Customer Reviews: Resident Evil 4
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VINE VOICEon June 19, 2007
In January of 2005, Resident Evil 4 hit the scene. Since it's release it has already gone on to be labeled as one of the greatest games of all time. It redefined not only Resident Evil, but the action genre as a whole. The game was originally meant to be a Gamecube exclusive, but found its way to the PS2 later in October 2005. It then had another release on the PC. Now it comes to the Wii. If you've got a Wii and you for some reason haven't played Resident Evil 4, then this is probably the best version yet.

In case you don't know the story, Resident Evil 4 follows Leon S. Kennedy, a former RPD police officer trying to forget the horrors of Raccoon City. He now works as an agent for the President. The President's daughter has been kidnapped, and it's up to Leon to rescue her. Yet when he arrives to the location there's something weird about the locals. Leon will quickly discover that there are indeed things much worse than being mauled by zombies.

Most gamers are aware of Resident Evil 4's greatness, but it never hurts to go through it again. Resident Evil 4 sports some of the best gameplay in the entire series. Instead of a fixed camera, it follows Leon around and you see things from over his shoulder. This means Resident Evil 4 was the first Resident Evil to go fully 3D and it works out just fine. The environments are fantastic looking, with even the tiniest things given details. Even two years later, the game still looks absolutely fantastic. There are even some XBOX360 games that don't give this kind of attention to detail. There are no frame rate issues and no horrific load times. Best of all, the game remains a good challenge.

When it comes to the Gameplay of Resident Evil 4, however, the Wii is a completely different experience. At first it was hard not to be a little nervous about the controls. Just about every game ported to the Wii has had control issues. Surprisingly, Resident Evil 4 does not. The Wii controls are excellent. Nearly flawless. You'll use the nunchuck to run around, and the Wii remote serves as your gun. In the interactive cutscenes, you'll use the wii remote and nunchuck to do things like dodge when the game says dodge. Or when the game tells you you'll need to cut the rope after the first boss for instance, you'll use the wii remote to cut the rope. At first you might think these Wii Controls are all tacked on, but in the end it makes Resident Evil 4 a completely different experience altogether, and once you get adjusted to them, you'll wonder how you ever did without them. Even if you've played through the Gamecube or Playstation 2 versions, you might want to give the Wii version a shot just because of the controls alone.

If I had any real criticism regarding the control scheme, it would be that Leon doesn't turn automatically when you aim the remote to the far left or far right of the screen (like how the main character turns in Red Steel). Instead you have to turn him using the nunchuck. There will be plenty of moments where you'll take damage unfairly. Even worse, you may get confused if games like Red Steel have you used to that sort of thing. This can also make some boss battles harder than they have to be. Clearly Capcom was aware that the controls would take a moment to get used to as bosses are not nearly as tough as they were in the other versions of the game. Anyone who mastered the Gamecube or PS2 version will find the Wii version to be fairly easy. In fact, it even feels as though the difficulty has been taken down a notch.

If the Wii Remote controls aren't working for you or you want to play the traditional way, the game supports the Classic Controller, and that's just cool if you want other options.

The Wii version has no additional extras, however. This may disappoint a few gamers. It includes all the extras of the PS2 version at least, but it's a little disappointing that aside from the Wii Controls, Capcom didn't put in any other extras exclusive to the Wii version at all.

The game sounds about the same as it did on the Gamecube. In terms of the technological aspects of the game, it's a direct port here. All the voice acting and dialog is the same, and it still sounds good.

The only really major problem with Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition is simple: It's another port. The controls here work well, though, but it's the fact that this is the fourth time the game has been released. In all honesty how any people haven't played the game yet that want to? Even with the fantastic Wii controls and affordable price it's going to be hard to tell those who own the Gamecube or PS2 versions to get this one. Even if the Wii Controls make the game a completely different experience, it's still the same game that was released in 2005.


+Fantastic Gameplay
+Pretty good storyline overall
+Good voice acting' music and sound effects
+The game still looks incredible
+All the Playstation 2 extras are here
+A flawless port, no framerate issues or load time issues whatsoever
+The Wii Controls are almost flawless
+The classic controller is available for those who don't want to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuck

-No Wii Exclusive extras
-The game is slightly easier
-It's the fourth version of Resident Evil 4. If you've already got the PS2 or Gamecube version of the game you'll have to ask yourself if the Wii controls really justify another buy. It's a completely different experience, but what it really boils down to is that it is STILL the same game you got back in 2005.
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on June 24, 2007
Resident Evil 4 is generally hailed as one of the best action games ever made--for a reason. Once you pick it up and start playing, you won't want to stop. And its release on the Wii is undoubtedly the best version yet.

