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on October 25, 2005
Wow was I amazed! Try it, even if you do have the gamecube version. To me, this is worth the money and time.

Leon S. Kennedy is back and it's been six years later. The president ordered him to rescue the president's daughter from a religious group. This is most likely a survival horror game mixed with action and stategy.

The graphics on the PS2 is a little different. The texture isn't as good and it looks more darker. Still it's pretty good compared to the gamecube version.

The controls is excellent. It may be a little hard to get use to especially if you played the gamecube version. It gives you behind the shoulder look of Leon so you know where to shoot better than the other RE games. The laser device is nice as well because you can shoot at different parts of the body. You can also use knife attacks and kick your enemies as well. Make sure you find the weak spot!

You can't even relax during the cutscenes! You might have to either dodge, sprint, or somehow get out of trouble. Besides killing all of these ganados (Spanish villagers), you have to protect Ashley from getting killed or captured. If so, game over. You can also buy weapons and other items from a mysterious merchant and can upgrade as well. Too bad there is no weapon swap. The ganados have different ways to attack either with a scythe, dynamite, axe, or choke you to death! There is even chainsaw ganados! Many more enemies are introduced later on in the game. The bosses also are challenging and better than ever! There are some puzzles introduced to advance the plot. There are no typewriter ribbons. There is probably more things to point out but we need to talk about the extras!

Extras in the game such as Separate Ways. Which you play as Ada Wong and you play the same time and same place as Leon. There is no switching to characters but that's ok. There are more cutscenes and few more hours for you to enjoy. The new grapple gun is introduced which is a nice feature. It helps you get around to out of reach places as well. New weapons are here such as a laser gun which can kill enemies pretty easily and can stun them. The costumes are useful and pretty cool to say so myself. Leon looks like a detective and looks mysterious like. Ashley has a suit of armor which is a good thing. It can protect herself from gunshots or get killed in any other way. These extras can be obtained if you beat the game once. Extras from the gamecube version are also on here. The Mercenaries where you have to kill enemies to score points and unlock characters. You can even get an unlockable weapon. The Handcannon in the main game! There is also Assignment Ada where you play as Ada Wong collecting five plaga samples and mostly avoid enemies instead of shooting them. Heavy item managment is a must. There is no knife attacks so use guns! More costumes, unlockable weapons, professional mode where enemies are challenging than normal mode. Another round where you have all of your possesions from the previous file. Last but not least, a movie browser where you can view cutscenes from the game and Seperate Ways.

Overall, it's a great game. Especially for the PS2. Play it, even if you have the gamecube version. Since there is more features into this. Great job to Masachika Kawata and the others. If you don't have the gamecube version, here is your chance! I played the game through about 20-25 hours including the extras.

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on September 28, 2007
I have always been facinated by the Resident Evil genre. However, I've always been a big chicken when it comes to playing their games. While I'm not a diehard fan like some, I have played the original for the PSone as well as a demo of RE3: Nemesis which came with Dino Crisis, another Capcom game, for the PSone.

I put a lot of thought into whether or not I should purchase this game or pass it up. Considering that I like the franchise in general, part of me wanted it, but I didn't want the same thing to happen to me that happened the first time I rented the original: Play it five minutes, get freaked out and shut it off for the remaining five days I had it.

However, the numerous good reviews I'd heard about this game were making it too hard to ignore. I picked up a copy for $20 and started playing. The truth is that it did take me a little while to actually like this game. I was about ready to go onto a RE discussion forum and ask when I should be getting into it.

Well, I didn't have to do that as eventually the heart-pounding, adrenaline-rush of action overpowered my initial fear and boredom to the point that I just wanted to kick the living crap outta every enemy I encountered. This game does stray from its survival-horror roots and becomes more of an action-horror game.

The game is incredibly long - a lot longer then I thought it would be. It took me nearly 30 hours my first time to complete the game. The replay value is extremely high, too. Capcom is known for having good replay value for their games and RE4 is no exception.

Upon completion of the game, you unlock another difficulty level, new weapons (some with unlimited ammo), two mini games and a third longer mini game where you play as another character that gets played out simultaneously to the main game.

Surprisingly, it has become one of the best games I have ever played and it is no wonder why it achieved all its high ratings and awards. Players should be warned that the game is extremely violent, rightly deserving its M rating.

Interactive cut-scenes add to the unpredictability as you can no longer simply put down your controller and watch. You may be required to do a series of button presses to prolong your life. Enemy AI is great, too. Enemies dodge your attacks, wield weapons, throw projectiles, carry shields and coordinate attacks.

