious she is a wonderful wife and mother! I was just hoping for something of more substance. I finished the book and asked myself, what was that?
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