For those of you who have never played it before, the game centers around Leon Kennedy, on a mission to rescue the President's daughter, Ashley Graham. But with inhuman creature after creature flung at him, it quickly becomes obvious that these aren't any ordinary kidnappers he's dealing with. It's more or less a side story to the main Resident Evil plotline, so even if you've never played an RE game before in your life, don't worry--you won't get confused.

The game is amazingly fun to play. It does have a couple of "make you jump" moments, but for the most part, it's not really a scary game. It is very gory, however--Leon can die in any number of memorable and horrendous ways, such as having his head cut off by a chainsaw-wielding maniac. It can also be extremely difficult at times. The game throws near endless enemies at you from the beginning, forcing you to adapt to the controls quickly merely to survive. And believe me, you will die. You will die many times. What little scariness the game does have tends to come from being surrounded and fearing for your survival--although, on Normal difficulty it's not as bad as some other notoriously difficult games (coughDMC3cough).

Now, as for the Wii version. If you've played the game before, this is where you'll want to start paying attention.

The Wii controls work amazingly well, and are very intuitive after a few minutes of playing. To shoot, you simply hold B, aim with the Wiimote, and press A to fire. It works incredibly well and allows for previously unknown speed and precision--having played the Wii version, I doubt I could go back to aiming on a traditional controller. Simply wave the Wiimote, and it automatically attacks the nearest target with your knife. (I was skeptical of the auto-target before playing, but it really does work very well.)

Of course, the drawback to the controls themselves being easier to use is that the game itself is also a bit easier as a result, particularly if you've played it before. It's also a bit annoying that when using your rifle--the time at which you really NEED precise aiming--the game makes you aim using the joystick. But, these are merely minor nitpicks in what is otherwise an amazing game.

The Wii version has both the extra content that was included in the PS2 version, and the superior graphics and sound of the Gamecube version. So, if you've never played the game before, this is definitely the version to get. And even if you have played it before, at only $30, it might just be worth picking up again.
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VINE VOICEon June 19, 2007
This game is fun, scary, exhilarating....It's awesome. But be advised that the following review pertains to play with a Classic Controller (available pretty cheap here at Amazon Wii Classic Controller ), not the Wii Remote, and players can switch between the Wii Remote and the Classic Controller at any time.

So...I popped open a cold one, sat down with my new RE4 game and proceeded to have a heart attack from the terror the game caused. No, not really. I'm old, but hopefully not that old.

The game starts you (Leon) out in the woods in front of an old house on the outskirts of a Spanish speaking European village. You're a third person controlling Leon. The graphics look stellar and the sound is as realistic as it gets.

As you walk through the spooky woods towards the house your footsteps in the leaves are clear. Upon entering the house you are immediately attacked by a crazed local that doesn't seem to be a zombie. Based on the movies (and previous games from what I hear) you expect zombies. As you exit the house you are attacked by more locals (that will viciously kill you unless either you do them in first or safely make your way past). Zombies would have been a welcome adversary versus this unexpected enemy.

But don't worry; if you're looking for more than just crazed locals, you get them. Be careful what you wish for, because unless you know what you're doing, these boss/mercenary/creature battles are difficult (if your playing in the normal game mode which I'd recommend as opposed to the amateur and easy mode).

A map is provided for you to follow to your chapter destinations. There are typewriters scattered sparsely through the game where you can save progress (do NOT miss the opportunity to save when presented with one).

As you make your way to the target destinations, you are introduced to a variety of enemies that will try to stop you at every turn. As you are successful in doing so you are rewarded with the opportunity to explore areas that have a barrage of items that will be (very) useful for you to take. A word to the wise, however, clear any area of enemies (if possible) before going exploring!

The main objective is to rescue the daughter of the President of the United States. You are provided with only a few weapons at first to defeat the enemies in your way, and you really don't need a lot. A few are found free throughout the game, but most are available from The Merchant (that you will encounter somewhere towards the end of just about every chapter) using money and items you find along the way that you can trade. You can also trade your weaker weapons with The Merchant for more powerful ones.

I completed the game without purchasing most of the weapons; however, "Tuning Up" the weapons I already owned with The Merchant was crucial. By default at the start of the game you get the handgun, a knife and some grenades. I traded out a handgun twice and shotgun once for better versions. For what it's worth, in addition to regularly tuning up my already-owned weapons, the only weapons that I purchased/obtained/traded that ultimately were critical to survival were--in order--the shotgun, the Punisher, the Red 9 (with stock), the semi-auto rifle (with scope from Merchant and be sure to find the free Infrared Scope), the Striker, Broken Butterfly and the Rocket Launcher (in hindsight I'd suggest not wasting money on the ONE SHOT Rocket launcher; it gets you past most adversaries quite easily, but it depletes your cash for more important items with more longevity).

If I had to find a negative in RE4, it would be a stretch, but...the game doesn't start you out with a big enough attaché case to fit all of the weapons and health that you'll acquire along the way; you'll have to spend precious Pesetas with The Merchant on bigger cases a couple of times.