Here's the lowdown on the basics:

Graphics - One word: Stunning, especially near the start of the game in the village. You'll truly be glad you aren't in such a desolate, wooded location. The loneliness and isolation of the first few areas makes you truly appreciate what you do have. But as the game progresses, you'll be wishing for the villagers rather then facing some of the more powerful enemies later on, some of which can scare ya just by looking at them.

Sound - Not as good as the graphics but still eerily satisfying. The howling wind in the village will give you chills and the heavy breathing of enemies lets you know their presence but being unable to locate them will cause you to turn in circles until you think the coast is clear. The music, especially in Ada's "Separate Ways" mini-game is powerful and gives you a little adrenaline boost. It's not "scary" powerful, but more like "emotional" powerful.

Replay value - High. Very, very high. With an added difficulty setting, many mini games and new weapons to test out, Capcom truly wants you to be playing this game nonstop until you have it implanted in your memory.

I was slightly nervous upon playing it for the first time and while there are those moments of fright within the game, the action and pulse-pounding adrenaline keep you going until you wear out your controller.
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on July 25, 2006
My name is Adam and am 16 and now live in Dubuque Iowa. I think this one of the top 10 best video games of all time, well at least since july of 2006, LOL. As i said in one of my other reviews Resident evil is almost a second religion. I have played every resident game ever. and love 'em all. the ones i don't like as much are Gaiden, survivor, outbreak and dead aim but i still like 'em. It's just that why don't they have one where everyone gets together and destroys umbrealla and everyone lives happily ever after. in regards to carlos in the third one it nevers says what happens to him. but anyway i have all resident evils and all the books. all the cheatbooks and some of the toys. i also have the movies on dvd. in regards to this game I love it. it's sooo fun. even the merchant is cool but it never says what happens to him. Ada is beautiful and so is ashley. I love the new monsters and the fact that you can jump and kick. Sadler and salazar the midget is funny. I love it when leon says 2 salazar " If you don't need me then get off my back old man. LOL. then leon throws a knife in his hand. it must have something to do with the fact that salazar is one of them. Leon sure is tough. Thank you amazon.
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on April 30, 2006
Resident Evil 4 is a sequel to the infamous Resident Evil series. This game completely changes the way that so many Resident Evil fans were used to. This is a good thing, however. This is the Playstation 2 version. While the graphics aren't as good as they were on the Gamecube, it more than makes up for it in the extras. That being said, let's proceed to the actual review.

Warning: The following contain spoilers for the game

Graphics 10/10

The graphics in Resident Evil 4 are absolutely phenomenal. This game has some of the best graphics the PS2 can offer. Some of these examples are that the there are many forms of trees in the game, and they are so different that you'll think that you're seeing a new tree each time. Each and every enemy has a detailed body. The blood splatters from the enemies, and Leon has at least fifteen or more ways to die. Leon is very detailed and almost any scene or cut-scene is photo realistic. They have an extreme amount of detail in each cut-scene. The environments are also awesome. Some very memorable environments are the lava room, the castle, the military base, and more. With a wide-screen HDTV and some component cables with progressive scan, These are some of the best graphics in video game history.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is extremely different than the previous resident evils in a very good way. Some of the differences are: there is no longer a camera that is switching views, the new camera is positioned over your shoulder and you can control it with the right analog stick. You can save at the many stationed typewriters in the game and you can have up to 20 saves for the game. You can use the knife at will, and the camera, instead of taking you into a first-person perspective, lets you control it from a third-person perspective. You also have an attach? case that you put your guns in. You flip and flop things so that everything fits. You can also purchase extensions to you attach? case from the merchant. You find pesetas and those are your form of currency and money that you can use to purchase things from the merchants. Merchants are found throughout the game and let you sell your items, buy items, and you can even custom tune-up your guns. There are some types of guns. Some of these types are handgun, shotgun, rifle, magnum, grenade, machine gun, and special. Tuning them up ranges from increasing their capacity, upgrading their firepower, reducing their reloading speed, and increasing their fire rates. Once you upgrade a gun fully it has an exclusive. All but one gun, the killer7, has an excusive. You can't purchase ammo from the merchant, so use your ammo wisely. Most guns have a laser targeting system, and rifles and rocket-launchers take you into the firs-person perspective. There are 3 types of grenades, flash grenades which allow you to temporarily blind your foe, Incendiary grenades which set your opponent(s) on fire, and regular grenades that blow stuff up. Some of the cut-scenes are now interactive, and you use the [ ] and X buttons/ the L1 and R1 buttons to dodge certain things, hang on to or climb ledges, cut/stab things, etc. Thanks to the new aiming system, if you shoot enemies in the kneecap, they crouch so that you can suplex them, and if you shoot the in the head they also crouch so you can kick them. These features are only useable by the protagonist of this game, Leon. You can also do different things with different people. Another great feature that this game introduces is combining health and treasure items. Also, this game has the puzzles that made the previous Resident Evil games so respected. There are also a huge variety of things you do in this game. You ride a jet ski, a mine cart, a boat, and you fight as sea monster, battle with gigantic monsters, fight with a 10 foot Ganado, fight blind prisoners with claws, fight regenerating monsters that have specific parasites that you need to destroy to kill that enemy, gigantic mosquitoes, protect Ashley while she does things, and more.

