Customer Reviews: Resident Evil 5 - Playstation 3
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Format: Video Game|Change
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on October 30, 2009
This is not Resident Evil. This is a third-person action shooter. Does it follow in the steps of the Resident Evil storyline? Barely. This game is basically about this group of people harnessing a new virus similar to the one in RE4, and Chris along with his new partner are chosen to stop them. This is about how deep the story gets. You'll run into a couple familiar faces, including your final showdown with Wesker, but really this is a very poorly-done chapter of the Resident Evil series. As a stand-alone game it's great at what it does, but even as a fan of #4, I felt like this game was almost ridiculous at times...and boring at others. At least #4 constantly had you coming to places where you were like "Oh, I love this room" or "Man, I hate this part." This game, not so much. Every area was either just more of the same or ridiculously difficult. Remember the mini-gun and chainsaw guys from #4? [...]

As an old school RE fan I felt like I needed to play this game for closure, but trust me...if you like and appreciate the older games, just respect the fact that Wesker finally gets done in here...don't experience it. I don't want anyone else to be disappointed like I was. Oh, and Sheva...why the hell was she in this game? Couldn't they have brought back Claire or something? I mean, honestly...she does not deserve to be in the same league as Jill after being in this lackluster title...
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on December 13, 2009
This game had a lot of potential but it fell way short of what i could have been.

First of let me say that the AI is Terrible! At Least in regards to Sheva. She is the stupidest AI character i have ever had to deal with. There was a part in the game when her commander says to Chris that she is a very skilled soldier and I laughed so hard when he said that. She always shoots first and removes the element of supprise you could sometimes have. Also When she shoots she doesn't stop until until she's totally out of ammo. She uses herbs and health spray as soon as i give it to her too.

I want to comment about how you can't mix herbs in her inventory either. You have to move them into your inventory to do it. And given the lack of inventory space(9 slots each) it's really a problem. Did i mention that the body armor you can buy takes up an inventory slot? No? Well it does.

The set up of the levels is in chapters like the last one only you can go back to any one at any given time which mean you can farm the levels for ammo and treasures. I found myself doing this every few chapters because I was low on ammo( Thanks Sheva!). Theres no combining treasure like in 4 WTF???

There one more thing that really pissed me off about this and thats the fact that you can't us a herb or health spray when its on the ground. Like if your about to pick it up but want to use it right away you need to have a free slot open in your inventory to do so. In Resident evil 4 you could just use it without having to pick it up.

The ending also wasn't very exciting, at least in my opinion but i'm not going to spoil it for you.

The reason i gave it 4 stars for fun is becasue of the mercenaries mini game which is awsome. This is probably the only "fun" i had with this game and you know why? No stupid Sheva using all my ammo! Too bad you have to BEAT the game to get it! The no pausing to switch weapons in the inventry adds a level of urgency to it too. If you really have to have this game I would suggest rushing through the story to get to the MERCENARIES!!!

And for you people that are going to say I should play it with a friend or "why don't you get some friends" I didn't want to play it with a friend because it's a survival horror game if i play it with a friend it kind of of ruins that. Not that Capcom didn't do most of that for me already.
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on June 24, 2010
You are surrounded by bloodthirsty zombies and their annoying psycho dogs. They are to your right. They are to your left. They are, well, everywhere.

You aim, and..............

"Honey. Can you come help me? I need ammo.......... I need saving............. I need............."