Bottom line: RE4 is the best game that I've ever played, but I'm a relatively new gamer so take that with a grain of salt. Finishing this game was a bittersweet moment, because it was so dog-gone fun.

Combine some green herb with some yellow and red herb for better health, then sell a Gem-Laced Beerstein to The Merchant so that you have enough Pesetas to add Resident Evil 4 to your Amazon cart.

The Wii game features all the extras of the PS2 version (two bonus games and other fun extras). The Wii version of RE4 also includes a trailer for Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles , scheduled for release only on Wii in late 2007. X Boxers and PS3ites will get Resident Evil 5 in 2008 (according to GamePro magazine Gamepro - Ca ).
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on February 14, 2008
Resident Evil 4 is one of the most engrossing games since Half Life 2. I enjoyed playing this game so much on my Game Cube, I bought it again to play on my Wii. The idea of pointing a gun at the screen and firing away at the vampire zombies (or whatever the heck those things are) would've kept me happy and unproductive for the rest of my life. Problem was, the game developers forgot to add the option to switch button controls. In other words, this game is useless with any of the Wii gun accessories, thanks to the "A" or Fire button being situated on the top of the wiimote. Meaning if you want to actually shoot at the zombie/vampire thingies, you don't pull the trigger... you click the button along the top of the barrel. ???? A serious bummer and a waste of a great opportunity to have one of the best games ever enhanced even more by the Wii.
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on April 9, 2014
I am 60 years old and have been playing video games all the way back to Atari. Added up roughly in my head how many games I have owned and can easily say over 400. This one gets the blue ribbon. I have played a few that are close but I have always gotten stuck part way through and that is just no fun. I have been playing Resident Evil 4 a few hours a night now for about three weeks and I think I am almost to the end. Of course, I have thought that twice already. It is a big game with an incredible variety of things to keep you coming back for more.

The 3 D graphics are very good for a Wii game. The game engine is almost flawless. The controls are smooth and pretty easy to master. It is so detailed everywhere you look. It must have taken so much time to create all these scenes. There are just little things that separate it from an ok game like little moths flying around a light. All little tiny details that make it all more believable. Superb sound effects. It is also scary. Go ahead, call me a wimp. If you don't jump out of your chair a few times then you need to check your pulse. It is also a great story line that is interesting and makes since.

It is odd because all my Wii games are racing games, Mario Galaxy type or Zelda. You know, all clean fun. I normal (as i have aged and become more mellow) would never buy a game that you shoot people, even if they aren't quite people anymore. I just came across this and with the great ratings and inexpensive price I decided to go for It. It is very bloody. Not for kids, if you want them to sleep at night. For me $13.00 bucks I have ever spent.

Update 4-23-14 11:27pm
Just finished the game about ten minutes ago. What a ball I had playing Resident Evil 4. Pure fun!!!
Here is my don't laugh,

Hit Ratio: 74%
Enemies Killed: 974
Numbed Of Times Killed 59
Clear Time 28:41:13 I guess that means it took me 28 hours, 41 minutes and 13 seconds to complete.

I looked in every nuke and cranny while playing this game to find hidden ammo and other helpful items. If you don't you could go through this game faster but you will probably run out of ammo and lives. My only hint I am willing to share is learn early on to use your knife. It is a great weapon if you can master using it. Saves on ammo also. Good Luck!........... . . . . . . . . . .
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Let me start by saying that I am an infrequent, old gamer. I grew up with the simple games of the 80's, and although I've kept up with gaming, I have never felt the enjoyment that I did when firing up a game on my Commodore 64 (which probably took 2 minutes to load, assuming the disk wasn't bad!). I have really enjoyed games like the Baldur's Gate series on the PC, but console action games just haven't quite done it for me ... I have tried to play first person shooter games (FPS) on several occasions, beginning with the original Halo for Xbox, but I could only play for about 5 minutes until I became motion sick. What a baby. I haven't had any problems with racing games or with arcade games like House of the Dead, but again, those games just are fulfilling to me.

But then I played Resident Evil 4, and I rejoyced. Wow.