Story 9/10

The story isn't as deep if it were compared to a game with a story that was a masterpieces such as Metal Gear Solid, but it is still very enjoyable. Basically, you play as Leon Scott Kennedy, often referred as Leon, is the main character and was also in Resident Evil 2. The story of Resident Evil 2 was that 6 years ago, a virus broke out and happened by a company called Umbrella. The U.S. Government decided that it didn't want this information to go public, so they fired off nuclear missiles and Raccoon city and its epidemic were finished. However there were some survivors. And Leon Scott Kennedy just happened to have survived the incident. Now, he's a government agent and his mission is to rescue the president's daughter, Ashley Graham. Will he succeed? You decide.

Sound 9/10

The sound in this game is also excellent. The sound is also very realistic. The crows crow, the wind makes the leaves blow, the ganados shout out Spanish cries, you can hear the chainsaw reving up, etc. etc. You also tend to depend on the sound to see where and when the enemies will attack you.The voice acting is also very professional. They have the voice talents of Paul Mercier as Leon Scott Kennedy, Carolyn Lawrence as Ashley Graham, Sally Cahill as Ada Wong, Jim Wardlngrid as Jack Krauser, Salli Saffioti as Ingrid Hunnigan, Rene Mujica as Ramon Salazar, Jesse CortiJack as Bitores Mendez, Michael GoughAlbert as Osmund Saddler, Richard Waugh as Albert Wesker, and Carlos Carrasco as the Villagers/Zealots. This game also supports dolby digital 5.1 surround sound.

Replay Value 10/10

This game has a huge amount of replay value. You can unlock an R.P.D. Police Uniform by beating the game. Ashley also has a pop-star outfit that you unlock after beating the game. The infinite rocket launcher also becomes available when you beat the game and it costs 1,000,000 pesetas. There is also a handgun that you can purchase called the matilda and it costs 70,000 pesetas. You also unlock Assignment Ada, a mode that is non-canon and covers the later part of the game and lets you play as Ada, and Separate Ways, a mode that is canon and lets you play from the beginning to the end of Ada's mission. Beating Separate ways lets you buy the Chicago Typewriter, a SMG mostly used in WWII, for 1,000,000 pesetas. You can only buy the Chicago Typewriter on a second playthrough. It has infinite ammo. Also, if you beat Separate Ways you get the Mafia gangster oufit for Leon and the indestructible knight outfit for Ashley. Ashley can't get carried away in this outfit and Leon can do a special hat trick if he has the Chicago Typewriter equipped. To do this trick, reload 4 times consecutively and he will do the hat trick. If you beat Assignment Ada you can buy the Chicago Typewriter in Separate Ways for 300,000 pesetas and it is only available on a second playthrough. There is also a mode called Mercenaries, and that lets you kill enemies and try to get a high score of 60,000 or above points to get five stars. This game is so fun, it could be a game in itself! There are five characters, and they are Leon, Ada, Wesker, Krauser, and Hunk. They all have unique abilities. There are also four maps and they are the village, the castle, the military base, and waterworld. Getting five stars with all of the characters on all maps allows you to purchase the handcannon for zero pesetas. You can upgrade it and its exclusive is that it can have infinite ammo. There is also a pro mode that is unlocked after beating the main game. After beating pro mode, you can buy for zero pesetas, the P.R.L. 412. The P.R.L. stands for Parasite Removal Laser.


Buy or rent, that is the question. I say buy because it has amazing graphics, gameplay, story, sound, and replay value. It will probably last you forty to fifty hours.