Clunky game, made clunkier by your ball and chain. She looks good, but I wish I had left her in the car. Not sure how many more chapters I can take.
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on January 23, 2011
Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of the resident evil series. I played through all the previous titles for ps1 and ps2 and loved them. especially re3: nemesis and re2. Now moving onto this game. I have to say I was very excited about this game since it was now on the ps3 platform and would make use of the amazing graphics ps3 has to offer. And boy it does! The controls are very simple and the character responds well. But that's where it ends! This game is so far away from what resident evil used to be. The only things they have in common is the name of the game and the characters. The zombies from resident evil 2 and 3 would scare the pants off anyone. They groaned and moaned and shuffled towards you like real zombies are supposed to. But the "zombies" in this game run at you, they shoot at you with FIRE ARROWS or plain out GUNS. They are much more intelligent than the zombies in RE2/RE3. But that kills the experience. This game is more like UNCHARTED if anything. It is a hybrid of UNCHARTED and a bit of a wargame like Call of Duty. You hide behind walls and shoot at zombies far far away who are hiding behind things. You feel like you are fighting a war!!! Resident Evil used to be much more scarier and you would hear the footsteps of your character as she walked through a quiet room and explored the surroundings. In this game it seems like all the places have the same feel to them. If you expect something like UNCHARTED then I suppose it is upto par. But, if you remember the older RE series you will surely miss the feel you got from them!!!! I'm disappointed.......
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on December 11, 2013
As far as resident evil goes I have been a fan from the beginning.... but this would have a preacher cussing. Here we have advanced to the lovely graphic of ps3 and xbox and are slapped in the face by the seriously lacking resident evil 5. Game aiming etc almost identicle to the first the plot was hastily thrown together trying to make stories fit together that just don't work and advanced zombies ( which would be really awesome) if the aiming wasn't complete garbage. To me this just isn't RE worthy its more of a shooter with some RE throw backs, also if your looking for multi player be prepared to need two devices.
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on January 30, 2010
This game was very disappointing!!!! I played the crap out of the Resident Evil 4 and loved the game. The 4th one was scary and a very engrossing single player. NOT THIS ONE!!! Resident Evil 5 is primarily a Co-op experience. To really have some sort of fun is to have a friend to play with online or offline. Though, when you play the game with some one its just not satisfying. Resident Evil games are built on tension with the feeling, AM I REALLY GOING TO SURVIVE THIS GAME? With some one else playing with you, it completely ruins any tension, NOT UNLESS this is the first time your playing a Resident Evil game.

The story is meh. Though, after playing Uncharted 2, all game stories seem sub par. Though this story is b-movie material and its kind of predictable. The dialogue is garbage. Again, when your playing co-op the story really takes a back seat because face it, when you play co-op its all about the thrills and moving to the next level. Resident Evil is a heavy story based game. They slacked in this one. They DO create thrilling co-op thrills though, I will give it that.

The graphics are great, no complaint there. The game play is the EXACT same thing as RE4. You have an inventory where you can only fit so much of your gear into. Its stop and shoot game play like all resident evil games. Though, this game is very easy, even on its normal setting. I mean, this game is made me laugh. Your not fighting zombies but these infected african villagers, that are like zombies. There exactly like the Las Plagos from the 4th one. There slow but gain you in numbers, but easy to kill. Since when do zombies or infected drive motorcycles and whip you with chains while doing so??? See, what I'm saying? Since when do you laugh in a RE game?

I barely had the motivation to beat this game. I started the game with a friend and got half way through it until i switched and played it on my own. Again, playing on my own was a little more satisfying, but then you have to take care of Shiva. Go heal her when shes getting her butt kicked, and look back to make sure shes following you. The AI for her is dumb.

I would highly recommend this game when it reduces in price. As a RE fan, this is very disappointing. It let me down big time. RE games are single player experiences. Co-op works fine and is fun, but its not a RE game, its an action game with the RE title!! If you really want scares, and an atmosphere that make you wet your pants, pick up Deadspace. Its the NEW best thing.
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on June 26, 2011
The graphics were beautiful, the game play was easy to slip into, and the weapon mods are always welome. HOWEVER, the plot is a continuation of pure stupidity and a blight on a series that started off as classic survival horror/analogy to Big Business v. the Consumer. I'll give it the upside of having the 'rescue' option so you don't die straight off (most of the time) and I'll admit that it's a good way to spend a couple of days--if you waited long enough to get it for $20 and under. But it's not stellar in terms of the story and if you're going to remake and repackage RE 4, give us back the Merchant (I loved that old dirty rascal).
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on September 14, 2013
The last Resident Evil I played before this one was Resident Evil 4. I don't know what happened with this game but what a let down. I really liked RE4 as did most people I think. This game simply was not scary at all. It's one of those games you play thinking if you just go a little bit further something cool will start to happen...but it never did. I got to the end and didn't even finish it and didn't care. That means quite simply it was not engaging. Gameplay is pretty much the same as RE4 for the most part.
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on November 26, 2013
I shouldn't rate this. I will say I didn't give it a chance and never made it past the first level. Is Resident Evil and action game now? I fell in love with this series since the first one. It was scary as hell. I've liked them all until this one. Something just feels different and she's changed...
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on May 3, 2015
A very disappointing sequel to the highly successful Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil at the point forward focused more on action and not enough on horror. This game completely forgot what made Resident Evil so awesome in the first place.
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