Quite frankly, this game is perfect. I was truly disappointed when it ended (usually I am somewhat relieved with most games, where it starts out fun but then is a chore to win). I loved the Wii controls for shooting the bad guys. The weapons upgrades were very well done. The difficulty level is perfect for me (which means there will be some sections that I die a few times and have to replay, but most of the game is relatively easy if you are careful). The story was fun. The setting were varied and creepy. You continually kept going to new areas - sometimes they didn't even have monsters, which made the game seem even more realistic (which is laughable, but you know what I mean). I loved the fact that you couldn't accidentally walk off of any cliffs. The puzzles were fun (I wouldn't have minded a few more, because they were quite clever - but not too hard). And for the very first time when playing a game, I actually did jump a few times (ok, I was "scared" for a few seconds) ... the environments and pacing is perfect, just like a finely scripted horror movie. I became addicted to this game (and remember that I am NOT a "real" gamer ... I averaged no more than a few hours per MONTH until RE4, where that went to a few hours per day!). I didn't get motion sick playing the game ... I felt a little funny for a few minutes at the very beginning, but I got used to it ... the screen movement is smooth and the perspective (sort of a 3rd person) is just right. Finally, the game length was nice - it is a fairly long game in my terms - took me 22 hours of "system" time, and since I had to reload saves, etc, it translated to almost 40 hours of pure play time. And I haven't replayed it (which I have never even considered on any other game), but I believe I will replay this one since it isn't just a matter of playing at a more difficult level ... you get to play as a whole new character and come at the game from a different angle.

In summary, RE4 gets a perfect WOW rating from me. I enjoyed it more than any console game that I have ever played, and that covers lots of games on lots of consoles. If you are like me, have a Wii, enjoy shooting zombies, exploring creepy settings, but haven't been energized for gaming since the 80's, PLEASE give this game a try!
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First thing - this game is really difficult for newbies to the gaming world. As adults with our first game system, we purchased several games in different genres for our new Wii system. We bought one of the other Resident Evil titles and loved it, so this one seemed like a natural choice due to the rave reviews and the first person shooter perspective. I love the graphics here - it's very easy to get sucked into the world and the feel of the game without question. Especially if you have the opportunity to set it up on a Hi-Def large screen television - gorgeous.

However, this is a hard game! It's not a game for beginners unless you just enjoy frustration and shrieking at the tv and starting over again and again and again. The little tricks and subtle ins and outs that long time gamers all pick up as they play game after game after game hours on end seem to be needed and assumed for Resident Evil 4. That in and of itself is not a dealbreaker, just something I wish I had known ahead of time - I would have waited and purchased this game later on. What ended up happening is we got frustrated and stuck at the first village, stopped playing the game for a couple of months, conquered some others, learned some gaming tricks in general and have now come back to Resident Evil 4 with a fresh perspective and attitude and we're enjoying it much more the second time around. So.... not a game a for first timers, but one worth playing when you've gotten your feet wet elsewhere first.
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on April 14, 2011
RE 4 for the Wii is a double edged blade. On the one hand, aiming is easier with the Wiimote, but on the other hand the zombies have been sped up a bit to compensate for this. Don't think the game will be a walk in the park just because you're using the Wiimote. The controls work beautifully, but I found that using both the Wiimote to aim and the nunchuck to adjust the general camera direction was a bit challenging. It takes some getting used to. In regards to how the game looks, if you play it on a standard def tv it looks amazing, better than it's ever looked before. To my utter shock and dismay I found that it looks like absolute crap on my Sony Bravia LED HDTV. The game may support 480P but it still looks much, much better on a standard def tv. Overall, this is an awesome version of the game, but not necessarily better than the PS 2 original.
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on January 2, 2012
I picked this game up to spend a little mindless time blowing away zombies. Got to level 5 and couldn't continue because I had mis-managed it. I had to start all over, playing it smart!

Seriously, they could use this game in business schools. You have to manage inventory, estimate the cost/benefits of your actions, and figure out the most efficient way of negotiating every level. Kids who play this game may not realize it but they are learning valuable lessons in business management! Parents could actually go through this game with their kids and discuss just what they've learned.

If you really wanted to you could actually use differental equations to maximize your results. Pretty interesting. And fun.
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on November 29, 2011
This game is a LOT of fun, once you know what you're doing.

Here's several tips:
When you first start this game and you are not used to the control yet, this game can be really really frustrating. I remember spending a whole hour dying in the game and having to play a stage at least 2-5 times in order to get through it safely.

First of all, when you start this game, don't be shy to die. Remember that you can always reload from the checkpoint, always use that. If you're a hardworker, you'll eventually get the hang of this game and you'll find this game to be really easy even with all the hard bosses and stuff. Don't be shy to look at walkthroughs on youtube too. Those really help.

I'm not really good at this game at first and I keep on dying, but in the end, I unlocked everything and is still currently trying to finish my professional playthrough.

Another thing to take note of, be careful about running out of ammos and healing items at the end of the game. That's why you have to save up early. Shoot the bad guys in the head and kick them then knife them to death. Be stingy with your ammos and herbs. If you think you've wasted too much ammo or herbs, don't be afraid to reload or restart from your last checkpoint--> that's my strategy anyway.

Tips aside, buy this game. It's cheap, it's fun. You'll spend at least 20 hours or more in it. If it gets too frustrating, put the game down for a while and then go back to it again. I didn't regret buying the game and this is the first resident evil game I've ever finished.

The story's okay and gameplay is amazing.

Great if you love survival/horror/action game.
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