Overall 10/10

Reviewer's Score: 10/10, Originally Posted: 02/13/2006
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on January 28, 2006
Before I get to my review, I'm going to start with a flashback to the year 2000. I was at a friend's house. He had recently picked up the N64 version of Resident Evil 2. Right after he started the game, I was sucked into a world of bloodsucking zombies and hideous monstrosities I had only seen in nightmares. I was terrified, particularly by a nasty creature called the 'Licker.' The environs and music were equally creepy. It was then that I finally had my first real taste of this mysterious genre known as 'survival horror.' Back then I was such an easy scare that I vowed to never pick up one of these frightening things. But let's just fast-forward 5 1/2 years into the future, shall we...

In early 2005, I recalled hearing about this game virtually everywhere. Being a frequent G4 viewer, it was impossible not to know about the impact this game had upon its GameCube release. Still being an easy scare, and still avoiding the survival horror genre like the plague, I decided to ignore the frequent coverage RE4 received. But that didn't last long. After seeing the commercial about a good 50 times, I became more curious as time went on, to the point where I even pondered about buying a GameCube. However, when I learned of a port scheduled to be released in October on the PS2, I decided to wait and see.

Obviously, I ended up getting the PS2 port. And I couldn't be happier with this decision. Why? Because RE4 is simply one of the greatest games I've ever been fortunate enough to play!

As I said, I'm an easy scare, and yes - I found a bit of the game's subject material to be rather disturbing, but I still managed to keep playing non-stop. I beat the game a month later, along with Assignment Ada and the Separate Ways bonus missions.

To factor in on what makes RE4 so fantastic, I'll break the next portion of my review into individual segments:

+ Storyline:

Following the demise of the sinister Umbrella Corporation, Raccoon City survivor Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil 2) is assigned to rescue the President's daughter, Ashley Graham, believed to be held in a religious community in Spain. When Leon arrives, he begins to learn of a sinister plot involving a virus known as the 'Los Plagas,' created by the evil Lord Saddler to dominate the minds of human beings, and thus take over the world. What Leon does not know is that a third party has also taken matters of extracting the virus into their hands, and that an all-too-familiar woman in a red dress may be of help to him in his excursion. A

+ Graphics:

Regardless of whether the PS2's technology can live up to that of the GameCube, these are probably the best graphics I've ever seen on a Sony console. For a port, this is just incredible. A+

+ Sound/Music:

The voiceovers for the most part are all well done. When a character is meant to be serious, he will sound serious. When a character is meant to be annoying, he will sound annoying (Salazar, anyone?). I think the woman who does Ada's voice (and who also played her on RE2) outshines all the others, but they're all great. The music is very enhancing to the amount of tension and panic you'll experience. When you're ambushed in a house by a group of villagers, you'll hear some rather eerie music for instance. I think I'll give the sound an A overall.

+ Replay Value:

In addition to Assignment Ada, there are 5 missions collectively known as Separate Ways that co-exist with the story told in Leon's game. In these missions, we get to see the story from Ada's point of view. This will answer numerous questions about some of the storyline's more enigmatic details, as well as offer hints as what to expect in the next RE game. There's also a minigame entitled The Mercenaries, which pits you up against a ticking clock to test your shooting skills. When you beat the game for the first time, you are also able to keep your weapons inventory, as well as receive new (and rather unconventional) costumes, particularly the gangster outfit. Overall score: A.

+ Enemies/Level Design:

Where chimeras and Lickers are a thing of the past, so are zombies. Instead, their role is taken over by mindless slaves known as Los Ganados. Multiple forms of these include villagers, monks and soldiers. Some, like the chainsaw wielders, are pretty tough to beat, and others will leave behind parasites that must also be taken out. My advice: don't shoot at the heads once you reach Ch. 1-2. Other enemies include mutated wolves, acid-spraying insects and some rather intriguing experiments called 'Regenerators/Iron Maidens.' As far as bosses go, I didn't find many of them to be as hard as they first appeared (in retrospect, I actually think the last boss seemed rather lame). The only ones I found myself having trouble with were Salazar and Krauser, and a simple upgrade of weaponry was an easy solution in both cases. In terms of levels, there are 3 main stages to the game - a village, a castle and an island. Each area consists of its own sub-levels - mines, sewers, and laboratories included. Each stage is essential in furthering the story, and there is also a little bit of backtracking involved (especially if you want to see some extra cutscenes) but, again, only a little bit. A


The two settings of difficulty include Normal and Professional. The latter of which is unlocked once you beat the game on Normal. In all honesty I didn't think the game was too tough. The hardest part was probably overcoming any apprehension to turn a corner or climb a ladder, and as I said before, the game isn't that scary. There are a few puzzles that may seem mindboggling (particularly one in the castle basement that almost made me rip my hair out) but nothing you can't handle. A-

I think that sums everything up. Buy the game! You won't regret it!
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on November 26, 2013
Never gonna get sick of this game. I recently started it up again after a few years of hiatus. Still just as fun, engaging, and frightening as ever. The "Mercenaries" sub game , which is unlocked after beating the full game, is awesome, and can be played in neat little nuggets of 5 or 10 minutes.
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on January 12, 2013
Usually I'll stray off from my RPG path and try out a new game from another genre, but it's rare. I'm glad I did because I got more than I bargained for, a lot more. Originally my friend was playing this at his house and I was watching in amazement, this game looked pretty sweet so I bought it myself. Without going on and on with lots of details because there's a whole bunch of 5 star reviews that sum it up nicely. In essence this is an awesome game. The story, the graphics, the gameplay, Man! It's one of those games where nothing is fed to you, basically you start off and it's like "Here's a gun, Here's a knife" a cult group has kidnapped the presidents daughter now go kick butt. With non stop action and terror you take on hordes of zombies, nasty insects, morbid corpses with sharp teeth, crazy bosses, it's got it all. Oh and you collect money/items and get to barter with a friendly zombie who just loves to sell you goodies that go bang to aid you on your quest. Leon and The Merchant have taken a spot on the most memorable character's in video game history list. After playing through this game it's hard to forget them. Now to finish this review off with some of my favorite Merchant dialogue.

"Hehehe Welcome! What a ya buyin? Stranger, Stranger...... Now that's a weapon! Hehehe Thank you. Come back anytime."
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on December 30, 2013
Loved it, more than I even expected. The combat system seems clunky at first, but once you learn it it becomes a lot of fun. Challenging but doable fun, the best kind! I've heard people complain that this game isn't 'horror' enough for a Resident Evil game. I played RE6 first, then this one, so maybe that makes it hard for me to tell, but it was definitely horrifying throughout the game. Particularly at night, when it's stormy. There were some action movie points, but no where near as much as RE6. This is a horror game!
I thought escorting Ashley was going to be a major pain, it was the part of the game I looked forward to least. But it turned out to be pretty fun too. I wished they hid more tiny blue plates throughout the game, I love hunting those down.
The campaign kept going each time I thought it was coming to an end, and the bonus content ensures satisfaction. The shooting game you find in the campaign (near the merchant sometimes) was surprisingly great too, better than other shooting practice minigames I've seen (ME3, Dead Space).
Ashley is a character I love to hate! I wish Ada would just die though, and I loved Sera. I also really loved the merchant, his hilarious voice, buying new weapons, and putting hidden treasures together to sell to ensure I'd have all the best gear...
If ya'll like shooting monsters, I recommend you play this game!
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on July 5, 2015
Probably one of the hardest Resident evil games out. I remember playing this back in 2004 when it first came out. Many years later I got it as an HD version on the 360. I recently re-brought it for the ps2 and still enjoy this game to this day.

It is quite difficult compared to other RE games. You really need to have a strategy in place and conserve your ammo, especially on the later chapters.

Lots of unlocks available once you beat the game once. There are only 2 difficulty settings, normal and professional which isn't unlocked until you beat the game once. There are 2 gameplay story modes for Ada that unlock after beating the main game and there is also a mercenaries mode that unlocks too. That mercenaries mode in RE4 is possible the most difficult of any re game to date. Fun, yes. But very difficult.

Infinite launcher, infinite tommy gun, some type of laser cannon, new costumes and the most powerful hand gun in the game with infinite ammo are also available after beating the main game and some of the side stories.
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on August 3, 2014
I been a fan of this series for years, and started playing this one first of my PS2. The controls are different from RE5, 6, and Revelations, and if you've played those before this one or decided to pick this one back up after a while, it can be a little difficult grasp, but after a while, you'll get the hang of it. I was thrilled to play this game even if it meant having to babysit Ashley for the rest of the game. This version of the RE series forces the player to make rations of their bullets and puts their survival skills to the test. Along with it's great characters (minus Ashley) and cheesy, but memorable dialogue, it's hands down one of my favorite RE games. Hopefully, RE 7 will play more along the lines of this version and RE5.
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